CWG meeting 2019-04-18

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CWG meeting 2019-04-18

2019-04-18 CWG meeting 16:00 London time

   Main organising pad:
   Past action items:
   Discussion will take place here, please add your nicks below when you join :)
   Participants: Ebrahim, Dorothea, Jinal


   1 - Email received "Invitation to Partner with Grace Hopper's Open Source Day!"
   Suggestion to be sent to OSM-US. 
   Any objections? 
   Who would like to contact OSM-US?
   2 - We all knew that Article 13 of EU copyright Directive has been passed and if there is a new policy to avoid some problems causing by new limitations
   are we going to inform OSM Editors in a new post?
   Does DWG has any Concerns about this recent law?
   3 - Do we have a document that lists all the active communities and which platforms are they using to communicate and do we want to be actively involved in those platforms to inform the community about latest OSMF news?
   4 - What do you think about a list of languages that we need some one helps CWG with those
   5. Email received "dataset donation" by
   addition/mention of data donation to donations page
   link from :open licence" to "licence requirements" [we probably have this]

--- Dorothea [in case I have connection issues] 2. We have no instructions/recommendations from the LWG. 3. We have the community index of iD [1] and various channels listed on the OSM wiki [2]
   List of OSM centric Twitter accounts
   List of OSM centric Telegram accounts
   List of OSM centric Discord accounts
   List of OSM centric Facebook accounts
   List of OSM centric Slack workspaces

Jinal: hello everyone! :)
D hello :)
D hi :) we're waiting for Harry
J: I'll be leaving in 30 mins today. Sorry about that .
D let's start then :) Do you agree with Andrew's suggestion by the way? (Topic 1)
J: No no, we should wait for Harry, i just wanted to give a heads-up :)
I agree
D Jinal?
J: I agree too.
D great, I'll write to Andrew later :)
D topic 2: I have written my thoughts above. We could tweet that it was accepted but I don',t think the cwg can do much at this point. Thoughts?
J: Sorry but a curious question, we still don't the impact of the article on us, right?
D yes.. I expect that at a later point the LWG and Dwg/ops might tthere are changes tablet gone crazy
J: Ah, makes sense, so what would the tweet suggest?
The seconde qestion was

    Does DWG has any Concerns about this recent law?

and the answer is we don't know yet, am I right?
J: Oh cool :) So we dont do anything at the moment until we hear something concrete, right? If we want to tweet it'll mostly be like a headsup saying there can be changes or so?
D It would be premature.. Maybe we could tweet that the article was accepted, but not sure..
E: that will be helpful and might rise some questions
J: My only concern here is that people will have a lot of questions, and we don't really have any answers at the moment
E: then we can inform DWG (or any one who is responsible) about these questions needed to be answered.
please don't take it as a disagreement, it was just a suggestion
D I am sure they are interested on the impact, but we don't have any concrete info yet.. They surely have it on their radar
J: Since we don't have any concrete information, do we discuss this in the next meeting? I'm for tweeting just that someone has to be around to make a note of these questions (if they ask questions) and help find answers. What do you both think?
D ebrahim, no worries :) I would probably refrain from tweeting till we have more info
J: I agree to Dorothea -- let's hold on to it for now :)
Sorry for the crazy keyboard :)
D: No worries Dorothea :)
Ebrahim, are you staying informed about the copyright dire
E: No worries we know you're on the way and typing using a portable device :)
I just followed the news about that and wanted to know if we have somthing to add then translate those and post it in our telegram chat group.
I think Dorothea already answered the 3rd toping, I will go through the list later and ask any question rised, thank you Dorothea:)
D NP :) the 4th topic is about translations if I understood correctly?
E: We need to know which Communities have the highest number of changes on the osm data and be sure that we have someone who can translate our posts to their platform, the point was do we know which language experts we need? and if we know how we are searching to find those people, this question comes from my experiences with our Iranian community, there was many wrong Ideas about OSMF and so ...I think it's good to go to all active communities communication platforms and post that we need someone to help us.
D we need all the help we can get :) the latin america community is big.. Maye have a call for translators? We could also add on the bottom of posts "if u want to translate this, contact us"
That will be very helpful :)
Maybe write a post? And figure out what to do if we get multiple offers for the same language.
E: Good :)
D Would you like to start the draft of the post? And thanks for clearing misconceptions about osmf :)
E: that will be a pleasure, thank you:)
D NP, thanks for all the help and the ideas.. Sometimes we need a small nudge :)
By the way, I think Jinal had to go. Would you like to discuss anything else..?
E: I don't have any Idea about topping 5 that means I'm open to any decision you make. And I do not have any thing to disscuss at this point, thank you very much.
D then we can call it a day and close it :) Thanks for the participation and have a very nice day :)
E NP, Have a good night :)
Bye Ebrahim :)
Bye Dorothea :)
J: I'm so sorry team, I could not say good bye :(