CWG meeting 2017-09-28

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Communication Working Group meeting on Friday 11th August 2017


  • hbogner
  • Tordanik
  • chrisfl
  • peda
  • Zverik
  • dorothea_

Action Items

2017-01-20 Peda/All: Start writing Blogposts about corporate members who joined (this will now be done by Martijn)
2017-01-20 All: Brainstorm about Budget spending for 2017 (ideas in pad)
2017-03-05 (via mail) dorothea_/All: MWG welcome page in Wordpress (done)
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker prices
2017-05-26 Peda/All: Discuss about logo competition for stickers design/ community vote/ sticker awards for all winners/ announcement in blog post either in own country or online. Sticker pieces: 100,1000,10k,100k (size 5cm x 5cm)
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker shipping costs from own country
2017-05-26 Tordanik to setup test-wiki, partial copy of osmf site and play with different skins (
2017-07-21 Harry to write blog posts about new UK and FR LCs (it has been suggested to do separate posts and publish them the same day)
2017-07-21 Dorothea_ to contact persons that have translated OSMF blog posts in the past year and ask if they are ok to be listed on the CWG osmf wiki page and if they would like to be added to the CWG mailing list

Are you reading these minutes?

  • We'd love if you tweeted:

I support OSM by being a member of the @OpenStreetMap Foundation. Are you? Join: #iloveosm
Suggested image:

  • Feel free to share the link to the membership drive blog post
  • You can share the related tweet
  • You can pass the news about the membership drive at your local event/conference
  • You can share with us your ideas about spreading the word about the Foundation
  • You can join the Communication Working Group
  • And if you haven't participated to the DWG survey yet, you can do it now :)


Blog posts about Gold Corporate Members

  • These will be now done by the CWG - interview style.

Action items:
- Peda to contact Martijn (done)
- All: write possible questions for Gold Corporate Members

Adding names of the translators of past 12 months on CWG wiki page

Persons that have translated more than 2 OSMF posts in the past 12 months have been contacted and asked:
- If they would like to be listed on the CWG osmf wiki page
- If they would like to be added to the CWG mailing list

Action items:
- Update CWG osmf wiki page (done)
- Peda to ask Manfred about the languages' .svg icons

Suggested 2018 budget

  • Some ideas for spending have already been collected

Action items:
- Peda to write to Frederik and ask for 4K
- All: make a list of potential costs

Note about CWG 2017 budget:

  • OK to include costs of OSMF banner for SotM2017 and of OSMF stickers distributed at SotM2017 (Japan) and SotM-Asia 2017 (Nepal)
  • OSMF stickers printed: 3500 vinyl stickers, 5cm*5cm ~ 165 Euros

OSM stickers for FOSS4F+SotM 2017 Argentina and FOSS4G-Belgium 2017

Action item: Dorothea_ to contact the organisers of FOSS4F+SotM 2017 Argentina, as well as members of OSM-Belgium who will attend FOSS4G-Belgium 2017

Ideas for spreading the word about the Membership Drive

  • 3 potential tweets on the pad
  • Board members' blog/diary posts might help
  • Spread the word for Membership Drive at regional conferences/local events (post-meeting addition from pad)

Anyone is welcome to tweet:
I support OSM by being a member of the @OpenStreetMap Foundation. Are you? Join: #iloveosm
Suggested image on the right:


- Feel free to share the link to the blog post
- Or share the related official tweet
- Or pass the news about the membership drive at your local event/conference

List of non-FOSS and/or externally hosted services used by the CWG


  • GroupTweet - Allows people to tweet as @openstreetmap, without having access to the password for that account. Additionally, one can see which account published any @openstreetmap tweet.
  • Google mailing list
  • Google docs (occasionally)

FOSS - externally hosted

  • (often)
  • hackpad (often)
  • IRC (often)

Closed or partially open - externally hosted

  • Doodle (occasionally)
  • Github (rarely used)

The CWG also maintains the official/semi-official OSM accounts at:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

SotM-Asia stickers

Post meeting addition: OSMF stickers have been distributed at SotM-Asia 2017

Next meeting

In October - exact date to be determined.

