CWG meeting 2021-02-12

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Attendees (Please add your name & location)

  • Mikel Maron
  • Pete Masters
  • Tobias Knerr
  • Benjamin Dills
  • Andrew Wiseman

Agenda / Notes

Admin-tagged issues

Document the WG joining process on the wiki

  • To be added to the wiki
  • How to apply to join (process)
  • Onboarding
  • ACTION Tobias to continue working on this

All join IRC

  • Ben to share the how to
  • Rationale question? It’s how the CWG has been rolling in the past

Craft Goals for the CWG

Take stock of social media

  • Ben working out approach
  • What amplifies what?
  • Still discussion about mastadon and flow
  • Relation with ‘adjacent’ accounts discussed (SotM, OWG, etc)
  • Still haven’t tracked down the password for twitter or know who manages the OSM facebook page.
  • ACTION Reach out to Grant to check in on passwords (Ben)
  • Ben documenting social media account info :
  • Future discussion on other tools for social media management (grouptweet pretty limited)

Create canned responses

  • Andrew looking for suggestions as to what other canned responses we need
  • Could just build the list as emails come in

Next CWG (March meetup)

  • ACTION Mikel to organise doodle for people’s availability

Blog-related agenda

Blog post: International Women’s Day

  • ACTION Pete to check in with Rebecca on whether this is still on the horizon

Blog post: 100 million changesets

  • ACTION Ben to share a draft in the next 24 hours…
  • suggestion to incorporate details of the 100,000,000th changeset

Swahili language on the blog

  • Still need to find out how new languages get added to the backend in wordpress (Dorothea)
  • ACTION Pete to follow up