CWG meeting 2017-05-26

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Communication Working Group meeting on Friday 26th May 2017


  • peda
  • jinalfoflia
  • tordanik
  • chrisfl
  • dorothea_

Action Items

2017-01-20 All: Update your "Biographical Info" on Wordpress to name CWG (see Harry's Bio Info) Done: Peda, Dorothea, Jinal
2017-01-20 Peda/All: Start writing Blogposts about corporate members who joined
2017-01-20 All: Brainstorm about Budget spending for 2017 (ideas in pad)
2017-03-05 (via mail) Dorothea/All: MWG welcome page in Wordpress
2017-03-17 harry to prep a blog about new/renewed members (<gold) (done)
2017-03-17 harry to do basic tidy on OWG page
2017-03-17 harry to ask OWG if they want to replace with a link
2017-03-17 harry to contact SOTM team to offer comms help
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker prices
2017-05-26 Peda/All: Discuss about logo competition for stickers design/ community vote/ sticker awards for all winners/ announcement in blog post either in own country or online. Sticker pieces: 100,1000,10k,100k (size 5cm x 5cm)
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker shipping costs from own country
2017-05-26 Tordanik to setup test-wiki, partial copy of osmf site and play with different skins (
2017-05-26 jinalfoflia to contact SotM-FR organisers about sending there OSM/F stickers


Tordanik joins team


LC potential blog post

  • Idea by Jinal.
  • Timing: Will be posted as an introduction when one of the recent LC applicants joins (OSM France/UK).
  • Will have a link to Mikel's diary.

Blog post about new/renewed Corporate Members

Ready by Harry.

Change osmf wiki skin

Suggestion by Simon Poole. Assigned to Tordanik.

MWG welcome post

DWG potential logo to be modified.

Mastodon instance

Decision deferred.

Person to contact on press inquiry

Silent participants willing to reply (e.g. Kate)



India: 0.30 Euros/sticker, courier up to ~30 Euros around the world.


  • 5x5 1k = 20€, 10k = 63€, 100k = 480€ (indoor, 90g paper white)
  • many more options at
  • international shipping up to 2k stickers (~460g) = 3,70€


  • Discussion about potential design competition via the cwg list.
  • To order around 1k stickers in time for SotM
  • Jinal volunteered to contact SotM-FR organisers about whether they want stickers as well.

