CWG meeting 2016-03-02

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communication Working Group meeting on Wednesday 2nd March 2016


Special guests! from weeklyosm team:

  • Manfred_
  • peda
  • lbarrosop

plus the usual


  • Weeklyosm process
  • Possible ideas for generating tweets / blog posts from it

IRC log:

(Missing a bit from the beginning of the meeting here)

21:15 hbogner: hi Manfred_
21:15 hbogner: hi harry-wood
21:15 harry-wood: hello
21:15 Manfred_: Hi Harry
21:16 Manfred_: hi hbogner
21:16 harry-wood: how's things?
21:16 harry-wood: my baby is being restless
21:17 Zverik: harry-wood: we were just discussing how CWG works for now
21:17 Manfred_: I'm new here. Shall I introduce myself?
21:18 Zverik: harry-wood:
21:18 harry-wood: thanks
21:18 Zverik: Manfred_: I guess everyone here knows what you do :)
21:19 Manfred_: ok - maybe you should know, that Laura from Cuba is leading the ES team and Jinal the EN team.
21:20 Manfred_: an for Jinal it is not possible to participate, because in Bangalore it is 10 to 3 am
21:20 Manfred_: if we could have a meeting earlier that would really be fine.
21:21 Manfred_: I saw, that Harry lurked in our content managment system OSMBC which is produced by TehFive
21:21 hbogner: i can be here earlier, can't speak for rest
21:22 Manfred_: if you have any question about Wochennotiz, weeklyOSM or OSMBC it would be a pleasure to answer.
21:24 Manfred_: you should know, that we are using 2 slack channels for the communication - one for the Wochennotiz with about 20 members and in weeklyOSM we have 34 particiapants in our slack channel
21:25 hbogner: sorry, i can't stay longer today, have to go, maybe i'll miss next week, going out of the country, bye for now
21:25 : hbogner left the room (quit: Quit: Pozdrav).
21:25 Manfred_: guten Abend hbogner :)
21:25 Zverik: that would be better for me too, but we could lose Harry
21:25 Zverik: I would not like that
21:25 Zverik: maybe we do it way earlier, like around 15 UTC :)
21:25 Zverik: Manfred_: what's your github name?
21:26 Manfred_: fredao
21:26 : peda [] entered the room.
21:26 peda: hi ;)
21:26 Manfred_: hi
21:26 wille: hi peda
21:26 peda: Zverik invited me
21:26 Manfred_: fine! :)
21:26 Manfred_: @peda nice to meet you ;-)
21:26 peda: ;)
21:27 Manfred_: @wille: yes - fredao ... falta tilde :)
21:28 wille: Manfred_: hehe :)
21:29 Zverik: peda: you've asked about review process for translations — there isn't any. You just reread it and press "publish" :)
21:30 Manfred_: but for me the question is - how could WN/weekly support your work?
21:30 peda: Zverik: hm ok .. would feel better with a review, especially to begin with
21:30 Zverik: the translation has to convey the original meaning, but you can word as however you like. You certainly don't have to keep the author's style
21:30 peda: but ok
21:31 Zverik: Manfred_: well, CWG gets OSMF news first (usually), so with you being on the group, these news can get into WN faster :)
21:31 Manfred_: perfect
21:32 wille: Manfred_: as the weeklyosm team is constantly seeing the news about OSM, you could also help suggesting Featured Images
21:32 Zverik: we are still uncertain about our role in non-English communities (since all official channels are in English). Maybe you would have some ideas :)
21:33 Manfred_: well as I worked for some years in Latin Amercia I had always in mind, that we reach more people, it we offer the information in there language
21:33 Manfred_: that is why weeklyOSM was created.
21:34 Manfred_: unfortunately produce a weekly is really a lot of work - that's why we lost some langugages on our way ;-)
21:34 Manfred_:
21:35 Manfred_: but very interesting - maybe for you - the Turkish version is now produced by a Prof. from a University in IST
21:36 Zverik: OSM attracts all kinds of people :)
21:36 Zverik: Manfred_: did you consider other formats, beside an annotated list of links?
21:37 Manfred_: what do you mean exactly?
21:38 peda: this kind of format has a long history
21:38 peda: and I'm not aware that it was ever meant to change
21:39 Zverik: for example, in Shtosm I do (did) a lot of small posts on each topic
21:39 peda: but we also occasionally do some blog posts with real articles
