CWG meeting 2017-01-20

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Meeting of the Communication Working Group on Friday 20th January 2017
IRC channel #cwg-osm on



  • For collaborative blog posts we'll use the 'OpenStreetMap' account
  • Everyone should add to their biographical information that they work with the CWG
  • The Wiki pages have been updated

Post proposals

Corporate Members

  • Board gave their OK to blog posts for new Corporate Members
  • One initial post for Gold Member
  • Quarterly post or so for other members
  • We need another post. Blog should not just be a list of Corporate Membership posts

Election Recap

  • Ilya to publish something on his personal diary

Budget Planing

  • Board asked for 2017 budget
  • Brainstorming for ideas and further discussion on mailing list

Action items

2016-11-18: Wille & Peda to create some model replies for emails
2016-12-16: Dorothea & Wille to work on the leaflet
2016-12-16: [ ] to suggest addition of link to weeklyOSM at wiki News section discussion
2017-01-20: All to update their "Biographical Info" on Wordpress to name CWG (see Harry's Bio Info)
2017-01-20: Dorothea to ask new/renewing corporate members if naming them in a blog post is ok (done)
2017-01-20: Peda/All to start writing blog posts about corporate members who joined
2017-01-20: Zverik to write blog post diary entry with details about election and ballots (done)
2017-01-20: Peda to move inactive members to former members category + introduce new translation category (done)
2017-01-20: Harry to copy OSMF Communication Guidelines to OSMF Wiki (done)
2017-01-20: All brainstorming and discussing about budget planing for 2017

