CWG meeting 2017-04-21

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Communication Working Group meeting on Friday 21th April 2017

OSM/F stickers



  • Possibly from a limited number of distribution points over the world
  • If ordered online, maybe the online company can dispatch it to different countries more easily/economically


  • We'll assess costs from own coutries
  • We have to consider quality as well (e.g. not easily worn out, easy unpeal)

Community vote at competition

Sticker awards for all competition winners

Announcement of winners in blog post

Action Items

2017-01-20 All: Update your "Biographical Info" on Wordpress to name CWG (see Harry's Bio Info) Done: Peda, Dorothea
2017-01-20 Peda/All: Start writing Blogposts about corporate members who joined
2017-01-20 All: Brainstorm about Budget spending for 2017 (ideas in pad)
2017-03-05 (via mail) Dorothea/All: MWG welcome page in Wordpress
2017-03-17 harry to prep a blog about new/renewed members (<gold)
2017-03-17 harry to do basic tidy on OWG page
2017-03-17 harry to ask OWG if they want to replace with a link
2017-03-17 harry to contact SOTM team to offer comms help
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker prices either in own country or online. Sticker pieces: 100,1000,10k,100k
2017-04-21 All: Enquire for sticker shipping costs from own country

IRC log

21:01:08 dorothea_ hello :) who is present here for the meeting..? (Peda and Ilya have an EWG meeting, so they might join later)
21:03:59 peda_ yes .. and will try to simultanously read .. but we're missing people here
21:04:34 dorothea_ yes.. I hope they'll join later
21:27:59 peda_ ok, back
21:28:08 peda_ but stil a bit empty in here ^^
21:28:16 dorothea_ yes :)
21:28:52 Zverik I am here, but it seems like there is little to discuss :)
21:29:46 peda_ well, we have a huge backlog
21:29:52 peda_ so there would be enough work
21:31:05 peda_ I have to say that I got a bit out of sync due to Mapbox not liking our draft
21:31:23 peda_ but I guess we just have to start with another one to get this finally going
21:31:54 dorothea_ Harry offered to do the summary one for Bronze members, as far as I remember
21:32:24 peda_ he has an action item for that :-)
21:32:45 dorothea_ yes, true :)
21:33:27 peda_ and btw: LC-WG is non-existing I think .. so nothing to do there wrt logo right now (imho=
21:34:10 dorothea_ I've read somewhere that it's going to be revived (I think it was a comment or suggestion from Mikel)
21:34:36 peda_ ah ok
21:34:54 * jinalfoflia (~jinalfofl@***.***.***.***) has joined
21:35:02 dorothea_ hi Jinal! :)
21:35:07 jinalfoflia Hey everyone, sorry I was late for the meeting!
21:35:15 peda_ perhaps a colored map under the magnifier would do?
21:35:19 peda_ hi Jinal
21:35:23 dorothea_ welcome, no worries :)
21:35:59 jinalfoflia My alarm did not wake me up :D Hi peda_and dorothea_
21:36:01 peda_ i.e. some countries (kind of a symbol for those that have a LC) are colored others are still grey
21:37:07 dorothea_ that's a nice idea
21:37:17 dorothea_ the initial thought was of adding small flags (unicolored) on the map and bigger ones under the magnifier
21:37:31 dorothea_ but perhaps it's better to highlight the current LCs
21:38:28 dorothea_ Jinal suggested a topic for discussion :)
21:38:54 dorothea_ Jinal?
21:38:56 peda_ the sticker one?
21:39:14 peda_ am interessted what this is about as it was not clear from the short description
21:40:21 jinalfoflia Thank you dorothea_ and yes peda_. I was following mike's diary on local chapters and one person commented on it saying that we could have stickers
21:40:35 dorothea_ (
21:41:13 jinalfoflia thank you for sharing the link dorothea_ :) I remember us talking about this sometime back
21:41:43 jinalfoflia I feel it'll be great if we have stickers and we share with different communities and local chapters.
21:42:36 jinalfoflia Also Mapbox is interested in helping in for the design and logistics if we need help.
21:43:04 jinalfoflia I would love to know what are everyone's thoughts on this?
21:43:24 jinalfoflia Also dorothea_ suggested stickers about SOTM too :)
21:43:32 peda_ I'd love that too
21:43:47 peda_ and I think it would be kind of in our scope
