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Meeting of the Communication Working Group on Friday 17th February 2017
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Fri 17th March 2017 18:00 UTC

IRC log

IRC log:

16:59 jinalfoflia: Hello everyone!
17:00 peda_uni_: hi
17:01 : peda_uni_ is now known as peda_
17:02 dorothea__: hello :)
17:03 hbogner: hi
17:04 peda_: harry-wood1, Zverik, chrisfl: ping
17:05 chrisfl: Hi, in the car so will be in and out of phone reception.
17:06 peda_: ok, so harry-wood1 doesn't seem to be here
17:07 peda_: let's start, ok?
17:07 harry-wood1: hello
17:07 harry-wood1: sorry
17:07 peda_: hi
17:08 peda_: before we start with the first topic, little reminder
17:08 peda_: in our pad (see topic for the link) we also have a list of Action items (and in our meeting minutes, too)
17:08 peda_: please pick your tasks when you have time
17:09 peda_: e.g. not everyone has updated their Biographical Info boxes yet on Wordpress
17:09 peda_: and when you have worked on something and finished it, feel free to strike it through
17:10 peda_: (and btw, we had some more action items in our december meeting which I didn't copy to the pad. I will do that this weekend + new action items if anything new comes up)
17:11 peda_: and if there are no comments or so, we could start with our first meeting topic
17:11 peda_: 1. Budget planing for 2017, create plan for 2017
17:11 peda_: Brainstorming has happened here
17:12 peda_: though I think only harry and me added stuff
17:13 hbogner: i'm still catching up, was away from osm stuff for few months
17:13 peda_: any comments? (I'm feeling a bit strange if only I talk :D)
17:14 hbogner: i like the stickers part :D
17:14 hbogner: and flyers
17:14 dorothea__: we have to mention an amount to Frederik and an explanation, yes..?
17:14 peda_: yes
17:15 dorothea__: (hbogner, me too :) )
17:15 peda_: we also can ask for (more) money at a later time, if the actual need arises
17:15 hbogner: what would "blog post bounty" be?
17:15 peda_: that was an idea by Ilya I think. Saying that people get xx money if they write an interessting blog post about some topic
17:15 hbogner: ok, understand now
17:15 peda_: I'm not sure if he thought about any article or about a topic we ask for though
17:16 hbogner: maybe like code bounty he or someone else started
17:16 hbogner: feature request foe osm web
17:17 harry-wood1: I was suggesting that… kind of as a joke :-) not sure it would really work
17:17 hbogner: at the moment i have no aditional ideas
17:17 peda_: I think the main question is, how we should discuss this further and how/if we should generate an amount out of it that we request from Frederik
17:18 peda_: a bunch of the ideas are quite unspecific, so we would at least have to research how much money we'd need
17:18 jinalfoflia: I did some research on Facebook ads. They have worked and not worked at times. So if we are planning to experiment with it we need to be really sure about the audience we plan to target. Here is a guide that could help us get started -
17:19 peda_: jinalfoflia, can you add that link to the hackpad for reference?
17:19 jinalfoflia: peda adding it.
17:21 peda_: imho we should move this topic to another time
17:21 peda_: I'd prepare something for the mailing list
17:21 peda_: to discuss this further
17:22 peda_: and as we can still request money at any later time, we're not in that much of a hurry
17:22 hbogner: ok, leave it for later
17:23 peda_: ok, as said, I'll prepare something for the ml
17:23 peda_: next topic is MWG welcome mail .. dorothea__ was busy working on that
17:24 peda_: dorothea__, want to tell us about it? :-)
17:24 dorothea__: ehm.. :p
17:25 dorothea__: I was wondering whether anyone of you have comments on it. I have included some points which are not strictly for new osmf-members
17:25 peda_: I mostly like your text
17:26 dorothea__: ..but might be useful. Such as about weeklyOSM, SotM and how to connect with the community
17:26 peda_: I was wondering about the osmf-talk part as you get subscribed by default, isn't it?