Next IRC meeting

February, 17th, 2017 17:00 London time

IRC log

17:00 jinalfoflia__: ⏱
17:00 wille: hello!!
17:00 dorothea_: hi all :)
17:00 harry-wood: hello!
17:01 jinalfoflia__: Hello everyone :)
17:01 harry-wood: here's our notes from last time
17:02 harry-wood: We didn't do the xmas post hey?
17:02 harry-wood: I was mostly offline over xmas
17:03 peda: yes, but at new years post
17:03 peda: and hi all
17:03 dorothea_: we didn't.. but we have your nice pic for Xmas 2017 :)
17:03 harry-wood: hehe yeah. save that for next year
17:03 harry-wood: yeah good recap blog post peda
17:04 harry-wood: What else has been happening?
17:04 peda: you updated the cwg description
17:04 peda: dorothea_ made a nice logo for it
17:04 harry-wood: ah yes
17:04 peda: I wrote two mails with almost zero success :'(
17:05 dorothea_: the recruiting ones?
17:05 wille: I created some default answers to our most frequent questions
17:05 peda: yes, but also the ones about current members if they want to stay "active" or get into former members category
17:06 jinalfoflia__: @<wille> and I have been working on some posts for Instagram showing the different cities where SOTM is going to take place (Japan, Kampala and Peru atm). They should be published some time next week.
17:06 peda: btw, we also kind of have an agenda or at least topics for today at our pad:
17:06 dorothea_: I'm making a logo for LWG.. and I'll ask for input by Wille and all of you once I finish
17:07 dorothea_: (proposed logo)
17:07 chrisfl: is home (and online)
17:07 jinalfoflia__: That's awesome dorothea!
17:07 dorothea_: welcome Chris
17:08 dorothea_: thanks jinalfoflia__ :)
17:08 harry-wood: Now that we have an updated description of CWG, we can start telling the other working groups they need to update their descriptions :-)
17:08 peda: :D
17:08 jinalfoflia__: :D
17:08 dorothea_: yes :)
17:08 harry-wood: by the way I also updated the summary bullet points here:
17:09 dorothea_: nice
17:09 jinalfoflia__: Awesome!
17:10 peda: ok, so let's start?
17:10 dorothea_: yeap
17:10 Zverik: hi everyone
17:10 peda: hi Zverik
17:10 dorothea_: hi Ilya :)
17:11 jinalfoflia__: Hi Ilya!
17:12 harry-wood: peda start with the "next meeting topics" you mean?
17:13 peda: yeah, for example
17:13 harry-wood: "Who to name as author for blog posts?"
17:13 peda: well, topic I had written down
17:13 peda: I wondered when I wrote/published the last blog post if we should use one dedicated account that we put blog posts under
17:14 peda: instead of using the name whoever publishes it
17:14 peda: the idea behind that was to have more visibility for the CWG
17:14 harry-wood: We do have an 'OpenStreetMap' account which I sometimes set the author to
17:14 peda: i.e. the reader would see "aha, the CWG published a new blog post" instead of "Harrry/Peda/Whoever published a new post"
17:15 peda: well, and I basically wanted to know what everyone thinks about that or if we should continue as is
17:16 harry-wood: Well I quite like bringing a personal touch to them blog posts where possible.
17:16 : jinalfoflia_ [~jinalfofl@] entered the room.
17:17 harry-wood: I think there's a perception of the OSMF as a mysterious powerful organisation, full of people working in a free-standing office building somewhere with evil-looking tinted glass
17:18 peda: lol
17:18 dorothea_: :)
17:18 harry-wood: Making pronouncements from a mysterious 'OpenStreetMap' account might make that worse
17:18 wille: I like to give credits for the person, as he/she is dedicating time to do it. Maybe in the texts written by many hands we should name it as CWG
17:19 jinalfoflia_: Do we have a dedicated account for DWG?
17:19 jinalfoflia_: *CWG
17:19 chrisfl: I would tend to agree - personal where appropriate, but cwg where more appropriate.
17:20 peda: yes, there's an "OpenStreetMAp" account
17:20 harry-wood: Yeah just have a dedicated account called "OpenStreetMap"
17:20 harry-wood: At the bottom of my blog posts I get my mug-shot for some reason
17:20 harry-wood: Must be because I filled in a my profile on wordpress
17:21 harry-wood: Also a description saying "Posting mostly in a Communication Working Group capacity (and often with text written collaboratively among CWG and others) "
17:21 peda: oh indeed, that's a good idea to do
17:21 dorothea_: if we use the OSM account, we could have a line saying "this blog post had input from X, Y and Z" ( to make it a bit more personal
17:21 peda: we (or at least I) update our profiles
17:21 wille: To give more visibility to CWG, we should publish a post about CWG and how to get involved
17:22 jinalfoflia_: yeah, I was thinking on similar lines. It can be something like Harry Wood, member of CWG or so
17:22 : jinalfoflia__ left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds).
17:22 harry-wood: That text shows up only when viewing a blog post URL, not on the blog stream (if you see what I mean)
