CWG meeting 2021-03-16

From OpenStreetMap Foundation


  • Pete Masters (note taker)
  • Harry Wood
  • Rory McCann
  • Mikel Maron
  • Ben Dills
  • Jinal
  • Tobias
  • Andrew

Agenda / Notes


Working Group Draft Goals Update

Jinal and Pete proposed new draft for WG responsibilities and goals

  • ACTION: CWG members to review and feed back in April [All]

Document joining process

Tobias finished first draft and shared for review


  • What info do we expect from someone who wants to join? Potentially a form that provides some structure could help? What would be criteria?
  • No-one has been rejected yet - checking affiliations is there to make sure that no one ‘group’ has majority voice within the WG
  • Do people have to state what they want to do? Or, can people turn up to pitch in where needed? Self-direction important, but also flagging ‘beginner’ projects for people to cut their teeth on… People also don’t necessarily want to work ongoing - more task based - good to facilitate these people…


  • ACTION: propose Questions to be answered for new members… JOIN US section? [Pete]
  • ACTION: Onboarding-related - beginner tasks / volunteering opportunities [Rory]

Take stock social media / Clean Up Access to Blog

Ben shared updates on this agenda item


  • We have a list of people who can administer Twitter and Facebook
  • Ben recommends drafting 2-3 Tweets and a Facebook post be a part of drafting blog posts and planning events. (would also make it possible to tweet in multiple langs - if tweet is shared with translators along with the post)


  • ACTION: Tracking down who administers OSMF accounts on Instagram and LinkedIn [Ben]
  • ACTION: Work with Rory to make sure Twitter posts are mirrored on Mastodon [Ben]
  • ACTION: Draft text for Facebook and Twitter profiles directing people to [[1]] if they want to message us [Ben]
  • ACTION: Checking with Wille to see if he has the credentials for Instagram [Jinal]
  • ACTION: Feature comparison GroupTweet and Tweetdeck [Ben]

Mikel shared updates on blog access clean up


  • Should we sort out people’s access? Checking whether people in the system are still active? Once we have updated articulation of objectives and responsibilities for the CWG?
  • ^ same for public listings of members
  • Permission level for someone to write but not publish - opens access?
  • Enock (SotM WG) can now interact directly with the blog and has been onboarded into the blog & translation process


Idea for merchandise that funds community projects suggested by the Missing Maps London community - ON PAUSE whilst community develop the idea…

  • ACTION: Look into something like this for OSMF funding? [Andrew]


Fastly blog post


  • ACTION: Turn the notes into a blog post [Mikel & Ben]

Adding swahili as a local blog language

Pete still does not have sufficient permissions to do this.

  • Permissions increased to see if it solves problem. Report back to group [Pete]

Content pipeline


  • Put together draft blog for Day of Human Space Flight (April) [Andrew]
  • Put together draft blog for World Water Day (March) [Harry]

New Topics

Norms representing CWG


  • When talking with other groups in the OSMF (board / WGs / etc) or external people, use personal email address as best practice [All]

OSM communications technology / infrastructure and role of CWG

Old agenda item - now resolved. Closed issue