21:39 peda: (or our Wochenaufgabe for that matter)
21:39 Zverik: e.g. the recent post about new josm-tested:
21:39 Manfred_: ohooo Wochenaufgabe - Q1 schools in UK!
21:41 Manfred_: I think some weekly tasks are so well elaborated, that one should try to spread it more!
21:41 Zverik: these are harder to write and especially to translate, though, but readers are kept in line with everything that happens in osm
21:41 Manfred_: we have in mind to do something like that:
21:41 Manfred_:
21:41 Manfred_: password is osmbc
21:41 Zverik: Manfred_: are you involved in RadioOSM, by the way? :)
21:42 Manfred_: no
21:42 Manfred_: peda neither - from the WN -core only Marc
21:42 Zverik: Manfred_: nice quiz, but too short :)
21:42 Manfred_: LOL
21:43 Manfred_: would only show you the idea we have ...
21:44 Manfred_: and I think weeklyOSM will use twitter for some questions
21:45 Manfred_: can Laura enter in this IRC with a browser?
21:45 Zverik: I had an idea of making a 3-5-minute video each week with most interesting osm news :)
21:46 Zverik: I wonder if some of WN tech can be used for that
21:46 Manfred_: @Zverik: great idea!
21:46 Zverik: not for video editing, of course (or can it? :)
21:46 peda: ;D
21:46 peda: not yet
21:47 peda: Manfred_: should do for Laura
21:47 Zverik: and unlike podcasts, languages are not an issue: just add as many subtitles as you can.
21:48 Manfred_: sounds really great ...
21:48 Manfred_: it is more or less the highlights we use in our Emails?
21:49 Zverik: maybe. Would depend on a flow and density of news: I guess you can pack ~10 topics in a 3-minute video
21:50 Manfred_: In our schoolproject we had in mind to use Flipboard as well
21:51 Zverik: is it a rss reader?
21:51 Manfred_: no, no
21:52 Manfred_:
21:52 Manfred_: it is to share news you read with your follower
21:53 Zverik: so... like twitter, but if rss posts were tweets?
21:53 Manfred_: yes, but very easy to use and you shar the whole content
21:55 harry-wood: looks a bit like
21:55 Zverik: Manfred_: will WN revive its twitter?
21:56 Zverik: I mean @OSM_Ticker
21:56 Manfred_: ? I don't get you
21:57 Zverik: WN is currently a weekly blog. But twitter can be used for delivering news the day they happen
21:57 Manfred_: @peda: kannst Du bitte Laura mal im Slack helfen hier mit reinzukommen?
21:57 harry-wood: I thought there was a twitter account doing that in german, but don't see in any more
21:58 harry-wood: are just posting when the weekly news comes out these days
21:58 Manfred_: The German blog tweets only once a week, when a new issue is ready
21:58 : lbarrosop [be065b7e@] entered the room.
21:59 peda: Manfred_: done
21:59 harry-wood: So I guess that's one thing we should work out. Could we somehow take some news items from the weeky news pipeline and turn them into (english) tweets for @OpenStreetMap account?
21:59 peda: Hi laura
21:59 Manfred_: hi Laura - welcome
21:59 lbarrosop: Hi peda
21:59 lbarrosop: thanks
21:59 peda: harry-wood: that's actually a good idea
21:59 Zverik: harry-wood: how do we decide which news are eligible and which are not? :)
22:00 Zverik: also, for some news I'd prefer retweeting their source
22:00 peda: Zverik: we do
22:00 Manfred_: @peda: do you know who is running OSM-Ticker?
22:00 peda: I could imagine that we "flag" noteworthy stuff for the twitter account in osmbc
22:01 Manfred_: and even we could tweet from OSMBC :)
22:01 harry-wood: do you flag noteworthiness anyway in the OSMBC system somehow?
22:01 peda: no, not really right now
22:01 harry-wood: do you decide to leave out some news items and include some others?
22:01 peda: we do have categories "unpublished"
22:01 peda: where we move shitty stuff
22:01 harry-wood: ah right
22:01 peda: yes
22:01 peda: and we have a "future blog"
22:02 peda: everything that's not shit but not ready for this time is moved to "future"
22:02 Manfred_: and not to forget: trash :)
22:02 peda: and we'll have a look next week again
22:02 harry-wood: going to have to spend a bit more time tryng to understand how OSMBC works
22:02 lbarrosop: about the tweet should not the members of the weekly team help on choosing the news????
22:02 harry-wood: yeah! if you'd like to
