CWG meeting 2017-03-17

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Communication Working Group meeting on Friday 17th March 2017


  • blogging corporate members
  • cleaning WG wiki pages. OWG's duplication


  • harry to prep a blog about new/renewed members (<gold)
  • harry to do basic tidy on OWG page
  • harry to ask OWG if they want to replace with a link
  • harry to contact SOTM team to offer comms help

IRC log:

18:03 hbogner: hi o/
18:03 dorothea_: hello :)
18:04 hbogner: just got hoem, meeting started?
18:04 dorothea_: pinging chrisfl , harry-wood , planemad and Zverik
18:04 dorothea_: not yet :)
18:05 harry-wood: Hello
18:06 dorothea_: hi Harry :)
18:08 harry-wood: I didn't go home yet. In the office still
18:08 harry-wood: It's St Patrick's day today. Which means the pub nextdoor to my office is playing loud fiddle music.
18:08 dorothea_: :)
18:08 harry-wood: Probably less distracting than a baby though
18:09 harry-wood: So what do we need to go over today then?
18:10 dorothea_: there are some potential topics on the pad
18:10 harry-wood: Three blog posts since last time.
18:10 harry-wood: None of which we had to write ourselves if I'm right
18:10 peda_: In case I didn't note that before: Mapbox said they want another kind of blog post
18:11 peda_: they don't like the "mapbox does this and that", they want a "OSM/OSMF is great, that's why you should join just like us"
18:11 peda_: they want a major rewrite and will get back to us
18:11 peda_: and they don't have a problem if we blog about one of the other corporate members first
18:12 peda_: (btw, we have yet another gold member soon)
18:12 harry-wood: Yeah I feel like we need to get ahead of this, so that we can blog closer to the time when they're joining
18:12 peda_: yes
18:13 peda_: I was busy with fossgis preparations so didn't get to write anything
18:13 dorothea_: I didn't write anything either, I was creating the logos
18:14 peda_: dorothea_, do you know if we may already disclose the new or soon new gold member?!
18:15 dorothea_: do you mean if they have a problem to be mentioned specifically in a blog post or in general?
18:16 peda_: no, general, or if we have to wait until they payed :-)
18:17 dorothea_: :))
18:17 dorothea_: well, the gold members mentioned in the pad have already their logo on our Corporate Members' page
18:18 dorothea_: and I'm certain that they'll pay - but I don't know if the board would have a problem with mentioning them
18:19 dorothea_: maybe instead of Mapbox we can start with post 5?
18:19 harry-wood: or post 3
18:20 harry-wood: is that list of our new/renewed members looking complete?
18:21 dorothea_: yeap, it has all except the gold ones and 2 more whose payment is pending
18:22 dorothea_: (I'll add them with a note)
18:22 harry-wood: OK. I say we go with that first, with a little bit of pre-amble reminding about the new membership tiers
18:22 harry-wood: and "we'll be announcing some new gold members in the coming weeks"
18:24 dorothea_: sure
18:24 harry-wood: ok sounds like a plan. I can write that and put it out if you like
18:26 harry-wood: and then we'll need to get the gold ones lined up
18:27 dorothea_: we will still do padding posts, won't we?
18:27 harry-wood: as much as possible yes
18:27 dorothea_: great then
18:27 harry-wood: The idea being that we're not constantly blogging about corporate involvement
18:28 harry-wood: I imagine there's some SOTM announcements needed
18:28 dorothea_: probably
18:28 harry-wood: They didn't ask for sponsors very prominently anywhere. Maybe that's a message we should tack on the end of the corporate members blog
18:29 harry-wood: need to check with them what their comms priorities are, but more sponsors is always a good thing
18:29 dorothea_: :)
18:29 harry-wood: The SOTM team were asking for volunteers to join them as a comms person actually
18:30 dorothea_: maybe we can also mention that there's a sponsorship discount for Corporate members
18:30 harry-wood: there is?
18:30 harry-wood: ok
18:31 dorothea_: yes, 25% up to the same tier as the Corporate membership
18:31 dorothea_:
18:32 harry-wood: As I will be attending the SOTM (which might be a bit unusual… it's a long way away for most OSMers) … I think I'll volunteer myself to sit in on there meetings and help from a comms perspective
18:33 harry-wood: ah haven't seen that PDF
18:33 dorothea_: that's great :)
18:34 harry-wood: I feel that should be linked from the website somewhere. But maybe they're going for a more personal contact approach
18:34 dorothea_: I've been contacting some companies for sponsorship, that's why I know it
18:35 dorothea_: maybe
18:36 harry-wood: so more actions for me