17:23 peda: yes. But I guess most of us don't have the "Biographical Info" set at all
17:23 peda: at least I don't
17:24 harry-wood: yeah maybe your should all do that like mine
17:24 harry-wood: "Posting mostly in a Communication Working Group capacity (and often with text written collaboratively among CWG and others)"
17:24 peda: ok, so everyone should set the Biographical Info in WP
17:25 jinalfoflia_: 👍🏻
17:25 peda: <-- bottom ;)
17:27 harry-wood: cool. But don't forget the mugshot
17:27 harry-wood: don't be shy now :-)
17:27 peda: mhm .. :/
17:27 jinalfoflia_: ;-)
17:28 peda: next topic?
17:28 harry-wood: just setting the OpenStreetMap user up
17:30 harry-wood: oh. hmm. the picture is gravatar system. bit fiddly
17:30 harry-wood: I'll have to do that later
17:30 harry-wood: so… next topic
17:30 jinalfoflia_: One question: Do we have reference docs that can be of help while we publish a blog posts?
17:30 jinalfoflia_: One question: Do we have reference docs that can be of help while we publish a blog post?
17:31 harry-wood: reference docs?
17:32 jinalfoflia_: As in some instructions/methods to publish blogs?
17:32 chrisfl: sio
17:32 jinalfoflia_: I have very little idea about doing them
17:32 chrisfl: guidelines?
17:32 jinalfoflia_: Yes
17:33 harry-wood: well we have this guidelines doc
17:33 harry-wood: but that doesn't tell you how to work wordpress, if that's what you mean
17:33 harry-wood: mostly it's fairly self explanatory
17:33 harry-wood: some of the translation stuff is a bit quirky I guess
17:34 jinalfoflia_: Oh I have worked on wordpress before. Then it should not be much of an issue
17:34 jinalfoflia_: Thank you!
17:34 harry-wood: We could make a little doc about quirks I suppose
17:34 harry-wood: for example "how to stop it showing a drop-shadow on an image"… that's some deep dark ninja magic
17:35 harry-wood: I will write that document section :-)
17:36 jinalfoflia_: That'll be awesome @harry-wood!
17:37 harry-wood: next topic was "Presentation of new/renewing corporate members?"
17:38 dorothea_: yes
17:38 harry-wood: Was there any feedback from the board about how we should mention new corporate members?
17:39 dorothea_: they agree with streamlining the procedure as suggested: 1 blogpost for Gold/Platinum and a quarterly blog post summarising Corporate Members for the rest of the tiers
17:39 harry-wood: ah ok
17:39 peda: details are up to us. Board mainly said "ok"
17:40 harry-wood: So we should decide how we want to start with that
17:40 harry-wood: to treat our existing members fairly, we should blog about them first I suppose
17:40 peda: yes.. and we actually should start soon as we already have Mapbox
17:41 peda: well, I'd say only those in the new corporate program, no?
17:41 chrisfl: sounds good.
17:41 peda: as all have to switch sooner or later anyway
17:41 dorothea_: some have renewed before Mapbox
17:41 harry-wood: this list is a all the old style corporate members?
17:42 dorothea_: it's a composite
17:42 harry-wood: Which ones have entered the new regime?
17:42 dorothea_: it doesn't specify tier - except for Toursprung
17:43 dorothea_: OpenCage, Omniscale, graphhopper, Toursprung
17:43 dorothea_: geofabric ofc :)
17:43 dorothea_: opengeogroep and Mapbox
17:43 dorothea_: I'll double check them
17:43 harry-wood: ok. and which ones are in which class?
17:44 harry-wood: "Membership level" I mean
17:44 dorothea_: Mapbox is Gold
17:44 dorothea_: the rest are below
17:45 peda: ok, so we'd write two blog posts
17:45 peda: 1 for Mapbox
17:45 peda: 1 for all others
17:45 dorothea_: yeap
17:46 dorothea_: we can start writting, but we have to hold publishing till they all give the ok to go ahead
17:47 dorothea_: we said we would ask them first
17:47 peda: yup. Added it as a todo to the pad
17:49 peda: anything else re membership blogposts?
17:49 harry-wood: So d'you think Mapbox first. "welcome to our first gold level corporate member." …. then wait a few weeks… preferably blog about something else in between …then "Also joining the new corporate membership programme: OpenCage, Omniscale, graphhopper, geofabric, opengeogroup & Toursprung"
17:50 peda: I'm not sure if the order is important
17:51 harry-wood: Well the other way round would also work except it might (in the interim) look like we missed out Mapbox
17:51 harry-wood: Did mapbox go gold very recently?
17:52 dorothea_: yes, mid January
17:52 harry-wood: hmm ok. so maybe it's ok. More logical actually to mention Mapbox a little later
17:53 chrisfl: if they have onkly just gone gold then makes sene, to do overall post first?
17:54 harry-wood: yes. we can let mapbox know that that's what we're doing of course, so hopefully if we leave them out on and do a "Welcome OpenCage, Omniscale, graphhopper, geofabric, opengeogroup & Toursprung" blog first, then that won't seem too strange to anyone
