CWG meeting 2017-08-11

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Communication Working Group meeting on Friday 11th August 2017


  • jinalfoflia
  • dorothea_

Action Items

2017-01-20 Peda/All: Start writing Blogposts about corporate members who joined (this will now be done by Martijn)
2017-01-20 All: Brainstorm about Budget spending for 2017 (ideas in pad)
2017-03-05 (via mail) dorothea_/All: MWG welcome page in Wordpress (done)
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker prices
2017-05-26 Peda/All: Discuss about logo competition for stickers design/ community vote/ sticker awards for all winners/ announcement in blog post either in own country or online. Sticker pieces: 100,1000,10k,100k (size 5cm x 5cm)
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker shipping costs from own country
2017-05-26 Tordanik to setup test-wiki, partial copy of osmf site and play with different skins (
2017-07-21 Harry to write blog posts about new UK and FR LCs (it has been suggested to do separate posts and publish them the same day)
2017-07-21 Dorothea to contact persons that have translated OSMF blog posts in the past year and ask if they are ok to be listed on the CWG osmf wiki page and ask if they would like to be added to the CWG mailing list


Blog post and attendees' page for SotM 2017 (Japan)

Related past item: 2017-07-21

Adding names of the translators of past 12 months on CWG wiki page

Related past item: 2017-07-21

  • Persons who have translated at least 2-3 OSMF blog posts will be contacted

Licensing Working Group OSMF wiki page

LWG OSMF wiki page updated

SotM 2017 OSMF banner and stickers

  • OSMF stand-up banner designed & printed
  • "Join the OSM Foundation" stickers printed
  • Sticker packs will probably be created to give at SotM to people who will then distribute them at their local communities

Next meeting

September, 11th 2017, 19:00 London time

IRC log

20:17:01 jinalfoflia Hello everyone! :)
20:17:13 dorothea_ hi Jinal :)
20:18:02 dorothea_ I think it's just you and me, so the meeting shouldn't take long :)
20:18:45 dorothea_ would you like to give an update since the last meeting..?
20:19:39 jinalfoflia Sounds great dorothea_
20:21:15 jinalfoflia Since the last meeting we had, something that I personally worked along with you is the blog post on the attendees page for SotM Japan.
20:21:42 jinalfoflia The page is live and there are folks who have added their names, hoping for it to be useful :)
20:22:56 jinalfoflia Other than this, we had some discussions on OSM wiki page update.
20:23:21 jinalfoflia I'm sure of missing out on something :P dorothea_ anything that you want to add? :)
20:24:26 dorothea_ after you ;)
20:24:41 jinalfoflia Here are the links to the attendees page - and the blog post -
20:25:02 jinalfoflia dorothea_, now, all yours ; )
20:25:07 dorothea_ lol :)
20:26:17 jinalfoflia :D
20:27:06 dorothea_ regarding my action point to contact the translators of the blogposts for the past 12 months and ask about being listed on the CWG osmf wiki page - I haven't done it yet :) (cont..)
20:27:40 dorothea_ We had a brief discussion with peda, and if we add people who have translated just 1 blog post, putting them on the CWG page might give the false impression that many people are helping
20:28:06 dorothea_ I will probably contact only those who have translated a few posts
20:28:23 dorothea_ other than that, I created an OSMF stand-up poster for SotM, printed the stickers for the conference and updated the LWG osmf wiki page.
20:28:49 dorothea_ and if I have time, I will make some sticker packs for local communities
20:29:23 dorothea_ that's all from me
20:29:38 jinalfoflia Yeah that makes sense! :) That's so awesome, it'll be great to see them all at the SotM, this year :))
20:29:59 jinalfoflia 👍🏻
20:30:01 dorothea_ :)
20:30:29 jinalfoflia Anything else that we need to discuss?
20:31:35 dorothea_ there are some topics, but maybe we can do it when more people are present :) shall we schedule the next meeting..?
20:32:34 jinalfoflia Okay, should we be discussing this in the meeting happening in September?
20:32:51 jinalfoflia When are you intending to schedule the next meeting?
20:33:42 * planemad (~planemad@***.***.***.***) has joined
20:34:09 dorothea_ it's not my decision to make :) perhaps we can put it on the 3rd Friday (that would be September 15th).. but there is a small possibility that it might clash with the board meeting
20:34:37 dorothea_ hi planemad :)
20:34:45 dorothea_ jinalfoflia, what do you think..?
20:35:08 planemad hi dorothea_ !
20:35:13 dorothea_ :)
20:37:08 dorothea_ planemad, the meeting almost ended but if you want us to discuss something, feel free to say so :)
20:37:09 jinalfoflia Hmmm, Sounds great! dorothea_ just want to be sure if people can make it
20:38:38 jinalfoflia dorothea_, should we do a second Friday?
20:38:56 dorothea_ yes, why not :)
20:39:52 planemad =)
20:40:05 jinalfoflia So it's not a big gap as well as we can avoid clashing with the board meeting :)
20:41:42 dorothea_ yeap :) ok, let's say next meeting on September 11th, and if anyone has other preferances they can say so :)
20:42:05 jinalfoflia Sounds great dorothea_ :)
20:43:19 dorothea_ I think next time is at 19:00 London time?
20:43:37 jinalfoflia Works for me!
20:43:53 dorothea_ ok, let's try that this time :)
20:44:32 jinalfoflia Cool :)
20:45:25 dorothea_ thanks and have a very nice evening :)
20:46:06 jinalfoflia Thank you, but I'm off to bed :D You have a great evening and weekend ahead Dorothea :)
20:46:41 dorothea_ lol :) thanks Jinal, you too :) Goodnight :)