CWG meeting 2016-12-16

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Communication Working Group meeting on Friday 16th December 2016
IRC channel #cwg-osm on


Post proposals

Xmas post

possible pic:

2016 recap post


Election results' post

  • waiting for ballots from Dermot
  • also say "join the foundation now to take part in such elections"

IRC channel access

Request access from Peda

Twitter access

Dorothea has now access

New time for meetings

17:00 London time

Potential new CWG members from SotM

  • First probably update CWG description
  • 3 people from SotM explicitly interested in joining
  • 10 more interested to help in general

Related action item

News section of wiki.osm

suggested change: link to weekly OSM

Related action item

Welcoming Corporate Members

  • idea: with the new Corporate Membership program, welcome new members
  • corporate members ~20 atm, so welcoming might be ok on social media stream


  • Dorothea to ask new members (or members that renew) if they are ok to be mentioned/welcome
  • introduce old members when they renew
  • could welcome them in batches
  • ask for board input

Related action item

Action items

2016-11-18: Wille & Peda to create some model replies for emails
2016-11-18: Harry to update CWG description on the wiki (done)
2016-11-18: Harry to email CWG members & translators about being on the list (done by Peda)
2016-12-16: Peter to write a draft mail to SotM participants interested in joining CWG (done)
2016-12-16: Dorothea & Wille to work on the leaflet
2016-12-16: Peter to get input from board about welcoming/introducing Corporate Members (done)
2016-12-16: [ ] to suggest addition of link to weeklyOSM at wiki News section discussion

Election-related suggestion

For next year's OSMF board election: display the nickname of the candidate, next to the name, on the OSM wiki election page