Pending: decision about wording on stickers

Next meeting

June, 16th 2017, 18:00 London time

IRC log

21:57:01 jinalfoflia Hello everyone!
21:57:10 dorothea_ hi Jinal :)
21:57:21 jinalfoflia Hey dorothea_ :)
22:03:08 peda hi all
22:03:18 dorothea_ hi peda :)
22:03:29 * Tordanik (~tordanik@***.***.***.***) has joined
22:04:14 Tordanik Hi!
22:04:14 jinalfoflia Hey Peda!
22:04:23 jinalfoflia Hey Tordanik !
22:04:30 dorothea_ hello :)
22:06:05 peda 21:00 here
22:06:21 peda let's start? harry seems to have forgotten that we have a meeting today
22:06:54 dorothea_ sure (pinging Zverik, planemad and chrisfl)
22:07:12 jinalfoflia 👍🏻
22:07:46 chrisfl Hi just putting boys to bed, will try and join in once they are hopefully asleep.
22:07:59 dorothea_ :)
22:08:41 peda btw, Tordanik is joining us today. He wants to have a look if there's anything he might be able to help with or support us
22:09:06 dorothea_ that's great, welcome :)
22:09:17 Tordanik :)
22:09:47 peda I'm trying to moderate a bit I guess
22:09:56 jinalfoflia Welcome Tordanik 👋
22:10:20 peda please have a look at our pad for the agenda and any other topic (esp Tordanik)
22:11:01 peda so let's start with the action items
22:11:31 peda I'd say we can remove the "update your bio info" now and I will remind everyone when I see the next outdated one :-)
22:11:35 peda ok?
22:11:48 jinalfoflia Sounds great peda
22:13:23 peda any other updates?
22:13:50 dorothea_ Harry wrote the blogpost about new/renewed corporate members. It's ready to be published
22:13:53 peda I was very lazy the last weeks and even missed to translate some of the existing blogposts
22:14:09 peda but I'm planning to still translate them
22:14:31 peda also I plan to write something about the F2F meeting last weekend if time permits
22:14:54 peda (which would be a good padding-post after the corporate members)
22:15:07 dorothea_ yes :)
22:15:22 peda dorothea_: I think we can add yet another gold member to the list. Should now be publicly known?
22:16:05 dorothea_ I've added to the pad. Bing has joined. We're waiting for permission to be mentioned in blog post and they're ok to have their logo on the osmf wiki
22:16:14 dorothea_ "added it"
22:16:50 peda ah there it is, great
22:17:26 jinalfoflia Sometime back I had spoken about having a blog post about the local chapters and that linking to Mikel's diary. Is it still a good idea?
22:18:03 peda I'd say yes
22:18:08 peda though not sure about the timing
22:18:17 peda with 2(?) new LCs waiting to be accepted
22:18:44 jinalfoflia I did not understand peda? :)
22:19:12 peda I am not sure when is a good time for such a blog post
22:19:32 peda as currently there are 2 assosiations that would like to become a local chapter afair
22:20:06 jinalfoflia I agree! We can may be do it sometime later? That could be a part of introducing them or so?
22:21:41 peda well, I mainly wanted to point out that there are 2 associations waiting. Perhaps we could also point to the public discussion (once started)
22:21:50 peda what do others think=
22:22:12 peda and I'm not sure anymore there were two of them.. hm
22:22:22 dorothea_ it's France and UK
22:22:29 peda right, thanks
22:24:30 dorothea_ I like Jinal's suggestion to do it later as part of introducing them
22:25:52 peda ok, added it to the list
22:26:19 peda any other action items updates?
22:26:30 peda when do we publish harry's post?
22:27:00 dorothea_ he sent an email as a reminder 3/4 days ago
22:27:48 dorothea_ do we want F2F first?
22:28:00 peda it says "remind me to post this tomorrow"
22:28:05 dorothea_ yes :)
22:28:23 peda I think it's ok to do the corporate members first
22:28:45 dorothea_ great
22:29:01 peda I didn't write a draft, and I guess the other board members want to proofread,..
22:29:33 peda next topic?
22:29:57 peda as Tordanik is searching for work as it seems we might ask him if he wants to play with that ;)
22:30:14 peda Change osmf wiki skin (suggested by Simon Poole)
22:30:15 peda
22:31:13 Tordanik what does that entail?
22:31:34 peda setting up a partly copy of the osmf wiki
22:31:40 peda trying different skins
22:32:04 peda and changing the layout of especially the mainpage to make use of the new skin