21:44:01 peda_ and we got money assigned for CWG for such things
21:44:20 peda_ I see one problem and one challenge
21:44:39 peda_ challenge: make good sticker designs
21:45:22 peda_ problem: distribution as shipping gets expensive or is slow (speaking of worldwide shiping)
21:46:50 jinalfoflia Hmm, peda_ valid points. Should we hold a competition worldwide or I can always connect us with Mapbox for design.
21:47:52 dorothea_ I'd like to engage the community :) We also have some proposals already
21:48:16 dorothea_ sorry, wrong link I think
21:48:50 jinalfoflia
21:49:08 jinalfoflia is this the one you are talking about dorothea_ ?
21:49:41 dorothea_ I thnk it was a page where people suggested images to be considered to be the official logo
21:49:49 dorothea_ (that they made themselves)
21:50:17 dorothea_ I think this one
21:51:16 jinalfoflia oh wow, there are some interesting designs
21:51:26 dorothea_ or perhaps we could stick with our official logo for the start
21:51:31 dorothea_ yes :)
21:52:35 jinalfoflia Yeah, we can start with our official logo :)
21:53:07 dorothea_ what about the distribution problem..?
21:54:03 jinalfoflia we got some printed for the Bangalore community a while back. Will us sharing the .svg with some community members and they printing it themselves and us transferring money help us manage distribution better?
21:54:30 peda_ in my opinion we'd need a few "central" distribution points from where shipping is cheap and where we have a volunteer with enough free space to store a bunch of stickers for us
21:54:32 jinalfoflia Just a suggestion, not sure if it's a good idea though.
21:55:02 peda_ hm, also a possibility jinalfoflia
21:55:29 peda_ though the advantage of printing one time at a central place would be the smaller printing costs I guess
21:56:22 jinalfoflia yes peda_, that I agree
21:56:47 dorothea_ yeap. ImreSamu (at the comment) suggested some local communities picking them up at conferences. So maybe we can send a big pack for many communities (it might be a bit cheaper than sending them individually)
21:57:04 peda_ perhaps we should start to collect prices? I.e. we try to get prices for 100,1000,10k,100k stickers + shipping for a bunch of countries
21:57:53 dorothea_ we could also maybe consider ordering them online
21:58:51 jinalfoflia dorothea_, you mean ordering them online and asking the printers (company) to dispatch to different locations? That's a nice idea too.
21:59:52 jinalfoflia Also agree to peda_, we can get an idea about the logistics involved in the process and then go ahead with what works better,
22:00:08 peda_ yes
22:00:46 peda_ I'd suggest we set up a small "benchmark" and everyone tries to get prices for their countries including shipping and all that
22:01:05 dorothea_ regarding the logistics, maybe we should also consider the quality issue. The ones I ordered for last SotM were very cheap, but I think they wore down easily (they were easy to be scratched)
22:01:21 peda_ mhm
22:02:37 dorothea_ I'll ask for recommendations..some friends from our hackerspace have ordered custom stickers recently
22:02:50 peda_ ok great
22:03:11 peda_ and I think we still should use the time until the next meeting to check a bit on prices
22:03:17 peda_ so that we know what we're talking about
22:03:21 jinalfoflia I can also get some ideas from people here in India regarding the printing and dispatching costs.
22:03:33 jinalfoflia Make sense peda_
22:03:42 peda_ I'd compile a litte "benchmark" and everyone from us checks prices for printing and shipping in their country
22:03:59 jinalfoflia 👍🏻
22:04:17 dorothea_ :)
22:05:23 peda_ and I also liked the sticker-design-contest that dorothea_ proposed
22:05:49 dorothea_ it was Jinal's proposal, and I agree it's great idea :)
22:06:01 peda_ ok sorry, jinal's proposal :)
22:06:19 jinalfoflia :)
22:07:48 peda_ would there be some kind of reward?
22:08:02 dorothea_ a bunch of stickers? :)
22:08:09 peda_ Free stickers for every logo designer who wins
22:08:12 peda_ yes :)
22:08:29 jinalfoflia Yes!! :)
22:08:54 jinalfoflia and a mention about them in one of our posts or so?
22:09:35 dorothea_ certainly :) we would have to make a blog post to announce the winner. And maybe s/he can write why she likes OSM :)
