CWG meeting 2017-06-16

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Communication Working Group meeting on Friday 16th June 2017


  • jinalfoflia
  • dorothea_

Action Items

2017-01-20 Peda/All: Start writing Blogposts about corporate members who joined
2017-01-20 All: Brainstorm about Budget spending for 2017 (ideas in pad)
2017-03-05 (via mail) dorothea_/All: MWG welcome page in Wordpress
2017-03-17 harry to do basic tidy on OWG page
2017-03-17 harry to ask OWG if they want to replace with a link
2017-03-17 harry to contact SOTM team to offer comms help
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker prices
2017-04-21 dorothea_ to write draft message that will be sent to WGs about cleaning WG wiki pages (done)
2017-05-26 Peda/All: Discuss about logo competition for stickers design/ community vote/ sticker awards for all winners/ announcement in blog post either in own country or online. Sticker pieces: 100,1000,10k,100k (size 5cm x 5cm)
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker shipping costs from own country
2017-05-26 Tordanik to setup test-wiki, partial copy of osmf site and play with different skins (
2017-05-26 jinalfoflia to contact SotM-FR organisers about sending there OSM/F stickers (done)


MWG welcome page (update)

  • ready, except the map of SotM locations (Wille's idea) that Wille had offered to make
  • Wille has been contacted but no reply, probably busy


  • say to MWG that they can use the page as it is
  • one of us makes the map

Jinal offered to make the map

Message to WGs about cleaning OSMF wiki pages (update)

draft ready

SotM 2017 Stickers

  • probably classic logo, one batch with English text ("Join the OSM Foundation") and one with Japanese

Mastodon instance

Dorothea_ might create an OSM Mastodon account (on Nasqueron?)