22:32:18 peda with the goal to make it pretty
22:32:56 Tordanik when it comes to skins, is this about applying existing skins?
22:32:59 peda there had been suggestions of others to change the osmf site to a html page via github .. but others preferred to keep it a wiki but using a more modern skin
22:33:05 peda yes
22:33:38 peda but you have to do it on a test server or something because we can't easily change skins on the main page ... this has to be done by OWG
22:34:16 peda so we'd additionally have to talko to them, but I guess a proof of concept would be the first step to show that changing skin + layout makes sense at all
22:34:33 Tordanik setting up a test server wouldn't be an issue
22:35:00 Tordanik I don't have any relevant experience with that kind of task, but I would be willing to give it a try
22:35:26 peda sounds great!
22:35:58 Tordanik I guess I'm ethically obliged to warn you that I'm not the most talented individual when it comes to graphical design, though ;)
22:37:02 peda ;) I gave you an action item already :P
22:37:30 dorothea_ lol :)
22:38:50 peda anything else on that topic?
22:39:03 dorothea_ let's add Tordanik to the cwg team ( before he has a chance to escape :)
22:39:19 jinalfoflia ;)
22:39:20 peda ;)
22:39:27 peda Tordanik, ok with that?
22:39:31 Tordanik yeah, ok
22:40:04 peda done
22:41:30 peda anything else? If not, dorothea_ is next with mastodon
22:42:13 dorothea_ well, the MWG welcome post is ready. Not very sure about the DWG image, but it was the best version I made so far
22:42:39 dorothea_
22:42:42 peda I just saw it for the first time I think?! did you send it to the dwg already?
22:42:53 dorothea_ no,I haven't :)
22:43:00 peda ok ^^
22:44:53 peda I like your LCWG one, I'm honestly not so sure about the DWG one
22:45:16 peda but I also don't know what is "typical" for DWG to use in a logo
22:46:26 peda perhaps a logo making use of a straitjacket would be better? ;)
22:47:04 dorothea_ hm.. interesting idea. I'll try it :)
22:47:10 peda :D
22:47:19 peda or a psychiatric couch ^^
22:47:59 dorothea_ lol :)
22:48:16 peda btw, is the mwg primer now accepted?
22:48:51 dorothea_ in what sense?
22:49:10 peda are they ok with it? (asking as it's still in the action items list)
22:49:40 dorothea_ I think they're ok with the text and are just waiting for the logos
22:50:27 peda ah ok
22:52:01 peda so, anything re Mastodon? (Honestly, I still didn't take the time to read more about it :*))
22:52:52 dorothea_ well, I would suggest to create an account at Nasqueron or - but we can defer it to the next meeting
22:54:08 peda I abstain from decision taking ;)
22:54:45 dorothea_ :ρ :)
22:54:51 dorothea_ Next topic: Person to contact on press inquiry
22:55:00 peda mine :-)
22:55:22 peda I just added this as a reminder as this was shortly talked about at F2F
22:55:36 peda we have press inquiries from time to time
22:55:57 peda that need immediate, quick feedback and often with phone/skype/... calls
22:56:31 peda and many of us are not native speakers and might have a problem answering to such inquiries
22:57:02 peda I mainly wanted to point out that we have silent participants (e.g. Kate) who are willing to take such tasks
22:57:29 peda but best is to ask them to react
22:57:56 peda especially when harry is not able to make time for it
22:58:02 peda that's all I wanted to say ;)
22:58:28 dorothea_ :)
22:59:04 dorothea_ last topic is the sticker enquiries
22:59:39 dorothea_ I sent some emails this week about price estimates but haven't heard back yet
22:59:57 peda I didn't check for mail prices yet
23:01:22 dorothea_ anyone else..?
23:01:36 peda re sticker prices: they are very cheap
23:01:58 jinalfoflia I checked around few places in India and this is what I found -- Per sticker cost will come up to 10 - 15 INR (.30 Euros) (based on the stickers), courier would be upto 1-2k (~30 Euros) around the world.
23:01:58 peda 10k (your 5x5 selection, indoor stickers) == 63€
23:02:05 peda 1k == 20€
23:02:15 peda 100k == 480€
23:04:21 jinalfoflia I think it'll work out cheaper there or may be the same rates
23:08:28 peda so, what next?