Action item: Dorothea_ to create Doodle

IRC log

21:01:05 dorothea_ pinging hbogner, peda, Zverik, Tordanik1 and chrisfl :)
21:01:14 peda hihi
21:01:27 dorothea_ :)
21:01:54 Tordanik1 Hi!
21:02:24 dorothea_ hi :)
21:03:21 dorothea_ shall we wait a couple of minutes or start?
21:03:39 peda I'd say let's wait some more minutes
21:03:49 dorothea_ sure :)
21:03:50 peda at least hbogner said he wanted to participate
21:04:10 dorothea_ yeap
21:09:17 Zverik hi!
21:09:24 dorothea_ hey :)
21:09:49 peda hm
21:09:54 peda let's start?
21:10:00 dorothea_ yes,sure :)
21:10:26 dorothea_ any action item updates..?
21:10:32 hbogner hi here
21:10:37 chrisfl Sorry on now.
21:11:05 dorothea_ ah great :) this will be one of the meetings with the most participants :)
21:11:24 dorothea_ hi hbogner and chrisfl :)
21:11:31 hbogner hi all
21:11:42 peda I think we can delete the "All: Enquire for sticker shipping costs" one and put the prices for Germany in the protocoll
21:11:57 peda so that we have a rough estimate for the costs
21:12:11 dorothea_ sure
21:12:44 peda I know that you (dorothea_) have done much for the SotM stickers anyway, but we might need it again when we get to the logo contest or printing flyers and such
21:13:25 peda and another one is the "blogposts about gold corporate members" .. we moved this topic forth and back and it's kind of embarrassing
21:13:51 peda it was such a great opportunity when they all changed their type of membership :(
21:14:19 dorothea_ Martijn suggested to do it but he's probably busy. We are going to have another Gold member soon
21:14:22 peda anyway, I think we should readd it and add "All" as target-person :-)
21:14:32 peda yes
21:14:57 peda I suggested to do it in the past as well ;*)
21:15:18 peda the problem was, the one I wrote got rejected
21:16:29 dorothea_ how about we contact each company, tell them about the blog post and just ask them to write to us why they joined ?
21:17:00 dorothea_ (or changed to Gold, for Mapbox)
21:17:02 peda hm, sounds interessting. Perhaps even a bit like an interview?
21:17:19 dorothea_ yes :)
21:17:35 peda I like that idea. Still, we have to actually do it :D
21:18:10 dorothea_ well, it will be easier, we just have to think one or two more questions for all companies (the same for all)
21:18:32 peda yes
21:19:02 peda ok, so let's do that. We can open a new pad and collect some ideas,..
21:19:51 dorothea_ sure. we also have to contact Martijn
21:20:06 peda yep
21:20:34 peda any other updates re Action items?
21:21:02 dorothea_ I contacted persons who had translated more than two posts in the past year
21:21:23 dorothea_ hbogner and Tordanik1 are ok o be listed :))
21:21:56 dorothea_ the only minor issue is we don't have a small .svg file for Croatian
21:22:07 hbogner i'm inactive last few months, but hope to be more active again in few months
21:22:26 dorothea_ (and we are waiting replies from 2 more persons)
21:23:02 peda the svg files had been done by someone from France
21:23:16 peda I'll ask Manfred about it...
21:23:32 hbogner .svg is not so important :)
21:23:41 dorothea_ well.. consistency :)
21:23:58 dorothea_ the other minor update is that there were "Join the OSM Foundation" stickers at SotM-Asia :)
21:24:01 hbogner ok, that is correct, but it's not priprity
21:24:33 dorothea_ (that's all from me)
21:26:23 dorothea_ if noone else has any other updates, shall we proceed..?
21:26:36 peda I was so free to add the two to the wiki
21:26:40 peda and yes, let's proceed
21:26:54 peda for reference:
21:27:06 peda Budget for 2018
21:27:24 peda if we say nothing we usually get 1k
21:27:34 dorothea_ yeap