17:26 dorothea__: is it? then I'll cross it out
17:27 peda_: afaik yes, but we can also ask MWG about it
17:27 dorothea__: or change it to "participate" :)
17:27 peda_: yes, that's better
17:27 harry-wood1: I think they're subscribing people to it when they become members yes
17:27 dorothea__: that's great
17:28 peda_: and a second thought that came to my mind:
17:28 peda_: it's much text and not everybody will read it to the end for that reason. But I also don't think we should make it shorter as it contains good information
17:29 peda_: and as mail does not have bold text we might add a small TOC at the beginning to let people know what they can expect from that mail?
17:30 harry-wood1: "Welcome mail for new OSMF members" we're talking about now?
17:30 peda_: yes
17:31 dorothea__: toc is probably a good idea. Additionally, we could make a webpage with the formatted text and also send a link to that
17:31 harry-wood1: just skim reading it now. Looks good
17:32 dorothea__: (CiviCRM can send html mails but personally I prefer text only)
17:32 hbogner: yes, include link to webpage
17:34 peda_: ok. so we'll: spell check, corrections, adding TOC, adding link and then sending it to MWG
17:35 peda_: dorothea__, you'll send it out when finished?
17:35 dorothea__: to mwg?
17:35 harry-wood1: Will they need translations of this?
17:35 peda_: yes
17:35 peda_: harry-wood1: good question :-)
17:35 dorothea__: I could
17:36 peda_: but I don't think they know the language of the member at that time, do they?
17:36 peda_: anyway, we should ask them
17:39 dorothea__: I'll leave it on for a few days, in case anyone wants to send comments
17:39 peda_: ok
17:39 harry-wood1: yeah I'll go through it in more detail later today
17:40 peda_: task for everyone else: please reread dorothea's text
17:40 peda_: next topic?
17:40 peda_: * Add "Join the WGs" under the "You" section of the main OSMF wiki page (bottom left)
17:41 peda_: I think this was dorothea's suggestion and I simply say: +1 :-)
17:42 harry-wood1: There's already a working groups list bottom right
17:42 harry-wood1: You mean a new link 'Join a working group' ?
17:43 peda_: that's how I understand it, yes
17:43 peda_: the "You" paragraph is about stuff you can do
17:44 peda_: and one additional thing would suggest "Join the WGs"
17:44 harry-wood1: yes. Could be just Join a working group though I suppose.
17:44 harry-wood1: rather than a new page about joining a working group
17:45 dorothea__: that's neat, too
17:45 peda_: Would be ok, but a separate page with short introductions or so would be fine too
17:46 harry-wood1: With some sort of crazy skills-matrix diagram explaining which groups need which kinds of volunteers
17:46 peda_: :-)
17:46 dorothea__: ah, yes! I had a question related to that..
17:47 dorothea__: is there any WG that is *not* looking for new members?
17:47 harry-wood1: hehe. Not really
17:47 dorothea__: ok :)
17:48 dorothea__: another one: can non-osmf members join..?
17:48 peda_: yes
17:48 dorothea__: great to know, thanks :)
17:48 harry-wood1: I don't think we're in a position to turn anyone away at the moment
17:49 harry-wood1: in a future where places on working groups are in more demand than supply… we'd probably require folks to be members
17:50 harry-wood1: And some sort of selection procedure. Imagine that! Sadly we don't have so many people wanting to join groups that any of that is necessary
17:50 dorothea__: ...yet :)
17:51 dorothea__: shall we move on..?
17:51 harry-wood1: on your previous question, I think some working groups are so inactive as to be not actually capable of taking on a new volunteer
17:52 hbogner: local chapter wg was inactive for years
17:52 dorothea__: yes, I was wondering about that.. it would be nice if some of them update their pages.. the Local Chapter's one mentions "d expect to have a kick-off meeting some time in early March 2013."
17:52 harry-wood1: Yes Local Chapters working group. Last I heard they considered that group "finished" having made the agreement doc
17:52 dorothea__: *Chapters'
17:52 harry-wood1: which surprises me a bit. There is a role for …well a bunch of people to be thinking about local chapters
17:53 hbogner: but now with local chapers starting to form ...
