CWG meeting 2021-05-18

From OpenStreetMap Foundation


  • Pete (note taker)
  • Rory
  • Mikel
  • Harry
  • Ben

Agenda / Notes


Draft Goals Update

Pete & Jinal's proposed text has been reviewed and there are no unresolved comments.

  • ACTION: Pete to update wiki

Document joining process

Tobias' draft can be found here.

Pete's proposed text for the JOIN US Section has been reviewed and there are no unresolved comments.

Rory has documented beginner tasks here.

  • DISCUSSION: How to flag the kind of tasks available without being prescriptive / leaving room for autonomy and creativity
  • ACTION: Pete to add joining info to the wiki below the CWG goals copy
  • ACTION: Pete to take the beginner tasks and edit for the wiki
  • ACTION: respond to interested email

Take stock social media / Clean Up Access to Blog

Ben tracking down who administers OSMF accounts on Instagram and LinkedIn

Ben and Rory working to make sure Twitter posts are mirrored on Mastodon

Ben drafting text for Facebook and Twitter profiles directing people to if they want to contact

Ben to do feature comparison: GroupTweet and Tweetdeck

Mikel cleaning up blog access


  • Ben to check with Wille to see if he has the credentials for Instagram
  • Ben and Rory to find time to coordinate on Mastadon



Fastly post is overdue and Ben lacking capacity. Mikel to take on.

  • ACTION: Turn the notes into a blog post [Mikel]

Following Arnalie's proposal for a guest post - DISCUSSION:

  • Do we want to write / coordinate a post about diversity more generally?
  • Does the CWG want to support a community effort to bring together information and resources on diversity & diversity-related initiatives in OSM?
  • Wiki page on Diversity is very out of date, and would benefit from adding recent information, and possibly reorganising.
Content pipeline

DISCUSSION: International Days coming up?


  • Pete to check in with UN Mappers to see if there's appetite for International Day of UN Peacekeepers

New Topics

Guidelines for Guest posts

DISCUSSION: Needs continued conversation

Blog presentation Cleanup

Update on changes implemented:

  • stats added
  • sidebar updated
  • some design iterations (new template?)

ACTIONS: Harry to screenshot some different design update options and share back with the group

Offboarding process

If someone steps down from active membership, what steps need to happen?


  • Mikel to add to the gitlab wiki