17:54 harry-wood: Mapbox get a dedicated blog post a little later
17:54 dorothea_: just as a heads up, we'll have another gold one in the following weeks as well
17:55 harry-wood: Ideally we'd intersperse these with a bit of blog traffic on different topics
17:55 harry-wood: so that it doesn't feel like corporate logo bombardment!
17:55 dorothea_: :)
17:55 harry-wood: So we'll need to line up some other things
17:56 peda: though I think with gold members it's not that bad as the blog posts can also contain a bit of interesting content ;)
17:56 chrisfl: just means that we need to get started and make sure we have lots going out.
17:58 peda: dorothea_: will you ask them if blog post is ok?
17:59 dorothea_: yes, sure
17:59 peda: I'd try to start and collect some bullet points for the posts
18:00 dorothea_: nice
18:00 dorothea_: shall we move on to the next topic?
18:01 peda: yep
18:01 peda: re ballots: We have the raw ballot results now and I will post them to osmf-talk
18:02 peda: and I think Zverik planned to do some analysis this weekend
18:02 Zverik: yup
18:02 peda: will you publish it on
18:02 Zverik: I can, but it might look a bit geeky for that blog
18:03 Zverik: see this for an example:
18:03 peda: hm I see
18:04 chrisfl: Maybe a shorter versiobn with a link to diary especially for the more what if data.
18:04 Zverik: since we had only one round, there isn't much to report officially. But for example I'm interested in who is the first and in what wyas two losing candidates previled
18:04 Zverik: s/first/third/
18:05 harry-wood: yeah I was going to say… there's less to analyse this time
18:06 harry-wood: We could give a bit more numbers detail (or link to it) on this page too
18:06 jinalfoflia_: Also have some graphs?
18:07 harry-wood: Guess we can leave this to Zverik, unless you want any help with anything there Zverik ?
18:09 Zverik: I can think of anything I might need help with :) thanks
18:10 dorothea_: so, the next topic is: Clarify language-flags on wiki; what to do with members that didn't reply?
18:10 peda: yes:
18:10 peda: I started to add language flag. Wanted to get input from you what you think
18:11 peda: we said that we either have a "members" category and a "translator" category
18:11 peda: or we have "language flags" behind each name so it's a bit more transparent for what we have translators/helpers
18:12 peda: but I'm not sure about that. As e.g. right now I added a "ru" for e.g. Ilya, but he's not translating the blog posts
18:12 peda: so from a translation pov only my "de" makes sense :D
18:13 dorothea_: :)
18:14 dorothea_: We could create a Venn diagram :)
18:14 harry-wood: Well if we had a "translators" section on the page, we could add a bunch more names on there, for the folks who do *only* do translations, and aren't doing CWG meetings
18:14 harry-wood: I think there's quite a few people doing that
18:15 peda: yeah, and would make it more clear that you can also *only* translate without doing anything else
18:16 peda: so, I'd add the "translator" category but still use the language flags?
18:16 peda: and should I add myself two times then? ^^
18:16 harry-wood: hmm… not sure
18:16 harry-wood: what would you prefer?
18:16 harry-wood: Works either way really
18:17 peda: I guess adding two times is better in that case
18:17 dorothea_: as you're translating as well, I think you should be in both lists
18:17 peda: and I'd delete all others language flags again, execpt they want it
18:18 harry-wood: Well the translators list could get the language flags
18:18 peda: yes
18:18 chrisfl: that makes sense.
18:18 harry-wood: ok good
18:18 peda: on a similar note, I wanted to talk about the two mails I wrote
18:19 harry-wood: heard back from jonathanb. serge. or Kate ?
18:19 peda: 1. I wrote all current members if they want to stay on CWG or if they want to be moved to former members
18:19 peda: I got reply by Robert Barr (moved to former), I got reply by chris (online since then ;))
18:20 dorothea_: :)
18:20 peda: the others (those not online right now) did not responde
18:20 peda: I asked Kate and Martijn if they got my mail at all
18:20 peda: they said yes, and promised to reply but did not since
18:21 chrisfl: suggest we moive them to former for now. easy to move people back in if they get time to be active?
18:21 peda: I was wondering if we should simply move them to "former" and if they want to get active again we move them back
18:21 peda: :-)
18:22 peda: no objections? then I'll move them...
18:22 chrisfl: :)
18:23 jinalfoflia_: 👍🏻
18:23 peda: next topic: "Copy OSMF Communication Guidelines from Gdocs to OSMF wiki..?"
18:23 peda: who added that one?
18:24 dorothea_: I did :)
18:24 dorothea_: I thought we could have them on the wiki
18:24 harry-wood: Yeah we could stick it on the OSMF website. Not a bad idea I suppose
18:25 dorothea_: Harry, do you want to do it?
