CWG meeting 2017-07-21

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Communication Working Group meeting on Friday 21st July 2017


  • harry-wood
  • jinalfoflia
  • Tordanik
  • dorothea_

Action Items

2017-01-20 Peda/All: Start writing Blogposts about corporate members who joined (this will now be done by Martijn)
2017-01-20 All: Brainstorm about Budget spending for 2017 (ideas in pad)
2017-03-05 (via mail) dorothea_/All: MWG welcome page in Wordpress (done)
2017-03-17 harry to do basic tidy on OWG page
2017-03-17 harry to ask OWG if they want to replace with a link
2017-03-17 harry to contact SOTM team to offer comms help
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker prices
2017-05-26 Peda/All: Discuss about logo competition for stickers design/ community vote/ sticker awards for all winners/ announcement in blog post either in own country or online. Sticker pieces: 100,1000,10k,100k (size 5cm x 5cm)
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker shipping costs from own country
2017-05-26 Tordanik to setup test-wiki, partial copy of osmf site and play with different skins (


Blog posts welcoming new Local Chapters - UK and FR

Action item: Harry to write the blog posts and it was suggested to have them separate and post both of them on the same day, instead of doing a combined one. (so, each LC can have a link to its own post)

Adding names of the translators of past 12 months on CWG wiki page

Some of them: Andrey Golovin (Ukranian), nyampire (Japanese), Hrvoje Bogner (Croatian)
Action item: Dorothea to contact them:

  • ask if they are ok to be listed and
  • ask if they would like to be added to the CWG mailing list (Hrvoje is already on it)

Attendees' page for every conference

This is an idea by Jinal: "having a wiki page for each of the conference that allows the attendees to fill in their details like the city they are from, the projects they are working on etc etc. This would help like minded people to connect and have conversations".
Action item: Jinal to contact the SotM-WG and give a heads-up.
Update: the attendees page for SotM2017 is here. A blog post is being prepared.