22:09:54 dorothea_ s/he
22:10:24 jinalfoflia That'll be awesome! :)
22:10:44 peda_ I'd actually suggest to have possibly more than one winner
22:11:12 dorothea_ yes, good idea
22:11:24 dorothea_ and maybe find a way for the community to vote?
22:11:59 jinalfoflia was just thinking of the same dorothea_ !! Have the community vote
22:12:38 peda_ Zverik build a small website for the OSM awards last year
22:12:54 peda_ and afair he did this in no time
22:13:16 peda_ so perhaps he'd do this again .. with Oauth
22:14:09 dorothea_ that would be great, if he has time to do that
22:19:24 dorothea_ I've updated the action items on the pad a bit
22:20:10 jinalfoflia So by next meeting we'll come up with an idea about the cost of the stickers and information related to dispatching them, right? only after this we'll be going ahead with the contest?
22:20:33 peda_ +1
22:21:00 jinalfoflia 👍🏻
22:22:13 dorothea_ next agenda topic is the proposed change of the osmf wiki skin (suggested by Simon Poole). But maybe it's best to discuss it when Harry is present
22:22:45 peda_ I guess the main problem/task is to setup a playground for testing
22:23:28 peda_ we might ask the OWG if they could help or use some other server and copy the mainpage and a few extra pages and play with it
22:23:46 peda_ because whatever we want .. in the end the OWG has to install the skin I guess?
22:28:08 dorothea_ we can ask Harry.. I think he has done something skin-related in the past
22:28:15 peda_ ok
22:28:23 dorothea_ by the way, Simon linked this page
22:30:52 dorothea_ shall we continue..?
22:30:58 peda_ ok
22:33:06 dorothea_ the next one is about the Mastodon account that we created. Mastodon is something similar to tweeter, but has many different servers, so you can have an account OpenStreetmap@server1 OpenStreetMap@server 2 etc
22:34:10 dorothea_ servers can connect to each other (not all do) and some are run by individuals
22:34:42 dorothea_ the reason I put it in the agenda is that initially I proposed a server, but I am not sure if it's the best for us
22:35:29 dorothea_ I made a pad with some things that we might want to consider
22:36:14 dorothea_ and some proposed instances/servers
22:37:20 peda_ hm .. I think I don't understand that fully yet, have to read a bit more
22:37:48 dorothea_ yes, sorry, it's a lot of info
22:38:32 dorothea_ perhaps we can check it at the next meeting
22:39:08 peda_ yeah .. we should also send a reminder to the ML
22:39:12 peda_ I can do this
22:39:23 peda_ as I'll write about the sticker thing anyway
22:39:37 dorothea_ :)
22:39:54 jinalfoflia 👍🏻
22:41:32 dorothea_ we also have this action point pending: to write to osmf-talk about cleaning WG wiki pages and contact the WGs about it
22:42:52 peda_ yeah :/
22:44:55 dorothea_ maybe I can create a small draft message and we can have a look at it next time
22:46:26 peda_ that would be great
22:47:38 dorothea_ when would that be? because the 3rd Friday is the 19th of May :)
22:48:15 peda_ ok
22:48:16 peda_ oh
22:48:34 peda_ move it one week later?!
22:49:11 dorothea_ I'm ok with that. Jinal....?
22:49:29 * peda_ is now known as peda
22:50:05 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to peda
22:50:06 jinalfoflia yes i'm okay with that too
22:50:35 * peda has changed the topic to: OpenStreetMap Foundation Communication Working Group | | Next Meeting May, 26th, 2017 21:00 London time
22:50:40 peda same time?
22:51:27 jinalfoflia Also can we have this a little earlier? Like we decided the alternate meetings, one being early and the other being late.
22:51:28 dorothea_ I think we said we would oscillate between 20:00 and 21:00 as it's too late for Jinal
22:51:52 dorothea_ it's 03:00 there atm :)
22:52:06 peda oh :D
22:52:07 jinalfoflia it's 3:30am :)
22:52:16 dorothea_ even worse :)
22:52:34 dorothea_ can we make it 20:00..?
22:53:36 * peda has changed the topic to: OpenStreetMap Foundation Communication Working Group | | Next Meeting May, 26th, 2017 20:00 London time
22:54:05 jinalfoflia 👍🏻
22:54:09 dorothea_ :)
22:55:01 jinalfoflia I'm signing off for today! Have a great day ahead everyone! :)
22:55:27 dorothea_ goodnight Jinal :)
22:55:32 jinalfoflia :)
22:55:42 peda good night ;)
22:55:54 jinalfoflia :)
22:56:34 dorothea_ :)