CWG meeting 2018-06-14

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  • Meeting took place: on Mumble
  • Date: 2018-06-14


OSM-US asking for tweet about State of the Map US

Accepted. We should watch to not overcome the tweets about the international SotM

Images without "proper" license sent to us to accompany blogposts

Preference for open licenced images.

New Action Items

Blog post about 14th anniversary of OSM

Github cwg/issues/53
In August this year, we're 14!. This year the project birthday, the OpenStreetMap 14th Anniversary Birthday party will be celebrated on Sunday, 12th August 2018 in cities all around the world! In some cities, people will meet on 11th or a week later.

  • Volunteered to write post: Dorothea & Harry.

Announcement about Bing Streetside imagery in iD

Post-meeting addition: Blogged and Tweeted.

Blog post about iD community channels

Github cwg/issues/54
Decision: Agreement to tweet about editors
Maybe repost Bryan's entry.

  • Volunteered to write post: Jinal

SotM2018 tweet ideas

  • Tweet pics of schedule (different days)
  • Tweet about OSMF-related sessions (local chapters, Joining a WG)
    • Example: Coming to State of the Map in Milan? Attend the Saturday session at 17:40-18:30 on how to "Get involved in the OSM Foundation"
  • Tweet about keynote
  • In #Milan July 28-30th? Join #sotm [link to SotM website]
  • There are [number] of talks at State of the Map on a wide variety of topics! Get your tickets here [link]

Translation of board minutes on OSM wiki

Dorothea to create a suggested "template" with warnings in two languages and contact the French OSMers. Suggestion that minutes are translated after they have been accepted (so with 1-month delay).

Suggestions by individual CWG members during discussions

Develop procedure for accepting tweets

We also have which we could make more known

Select top topics from weeklyOSM and tweet about them

Any other business

Switch2osm discussion

CWG meeting on IRC or Mumble

  • Meetings on Mumble last less
  • Meetings on IRC have the advantage of automatic logging
  • One of the participants had connection issues to Mumble using the web link
  • Decision to have the next meeting again on Mumble and see how it goes

Next meeting

Meetings are recurring on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 19:00 London time, unless rescheduled. The next meeting is on the 14th of June 2018 at 19:00 London time, on Mumble.