CWG meeting 2018-12-13

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CWG meeting 2018-12-13

Agenda 2018-12-13 CWG meeting on the cwg chaospad (

Discussion will take place here, please add your nicks when you join :)

Main organising pad:

Participants: Jinal Ebrahim Dorothea Tobias

Apologies: Rory, Harry


   Welcome new members!
   Action item updates
   SotM Academic Track blogpost (new - priority)
   any volunteer to upload it? ---> Jinal offered :)
   Translation of blogpost RFQ: GDPR-related changes to the Rails API and CGIMap
   any volunteer to upload it? 
   Tweet about voting at the elections?
   Holiday blogpost
   Suggestion by Rory on email, suggested addition (+winter features/other holidays) by Andrew 
   New board post (suggested by Harry)
   Eduardo has translated our main pad into Portuguese, substituting the English text
   Tried to change it back to English (added below the translation), but needs some work

D: Hi everyone :)
T: Hi!
D: We have a new member today, Ebrahim, who offered to translate posts into Farsi. Welcome :)
E: Hi, thank you for giving me this opportunity :)
D: Would you like to tell a few words about you? And then we can introduce ourselves :)
E: of course, I was born and raised in Iran, live in US since 2013, and edit for OSM since 2017 .
J: Hello everyone :) Hi and Welcome Ebrahim!!
D: Welcome Jinal :) Maybe you and Tobias want to let Ebrahim know a bit about you?
J: Oh yes, Hi Ebrahim, I'm Jinal from Bengaluru, India, I have been mapping in OSM since 2015 and have been with CWG since late 2016. I also work with folks on WeeklyOSM for the English version.
T: Of course! I'm Tobias and have been part of CWG for a while. I'm mostly doing translations into German (and am living in Germany). Welcome, Ebrahim!
E: Hi Jinal and Tobias, and thank you.
D: I've been mapping for 4-5 years, I'm volunteering a bit to the CWG and helping the board and working groups as an administrative assistant. Living in Athens (Greece) at the moment :)
D: Ebrahim, before we proceed with the agenda, do you have any questions..?
E: Since it's my first time in this meeting and this kind of chat meetings I appologize if I MAY MAKE ANY MISTAKE :)
E: I prefer to listen to others
E: and yes I have a question, do you want me to translate this meeting notes to Farsi?
D: I think that translating posts might be more valuable use of your time (if you feel like it). For example we have a post lined-up about the next State of the Map conference:
E: Got it, no more questions :)
D: Great :) I should also add that Tobias is a candidate for the board :] :p
J: +1 :)
D: Having mentioned the posts, we have the SotM one and a translation lined up. Does anyone have time to upload them to Wordpress? If not, I will probably be able to do that after Monday. The SotM one is our priority.
J: I can do it tomorrow my time, Dorothea. Is there anything particular that I have to pay attention to? I have done it a couple of times before, so it should be fine.
D: Well, wordpress has updates to a new version, which seems to function very differently from the old one. Harry and I encountered what seemed to be a bug with the translation and couldn't find the feature to change the author name. So, uploading the posts might take more time than usual....
J: Ohh, I can give it a shot, if i'm stuck or so, I'll let you know?
D: that's gerat, thanks :) Let me update the agenda. I'll try to upload the translation after Monday.
J: Sounds great! :)
D: Next topic: "Tweet about voting at the elections?" There were some reservations expressed via email about that (basically that it might not be a good idea after the Crimea situation).. what do you think?
J: I'm not sure about the issues that we are facing on twitter about the Crimea situation but it's something we'd want to be consider. Dorothea, do you think tweeting about the voting will cause an issue? If we don't want to explicitely do it, we can maybe retweet an existing one?
D: I don't think in itself it will cause an issue, but people might reply to it "and what are you doing about the Crimea case?". Just to let you know, I will send an email reminder to all members who have not voted tomorrow, so it's not super-urgent to tweet about it, if we have reservations.
T: Were the reservations sent to the communications mailer? I don't remember having noticed them (but given the amount of mail traffic related to the elections and Crimea, I might have missed it).
D: There were just 2 sentences about it by a CWG member in our internal list :) The email was sent today.
J: Dorothea, if you are sending a reminder email, it should be fine, right? Can we retweet an existing tweet? What do you all think?
D: I think the email might be sufficient.. I might couple it to an additional email to osmf-talk.
D: the next two items in the agenda are about suggested blog posts.. just added them for completeness. And a note: Eduardo has translated our main pad into Portuguese, substituting the English text :) (Eduardo will join us as a translator to Portuguese).
E: Thank to him
D: those are the listed topics.. does anyone want to discuss something else..? Or add something..?
J: Are we all okay with this meeting format okay with everyone?
T: Today is my first pad-based meeting, but I'm happy with it. :)
E: yes, I think it works.
E: and a question, did we discuss the topic:

    E: New board post (suggested by Harry)?

D: No :) This is a suggestion - personally I think it is a good idea. If anyone feels like starting a draft on Saturday, after the results are known, that would be great :)
J: Glad to hear that the meeting format works :)
Dorothea, won't be able to help with the blog post about the results - so sorry :(
D: No worries, I'm sure we'll draft something :)
D: if everyone is happy with the pad, I'll create a doodle just for the time of the next meeting (again the 2nd Thursday) - That would be the 10th of January.
E: Very good, happy holidays everyone :)
D: Thanks everyone for joining - again welcome Ebrahim- and we'll keep in touch on IRC and via email :) Happy holidays :)
J: Sounds great and thanks so much Dorothea for helping with the meetings! Have a great holiday everyone! :)
T. Thanks everyone, and happy holidays to you, too! :)