Next IRC meeting

January, 20th, 2017 17:00 London time

IRC log

20:01 harry-wood: Think we said we'd have a CWG meeting right now hey?
20:02 harry-wood: I should've sent some reminders
20:03 peda: I'm here :-)
20:04 Zverik: me too
20:04 harry-wood: hello!
20:04 Zverik: hi Harry :)
20:05 harry-wood: Thanks for sending some tweets recently Zverik
20:05 harry-wood: and the blog post from Kate. All happened while I was away on a weekend break
20:05 harry-wood: This is good!
20:05 Zverik: no problem, that's quite fun. I see that cwg is indeed a group now
20:06 peda: btw, could we extend the group a bit who have twitter access?
20:06 harry-wood: can do.
20:06 peda: Zverik was kind of good available, but I think hbogner and dorothea_ would have wanted access too
20:06 harry-wood: I added dorothea_ yesterday actually
20:07 dorothea_: yes :)
20:07 peda: ah ok :)
20:07 peda: great
20:08 peda: for the record, I talked with dorothea_ after the last meeting and as a result we added this etherpad link to the subject
20:08 peda: to collect stuff that needs to be done
20:08 harry-wood: oh yeah. Thanks for doing that
20:08 peda: not sure if you others like it.. it was an idea
20:08 : jinalfoflia [~jinalfofl@***********] entered the room.
20:09 harry-wood: this one: looks good
20:09 harry-wood: The other idea is to put ideas like this as github issues
20:09 jinalfoflia: Hello everyone!
20:09 harry-wood: but I think I prefer it an doc like this actually
20:09 dorothea_: hi jinalfoflia :)
20:09 harry-wood: hi jinal
20:10 harry-wood: we used to have google doc used in a similar way
20:11 harry-wood: What ideas could we add on there now?
20:11 harry-wood: xmas blog post!
20:12 jinalfoflia: That would be great!
20:12 harry-wood: Here's a good image we could use for that :-)
20:12 harry-wood: (shop in London)
20:12 jinalfoflia: We could also have a recap post? About important things happened in OSM this year?
20:12 harry-wood: yeah that would be good
20:12 harry-wood: to go out around new year maybe
20:13 jinalfoflia: yes! Nice picture Harry
20:13 harry-wood: Speaking of pictures, I've ended up getting behind on tweeting and facebooking of image of the week again
20:13 peda: hehe great picture
20:14 jinalfoflia: Harry, the picture of the week is posted on every Monday?
20:14 harry-wood: Well…. on the wiki yes
20:15 jinalfoflia: Should we be doing this on Monday's too?
20:15 jinalfoflia: *Mondays
20:15 peda: and not sure about the state, but we (or Zverik) might publish a detailed analysis about the election results
20:15 harry-wood: but I've been doing a slightly silly dance lately, where …. it feels wrong to post an earlier week's image on the monday, so I think "let's wait till tuesday"
20:15 harry-wood: then I forget about it
20:15 Zverik: peda: I'm waiting for ballots from Dermot
20:15 peda: he planed to do that, not sure what the state is and if he'd be willing to publish it on the blog
20:15 harry-wood: Ideally I'd post on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in order to catch up
20:16 jinalfoflia: Make sense!
20:16 jinalfoflia: Awesome Peda!
20:16 harry-wood: I thought the ballots details were given in the meeting
20:16 Zverik: nope
20:16 harry-wood: dorothea_ reposted some stats in this channel
20:16 Zverik: they have to be downloaded from opavote and sent to people
20:17 dorothea_: just the overal results were given, not the indivisual anonymised ballots
20:17 dorothea_: *individual
20:18 Zverik: anyway, I'd certainly like to know who's third and if there was a slight chance to change the board :)
20:18 harry-wood: for things like analysis of voting balance by country you mean?
20:19 : 16:40:19 dorothea_: <pnorman> 1| 106.00000| 27.00000| 90.00000| 29.00000| 0.00000| 26.00000| 85.00000
20:20 harry-wood: So we know Darafei was 3rd based on that right?
20:20 Zverik: harry-wood: if there were countries, the ballots wouldn't be anonymized
20:20 peda: R == Round?
20:20 Zverik: harry-wood: he might not be, depends on 2nd items in lists
20:20 peda: if all was decided on the first round we know
20:21 harry-wood: I thought they said it *was* all decided on the first round
20:21 Zverik: yes
20:21 peda: ok
20:21 dorothea_: The first R is round, yes
20:21 harry-wood: So that's that question answered
20:22 harry-wood: I think someone was asking about per country stats, which does indeed present an anonymisation challenge
20:23 harry-wood: By the way I feel Darafei may have lost out on some votes, due people not recognising his real name. We all know him very well as Kompza
20:23 harry-wood: Perhaps an improvement for next year would be to display nicknames on the table too