18:25 harry-wood: ok
18:25 dorothea_: great :)
18:25 harry-wood: :-)
18:26 dorothea_: lol :)
18:26 jinalfoflia_: Woah! :)
18:27 harry-wood: I see peda 's starting the translators list
18:27 peda: yes. If you know about others let me know :-)
18:27 dorothea_: ah, Martijn replied :)
18:28 harry-wood: so I think we covered all the topics hey?
18:29 peda: not yet :P
18:29 dorothea_: there's the Budget planing for 2017, create plan for 2017
18:29 peda: Budget planning ;)
18:29 harry-wood: ok. budget planning
18:29 harry-wood: this question comes up every year
18:29 chrisfl: i need to duck out and feed children.
18:29 harry-wood: chrisfl: Thanks for joining us. Think we're nearly finished anyway
18:29 Zverik: the most important topic I guess
18:30 Zverik: what can we spend money on?
18:30 harry-wood: Who's paying for leaflet printing?
18:30 harry-wood: That could be a CWG budget item
18:30 dorothea_: I would add stickers to that
18:31 harry-wood: Is Frederik organising it?
18:31 dorothea_: the budget?
18:31 harry-wood: no the leaflet printing
18:32 dorothea_: there hasn't been any discussion for leaflet printing - just for creation of digital file for leaflet
18:32 peda: hm, in my opinion this would be OSMF board
18:33 peda: or would *we* actually print them and distribute them and all that?
18:33 peda: hm
18:33 Zverik: do we want printed ads?
18:33 Zverik: paid translations?
18:33 Zverik: digital ads? :)
18:33 harry-wood: I know Frederik had a leaflet printing company he used for doing the nice glossy OpenStreetMap leaflets
18:33 harry-wood: so I was imagining he might be sending the design to them
18:34 harry-wood: …and presumably paying for it out of the OSMF account
18:34 peda: well, probably .. the question is, if we see that as our responsibility
18:35 peda: if so, we should simply request a bit of money and see if we need it or not
18:35 dorothea_: my impression was that we would create the file, it would be put online and if people wanted it, they could print it themselves or edit it
18:35 harry-wood: ah maybe
18:35 peda: we might just say we wont 2000€ for flyers and stickers or whatever and see what happens :-)
18:36 harry-wood: yeah
18:36 dorothea_: if we want to print things, we should also account the distribution cost
18:37 harry-wood: And organise the distribution… which is a massive pain in the ass
18:37 peda: yes, and I'm not sure if we really want this
18:37 peda: yes
18:38 harry-wood: I think we might ask Frederik to "list this as a CWG budget item" if he is getting any printed… just for the sake of getting some CWG budget items happening. Because in future we might do more of this stuff more directly.
18:38 peda: and we're allready low on volunteers just blogging and tweeting and all that
18:39 wille: It would be good to have some leaflets to distribute in SOTMs
18:39 harry-wood: Facebook keeps prompting me to run a promoted post
18:39 harry-wood: We could spend money on that very easily
18:39 harry-wood: and it might even be money well spent
18:39 peda: wille: yes, but in my understanding the osmf board is paying that and bringing them to sotm
18:39 dorothea_: perhaps the stickers would worth being printed and send to local chapters.. I printed around 2000 with a cost of 40-60 Euros? (I will have to check)
18:40 harry-wood: but… I'm sure there'd be a few people in the community who wouldn't see facebook ads as money well spent
18:40 dorothea_: I'm in for community advertisement instead of ads :)
18:41 dorothea_: what do the rest think? jinalfoflia_ ? wille?
18:42 peda: dorothea_: +1 ;)
18:42 harry-wood: Another thing: could pay for a "" premium account for OpenStreetMap
18:43 jinalfoflia_: Haven't tried Facebook ads yet. There are quite a few folks sharing our posts on FB. Our reach for our posts on FB is somewhere between 5k-7k people on an average.
18:43 dorothea_: is the idea that someone would list all local OSM meetups via that premium account?
18:44 harry-wood: I think it would mean any local groups could be given access to run listings on the one account
18:44 dorothea_: I see, thanks
18:45 wille: dorothea_: I don't know very well how facebook works, but as we have a lot of mappers and local communities, I believe we can reach more people mobilizing them to distribute our content
18:45 harry-wood: OpenStreetMap.US are already paying for , so I'm not sure what makes sense there really
18:45 Zverik: Maybe we should put 200-300$ into the facebook account to experiment with sponsored posts
18:46 Zverik: Also I haven't heard of any european osm communities using meetup
18:46 Zverik: uk maybe
18:46 jinalfoflia_: FB also has options to boost certain posts
18:46 Zverik: jinalfoflia_ is certainly more experienced in facebook and should experiment with promoting osm posts :)
18:47 peda: well, I have to say that I feel a bit bad about paying for facebook
