CWG meeting 2017-12-19

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Communication Working Group meeting on Tuesday, December 19th, 2017


  • jinalfoflia
  • Tordanik
  • chrisfl
  • peda
  • dorothea_


Welcome pad for new CWG members

Created pad with info about what we do and some questions for new members regarding affiliations (for COI cases).

  • Make sure new CWG members understand that they represent the Foundation as described on the guidelines.
  • Ask about affiliation (to be aware of potential conflicts of interest).
  • Ask if they are compensated in any way (monetary or other) by the affiliated organisation/university/3rd party for the time they dedicate to CWG tasks.

What we're doing

  • Write blog posts
  • Publish blog posts that other people have written
  • Tweet/facebook messages
    • about blog posts
    • interesting news (mostly done by Harry)
    • interesting images (mostly done by Harry)
  • OSMF website changes
  • Communicate with local SotM organisers (about blog posts/stickers/etc)
  • Promote OSM/OSMF
  • Stickers design
  • Leaflet design
  • Images for OSMF wiki
  • Images for main website
  • +

What we represent

As members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation's Communication Working Group, we represent the OSM Foundation and are promoting its interests. Thus we take care so that our decisions are not affected by

  • our countries
  • other OSM-related groups that we might belong to (youthMappers, HOT, EOF etc)
  • other organisations we might be affiliated with (employers, universities etc)

Conflicts of Interest

If a CWG task is related to an organisation/community you are affiliated with, you are expected to stay uninvolved due to confict of interest.

Example: Let's say Dorothea is affiliated with If the CWG decides to do a blog post related to [1][2], she should not be involved with any related decisions, even if the communicated info about the affiliated organisation is positive.

Fictional CWG posts

  1. " mapathons deteriorate the quality of OSM data in Greece"
  2. " mapathons have resulted in 1/10 of Greeks to become OSM mappers, yeah!"

Pending blogposts

Adding deadlines to tasks

General suggestion


Grouptweet is the tool we use to log-in to the OSM twitter account without knowing the password of that account. The trial has expired, so now we can't Tweet without the password of the main account. Not open source.