21:27:59 peda but as we had some ideas for 2017 which we didn't manage to work on yet, they might get deferred to 2018
21:28:11 peda and that's why I'd say that we request more
21:28:31 dorothea_ how much, approximately?
21:28:53 peda I mean, SotM award usually is paid by SotM-WG I think, but imho we should plan a bit for the planned logo contest, stickers, flyers
21:29:15 peda so I'd just make a very rough estimate and ask for 4k
21:29:27 dorothea_ Zverik, this year the award was paid by the CWG, wasn't it..?
21:30:24 dorothea_ (he's probably busy)
21:30:34 dorothea_ yes, I agree
21:30:52 dorothea_ hbogner, Tordanik1 what do you think..?
21:31:43 Zverik dorothea_: yes, I asked to file it in CWG budget
21:31:47 Zverik but it was only around $300
21:31:57 dorothea_ yes, sure :)
21:32:21 hbogner as discussed before, we would like stickers, they cost money for printing and distributing, that is one thing
21:32:50 hbogner flyers is another thing, tech conferences still see a lot of stickers and flyers
21:33:15 Zverik I'm all for asking a bigger sum, but it needs to be backed somehow
21:33:33 hbogner and as i read there is a talk about osm awards, and it would be from cwg?
21:33:46 hbogner so yes we could get a larger budget
21:34:59 peda Zverik: I think it is easily "backed". It imho just doesn't make much sense to say we want 1k of this sticker and 2k of that flyer,...
21:35:39 peda and if we have a look at the prices and shipping costs, 4k is imho a reasonable sum that is not very much
21:35:51 peda but it is enough to give it a try and see how far we get with it
21:36:07 peda and it's also not so much that it would be a problem with Frederik I guess
21:36:55 dorothea_ we can create a rough list of expected costs
21:37:33 peda the problem is, that it depends on papersize, number of prints, number of pages, finishing or not,...
21:37:47 peda you can easily have a factor of 5 or 10 between one or the other
21:37:55 chrisfl When I have had stickers printed, the cost has been relatively small.
21:38:19 chrisfl 4k would be more that enough.
21:38:43 dorothea_ (3500 stickers ~ 165 Euros at the shop I used)
21:38:53 peda and even when you have a look at the prices I once wrote in the pad: printing 1k stickers is 20€, printing 100k is 480€ which is a factor of 4
21:39:08 chrisfl Might make sense to work out what/how much and base budget from that.
21:40:10 peda well, imho we tried that last time and almost no one participated in getting prices,..
21:40:34 peda we just started when it was almost to late and dorothea_ did most if not all of the work
21:41:08 peda so I stick with my proposal to just name a sum that seems reasonable enough to give it a try for 2018 and see in the end of 2018 if that sum was ok or not :D
21:41:47 hbogner ok, go for it
21:42:32 dorothea_ I guess we could try it.. and Frederik can tell us if he needs a detailed list of expected costs
21:43:44 dorothea_ I'll ask for flyer prices, so we have an idea as well
21:43:46 peda well, it has to be kind of reasonable and he probably would complain if we use this money for "group socializing" and going to a pub and drink beer or anyting like that :P
21:44:01 dorothea_ :P
21:44:14 peda but other than that, imho this is a bit of the idea to give the WGs "autonomy" :-)
21:45:19 dorothea_ talking about the budget, I was wondering if anyone has any objection for the costs of the stickers for SotM and SotM-Asia to be taken from the 2017 CWG budget..?
21:45:40 peda so what do we do? defer? Request 4k (my suggest)? something else?
21:46:12 peda dorothea_ that's what our budget was for .. so go for it
21:47:37 dorothea_ thanks
21:49:28 dorothea_ I'd say go for 4K, and in the meantime we can make a pad with a list of potential costs