17:53 peda_: let's make that an action item
17:53 peda_: to clean up those pages
17:53 hbogner: i was there, but cant help any more, rather focus on singele group
17:53 harry-wood1: In any case the page describing the group should contain a statement of their current status as they see it
17:53 peda_: we write a mail on osmf-talk and will add a banner that those groups are inactive right now or so
17:54 dorothea__: can we modify them ourselves? I was a bit reluctant to touch other WG pages
17:54 peda_: you can, but I'd announce it on osmf-talk first
17:54 harry-wood1: We can fix typos or make stylistic tweaks, but I think we definitely need to consult with the group on anything more
17:54 dorothea__: action item, then :)
17:55 peda_: yup :)
17:55 harry-wood1: I think it's a good action item :-) High priority. Sort out working group descriptions
17:55 dorothea__: :)
17:56 harry-wood1: On our CWG description we've got a few sentences which are very oriented towards explaining that we need help from certain types of people
17:56 harry-wood1: So that's a thing they should all do I reckon
17:56 harry-wood1: try to entice more volunteers
17:57 dorothea__: after all update their pages, we could do a blog post
17:57 harry-wood1: We've got more work to do our CWG description, listing out the translators
17:58 harry-wood1: That's probably something other working groups could copy too. listing an "extended team" for volunteers who are not fully engaged in meetings etc
18:01 dorothea__: good idea
18:01 harry-wood1: We had the idea of designing icons for each group. That's lower priority than basic text updates
18:01 harry-wood1: Particularly updates to be clear about their status.
18:03 peda_: next topic? (already slightly noted by harry :))
18:03 peda_: * LWG proposed image: Does anyone want to create more versions or just send these ones?
18:04 harry-wood1: where's the proposed image?
18:05 dorothea__: in the cwg mails :)
18:05 dorothea__: title: Image variations that maybe we could propose to the LWG for their page
18:06 dorothea__: 13/Feb/2017
18:06 harry-wood1: oh yeah. They look good
18:06 peda_: I liked your proposals
18:06 peda_: but can't tell which one I like most
18:06 peda_: 1 is a bit "heavy" for me ...
18:07 peda_: I'd send it to lwg as is and ask for feedback/comment
18:07 dorothea__: yeap
18:08 dorothea__: does anyone want to undertake that?
18:11 dorothea__: if not, I'll contact them, then
18:12 hbogner: you can contact them
18:12 peda_: well, imho you should, as you did the work
18:12 dorothea__: it's collective work, the idea was your for example :p :)
18:12 peda_: so you should get the kudos :-)
18:12 dorothea__: yours*
18:13 harry-wood1: I was just thinking we could mentioned to them the text description cleanups we're aiming for at the same time, although… looks pretty good
18:14 harry-wood1: bit out of date though
18:14 harry-wood1: 2013 action plan
18:14 peda_: yeah, though the osmf board is currently not asking for action plans anymore
18:16 peda_: next topic?
18:16 harry-wood1: (to make it all look less out of date)
18:16 peda_: yes
18:16 peda_: * Opt-in message for receiving OSM announcements? (proposed on #osm)
18:17 peda_: <-- don't know about that one or who added it
18:17 harry-wood1: opt-in message?
18:17 harry-wood1: like mailing list?
18:17 peda_: and I'm afraid I have to leave now. Will be back later
18:17 dorothea__: I did.. it was a suggestion on #osm and sounded nice, but it needs technical assistance
18:18 hbogner: yes, that would be nice option
18:18 dorothea__: well, the message could be via mail
18:18 harry-wood1: we already have a mailing list called 'announce', and another one called 'osmf-announce'
18:18 harry-wood1: very very low traffic (which of course cam be a good thing!)
18:20 harry-wood1: in fact there hasn't been an osmf-announce post since 2014 :-/
18:20 harry-wood1: We should remember that next election season
18:20 dorothea__: I think this suggestion was made when Pokemon edits started to increase.. and it was suggested as a solution to reach to OSMers
18:21 harry-wood1: I see hmm
18:22 harry-wood1: Maybe there could be an opt-in mailing list (or something) for "raise the shields" data cleanup
18:24 harry-wood1: A new wiki section by the "platform status" With a sirens and flashing lights when our database is under attack from pokemonners
18:24 dorothea__: if we made the option to receive some announcements available on the OSM profile (or right after sign-up).. it would be easier to reach more people, wouldn't it?