22:03 lbarrosop: I think will be more acurated since they compose it and translate
22:03 peda: harry-wood, you're welcome to try it. I'd love to give you a guide on how to use it (and Manfred_ would too ;))
22:03 Manfred_: only to know ... the working process on weekly is really continuus work daily meetings
22:04 lbarrosop: on slack hehehe
22:04 harry-wood: ah yeah. you have a slack channel
22:04 lbarrosop: yeap, the job is organized there...
22:04 lbarrosop: the english team and the spanish team as well
22:04 Manfred_: @harry - since some days we have a youtube channel for OSMBC
22:04 harry-wood: oh yeah? where's that?
22:05 Manfred_: youtube OSMBC
22:05 Manfred_: must search it
22:05 lbarrosop: I got to run...they are sending us out of the office :( ...was a pleasure gentlemens
22:05 Manfred_: thunderstorm?
22:05 harry-wood: this one
22:06 : lbarrosop left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
22:06 Manfred_: bye Laura - cu tomorrow
22:06 Manfred_: @harry - yes
22:09 harry-wood: So we were thinking we could tweet news picked out of the weekly osm blog posts, but if there was a way to tweet juicy news ahead of time, that might be better (sometimes. Other times I guess the timing wont matter too much)
22:10 Manfred_: @peda - what do you mean?
22:10 peda: I like that idea
22:10 Manfred_: great!
22:10 harry-wood: The other thing then is how to get some blog posts happening. This might mean picking items from the stream which seem worthy of having something more extensive written about them
22:11 peda: I'd be a bit afraid that not everyone from the WN/Weekly team likes it or at least that there'd be the fear to be subordinated to osmf
22:11 Manfred_: here you should have a look at our Czech friends!
22:11 Manfred_: they do an amazimg work!
22:12 harry-wood: peda: sure. well we need to be giving credit to those doing all the work however we arrange this
22:12 peda: btw, harry-wood, Zverik, I have a little blog post here (by Tordanik). Could anyone of you have a look if I may publish it?
22:13 harry-wood: oh yeah? sure
22:13 peda: one sec
22:13 Zverik: Manfred_: ah, you mean editorial. The idea is great
22:13 Manfred_: you saw what they do?
22:14 Manfred_: amazing- editorial, educational ...
22:14 Zverik: Well, it's on :)
22:14 Zverik: I've seen a tweet about it
22:14 peda: harry-wood:
22:14 Manfred_: yes, because they always add a lot of staff they are a little bit behind
22:15 Zverik: and there are dedicated sections for OSM CZ and OSM SK
22:16 Manfred_: YES - as well :)
22:16 Zverik: a perfect regional newsletter :)
22:16 Manfred_: it is really phantatic what they do!
22:17 Manfred_: We need more volunteers to translate all the great things they elaborate
22:17 Zverik: or to write other editorials for other languages :)
22:18 Manfred_: if we had it in English - no problem for our translation teams :)
22:19 Manfred_: ok - whom of you will accept an invitation to the weeklyOSM slack channel?
22:20 harry-wood: go on then :-) (I'm very reluctant to sign up to more notifications, but I guess I can switch those off)
22:21 Zverik: I'm not on slack (yet :) so maybe next time
22:21 Manfred_: ok
22:21 Zverik: okay, it's time for me to go sleep :)
22:21 peda: harry-wood, I'd be in favor of add another notification type
22:22 peda: harry-wood, one that notifies about a specific article being worthwhile to tweet
22:22 Manfred_: time for me as well - cu - and nice to meet you
22:22 Zverik: thanks for coming everybody :) peda, come join our meetings and maybe cwg
22:22 harry-wood: Yeah thanks for joining us
22:23 : Manfred_ left the room (quit: Quit: Verlassend).
22:23 wille: bye
22:23 harry-wood: bye everyone
22:25 peda: wait
22:25 peda: have you had a look, harry-wood? :)
22:25 harry-wood: oh no. was forgetting
22:26 peda: this one:
22:26 peda: kid will keep crying anyway ;]
22:26 harry-wood: hehe
22:26 harry-wood: ah ok short sweet one about GSoC
22:26 harry-wood: looks good
22:27 peda: yeah .. not sure if it's too short for the blog
22:28 harry-wood: nope I think that's a good length
22:28 harry-wood: we should do more short ones more often :-)
22:28 peda: ok, then I'll publish it later that night
22:29 harry-wood: oh ok. I was going to start doing it now, but you can do it :-)