CWG meeting 2018-02-08

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IRC log:

19:02 : Hi Tordanik
19:02 Tordanik: Hi Harry :)
19:02 : andrew [] entered the room.
19:03 andrew: IDENTIFY
19:03 harry-wood: hi andrew
19:04 andrew: hi, sorry, I didn't think that went through. I got some message about a nickname
19:05 jinalfoflia_: Hello everyone!
19:05 andrew: it says i am not on the access list for this nickname, but if you can read my messages, then no worries!
19:05 harry-wood: Yeah you can login to bagsie your name someohow. I've never quite figured that out myself
19:07 harry-wood: So… how's CWG been doing?
19:07 harry-wood: I've been super-busy with my new job still, so not really done anything
19:08 andrew: Pretty good I think!
19:08 andrew: hi Jinal, is it just us 3?
19:09 jinalfoflia_: I think so!
19:10 andrew: should we wait for others or get started
19:11 harry-wood: Let's get started
19:11 jinalfoflia_: 👍
19:11 andrew: great
19:11 harry-wood: Action item updates
19:12 andrew: So the first action item is Trademark policy, what is that?
19:12 harry-wood: "Trademark policy post (If there are no takers, Dorothea could possibly do it, but during the next week or after)"
19:12 harry-wood: Did we get an email asking us to blog about a trademark policy?
19:12 andrew: not that I recall, Simon said something about it in response to an email about using OSM for a news article
19:13 andrew: but not about writing a blog post per se.
19:13 harry-wood: "The LWG asked if we had any post planned about the updated OSMF trademark policy"
19:13 harry-wood: ...Dorothea said in an email
19:13 peda: I guess dorothea just got asked directly as she attends the lwg meetings
19:13 harry-wood: ah could be
19:13 peda: and hi btw ;)
19:14 harry-wood: hi peda
19:14 andrew: hi there
19:14 harry-wood: We'll have to double-check with her if she's ok with doing that, or what the details are
19:15 peda: I'm confused she's not here because she is in other channels ;)
19:15 peda: but anyway, I think she said something about not having time today
19:15 andrew: ok
19:16 harry-wood: SotM scholar call done
19:16 harry-wood: SotM academic track call done
19:16 andrew: sweet
19:16 harry-wood: not sure if we tweeted and facebooke'd these things
19:17 peda: yeah, it's a bit sad that we don't have a proper process for that
19:17 harry-wood: oh looks like it's tweeted
19:17 andrew: Academic track is tweeted
19:18 harry-wood: (dorothea has been busy)
19:18 andrew: who actually does the tweeting? just out of curiosity
19:19 harry-wood: Mostly me
19:19 peda: we have a group tweet account
19:19 andrew: cool
19:19 peda: so different people are able to tweet
19:19 harry-wood: but dorothea has done a few recently
19:20 peda: so, about action items, I'm not sure but who's tommy?
19:20 harry-wood: facebooking, got missed a bit though
19:20 peda: and did he get invited?
19:21 harry-wood: yeah not sure. We got another email address of somebody to get involved today too
19:21 peda: and I'd suggest we move the "potential costs" item to "done" as the budget for 2018 was decided on already
19:21 harry-wood: ok
19:21 peda: we got the same amount allocated as last year and if we had some bigger plans we'd had to bag for it at the board anyway
19:22 peda: the GSoC blogpost will be something Tordanik and I will write
19:23 peda: but only next week or so, once Google publishes the org list (and if we're selected again of course ;))
19:24 andrew: is that for action items then?
19:24 andrew: fingers crossed on GSOC!
19:24 harry-wood: That's all the recentl action items
19:24 peda: yeah, it is already
19:24 peda: have a look at the pad andrew
19:24 harry-wood: we've got a few old ones we've been bumping forwards
19:24 peda: yeah, like the sticker one
19:24 peda: and just wanted to say that this is still interesting
19:25 peda: with SOTM being in July we could actually make it in time for that
19:25 andrew: I see it on the pad, is this an OSM logo, or SOTM or something else?
19:25 peda: also combining it with a poster contest or so (I think I read that SotM WG is preparing something in that regard)
19:25 peda: well, "everything" :-)
19:25 peda: the idea was to have promotional stuff
19:26 peda: and dorothea produced some in the past
19:26 peda: e.g. "join the OSMF" stickers or so
19:26 peda: or "I like OSM" or stuff like that
19:26 andrew: ah, sounds great
19:26 harry-wood: We had a "join the foundation" stand at SOTM last year
19:27 harry-wood: in japan
19:27 peda: but the concret plan was never thought out completly ;)
19:27 jinalfoflia_: Like a campaign?
