CWG meeting 2018-04-12

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Meeting of Communication Working Group on 12th April 2018


  • new RSS icon
  • Stickers budget for printing
  • blog subscribing by email

IRC log

Thursday, 12 April 2018			17:10
The topic for #osm-cwg is: OpenStreetMap Foundation Communication Working Group | | Next Meeting February, 8th, 2018 19:00 London time			17:10
Topic for #osm-cwg set by ChanServ! at 13:15:57 on 04/11/18			17:10
harry-wood		Got a meeting today hey?			17:11
harry-wood		in 2 hours time			17:11
dorothea		yes :)			17:11
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The topic for #osm-cwg is: OpenStreetMap Foundation Communication Working Group | | Next Meeting February, 8th, 2018 19:00 London time			19:11
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dorothea		welcome Harry :)			19:11
harry-wood		Hello!			19:11
jinalfoflia_		Hello harry-wood!			19:11
harry-wood		Sorry I'm late. I was cycling as fast as I could across London.			19:12
dorothea		:)			19:12
harry-wood		What did I miss?			19:12
dorothea		don't get killed :)			19:13
dorothea		we went through the action item updates			19:13
jinalfoflia_		dorothea, regarding the stickers, (just curious) will we be able to manage the delivery charges and printing stickers for all the SotMs?			19:14
dorothea		Harry, any updates you would like to share? jinalfoflia_ let's discuss it in a sec			19:14
jinalfoflia_		ūüĎć			19:15
harry-wood		I have… no updates			19:15
dorothea		regarding updates, we now have an RSS button on the blog :)			19:16
harry-wood		yes I merged nebulon's RSS icon			19:16
harry-wood		I think it looks a bit too big			19:16
harry-wood		would be more stylish as subtle icon half the dimensions			19:17
harry-wood		but then I thought…  It's an exciting new icon. let's merge it as it is, and then make it smaller later.			19:17
dorothea		I like it even as it is (big fan of RSS) :)			19:18
dorothea		Harry you also emailed the board about the translations			19:18
harry-wood		I did. Did I see in the report that they'd had some follow up board discussion?			19:18
dorothea		yes, but it was not discussed yet			19:19
harry-wood		well by email it seemed like they'd decided (wiki) access levels should be …more cautiously granted.			19:20
dorothea		that's my recollection as well			19:21
harry-wood		I'd like to leave it with somebody else to follow up on that one, and relay any actions/messages to our French translators			19:22
harry-wood		but sounds like the board might discuss it some more			19:22
dorothea		yes. Let's wait to see what the board decides			19:24
harry-wood		I didn't "Contact Joost about the problem with OSMF wiki mail confirmation". I will do that			19:24
dorothea		Harry, we re-ordered the agenda a bit and mentioned the "Printing stickers for this year's SotMs (budget to be allocated)" (in relation to the recent request)			19:25
harry-wood		Does "stickers for SOTM" mean stickers about OSMF to be distributed at SOTM?  or stickers about SOTM?			19:26
dorothea		the first :)			19:26
harry-wood		OK yeah. We should get more printed if we need more			19:26
dorothea		jinalfoflia_, if we decide on a budget, it will include printing and delivery charges.			19:26
harry-wood		I still have a stash here actually. Need to remember to take them to events			19:27
jinalfoflia_		Makes sense, dorothea :)			19:27
harry-wood		How many did we get printed last time?			19:27
harry-wood		D'you think we need the same number again? or more this time?			19:27
dorothea		well, I had printed around 2000 I think, but it was not just for SotM.. the ones that were not distributed at the international one, were sent to regional SotMs			19:28
dorothea		probably more.. which I think is ok because we don't spend the budget on anything			19:30
dorothea		but not my decision to make :)			19:30
hbogner [] entered the room.			19:30
hbogner		hi			19:30
dorothea		hi Hrvoje :)			19:31
jinalfoflia_		Hello hbogner!			19:31
hbogner		am i late or early?			19:31
hbogner		hi dorothea, hi jinalfoflia_			19:31
harry-wood		late!			19:31
dorothea		:)			19:31
harry-wood		disgraceful!			19:32
dorothea		lol :)			19:32
harry-wood		hehe (I was late too)			19:32
hbogner		oh, sorry then, kind of a chaos, preparing for the conference next week			19:32
harry-wood		You're having a conference?			19:32
hbogner		harry-wood, yes,			19:33
harry-wood		Croatian Linux Users’ Conference. Nice			19:33
harry-wood		You should take some OSMF stickers!			19:33
dorothea		lolll :)			19:33
hbogner		organizesr, and the company i work for is a sponsor, so have to do double the work			19:34
hbogner		harry-wood, waaaay ahead of you			19:34
harry-wood		Already got some stickers? Jolly good			19:34
hbogner		dorothea already sent me the stickers			19:34
jinalfoflia_		:D :)			19:34
dorothea		will there be flyers too..?			19:35
hbogner		dorothea, thx for the graphics for roll-up banners, but i didn't get the time to make them, flyers could be done :D			19:36
dorothea		np, you'll have them for next year :)			19:36
dorothea		nice			19:37
dorothea		getting back to the agenda, we were discussing to allocating a budget for printing stickers for this year's SotMs			19:37
dorothea		any thoughts?			19:38
hbogner		+1 from me on that, was for that long time ago			19:39
jinalfoflia_		+1			19:39