20:23 peda: indeed
20:25 harry-wood: I imagine it wouldn't have effected the outcome in this case, but… yeah I think we should show nicknames next year
20:26 harry-wood: From comms point of view the election wasn't really pimped that much on the public channels this year
20:27 peda: + this sad mistake
20:27 harry-wood: I dunno.In a way that feels like a maturing step. OSMF talk list houses all the election gubbins. "the public" don't need to hear about all of that
20:27 harry-wood: On the other hand the election can be a good opportunity to get some interesting discussions happening
20:29 harry-wood: I feel like it's been a bit too much on some occasions in the past. Or rather the huge swell of interesting discussion has been over the top for a few weeks, followed by …nothing in between
20:29 Zverik: and get more people to join osmf, as it often happened
20:30 jinalfoflia: How many people are a part of OMF at the moment?
20:30 harry-wood: hmm. There was some stats on a mailing list somewhere
20:31 peda: <400 afair
20:31 peda: normal members
20:32 peda: + 250 associates according to the wiki (
20:32 harry-wood: I think we should have some sort of blog post talking about the election results, and saying "join the foundation now to take part in such elections"
20:33 peda: +1
20:33 jinalfoflia: Oh okie, I was also thinking on the same lines. We could highlight the privileges that one can get by being an OSMF member
20:34 : wille [~oftc-webi@***********] entered the room.
20:34 harry-wood: yeah. There aren't many privileges to hightlight. But votiing in elections is certainly one
20:35 peda: and this good feeling supporting OSMF and being part of a great community :-)
20:35 wille: sorry, I forgot the meeting!
20:35 harry-wood: hi wille
20:35 peda: hi wille
20:36 jinalfoflia: Agree, but there is very less clarity on what an OSMF member can do or be a part of
20:36 jinalfoflia: Hi Wille!
20:36 : mode (+o peda) by ChanServ
20:37 : peda has changed the topic to: OpenStreetMap Foundation Communication Working Group | | Meeting ongoing | Next Meeting January, 13th, 2017 20:00 London time
20:38 peda: btw, off topic, but this channel is now registered and if someone wants op/master privileges then register your nick and ask either me or hbogner. We two currectly have master privs
20:38 dorothea_: hi Wille :)
20:39 harry-wood: Thanks for doing that peda. thanks some dark IRC magic as far I'm concerned :-)
20:39 peda: :D
20:39 harry-wood: So dorothea_ did a good job picking out some minutes points here from last time :
20:40 harry-wood: and action points!
20:40 harry-wood: I'm afraid I have rather failed on my action points :-(
20:40 jinalfoflia: One more request, is it possible to have this meeting a couple of hours early? Last time I was in US and this time I got a little confused with the time. It's 2:10 am in India.
20:40 peda: great job dorothea_ btw! And I gave Wille access to OSMBC btw ;)
20:41 jinalfoflia: Awesome peda!
20:41 harry-wood: Yes I was wondering about that jinal. Bit late for you in India!
20:42 jinalfoflia: Yes Harry, sorry but got a little confused with the time zones
20:42 harry-wood: For me I could potentially do 1 hour earlier
20:42 wille: for me anytime earlier is good
20:42 harry-wood: 2 hours earlier is the time I have to set off from my office normally
20:42 harry-wood: (so I'd be on my bike)
20:43 peda: we used to have board meetings two hours earlier .. but this will be changed from January on
20:43 jinalfoflia: Would 3 hours early work?
20:43 jinalfoflia: Because 1:30 am is too late here :(
20:43 harry-wood: Well.. I'd prefer not to do in my working day, but can do if necessary
20:44 jinalfoflia: I'm fine even if it's 11 pm here.
20:44 harry-wood: Maybe we could alternate the times a bit
20:44 jinalfoflia: That works!
20:45 harry-wood: Next time do it 3 hours earlier?
20:45 jinalfoflia: Awesome Harry! Thank you!! :)
20:45 : peda has changed the topic to: OpenStreetMap Foundation Communication Working Group | | Meeting ongoing | Next Meeting January, 13th, 2017 17:00 London time
20:45 harry-wood: That would be mid January. Friday 20th?
20:45 peda: 13th?
20:46 peda: ah no
20:46 peda: you're right :*)
20:46 : peda has changed the topic to: OpenStreetMap Foundation Communication Working Group | | Meeting ongoing | Next Meeting January, 20th, 2017 17:00 London time
20:46 harry-wood: Fri 20th at 5pm UTC
20:47 jinalfoflia: Perfect! I'll put it on all our calendars!
20:47 peda: I have two other small points for today if it's ok :-)