Next meeting

August, 11th 2017, 20:00 London time

IRC log

19:07:45 harry-wood How is CWG doing
19:08:01 harry-wood ?
19:08:21 harry-wood There's a blog post!
19:13:40 jinalfoflia It's awesome! Are we planning to just write about technical categories?
19:15:46 harry-wood maybe peda had in mind to do more blog posts with the other categories
19:16:09 harry-wood There's 9 categories in all
19:16:43 harry-wood Sorry I didn't get chance to help with that Zverik Looks like some good lists in place though
19:19:42 harry-wood We have a request from Benoit about composing a French LC blog post
19:20:06 dorothea_ yes :) we also have to write one for the UK LC as well
19:20:20 dorothea_ or do a combined one
19:20:23 harry-wood Is the UK chapter official too?
19:20:30 dorothea_ yes, it is
19:20:34 harry-wood first I've heard of this (I'm really not keeping up)
19:20:45 harry-wood Was the french one first?
19:21:06 dorothea_ the UK one was accepted on May's board meeting
19:21:25 dorothea_ the UK was first
19:21:48 harry-wood yes! we win! :-)
19:21:57 dorothea_ lol :p
19:21:59 jinalfoflia :D
19:22:13 harry-wood I thought I was going t have to blame it on brexit. But it's ok. We were first
19:22:38 dorothea_ it was a close call :)
19:23:21 dorothea_ so, would you suggest seperate ones or a combined one?
19:24:16 harry-wood hmmm… I guess it's a bit old news to try to pretend that it's only just happened. So maybe combined makes more sense
19:24:29 harry-wood we have them listed here I see
19:24:38 dorothea_ yes :)
19:25:33 harry-wood But then again it's a shame not to dedicate a blog post to each
19:25:53 harry-wood Maybe there's a way of wording it to make sense.
19:26:46 dorothea_ would posting two seperate ones the same day make sense?
19:27:09 harry-wood Yeah could be quite close together yes
19:27:36 harry-wood "We have some new local chapters to announce… first up there's the United Kingdom. yadda yadda. ….More local chapters news coming very shortly"
19:28:33 dorothea_ or we could write two posts and then link to both of them on the same tweet
19:29:46 dorothea_ remove "or". Your suggestion could be on the post itself, I was thinking about tweets :)
19:30:47 harry-wood might make sense yes
19:33:23 dorothea_ Harry, would you like to write one of them (or both)..?
19:36:19 harry-wood yeah can
19:37:01 dorothea_ that's great :)
19:37:54 harry-wood i know a bit less about the french one
19:37:57 harry-wood but can do some research
19:39:07 dorothea_ we could ask Benoit to send more info. Perhaps we could also ask both LCs to send one photo each?
19:40:38 harry-wood yes
19:41:22 dorothea_ :)
19:42:40 dorothea_ unless someone wants to add something, the next topic is "Assign person that will print the OSMF stickers for SotM2017"
19:43:49 dorothea_ they should be handed to someone that will attend SotM as they have the O-bon holiday in Japan and if we post them they will not reach the conference in time
19:45:04 dorothea_ jinalfoflia, do I remember correctly that Mandfred might be able to print them..?
19:46:04 jinalfoflia dorothea_, no, he could have been the person who could take them to SotM - Fr. His name didn't come up for this context :)
19:46:17 dorothea_ ah, sorry :)
19:47:55 dorothea_ any suggestions of persons that could do it..?
19:48:42 dorothea_ (ping Zverik :) )
19:49:54 dorothea_ he's probably away, I'll send an email to the cwg list afterwards
19:51:13 dorothea_ next topic is "Adding names of the translators of the past 12 months on CWG wiki page" and we said it might be a good idea to contact them first to see
19:51:21 dorothea_ if they are ok to be listed and
19:51:21 dorothea_ ask if they would like to be added to the CWG mailing list
19:51:54 dorothea_ some of them are: Andrey Golovin (Ukranian), nyampire (Japanese), Hrvoje Bogner (Croatian)
19:53:56 dorothea_ I can find the emails for nyampire and Hrvoje, not sure about Andrey..
19:55:07 dorothea_ well, unless someone else wants to do it, I can try
19:56:01 dorothea_ next we have Jinal's idea :) "Attendees' page for every conference"
19:56:25 jinalfoflia dorothea_, I can find Andrey's email address.
19:56:46 dorothea_ that's great :)
19:57:39 dorothea_ jinalfoflia, do you want to explain again your idea? :)
19:57:49 jinalfoflia This was the conversation we had a while back - having a wiki page for each of the conference that allows the attendees to fill in their details like the city they are from, the projects they are working on etc etc. This would help like minded people to connect and have conversations.
19:58:04 jinalfoflia :)
19:58:14 dorothea_ :))
19:58:57 jinalfoflia Would love to know what others think about this?
19:59:10 dorothea_ harry-wood, Tordanik..?
19:59:42 Tordanik I like the idea. It's something I know from hack weekends where it's definitely very helpful. :)
20:00:02 * harry-wood has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
20:01:25 dorothea_ it's a very good idea jinalfoflia :) we could do it for this SotM and tweet about it.. (perhaps we can contact the SotM WG first before changing the wiki page)
20:02:41 jinalfoflia Sounds great dorothea_ and Tordanik. Should we be writing to the SotM WG?
20:02:55 jinalfoflia It can also be a sub-page to the main wiki page
20:05:01 dorothea_ maybe we could have one page per conference/year and link that from the conference page.. so would have a page just for that conference
20:05:18 dorothea_ jinalfoflia, since it's your idea, would you like to contact the SotM-WG? :)
20:05:27 * harry-wood (~Adium@***.***.***.***) has joined
20:05:55 jinalfoflia Sure dorothea_ I'd love to do it, but will need some help from your end :)
20:06:20 dorothea_ of course, just tell me in what way I can help
20:08:44 jinalfoflia I should be directly writing email to the SOTM-WG, right?
20:09:04 jinalfoflia Can I cc you in the email?
20:09:54 dorothea_ of course ~ why don't you cc the whole CWG, so everyone will know about it? :)
20:10:28 jinalfoflia Sounds great! Thank you dorothea_ :)
20:11:06 dorothea_ thanks for the awesome idea :)
20:11:46 dorothea_ there are no other topics on today's agenda.. regarding the action item update, the MWG welcome page is ready and has been sent.. Tordanik do you have any update..?
20:13:21 Tordanik no. The wiki task is still work in progress, hope to be able to show something next month.
20:13:41 dorothea_ nice :)
20:14:13 dorothea_ does anyone want to discuss something else..?
20:15:42 jinalfoflia No, dorothea_ :)
20:16:15 dorothea_ :) if no, then we can arrange next month's meeting.. theoretically it is on the 18th of August (SotM!)
20:17:15 dorothea_ when do you propose to have it..?
20:17:54 harry-wood Sorry. dinner time chaos here
20:18:03 dorothea_ :))
20:19:32 jinalfoflia Yeah, should we do it a week earlier? dorothea_ ?
20:20:45 dorothea_ sounds good to me. Tordanik, harry-wood, Zverik ?
20:21:15 Tordanik No objection from me. :)
20:21:45 dorothea_ :) what about time..?
20:24:06 dorothea_ our meeting time is oscillating between 19:00 and 20:00 London time, so make it at 20:00?
20:24:29 Tordanik Either way works for me.
20:25:04 jinalfoflia Works for me too!
20:25:11 dorothea_ ok, let's make it at 20:00 :)
20:25:22 jinalfoflia 👍🏻
20:26:16 jinalfoflia Hey everyone, i'm going to get some sleep, have a great evening and weekend ahead! 👋
20:26:39 dorothea_ sleep tight jinalfoflia :) have a nice weekend :)
20:26:45 Tordanik Good night everyone!
20:26:55 dorothea_ good night all :)
20:27:02 jinalfoflia Thank you dorothea_ :) Good night!
20:27:08 dorothea_ :)