18:47 harry-wood: yes.pragmatically speaking I think it would be good promotion spending, but the principle OSMF paying money to facebook is not so great
18:47 peda: although I don't know much about it or have an account
18:47 Zverik: okay, that's ~£500 for leaflets and £500 for facebook. What else can we spend money on?
18:48 dorothea_: is that leaflets+stickers? :)
18:48 harry-wood: hehe. don't forget the stickers!
18:48 dorothea_: lol :)
18:48 jinalfoflia_: Zverik: I can surely do some research on this and get back to everyone with more details on what works the best! :-)
18:48 peda: could we please not request money for facebook?
18:49 peda: ok more research + more time for me to argument against facebook :-D
18:49 dorothea_: sorry, I agree with peda on that, if possible
18:49 Zverik: peda: why not? If we want to promote osm, we would need to pay some advertising agency
18:49 Zverik: facebook and google are the most influential
18:50 peda: first the question would be if we wanted to advertise to gain more mappers/volunteers or more users
18:50 Zverik: if you know more open way to advertise (e.g. pay fossgis and not look at their ways), we can discuss that
18:51 wille: I don't like the idea of paying simply to promote posts. I would be ok to promote to a fundraising campaign or SOTM
18:51 Zverik: okay, let's pause on advertising and decide on the purpose of cwg :)
18:51 harry-wood: One thing we might research is whether some facebook contacts (like the people who attended the conference) can arrange to get us some ad credits for free
18:51 dorothea_: what about supporting the communities in order to get more members themselved?
18:51 dorothea_: themsleves*
18:51 Zverik: that won't be in line of cwg work I guess
18:52 peda: well, why not?
18:52 dorothea_: I meant through providing digital promotional material (or stickers :) )
18:52 peda: exactly
18:52 peda: we said 500$ for leaflets
18:52 peda: and stickers!
18:53 peda: we could also set a higher budget and tell local communities they can request it for local leaflets and flyers
18:53 peda: we pay (with our budget), they order at their local distributor
18:53 harry-wood: yes. Like that idea
18:53 wille: dorothea_ peda I agree with you
18:54 Zverik: note that we are discussing not immediate plans, but the budget for a year. Not what we are ready to do now, but what may come up in 2017
18:55 harry-wood: Blog bounty
18:55 peda: :-)
18:55 dorothea_: lol :)
18:56 harry-wood: each blog post your write earns you £3.50
18:56 harry-wood: (enough for a pint)
18:57 peda: ;)
18:57 dorothea_: I would change it a bit.. the best blog post in a period of X months get Y reward
18:57 dorothea_: gets*
18:57 harry-wood: Or you just win stickers :-)
18:58 dorothea_: :pp :)
18:58 peda: hm .. not sure if we'll get to a proper conclusion today. What do you think about telling Frederik that we need a bit more time
18:58 harry-wood: yes
18:58 peda: and we'll collect ideas on the ML and vote on them later or so
18:58 harry-wood: We need some brainstorming ideas like this. Lets list them all out and see which one seem sensible as budget items
18:58 peda: then we can more extensivly discuss single ideas
18:58 dorothea_: I think that if we don't have an answer, we'll be allocated somehting by the board
18:59 dorothea_: at least that was the plan before Xmas
18:59 peda: dorothea_: yes, but I don't think we are in a hurry
18:59 Zverik: the default amount is 5k€ I guess
18:59 peda: default is 1k!
18:59 Zverik: ah, okay
18:59 peda: at least it was last year
18:59 dorothea_: Q: what has the CWG asked for in previous years?
18:59 peda: nothing
18:59 peda: and got 1k
18:59 harry-wood: yeah not much
19:00 dorothea_: was it spend?
19:00 Zverik: nope
19:00 dorothea_: ok, so we have something from the previous year as well, that's good
19:00 Zverik: I'm not sure that money is still there :)
19:00 harry-wood: I imagine the board are hoping to hear back with some imaginative and ambitious ideas, so let's brain storm some in a hackpad and get back to them
19:00 peda: no, you can't keep it :)
19:01 Zverik: we need to give answer in 20 days
19:01 harry-wood: ooh. deadline ok
19:02 harry-wood: so let's do it here:
19:02 harry-wood: but not now
19:02 harry-wood: because we've been on for 2 hours now
19:02 dorothea_: yeap
19:02 dorothea_: next meeting?
19:03 harry-wood: ok with 17:00 timing?
19:03 harry-wood: on a Friday?
19:03 dorothea_: I'm ok, are the rest..?
19:03 peda: I prefer later due to kids .. but I guess jinal doesn't like it later
19:03 peda: so ok for me
19:04 harry-wood: At mid February… shall we say Feb 17th?
19:04 wille: for me it's good
19:04 jinalfoflia_: This works for me! Thank you so much Peda! :-) and everyone!
19:04 dorothea_: sounds good
19:04 peda: yep
19:04 harry-wood: alright then!
19:05 Zverik: thanks everyone
19:05 dorothea_: nice to see you everyone :) have a nice evening :)