19:27 harry-wood: I think it worked well. I guess we have a few stickers left over from that, but maybe we need to get more printed
19:27 peda: yeah, but that would still be the same stickers
19:28 peda: the idea with that action item was more like a contest
19:28 andrew: so something like write a blog post, tweet etc, send us your designs for stickers?
19:28 peda: so community can create ideas for promotional stuff and the best x things are taken and get printed for SotM or so
19:28 peda: exactly andrew
19:29 peda: it is a long standing idea of at least me and dorothea .. but we both didn't take the time to actually work on it :(
19:29 peda: anyway, as SotM is only in July, perhaps we could try to make it happen this time
19:30 peda: so if anyone feels like helping with it, join in :-)
19:31 peda: and with that being said, I guess we finished the list of open action items
19:31 harry-wood: Yep
19:31 harry-wood: "Questionnaire from board about regular reporting of CWG news"
19:31 peda: one sec
19:32 peda: let me do the Rob topic first as it fits to the posts topic
19:32 peda: I just wanted to check with all of you:
19:32 peda: rob sent a mail about some person wanting to help with Facebook posts
19:32 harry-wood: ah yes
19:33 peda: what do we want to do? My suggestion would be to invite him to the next meeting, onboarding him for CWG,...
19:33 andrew: sounds like a good idea. the more the merrier
19:33 peda: and ask him to help with posting our content to Facebook
19:33 harry-wood: I'd mostly prefer to get people involved in blogging first if we've never had any interaction with them before
19:33 harry-wood: (get people to help drafting blog posts first)
19:33 peda: Well, I'd suggest that they only post to Facebook what was posted on the blog as well
19:33 peda: so we never have Facebook-exclusive content
19:34 harry-wood: yes indeed
19:34 peda: as Facebook is a closed platform and we're an open project that would be bad
19:34 Tordanik: +1 :)
19:34 harry-wood: I usually see facebook as a summary version of stuff we blog
19:34 peda: but as long as content from blog is shared on facebook, he could halp for sure, right?
19:34 Tordanik: don't see a reason why not
19:34 harry-wood: yes. And we can draft things for facebook in the same way, with a piratepad
19:35 peda: yep
19:35 peda: ok, so I'd reply and invite them? Or ask Dorothea to help with onboarding
19:36 harry-wood: Yeah. usual plan is to get people to join in the CWG meetings
19:36 peda: ok finished with that topic than. Sorry for interrupting
19:37 peda: harry-wood | "Questionnaire from board about regular reporting of CWG news"
19:38 peda: my opinion on that, and it might sound strange coming from me, but we don't even have enough time to finish the stuff that is urgently needed
19:38 peda: we have to few man power
19:38 peda: I'd reply and ask the board to get a bit of dorothea's time for us as well
19:38 peda: (right now all her time on CWG is volunteering time afaik)
19:39 jinalfoflia_: Sorry, just to understand the question right, they want us to report more of the general OSM news - peda ?
19:40 peda: no, they want us to report about CWG, internals, about our meetings, ...
19:40 andrew: is that separate from her usual minutes?
19:40 jinalfoflia_: Ohh got it, thank you!
19:40 peda: andrew: no, minutes should be a part of what they request
19:40 harry-wood: Just reading the email again, it sounds like the suggestion is for some of dorothea's paid time to go towards assembling notes from all the working groups
19:40 peda: yes
19:41 harry-wood: So we're being asked to supply some notes on our meetings
19:41 peda: yes
19:41 peda: and dorothea will compile something to publish to e.g. osmf-announce for the members
19:41 harry-wood: I think we can make sure we do that, one way or another
19:41 harry-wood: usually ends up being dorothea organising the minutes lately :-)
19:42 peda: yeah .. and that's why I'd prefer to ask the board for a bit of dorotheas time
19:42 peda: i.e. to get it officially and paid ;)
19:43 harry-wood: Well… the job of collating/nagging the other working groups is probably much bigger than writing up some notes from our working group
19:43 harry-wood: so just a small bit of extra time
19:43 peda: yes
19:43 harry-wood: I'd be in favour of having her paid for it
19:44 peda: anyone else? you may +1 or oppose ... so that we get something like a vote :P
19:45 andrew: +1
19:45 jinalfoflia_: +1
19:45 Tordanik: meh, not a fan of the paid staff thing, but since I'm not volunteering to do the job myself, that's hard to argue *g*
19:45 peda: ;P
19:46 peda: harry-wood, as chairman, will you reply?