21:50:07 dorothea_ hbogner, Tordanik1 , chrisfl , Zverik..?
21:50:37 Tordanik1 Good plan as far as I'm concerned.
21:50:51 chrisfl Sounds good.
21:51:06 hbogner +1, go for it
21:51:43 hbogner i could check the prices in the local printing firm for stickers and flyers and we could compare
21:51:53 dorothea_ that would be nice
21:52:00 hbogner i know some people that know some people who do the printing
21:52:49 hbogner and i'll need to know if they have ever had out of the country payments :D
21:53:15 hbogner and size and quality of the prints so they can give me cost estimate
21:53:42 Zverik yup, 3 seems safer, but always ask for more :)
21:53:48 dorothea_ lol :)
21:55:10 dorothea_ peda, will you contact Frederik..?
21:55:58 hbogner representing OSM/OSMF at local tech conferences is CWG or LCWG task?
21:56:40 peda dorothea_: yes, will do
21:56:40 hbogner local/regional/international
21:57:21 dorothea_ it depends on what you mean representing :) if you mean distribution of OSM/F material, I would say CWG
21:57:22 peda well, LCWG does technically not exist right now ;-)
21:58:25 hbogner i mean be there and distribute OSM/F material and talk to people, and maybe hold a presentation....
21:59:44 hbogner i have been doing that on my own for last few years on regional conferences
22:02:56 dorothea_ I think that's the normal way, any member of the OSM community can talk about OSM at local tech conferences :)
22:04:30 peda can we move on? Sending stickers?
22:05:09 dorothea_ yes, there are 2 upcoming conferences in October, SotM-Argentina and FOSS4G-Belgium
22:05:33 dorothea_ shall I contact the first or both?
22:06:17 peda at least the first. For the second it would be interessting if some OSMers are going that we know
22:06:57 peda hm, Tordanik1, isn't Polyglot attending FOSS4G in Belgium?!
22:08:26 Tordanik1 Probably, although I'm not 100% sure.
22:08:41 dorothea_ Joost will probably go
22:09:23 peda ok, so I'd ask both (Sotm and foss4g)
22:09:33 dorothea_ ok, sure
22:11:34 dorothea_ the next topic is if there are any other ideas for spreading the word for the Membership Drive. There are 3 suggested tweets on the pad
22:12:03 dorothea_ blog posts by the board members might also help O:)
22:12:13 peda I like your suggestions, especially the third one is nice if we find enough people to participate
22:12:44 peda (thouhg the third one probably needs some hashtag for 1337 purposes or so)
22:13:06 dorothea_ ah, yes, good idea
22:13:35 peda #membershipdrive #iloveosmf whatever
22:14:09 peda about blog posts: problem is, that right now your post is nr.1 so yet another one is kind of strange
22:14:38 peda but I might at least write something for the German blog .. or perhaps a diary entry?!
22:15:43 dorothea_ yes possibly.. (I wonder if Harry has written any of the new LC posts... they could act as buffer)
22:17:07 peda yeah, we should ask him how far he is
22:17:17 peda in the meantime I added an action item for that
22:17:27 peda (a bit to remind myself about it ;))
22:17:40 dorothea_ :)
22:18:44 peda last topic? or is there anything else re membership drive?
22:20:06 dorothea_ nothing else.. we just ahve to send the list of non-FOSS software
22:20:11 dorothea_ *have
22:20:27 peda yes, not sure if it's complete though
22:20:55 dorothea_ I've updated it on the pad.. are we missing more?
22:21:19 peda well, no idea. I added everything I could think of :-)
22:21:28 peda you did the same
22:21:55 peda so either the rest didn't think about the topic or had the same thoughts as we had :-)
22:22:09 dorothea_ chrisfl, hbogner , Tordanik1 and Zverik can you have a look at the list as well..?