  • Subscription renewed for 1 year

Action item: chrisfl to search for open source alternatives


18:03:29 dorothea_ hi all :) CWG meeting time.. is anyone alive? :)
18:04:53 Tordanik Hi!
18:05:20 dorothea_ hi Tordanik! :)
18:06:26 dorothea_ pinging chrisfl, peda , Zverik (I don't know if rorym wants to participate)
18:06:42 peda hups, sry :-)
18:06:44 peda hi all
18:06:56 dorothea_ hello :)
18:06:59 peda hm .. didn't nebulon wanted to join us?
18:07:13 dorothea_ he sent an email that he couldn't make it
18:07:35 chrisfl hi - I can be around until 18:30 ish when I need to go have feed kids
18:07:52 dorothea_ hi chrisfl, sure :)
18:08:29 dorothea_ the agenda is at our pad
18:08:56 dorothea_ one of the action items was this: Pad with questions for new members and what we do
18:09:22 dorothea_ the text is at the known pad and I wanted to ask you if you are ok with the first 3 points
18:09:33 dorothea_ Make sure they understand that they represent the Foundation as described on the guidelines:
18:09:33 dorothea_ Ask about affiliation (to be aware of potential conflicts of interest)
18:09:33 dorothea_ Ask if they are compensated in any way (monetary or other) by the affiliated organisation/university/3rd party for the time they dedicate to CWG tasks
18:11:21 peda yeah, good and important points imho
18:11:49 dorothea_ Tordanik, chrifl..?
18:12:02 Tordanik No objections.
18:12:18 chrisfl looks good
18:12:24 dorothea_ great :)
18:12:47 dorothea_ does anyone have any action item updates..?
18:13:37 peda sadly I don't
18:13:50 dorothea_ np
18:13:52 peda and it's a pitty we're so far behind with blog posts
18:14:13 peda we really should do something about that, FOSSGIS joined as a new LC which also deserves a post
18:14:45 dorothea_ yes
18:15:04 peda added it to the list ;)
18:17:08 dorothea_ If you want I can start it and all of you can correct it/enrich it..?
18:17:35 peda you mean the FOSSGIS one?
18:17:47 peda fine with me. Tordanik probably is interested as well
18:18:07 peda though we have to be a bit careful because we kind of have an CoI on that ^^
18:18:51 dorothea_ that's true
18:19:30 dorothea_ on a more general note, maybe when someone offers to do a task we can ask her/him to put a deadline for her/him?
18:20:30 dorothea_ what do you think..?
18:20:45 peda yes, good idea
18:21:23 chrisfl makes sense.
18:21:39 dorothea_ ok, then I'll say that my deadline is the first week of February :)
18:21:57 peda ;)
18:22:16 dorothea_ the second topic is Grouptweet, but Harry is unfortunately missing
18:22:21 peda hm and we probably have to write the FR LC first
18:22:37 peda to keep the order of LCs joining I mean
18:22:52 peda so we should just set a deadline for Harry in his absense
18:22:52 dorothea_ yes.. Harry offered to do them but it seems he is very busy
18:23:11 peda let's say next week Wednesday :-D
18:23:28 dorothea_ lol :)
18:23:34 dorothea_ I think he's on holidays :p
18:24:25 dorothea_ we could try to make a draft and send it to him..I think he won't mind
18:25:22 peda yeah, let's give it a try
18:25:34 dorothea_ if I write something in the next couple of days, could you all have a look at it before the weekend?
18:25:41 peda and holidays are coming anyways .. and those of us not being in Leipzig should have time ;)
18:25:47 peda yes
18:25:50 dorothea_ cough :P
18:25:56 dorothea_ ok great :)
18:26:42 chrisfl will try and check it over :) Should have a little more time over holidays.
18:26:55 dorothea_ thanks chrisfl :)
18:27:26 dorothea_ back to Grouptweet, For those who might not know about it, its the tool we use to log-in to the OSM twitter account
18:27:36 dorothea_ s/its/it's
18:28:02 dorothea_ ..without knowing the password of the account
18:28:54 dorothea_ the trial has expired, so now we can't Tweet without the password of the main account - Harry probably doesn't have it, the OWG might have it
18:29:25 dorothea_ Harry mentioned that he might code something, but this might take time..
18:29:53 dorothea_ another fact: Grouptweet is not open-source as far as I remember
18:30:36 dorothea_ any proposals..?
18:31:00 peda I have no clue about twitter or Grouptweet for that matter
18:31:13 peda but asking owg for the twitter password in the mean time should be easy
18:31:40 dorothea_ I am not sure if Harry has contacted them or not
18:32:02 dorothea_ we talked about Groutweet on this channel some weeks ago
18:33:00 chrisfl yup - I'm thinking grouptweet is probably the way to go. Seems reasonably good value.
18:34:10 peda but still, according to our opensource policy, iff there's something else, we should use it instead
18:34:50 chrisfl agree, I've not been able to find anything opensource.
18:35:40 Tordanik I'd like to see us move towards more open source tools. But I have to admit that I don't really know enough about Twitter or Grouptweet to name alternatives.
18:38:57 dorothea_ chrisfl, when was the last time your searched for something open source..? (would it make sense to search again now..? )
18:38:59 peda I pinged TomH, but he doesn't seem to be there
18:39:46 chrisfl it was a while ago. I'm just having a look now, can't see anything obvious.
18:40:41 dorothea_ what would you like to do? search for a month and decide on the next meeting? decide about renewal now? something else?
18:40:42 chrisfl I need to go - but give me an action to have a better look for something opensource.
18:40:57 dorothea_ sure, thanks chrisfl :)
18:42:34 dorothea_ the next item is inviting the second person (mentoined by Jinal) interested in joining CWG to our next meeting
18:42:58 dorothea_ any comments/objections/proposals..?
18:44:09 dorothea_ ok :) any other business..?
18:44:19 peda I don'T know who that is?!
18:44:29 peda when did Jinal talk about them?
18:44:59 dorothea_ I think it was a month ago? a bit more?
18:45:17 peda hm ok, seem to have missed that, so can't argue
18:45:21 dorothea_ as far as I remmeber she sent an email
18:45:30 dorothea_ remember*
18:46:29 * jinalfoflia (~jinalfofl@***.***.***) has joined
18:46:38 dorothea_ hey, here she is! :)
18:46:44 dorothea_ hi jinalfoflia :)
18:47:05 jinalfoflia Hey dorothea_ :)
18:47:06 dorothea_ we were talking about the person you mentioned that might want to join.
18:47:27 jinalfoflia Yeah, he is from Nepal
18:48:31 dorothea_ maybe you would like to tell him to join our next meeting to see how things operate, maybe ask us questions?
18:49:00 peda and we should ask him to answer the pad questions
18:49:16 dorothea_ yes :)
18:49:39 peda and we have to add him to the ML and we should add him to the wiki page
18:49:42 jinalfoflia Sounds great dorothea_ , will let him know about it and ask him to join the next meeting
18:49:47 peda but probably only after the next meeting?!
18:49:56 jinalfoflia Yes!
18:49:58 dorothea_ yes, let's see how it goes first
18:50:20 dorothea_ which brings us to the last topic: when will our next meeting be? :)
18:50:46 peda 16.1.2017?
18:50:55 peda erm, 2018
18:50:57 peda :P
18:51:33 dorothea_ lol :) seems ok to me.. Tordanik, jinalfoflia ?
18:51:50 Tordanik ok
18:51:52 jinalfoflia Works for me too! :)
18:52:10 dorothea_ 18:00 UTC?
18:52:10 peda and one update re twitter
18:52:16 dorothea_ yes?
18:52:27 peda tomh/owg have the password
18:52:48 peda but they're rather not give it out after the mess that happend "back then" ;)
18:52:58 peda I asked him to tweet for us in case of emergency
18:53:02 dorothea_ yes, perfectly understandable :)
18:53:10 peda but woodpeck will pay for grouptweet the next days
18:53:35 peda he's on to it, but he's waiting for reply from the US
18:54:08 jinalfoflia 18:00 UTC works for me too!
18:54:28 dorothea_ if he's going to pay, then chrisfl can search for open source alternatives in a couple of months, as it is not that urgent
18:54:43 dorothea_ nice jinalfoflia :)
18:56:05 dorothea_ jinalfoflia, anything you would like us to discuss? some updates are on the pad
18:56:21 peda yeah, a bit sad. But I guess it's more important to keep us able to tweet right now
18:56:53 dorothea_ yes, we missed the election result
18:56:55 * planemad (~planemad@***.***.***) has joined
18:57:07 jinalfoflia Yes dorothea_ , I have been meaning to write a SotM 2018 wrap up blog post. I should be sharing the draft by end of this week for review. Sorry have been offline due to health issues
18:58:30 dorothea_ np, I hope you are better now :)
18:59:14 jinalfoflia Much better! Thank you dorothea_ :)
19:00:20 dorothea_ it would be nice if we did a recap blogpost like this ..but not sure if there is time
19:02:27 peda sry, have to go, bbl
19:02:38 dorothea_ sure, thanks peda
19:03:12 dorothea_ thanks everyone, have a nice evening :)