Cheat sheet for reporters


Next meeting

July, 21st 2017, 19:00 London time

IRC log

20:02:14 dorothea_ hello :) theoretically, we have a meeting now :)
20:07:13 * jinalfoflia (~jinalfofl@***.***.***.***) has joined
20:09:25 dorothea_ hi Jinal :)
20:15:59 jinalfoflia Hey dorothea_ I think it's just us right now ;)
20:16:25 dorothea_ yeap, it seems that way :)
20:17:56 jinalfoflia :D
20:26:37 jinalfoflia shall we start the meeting dorothea_ ?
20:26:48 dorothea_ sure :)
20:27:21 dorothea_ regarding the action items' update
20:27:51 dorothea_ the MWG welcome page is ready, except the map of SotM locations that Wille had offered to make.
20:28:07 dorothea_ I have sent him an email but he hasn't replied yet
20:28:12 dorothea_ so we have 2 options
20:28:37 dorothea_ either say to MWG that they can use the page as it is
20:28:47 dorothea_ or one of us makes the map
20:28:54 dorothea_ what do you think..?
20:30:54 jinalfoflia Hey I can try making the map of all the SOTM locations
20:32:06 jinalfoflia dorothea_, can you forward me the details? I can try making one over the weekend. What is the deadline for us to share the map with them?
20:33:23 dorothea_ there is no deadline, but we are late as it was requested from March. The delay was my fault, as I decided to make logos of all the WGs
20:33:45 dorothea_ I must clarify that the map was Wille's idea
20:33:54 dorothea_ not a request from the MWG
20:35:18 jinalfoflia That's alright, I can work on it tomorrow and share the style with you soon. We can send it over to them post that? Wow logos for all the WGs :)
20:35:33 dorothea_ atm I don't remember if Wille wanted to add regional SotMs as well, but if you decide to make it, maybe it would be nice to have some (at least the latest ones)
20:35:51 jinalfoflia I would want some information like the location of the SOTMs happening.
20:36:10 dorothea_ if you send it to the CWG mailing list, I can then add it to the page
20:36:28 jinalfoflia Will do that!
20:36:30 dorothea_ that would require some wiki ninja searching :)
20:37:10 dorothea_ just a sec..
20:37:49 dorothea_ the current ones appear here
20:38:11 dorothea_ and past ones here:
20:38:32 jinalfoflia I think I have the basic list. I'll add them, thank you for sharing them dorothea_ :)
20:38:47 dorothea_ np, thank you for offering to make the map :)
20:39:10 jinalfoflia Anytime! :)
20:39:21 dorothea_ :)
20:40:06 dorothea_ the second update from me was about the message to send to WGs, about cleaning the OSMF wiki pages (WGs & minutes)
20:40:27 dorothea_ the draft is ready
20:40:44 dorothea_ and if no-one objects I could send it
20:41:24 dorothea_ since people are not here, it might make sense to send it to our mailing list for feedback
20:41:43 dorothea_ that's all from me regarding action items :)
20:41:53 jinalfoflia That's awesome dorothea_ that's a great idea!
20:42:17 jinalfoflia I was wondering about the stickers we sent for SOTM-FR?
20:42:32 dorothea_ yes.. I haven't heard anything back from them
20:42:42 dorothea_ I hope they received them in time
20:42:56 jinalfoflia Should we send them a message asking if they received them on time?
20:43:21 dorothea_ yeap, we could do :)
20:43:53 dorothea_ do you want to follow up..?
20:44:42 jinalfoflia Yes, sure I can do that! 👍🏻
20:45:01 dorothea_ that's great :)
20:45:33 jinalfoflia The next SOTM is happening in Africa? If i'm not wrong, it's in July
20:45:57 dorothea_ yeap
20:46:33 jinalfoflia Are we planning to do something around it? Also the sticker contest?
20:47:14 dorothea_ we have run out of stickers, so if we want to send them, we have to print them
20:48:18 jinalfoflia Hmm, we should think about this, SOTM happening in Japan is in August. If we are planning to share stickers or so we need think through it
20:48:32 jinalfoflia Do you have any ideas on this?
20:48:32 dorothea_ the sticker contest is something we would have to discuss more thoroughly :)
20:48:46 jinalfoflia I agree! :)
20:49:41 dorothea_ well, I thought it would be nice to send stickers with the classic logo and the text "Join the OSM Foundation" - and a batch of stickers with that text in Japanese
20:50:14 dorothea_ what do you think?
20:50:43 jinalfoflia That would be really nice, it'll be more localised :)
20:52:40 dorothea_ I can ask the SotM Japanese team to do the translation.. we just have to decide on the design, the quantity and who will print them
20:53:57 jinalfoflia Are we planning to do it ourselves, the design?
20:54:19 jinalfoflia Not sure about the printing them too.
20:54:42 dorothea_ I probably have the design from last year.. I will have a look and send it to the internal list if I find it
20:55:07 jinalfoflia It's too late for us to have a contest for it, right?
20:55:49 dorothea_ it seems a bit late to me
20:56:43 jinalfoflia I agree, we can do this next year or so.
20:57:42 dorothea_ we can start organising this.. and once the process is complete we could send the new designs to regional SotMs
20:57:52 dorothea_ (as stickers)
20:58:20 dorothea_ though, I must say that we should also send the classic one, because that's our logo and it's recognisable
20:58:45 jinalfoflia Yeah, I agree to that!
21:00:18 dorothea_ Jinal, shall we start a discussion about it on our internal list? it seems a bit inactive, so that we won't have to wait a month to move things forward
21:01:15 dorothea_ (punctuation typos :p :) )
21:01:28 jinalfoflia Yeah dorothea_, that is the best thing to do, plus it will give a chance for everyone to respond :)
21:01:46 jinalfoflia :P :D
21:02:00 dorothea_ lol :)
21:02:30 jinalfoflia There is nothing else from my side as well!
21:04:06 dorothea_ we can move the last topic ("Cheatsheet" for reporters) to next month (or discuss it on the mailing list)
21:04:50 jinalfoflia Sounds great! Either of them works for me 👍🏻
21:04:56 dorothea_ as for the Mastodon account I think I'll go forward and create it :)
21:05:14 jinalfoflia Awesome!
21:05:54 dorothea_ when would you suggest to have the next meeting?
21:06:34 jinalfoflia 14th of July?
21:07:01 jinalfoflia We do it every 2nd Friday of the month, right?
21:07:23 dorothea_ I think it's the 3rd Friday
21:07:42 dorothea_ judging from today, not that I remember :p :)
21:08:01 jinalfoflia Then 21st of July it is :D
21:08:02 jinalfoflia ha ha :D
21:08:10 dorothea_ ok great :) and time..?
21:08:33 jinalfoflia We should maybe keep it a little late?
21:08:47 dorothea_ yeap..
21:08:48 jinalfoflia 19:00 hours london time?
21:09:01 jinalfoflia If that works for everyone?
21:09:54 dorothea_ yeap.. that sounds good. We can send an email and ask if it's prohibitive for anyone
21:10:09 jinalfoflia Yes!
21:10:28 dorothea_ ok,I think we finished :)
21:11:10 jinalfoflia Have a great evening ahead! :) Bye dorothea_ :)
21:12:00 dorothea_ have a nice evening you too, Jinal :) (I'm verry happy that you joined :) )
21:13:39 jinalfoflia :) Same here Dorothea :) Thank you for joining! 🙇🏼