20:48 harry-wood: yes we normally have that discussion at the end
20:48 harry-wood: but we've probably got more things to talk about
20:48 peda: 1. would everybody be ok with inviting those Sotm participants to our next CWG meeting who replied that they would like to help?
20:48 harry-wood: ooh yeah. How many of them are there?
20:49 harry-wood: We should definitely get in touch with them
20:49 peda: I don't have the numbers here right now, have to look. Overall something like 20-25 peaople wanting to work in any of the WGs
20:49 peda: I'd try to draft something and let someone who's able to speak/write English correct it and send it :-)
20:51 harry-wood: yeah I was just thinking, my task to rewrite the CWG description on the wiki… would be a good precursor to this.
20:51 harry-wood: (in other words. I need to get on with that )
20:51 peda: :-)
20:52 harry-wood: so yeah. stick the email a hackpad and we can all review before sending
20:53 harry-wood: Did folks at SOTM sign up for interest in specific working groups? or just generally working groups?
20:53 peda: specific
20:53 peda: with multi checkbox option
20:53 peda: I'll search for the list...
20:53 harry-wood: Oh right. Would be good to see it
20:55 harry-wood: dorothea_ OSMF leaflet created by Frederik… what happened with that? Going to print!?
20:55 peda: 3 persons explicitly named CWG, 10 others said they'd like to help but don't know how exactly
20:56 peda: I don't want to link the list here due to privacy concerns if the list will later be on the wiki. So not sure how to proceed... could send it to cwg list?
20:56 harry-wood: yeah
20:56 harry-wood: Definately the 3 people we need to get in touch with soon. They might think we've forgotten them!
20:56 peda: oh, actually Rob also sent it to CWG list. Mail from Rob Nickerson, Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2016 19:44:29 +0000, Subject: WG volunteers
20:56 dorothea_: harry-wood, it exists electronically for the time being, probably till next SotM. I didn't have time to make added changes, I don't know if wille has made
20:57 wille: dorothea_: I couldn't yet
20:58 dorothea_: that's fine :) me neither, it's in my to do
20:58 wille: I need to go out now... I'll read the log later. I promess to finish my tasks and arrive on time next month :)
20:58 harry-wood: discussion on leaflet's here
20:59 dorothea_: goodbye wille
20:59 harry-wood: See you wille! (thanks for the continued help with featured images by the way!)
21:00 : wille left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
21:00 jinalfoflia: Good bye wille!
21:01 harry-wood: so.. peda_uni you had another thing to discuss?
21:02 dorothea_: harry-wood, I read all that you have written on the discussion of the wiki news section :) Till anything drastic happens, would it be ok if we add the link to the newest weeklyOSM issue, once it is out?
21:03 peda: yes, about corporate membership
21:03 harry-wood: here you mean Yes. We'd need to suggest the change on that discussion first
21:03 peda: I didn't discuss this with the board (yet), but as it came to my mind today I wanted to note it/ask about it
21:03 peda: if you think that we should welcome new gold/platinum members via blog/twitter?
21:04 harry-wood: Also we should be lazy and just link to (which will always show the latest entry)
21:04 peda: I'm not sure about the current state, perhaps dorothea_ is. But I think we have 2 new ones
21:04 dorothea_: we have 2 that will become soon
21:05 harry-wood: peda: yes (sorry overlapping conversations) I think we should welcome new corporate members on the blog and twitter yes
21:05 harry-wood: So far new corporate members have been quietly added to the website and I've not heard about it myself, so missed the chance to do this for a lot of them
21:05 peda: yeah sorry for threading discussion :-)
21:06 : jinalfoflia left the room (quit: Quit: This computer has gone to sleep).
21:06 harry-wood: So now It might lead to annoying conversations. "X company was welcomed why weren't we?"
21:07 dorothea_: harry-wood, we'll have a new member soon, next week or so (bronze)
21:07 harry-wood: Another danger is that we might get so many corporate members that we end up communicating ads for these companies more than anything else. But I think the traffic levels are a long way from that so far
21:08 peda: well, we can use the new membership program as an excude
21:08 peda: excuse
21:08 dorothea_: maybe we can mention: we welcome the companies that have joined as corporate members in the last 3 months (and add a couple of names)
21:08 harry-wood: yeah. good idea