18:25 harry-wood1: Ah well.. in the future we will have "group" on the OSM profile
18:26 harry-wood1: so you could join a group called "The data fightfighters" or something
18:26 dorothea__: :) would just like to add that some Pokemon users have improved the map as well :) (some made expected new mistakes and a minority abused the map a bit)
18:26 dorothea__: (at least in Greece)
18:26 dorothea__: ..ah! that would be nice :)
18:27 harry-wood1: We're expecting groups will be a nice feature for various aspects of community comms
18:28 dorothea__: so, let's leave this point aside then
18:29 harry-wood1: ok. What's next?
18:29 dorothea__: we seem to have covered all the topics :)
18:30 harry-wood1: How are we doing with blogging?
18:31 hbogner: i translate when i get some free time
18:31 harry-wood1: We're still waiting on somebody from Mapbox to review the post about them being gold members
18:31 jinalfoflia: Should I ping Mikel about it?
18:31 dorothea__: If it is further delayed maybe it would be worth to do the post of Esri first
18:32 hbogner: there was a question about translating from to main osm blog, but there is not much use, because topics are all croatia based
18:32 hbogner: we copy osm blog and translate it to osm-hr
18:32 dorothea__: jinalfoflia, would you like to discuss it with peda_ when he gets back?
18:33 harry-wood1: We should start drafting the ESRI blog post anyway hey?
18:33 jinalfoflia: dorothea__, : Sure, will do that. Will co-ordinate with peda on this.
18:34 dorothea__: we either have to start Esri, or the Bronze members' one
18:34 harry-wood1: oh this one Blogpost introducing our new/renewed members
18:34 dorothea__: yeap
18:34 dorothea__: great, jinalfoflia :)
18:34 harry-wood1: yeah actually I think there's some sense in bring that forward as the first one
18:35 hbogner: i have to go offline now, will read the log later, bye o/
18:35 dorothea__: bye hbogner :)
18:35 harry-wood1: I think we're nearly done anyway hey?
18:36 dorothea__: we have some tweets that we could send too
18:36 dorothea__: yes :)
18:37 harry-wood1: I tweeted abut State of the Map 2017 sessions today
18:37 harry-wood1: (deleting that from the list)
18:38 dorothea__: maybe tweet the GSoC one in the next couple of days?
18:38 harry-wood1: ok yeah
18:40 dorothea__: is there anything else someone wants to add/discuss?
18:40 harry-wood1: I think we're good.
18:40 harry-wood1: Lot's to do
18:41 dorothea__: yes.. thanks everyone :)
18:41 harry-wood1: oopse. dunno where that apostrophe came from
18:41 harry-wood1: Lots to do
18:41 harry-wood1: we should strike that from the minutes :-)
18:41 dorothea__: lol :)
18:41 harry-wood1: hehehe
18:42 harry-wood1: What shall we do about timing for the next meeting
18:42 harry-wood1: 17:00 is a bit early for some people
18:43 harry-wood1: Shall we go later some of the time?
18:43 harry-wood1: 18:00 ?
18:43 harry-wood1: jinalfoflia might night be able to make it
18:43 dorothea__: jinalfoflia ..?
18:44 harry-wood1: 18:00 is midnight in Bangalore (are you in Bangalore?)
18:44 jinalfoflia: harry-wood1, dorothea__ can try it next time :) It's around 11:30 pm in India
18:44 jinalfoflia: yes harry-wood1
18:45 harry-wood1: Well if we say 18:00 then back to 17:00 the time after that
18:45 dorothea__: it's a bit late.. but maybe we can alternate, one meeting on 17:00 and one on 18:00
18:45 dorothea__: yes :)
18:45 harry-wood1: ok. So 18:00 next time
18:45 jinalfoflia: That's sounds great, dorothea__ :)
18:45 harry-wood1: See you all then!
18:45 dorothea__: 3rd Friday of March?
18:46 dorothea__: that would be 17th of March at 18:00 London time
18:46 jinalfoflia: Sounds great dorothea__ :) See ya everyone 👋
18:46 dorothea__: see you all :)
18:48 harry-wood1: 3rd Friday? so 17th
18:49 dorothea__: yeap