18:36 dorothea_: :)
18:37 dorothea_: move to the next point?
18:37 harry-wood: I know Rob Nickerson has been sorting out and OSMUK organisation recently, so if he's the main man organising SOTM too…. he's keeping busy!
18:37 harry-wood: What's the next point?
18:37 dorothea_: he's very busy :)
18:37 dorothea_: suggest to OWG to add to their osmf wiki page a link (or links) to their main site
18:38 dorothea_: this is also related to the action item "cleaning WG wiki pages"
18:39 harry-wood: So that's this page
18:39 harry-wood: I dived in and fiddled with that a bit myself
18:40 harry-wood: sorry no I didn't. I'm mixing things up
18:40 dorothea_: they have made a separate site:
18:40 harry-wood: I fiddle with the EWG page
18:40 harry-wood: Oh right yeah.
18:41 harry-wood: So looks like things like the 2013 plan on this page have little value. Superceded by some more up-to-date reports on there
18:42 harry-wood: In fact it's all a bit of duplication
18:42 harry-wood: hmmm
18:42 harry-wood: maybe it their page can be thinned right down and just a link off to that
18:43 harry-wood: not so consistent with the rest of the WGs
18:43 dorothea_: maybe we can link directly from the list of the WGs to it
18:46 harry-wood: yep. might be a good way. Any incoming links as we have control over, swap them to go to directly
18:46 hbogner: well operationa has separate twitter account to, they are not like other WGs
18:46 hbogner: linking directly is a good idea
18:48 harry-wood: Most of the stuff they have on that site could just as easily be part of the osmf site, so … not sure why it isn't really.
18:49 harry-wood: Probably because they prefer the pull request github contribution model
18:49 harry-wood: which I do myself too these days
18:50 : planemad left the room (quit: Quit: This computer has gone to sleep).
18:50 harry-wood: which leads onto a big idea… let's make the whole site a jekyll git hosted thing
18:50 hbogner: he he he
18:51 hbogner: we are thinking about doing the same thing for our page
18:52 harry-wood: It's worth bearing in mind as a distant possibility but let's just leave that idea to one side for the moment
18:53 harry-wood: I'm going to slim down the OWG wiki page a bit
18:53 harry-wood: At least to remove the old 2013 plan
18:53 hbogner: ok, do it
18:53 : dorothea_ left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds).
18:53 harry-wood: ….or oh. swapping out all links was the more extreme idea
18:53 harry-wood: yeah maybe I'll do that
18:54 harry-wood: I'll ask them. Pretty sure they'll prefer swapping out the links
18:55 harry-wood: What else do we need to discuss today
18:55 harry-wood: ?
18:55 harry-wood: I have to go on the hour
18:57 harry-wood: Members Working Group welcome mail. I saw some emails about that. Wasn't really following fully. Is that going ok?
19:01 harry-wood: Image of the Week tweet/facebook postings are currently behind by 6 weeks. Remind me to post one tomorrow
19:01 harry-wood: (list here )
19:02 harry-wood: what else? not sure. …but I have to go
19:02 : dorothea_ [~name@2a02:587:2505:3c00:5e26:aff:fe38:468f] entered the room.
19:03 harry-wood: Next CWG meeting…. Friday 21st April ?
19:03 harry-wood: we were alternating earlier later times, so next time would be later I guess
19:03 dorothea_: not sure if noone was talking or if my irc session froze :)
19:04 harry-wood: you dropped out for a bit there. … and I was talking to myself :-)
19:04 harry-wood: I have to go now. So… drawing this to a close unless others wish to continue without me
19:04 dorothea_: ah.. I thought you were busy at the office and weren't talking :) I'll see what you wrote from the log
19:04 harry-wood: shall we say 19:00 UTC for the next one?
19:05 dorothea_: yeap
19:05 dorothea_: UTC? not London time?
19:06 harry-wood: ooh good question
19:06 harry-wood: clocks changing
19:06 dorothea_: yes :)
19:07 harry-wood: I was meaning 19:00 London time. But… that's back to early again isn't it?
19:07 harry-wood: hmmm. 19:00 UTC is awkward for me because every day at 19:30 UTC, 20:30 London time… the baby goes for a bath
19:09 harry-wood: How about 20:00 UTC, 21:00 London time  ?
19:09 hbogner: you can set the time and i'll try to be online at that time
19:10 hbogner: i don't know where i'll be tomorrow, 21.4. is far far away
19:11 dorothea_: 21:00 works for me. I hope it will work for Jinal, Zverik and whoever has a very different time-zone
19:12 harry-wood: ok. Well let's say that then. We're all around here at various times of day anyway in the meantime
19:12 dorothea_: yes
19:12 dorothea_: I'll make a note on the pad
19:12 harry-wood: So Friday 21st April 20:00 UTC
19:12 harry-wood: Signing out now!