19:46 : You have disconnected
19:47 : You have connected
19:47 : The topic for #osm-cwg is: OpenStreetMap Foundation Communication Working Group | | Next Meeting February, 8th, 2018 19:00 London time
19:47 : Topic for #osm-cwg set by peda!~Peda@2a01:4f8:201:7264::22 at 21:37:29 on 02/04/18
19:47 peda: harry-wood, as chairman, will you reply?
19:47 harry-wood: sorry. yep +1
19:48 peda: SotM post "End of call for proposals" (any takers to transfer it to Wordpress?)
19:48 peda: <-- that's done?
19:49 peda: hm, doesn'T seem like it
19:49 harry-wood: in wordpress?
19:50 peda: yeah, I don't see that post
19:50 peda: but I also can't remember a mail containing that post :*)
19:50 peda: so not sure .. who added that agenda item?
19:50 harry-wood: "any takers" means is anyone volunteering to do the transferring
19:50 harry-wood: so it hasn't been done yet
19:51 harry-wood: we should do that urgently
19:51 peda: so, who's a taker? :-)
19:51 peda: quick .. or I'll role the dice :P
19:52 harry-wood: I can do it tonight
19:52 harry-wood: (just found the email)
19:52 peda: great, thanks
19:52 harry-wood: in fact i just pasted into a draft post now :-)
19:53 harry-wood: what's next
19:53 andrew: Framework wnhere Forum admins and moderators can discuss the community affairs of the forum and if CWG could help kickstart that
19:54 harry-wood: ooh. ok. hot (political) topic
19:54 peda: I'm not sure if I fully understand that topic
19:54 peda: but isn't that something for the "moderation queue"?
19:54 harry-wood: Where did this come from?
19:54 peda: color-wise it's from this "unnamed" guy :-)
19:55 andrew: I think that was a request about the Russian forum?
19:55 harry-wood: oh that's my colour :-D
19:55 peda: haha
19:55 harry-wood: Not sure why piratepad says I did it
19:56 harry-wood: Ah in relation to the russian forum. hmm
19:56 peda: perhaps it was dorothea who added it
19:56 peda: Imho hard to discuss if we don't know what it exactly is about
19:57 harry-wood: I think it's could be a good idea for moderators to have a specific place where thy can get together.
19:57 peda: and how I read it, it collides with the "moderation queue" feature where work is put on again
19:57 peda: hm
19:58 harry-wood: The primary channels are the mailing lists of course, so naturally a "moderators" mailing list might be the thing to do
19:58 harry-wood: but with forum moderators also joining that perhaps
19:58 harry-wood: If the idea is just for a discussion space
19:58 peda: but is that a topic for CWG? and can we really help with that?
19:59 harry-wood: Well… or more for CWG than any other working group
19:59 Tordanik: there's a "Moderation" subforum on, so the mods on there have an internal channel already
19:59 harry-wood: Oh right. didn't know that
20:00 andrew: I am guessing Dorothea has the specifics
20:01 harry-wood: ok. yes we should check what that really means
20:01 peda: let's defer that one than or move it to the mailing list?
20:01 peda: I'll add a note to the pad for dorothea
20:02 peda: ok?