23:09:10 peda should we start to think a bit about a design contest? Or about types, numbers,...?
23:09:14 jinalfoflia Are rolling out the contest?
23:10:52 jinalfoflia *Should we announce the contest?
23:10:55 dorothea_ we could start thinking about a contest. At the same time, we should probably order around 1k in time for SotM
23:11:08 jinalfoflia Agree!
23:13:21 peda via email?
23:14:09 peda I'll add an action item ;)
23:15:08 jinalfoflia peda by email, you mean the talk list?
23:15:10 jinalfoflia :)
23:15:15 peda the cwg list
23:15:33 peda for discussing about the details of the contest (rewards, rules,...)
23:15:45 peda and once set we'll publish it on talk, blog,..
23:16:00 jinalfoflia Oooh okie! 👍🏻
23:16:06 jinalfoflia Make sense!
23:16:30 peda and for the SotM one's we should simply use existing ones I guess, print some and give it e.g. Frederik to bring them to Japan
23:17:04 jinalfoflia Yeah, are we sending some to SOTM-Fr too?
23:17:40 peda we should probably ask them, yes
23:17:46 peda anyone having contacts?
23:18:00 jinalfoflia Manfred is planning to attend.
23:18:38 peda ok great. But was thinking about someone of the org team to ask them if they need/want stickers
23:18:48 peda anyone willing to write them? ^^
23:20:19 jinalfoflia I could write the email and send it.
23:20:38 jinalfoflia I can find the organisers email address from the program
23:20:57 jinalfoflia I'd want someone to look into it before I send it though :)
23:21:01 dorothea_ I was searching for contact details, and found this
23:21:51 jinalfoflia Oh perfect, I can send the message using this link. Thank you dorothea_ :)
23:22:25 dorothea_ np :)
23:24:25 dorothea_ will the stickers be "Join the OSM Foundation" or will they be the normal stickers without any text?
23:25:07 peda for Japan the first ones for sure ;)
23:25:24 dorothea_ for France..?
23:25:57 dorothea_ (they would probably prefer the text in French)
23:26:05 peda indeed
23:29:56 peda ok, so are we done? Anything else?
23:30:07 peda everybody knows there next tasks? :-)
23:30:17 jinalfoflia Yes! :)
23:30:22 dorothea_ :)
23:30:33 Tordanik next tasks?
23:31:03 peda Tordanik: for you that's installing a wiki, copy parts of osmf wiki and experiment with skins :P
23:31:23 Tordanik sorry, did not read you correctly there
23:31:48 Tordanik one thing perhaps, peda: you mentioned a backlog of some blog post translations earlier, is this something you could use help with?
23:32:09 peda I'm currently a bit confused why we met at today (26.5.), was that due to the F2F?
23:32:20 peda we said 3rd friday in a month, right?
23:32:30 dorothea_ yes, it was due to the F2F
23:32:47 peda Tordanik: sure, would be great. I'll ask harry to add you to the blog
23:32:57 peda no wait, you have an account, right?
23:33:12 Tordanik not sure, but I don't think so?
23:33:30 Tordanik I have an account at, but not .org iirc.
23:33:33 peda ok so next meeting will be at 16. June
23:34:01 jinalfoflia Sounds great! Same time?
23:34:07 peda I think we said we change the time each meeting to not keep jinalfoflia that long awake each time?!
23:35:02 jinalfoflia That'll be awesome, as we had spoken last time, we can alternate the timings?
23:35:14 jinalfoflia If that works for everyone, though :)
23:35:40 peda I guess so .. what time do you want?
23:36:18 jinalfoflia Today was 12:30am, can we do it 2 hours early? Will that work for everyone?
23:36:36 peda so 18:00 London time
23:37:01 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to peda
23:37:16 jinalfoflia Yes? Does it work for everyone?
23:37:21 * peda has changed the topic to: OpenStreetMap Foundation Communication Working Group | | Next Meeting June, 16th, 2017 18:00 London time
23:37:31 peda time to opose is over :P
23:37:37 peda I changed the topic already ;)
23:37:45 jinalfoflia Thank you so much peda 🙇🏼
23:37:56 peda thanks everyone for attending .. next meeting: 16. June, 18:00 London time
23:38:27 jinalfoflia Thank you everyone! Have a great evening ahead👋
23:38:53 peda thanks, cu
23:39:03 peda Tordanik: I added you, you should have a mail
23:39:09 dorothea_ thanks :) have a nice evening :)
23:39:22 Tordanik thanks, peda
23:39:53 Tordanik and cu everyone