21:08 : jinalfoflia [~jinalfofl@************] entered the room.
21:08 peda: as every current member has to decide which of the new programs category they want to be put into
21:09 harry-wood: There's quite a few on here: were they all prior to the bronze/gold split?
21:09 harry-wood: Think so
21:09 peda: yes
21:10 harry-wood: We did some welcome blog posts for some of them
21:10 jinalfoflia: I'm logging off for the day. Have a great evening everyone! Will read the log for the remaining part of the meeting :)
21:10 peda: good night jinal
21:10 harry-wood: I think we should (by way of apology for failing to welcome them) go back to each of the others, do a blog post about them just… sort of… out of the blue.
21:10 : jinalfoflia left the room (quit: ).
21:11 peda: as I said, all of them have to renew
21:11 peda: to the new program
21:11 harry-wood: oh I see right yeah
21:11 peda: so we might use that as the time to introduce them
21:11 harry-wood: indeed. and we might mention to them that they will be introduced (if they renew) :-)
21:12 dorothea_: lol :) nice plan :)
21:12 peda: though dorothea_you'd have to check if they really want to be named when they sign up or renew
21:12 harry-wood: Are you generally up-to-date with those things peda? or who manages that stuff?
21:13 peda: mainly dorothea_
21:13 peda: i think
21:13 peda: :)
21:13 dorothea_: peda, when they sign-up I ask them if they want their logo displayed. If they say yes, I think they'll be ok to be mentioned. But I can explicitly ask them about twitter aswell
21:13 dorothea_: yeap
21:14 harry-wood: What did "Toursprung" say? Their logo is rubbish :-)
21:14 dorothea_: it's not their logo :) they signed-up as supporter and we say that in that case they have only their name on the website
21:15 harry-wood: Aha! I see
21:15 harry-wood: So they're one of the new breed
21:15 dorothea_: indeed
21:15 harry-wood: I guess it will make more sense where there's more of them
21:16 dorothea_: yeap
21:16 harry-wood: Are the renewals all happening at once? or they come of renewal at various times of year?
21:17 dorothea_: at various times
21:18 harry-wood: And is it you who is chasing them to renew?
21:18 dorothea_: yes :)
21:20 harry-wood: So… we should do a blog post about the new ones any time soon now. Are there two of them?
21:21 harry-wood: Then as new ones join, we blog about them (maybe just if they're at a high enough level for that
21:21 dorothea_: they are 3 and a new one joining in the following week or so
21:21 dorothea_: (3 with toursprung)
21:23 harry-wood: Then as you get in touch with the old ones about renewing I think the message is…. Thanks for your support so far. Sorry we never mentioned you on our blog, but we'd like to introduce you there if you're renewing at the silver/gold level
21:23 harry-wood: (or something. I'm sure you're better at figure out how to put it!)
21:25 dorothea_: this might need board approval :)
21:26 peda: yeah, I guess board should discuss this anyway. Becuase there's also this "joint press release" addon if you have gold or platinum afair
21:27 harry-wood: ah ok. yeah I didn't look through those details. Maybe it needs some more thought to be in line with that
21:28 harry-wood: Also I would say it's subject to change. Like I say it might end up feeling like we're posting to many ads for other companies all the time so I wouldn't necessarily want to establish it as a very clear expectation
21:29 peda: I'm not so afraid of that right now. We have 19 corporate members. And if we restrict ourselves to silver+gold+platinum I don't think it woul be too much
21:30 peda: anyway, let's bring this up with the board how they feel about this
21:31 peda: I mainly noted it because the new program is a good way for a fresh start for something like "advertise every member" or so
21:32 harry-wood: just looking up an old blog post There's flexibility with things like how many words they get too. I'm mostly imagining
21:32 harry-wood: a sentence or two of description
21:33 peda: or blogpost or social media only or so
21:33 harry-wood: but actually on we didn't do any description. just logos
21:36 peda: anything else to discuss? I'm afraid I have to go afk for a bit...
21:36 peda: I'd bring this topic up with the board and get back to cwg, if that's ok
21:36 harry-wood: so maybe we should offer that level to gold and a short description on the blog for platinum
21:37 harry-wood: yep. Needs more planning definately
21:37 harry-wood: ok. Let's wrap up for today
21:38 peda: ok thanks all, cu (later)
21:38 harry-wood: see you
21:38 dorothea_: have a nice evening everyone :)