20:02 andrew: sounds good
20:02 peda: " Freethink news article, humanitarian commenter"
20:02 peda: that was from me. You might have seen that I introduced Frederik to them
20:03 andrew: yeah, nice to see the article request
20:03 peda: but Frederik said, he won't be able to speak for the humanitarian part of OSM
20:03 peda: mikel in the meantime suggested heatherleson .. I thought about harry
20:04 andrew: or maybe Pete Masters. i think any of those would be fine
20:04 peda: heather would be fine .. so either of you should also respond imho
20:04 andrew: Netherlands Red Cross is doing a lot too
20:04 andrew: sure, anybody is good
20:05 andrew: harry-wood you want to? or prefer someone else like Heather or Pete
20:05 harry-wood: Well could be good to pass it onto a board member
20:05 andrew: that's true
20:06 peda: ok, I'll introdcue Heather to them then
20:06 harry-wood: yeah
20:06 andrew: great
20:06 harry-wood: they like to be able to say they're quoting somebody important
20:07 andrew: true
20:07 peda: ;D
20:07 andrew: next is Potential outreach for news articles - 1 million contributors, local chapters, others. This one we talked about a bit last meeting, there was a list of news contacts and we talked about reaching out to them about interesting stories from OSM
20:07 peda: I think you're also quite well known :P
20:08 andrew: maybe something like there are now 1 million contributors, or other ideas from the list on the Pad, like Mikel's diary about local communities
20:08 harry-wood: 1 million contributors is a good bit of big news. I was meaning to give it's own dedicated blog post
20:08 andrew: here is the spreadsheet, myself and someone else added some reporters
20:09 andrew: any thoughts? the idea was to get some neat news out proactively
20:10 andrew: yeah I think 1 million is good too. maybe we can write that first them ping a few reporters
20:10 andrew: then*
20:10 harry-wood: Shame I didn't get it done more on time
20:10 harry-wood: (the actually 1 million milestone was some time in December I think)
20:11 andrew: that's ok, still cool!
20:11 harry-wood: But I'll try to get something written
20:11 harry-wood: I'll add a hackpad link
20:11 harry-wood: in case anyone wants to help
20:11 andrew: and if anybody else has contacts for reporters who have written about OSM or mapping/tech, feel free to add. we can shift to another source if people don't want to use Google Docs
20:12 andrew: I can chip in too harry-wood
20:13 harry-wood: cool yeah!
20:13 harry-wood: How are we doing on the agenda? Anything else urgent to discuss?
20:13 andrew: that's the last item
20:14 harry-wood: OK. I'd better be getting going. Dinner time in the wood family household
20:14 andrew: kind of related, I had thought of an idea of inviting reporters to follow the OSM twitter/facebook/what have you
20:14 andrew: maybe that can just be an addendum to the 1 million story
20:14 harry-wood: Yeah. Certainly good to mention whenever we're email reporter about things I guess
20:15 andrew: definitely
20:15 harry-wood: Did we settle on when is a good time to have meetings?
20:16 harry-wood: ….this will never be settled :-)
20:16 peda: well, I kind of hoped that the last doodle would help with that :D
20:16 peda: but it already lead to confusion
20:16 andrew: hehe
20:16 harry-wood: this one ?
20:17 peda: yep
20:17 jinalfoflia_: I missed out adding on it. Was travelling :/
20:17 jinalfoflia_: Sorry!
20:18 peda: so add your times now (not the specific date but the day in the week+time)
20:18 peda: and we'll pick the good ones to make a new doodle for the recurring time
20:18 harry-wood: oh no. jinal is still to be added. That'll ruin everything :-D
20:18 peda: does that make sense?
20:18 andrew: sounds good
20:19 jinalfoflia_: :D
20:19 harry-wood: did't fill it in myself either
20:19 harry-wood: I will do
20:19 harry-wood: then we can discuss
20:19 harry-wood: …by email later
20:19 jinalfoflia_: +1
20:19 harry-wood: Shall wrap things up there for now?
20:20 peda: AOT? :P
20:20 peda: and wanted to note that there was this question about having the RSS button on our blog (+ some more requests)
20:20 peda: I thought about asking michael to do that
20:21 andrew: I think that sounds like a good idea
20:22 harry-wood: There's a github repo somewhere where we should have an issue for it
20:22 peda: ok
20:23 peda: I'll non the less ask Michael :D
20:23 harry-wood: ok
20:23 harry-wood: Any Other Things
20:23 harry-wood: ?
20:23 peda: anyone else a AOT?
20:23 andrew: what's AOT?
20:23 peda: Any other topic
20:23 peda: or thing
20:24 peda: :-)
20:24 andrew: ah. not here :)
20:24 peda: 5
20:24 peda: 4
20:24 peda: 3
20:24 peda: 2
20:24 peda: 1
20:24 peda: have a nice evening everyone
20:24 jinalfoflia_: 💥
20:24 peda: cu next time
20:24 harry-wood: hehe
20:24 andrew: bye all
20:24 harry-wood: see you
20:24 Tordanik: cu