dorothea		Harry?			19:40
harry-wood		Could we set the budget to be the same as the amount we spent last time?			19:40
dorothea		well.. actually we didn't spend last time, as I didn't claim the expenses :p but yes, it could be for the same amount :)			19:42
harry-wood		Yeah. Either that or aim to get the same *number* as last time, and similar quality (they were quite nice glossy ones), and just see what the price works out as (from different suppliers?)			19:43
dorothea		I will email the group how much it was			19:43
dorothea		sure. Just a note, we have to factor in distribution costs			19:44
harry-wood		Have we been sending stickers by post with this first batch?			19:44
dorothea		yes, those that were sent to regional SotMs			19:45
harry-wood		We should aim to keep that to a minimum by dishing out lots of stickers to all corners of the world when we're together in Milan			19:46
harry-wood		but yes seems reasonable to spend some money posting them places too			19:46
dorothea		shall we continue over email?			19:47
harry-wood		Yeah. Could be good to get an idea of how much has been spent on printing and posting up til now,…  just so we have an idea…  but I don't suppose it's worth agonising over too extensively			19:48
harry-wood		Let's just do more of the same!			19:48
harry-wood		did you mean you paid for the printing yourself last time?			19:49
hbogner		yes, she did			19:49
jinalfoflia_ left the room (quit: Quit: This computer has gone to sleep).			19:49
harry-wood		You could just put in a retrospective expense claim for that. Submit it at the same time as this new batch			19:50
harry-wood		Help to keep the admin to a minimum for whoever does the admin‚Ķ   which is probably you :-D			19:51
dorothea		lol :)			19:51
dorothea		let's continue with the Agenda.. Harry did you add the Blog Mail subscriptions?			19:52
harry-wood		Did I add them? What d'you mean?			19:52
jinalfoflia [~jinalfofl@] entered the room.			19:52
harry-wood		There was some talk of installing a plugin for subscribing by email			19:52
dorothea		sorry, I meant did you add it as a topic to the agenda			19:52
dorothea		(by the way, I have to disappear soon for LWG meeting)			19:52
harry-wood		I actually think it's a lot more complicated that just installing a plugin, because it needs to have a system for pumping out lots of emails.  But I could be wrong			19:53
harry-wood		I could ask TomH/firefishy about this some time. See what they think			19:54
jinalfoflia		Hey everyone, I'll be disappearing now (12:30 am here) -- will read the log of the meeting. Have a good day ahead :)			19:54
jinalfoflia left the room (quit: ).			19:54
dorothea		bye Jinal			19:55
harry-wood		see you!			19:55
hbogner		mass emails are always troublesome			19:55
hbogner		we should consult with operations first			19:56
harry-wood		ok. I'll do that			19:57
dorothea		another potentially OWG-related topic: "Add #osm-cwg on"			19:57
dorothea		could you ask them about that too, or do you prefer me to do it?			19:58
harry-wood		oh yeah. I can look into that			19:59
harry-wood		It's probably configured in a github repo somewhere			20:00
dorothea		that's great, thanks :)			20:00
harry-wood		Maybe we need to trim away some entries on that list too.			20:00
harry-wood		I wonder how we could detect inactive irc channels.			20:00
harry-wood		Probably need to have a bot in each chatroom			20:01
dorothea		probably.. osm-es seems to be missing			20:04
harry-wood		What else?			20:08
dorothea		I don't think we have any other topics :) I was thinking that we could create a page on the wiki with the ideas related to having an OSM booth at a conference			20:09
dorothea		but we don't have to discuss it now			20:09
harry-wood		Yeah sounds like a good idea			20:10
harry-wood		There may even be some wiki content about that already somewhere			20:10
dorothea		as content we could wikify and enrich the email I sent to Hrvoje			20:11
dorothea		some ideas were from ccc pages on the wiki, but as least the last one was in German :)			20:12
harry-wood		yeah do it!  "Conference booth" wiki page			20:12
harry-wood		These are ideas for a booth about OpenStreetMap at a general tech conference			20:13
harry-wood		The other thing is having a booth about OSMF at a SOTM conference, which we could also brainstorm ideas for I ugess			20:13
dorothea		yes :)			20:14
harry-wood		I've been getting back into posting "featured image" this past week (on twitter/facebook)			20:15
harry-wood		I decided to add something to my google calendar to nag me every two days about it :-)			20:15
dorothea		lol :)			20:15
harry-wood		(my calendar looks a bit cluttered now!)			20:15
dorothea		I really liked the tricycle one.. but just notices that it was only sent on Twitter :)			20:16
dorothea		*noticed			20:17
harry-wood		oh really? hmm			20:17
harry-wood		no you should be able to see it here too			20:18
harry-wood		Maybe "the algorithm" hid it from you :-)			20:18
dorothea		yes, just thought that I had seen it on image of the week :)			20:19
harry-wood		I gotta head off now. My toddler needs a bath			20:19
hbogner		i have to go now, sorry for being late and going early			20:19
hbogner		bye all			20:19
harry-wood		snap!			20:19
harry-wood		bye all			20:19
dorothea		good night all :)			20:19
hbogner left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).