22:22:22 chrisfl Will do
22:22:23 dorothea_ thanks :)
22:22:37 peda line 29 in the pad
22:22:47 hbogner looked at the non foss and couldnt think of anything else
22:23:11 Tordanik1 Doodle? Externally hosted and closed afaik.
22:23:23 peda indeed
22:23:32 dorothea_ ah, that a good one :)
22:23:51 dorothea_ I have found a foss one, but it has an issue with different timezones..
22:24:16 peda dudle? :)
22:24:29 dorothea_ yes, I think it was that one :)
22:24:41 peda from some German university
22:24:45 dorothea_ yeap!
22:25:08 hbogner have to go now, will be back again in few days, bye all for now
22:25:20 dorothea_ bye hbogner, thanks for joining :)
22:25:33 hbogner no problem, o/
22:25:38 * hbogner has quit (Quit: Leaving)
22:26:14 peda and I'm not sure if we were supposed to also name opensource software we use?
22:26:32 dorothea_ I can't think of anything else to add.. we could send the updated list to cwg@ so that people who are absent can have a look as well
22:26:51 dorothea_ I think it was just non-FOSS?
22:27:50 dorothea_ non-FOSS and/or hosted by a 3rd party
22:27:51 peda probably.. anyway, asking paul what he thinks
22:28:02 peda and good idea to resent to cwg@
22:28:09 peda will you do that or should I?
22:28:18 dorothea_ either is fine with me
22:28:52 peda ok, I'll do it
22:29:11 dorothea_ great :)
22:29:56 dorothea_ I think that's it.. does anyone want to discuss something else?
22:30:31 peda next meeting?
22:30:48 peda again via doodle? or should we try to get back to a fixed scheme?
22:32:03 dorothea_ maybe doodle again for the 3rd week?
22:33:08 dorothea_ if the same days and times come up, we can make it fixed
22:33:58 peda ok
22:34:06 peda will you do the doodle work?
22:34:15 dorothea_ sure
22:34:18 peda thanks
22:34:25 dorothea_ np
22:34:59 dorothea_ we just have one pending issue: who will contact Martijn about the Gold member posts
22:35:40 peda I will, or we will. I'll just write in IRC
22:36:03 peda as we have this new gateway he actually reads IRC I think ;)
22:36:20 dorothea_ yes, it is very handy :)
22:41:43 peda ok, so thank you everyone for participating
22:42:02 dorothea_ thanks :)
22:42:13 chrisfl thank you.
22:42:20 peda don't forget to have a look at the pad from time to time and try to work on one of the tasks
22:42:30 peda there's a great task for everyone! :-)
22:43:43 peda arg .. our IRC topic is totaly out of date :/ I guess I'm the only one even able to change it, right? ^^
22:44:13 dorothea_ yes :)
22:44:52 dorothea_ I'll list the action items that are for all:
22:44:56 peda btw, do we have pinterest?!
22:45:07 dorothea_ apparently, we do
22:45:24 peda ok, so should be added to the list :-)
22:45:44 dorothea_ let me check something - I don't see anyone listed next to it
22:46:57 peda
22:47:01 dorothea_
22:47:31 dorothea_ "The official OpenStreetMap' pinterest account was created and is managed by the OSMF Communication Working Group."
22:47:54 peda whoever this "Communication Working Group" is...
22:48:03 dorothea_ Harry added that wiki entry, so probably he's the one who manages it
22:49:22 dorothea_ action items for all:
22:49:34 dorothea_ 1. Discuss about logo competition for stickers design/ community vote/ sticker awards for all winners/ announcement in blog post
22:49:52 dorothea_ 2. Write possible questions for Gold Corporate Members (link at pad)
22:50:07 dorothea_ 3. Support the membership drive by personal diary entries, personal tweets (see pad)
22:50:35 dorothea_ 4. List of potential costs (2018 budget) (link at pad)
22:50:38 dorothea_ (the end :) )
22:53:17 peda I'm off to bed, cu all, gn8
22:53:30 dorothea_ goodnight :)
22:53:59 Tordanik1 good night!