CWG meeting 2016-01-27

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Communication Working Group meeting on Wednesday 2016-01-27


  • Ilya Zverev
  • Willie Marcel
  • Hrvoje Bogner


  • Moving git projects to osmfoundation organization. Permissions might be a problem.
  • Ilya asked about joining CWG.
  • is not advertised anywhere.
  • Kinds of requests that to that address.
  • Do we really need to know who tweets what?
  • GroupTweet replacement: mediawiki plugin, or hiring someone to write one?
  • Inviting all active bloggers to hand out at CWG meetings.
  • Christian Ledermann most active on the official group on G+, hbogner to invite him.

Next Meeting

Wednesday 2016-02-03, 21:00 UTC

IRC log

[23:33] <hbogner> hi
[23:49] <wille> hello
[00:02] <hbogner> ping me when we start
[00:10] <wille> mvexel: Zverik: are you ready?
[00:14] <Zverik> hi everyone
[00:14] <Zverik> sorry I'm a bit late :)
[00:15] <Zverik> hbogner: wille: mvexel
[00:15] <Zverik> not many of us today
[00:15] <Zverik> I wonder if is more active
[00:16] <hbogner> there is ?
[00:16] <hbogner> i know only about
[00:16] <Zverik> well, that one then
[00:17] <hbogner> you were talking about moving git osm-cwg to osmfoundation
[00:18] <Zverik> yes, I have some items on the agenda
[00:19] <Zverik> first, why don't we move all of WG's githubs to osmfoundation :)
[00:19] <Zverik> starting with cwg
[00:20] <wille> Zverik: it's a good idea
[00:20] <hbogner> is it possibel to migrate it all and keep al the issues and similar?
[00:21] <Zverik> maybe, I'm not sure. There will be one more issue of visibility: whether it's possible to include CWG to the team and not accidentally show them the board tracker
[00:22] <wille> yes, hbogner, it's possible. github has a trasfer button in the settings of each repository
[00:22] <Zverik> I think this is more for the board and for mvexel, I've logged the task and will discuss it there
[00:22] <Zverik> it's great to know you don't oppose this :)
[00:23] <Zverik> too bad Harry isn't here
[00:24] <hbogner> i answered you there with positive feedback
[00:24] <Zverik> okay then, the next item is how can I join CWG :) Is there a process?
[00:25] <hbogner> as i was told, you just have to ask :D
[00:25] <Zverik> hbogner: whom?
[00:26] <Zverik> (I've been in EWG until now, and they are come-and-go group with no mailing lists or github accounts)
[00:27] <hbogner> a year, or so, ago i sent a mail to and said i want to help :D then i was added as a recient at that mail and press@osm, and started helping
[00:28] <hbogner> i'm in local and communication WG's
[00:28] <wille> harry added me to the list after I wrote a blog post
[00:28] <hbogner> i don't remember who adds new people to those mail aliases
[00:29] <hbogner> harry or someone else
[00:30] <hbogner> Zverik, as i figure you are already in cwg :D
[00:30] <Zverik> ooookay, is advertised anywhere? I could not find it with google or on our wiki
[00:30] <Zverik> is responding to media a job for CWG?
[00:32] <Zverik> I think we need to add it to "Contact", "Press contacts" and "Press" pages, and also to
[00:32] <hbogner> i try to respond to communication@ and press@ mails when i get them, but there is some spam and some mails end up in spam folders
[00:33] <hbogner> i don't think it is advertised, but we get them anyway :D
[00:33] <wille>
[00:33] <Zverik> without a clear contact point, OSM is even today represented by Steve Coast, which is not too good
[00:33] <hbogner> oh look wille FOUND IT
[00:33] <hbogner> sorry caps
[00:33] <Zverik> wille: Thanks
[00:34] <wille> but it should be in OSM About page
[00:34] <Zverik> though I am not sure people can make a clear connection betweet OSM and OSMF :)
[00:36] <Zverik> so I think one of us has to draft a page with a list of contacts: half for press and half for regular people
[00:36] <hbogner> we get all kind of questions in press@
[00:37] <Zverik> hbogner: can you remember some funny ones? :)
[00:38] <hbogner> some people complain about map errors, some want their accounts deleted, some se osm as background maps with custom vector overlay overlay and complain about erros in vector data , ....
[00:38] <hbogner> last one was about error in facebook maps showing switzerland in korea, it was here maps
[00:39] <hbogner> that reminds me, i have to ask some friend in facebook what is their progress in testing osm maps
[00:40] <Zverik> isn't facebook already using OSM?
[00:40] <Zverik> at least a part of it
[00:41] <wille_> sorry, my connection is bad
[00:41] <hbogner> Zverik, thats what i have to find out
[00:41] <hbogner> they said their coworker was doing some testing last year
[00:41] <hbogner> don't know what was the result
[00:42] <hbogner> that also reminds me, do we have means to send someone to this conference:
[00:43] <Zverik> hbogner: I guess you should ask OWG
[00:43] <hbogner> tomh, firefishy sound like good candidates :d
[00:43] <Zverik> hbogner: too bad they all live in London :)
[00:43] <Zverik> right, another item was about grouptweet and the neccessity of knowing who tweets what
[00:44] <Zverik> but without Harry I'm not sure we can come to any conclusion. wille_ said he doesn't need that, and me too
[00:44] <hbogner> yes, harry was doing some testing on that topic
[00:44] <Zverik> it's about trust, and if we don't trust CWG members, then why bother
[00:47] <Zverik> what else...
[00:48] <Zverik> do we want to invite active bloggers (i.e. WeeklyOSM authors) to hang out on CWG meetings?
[00:49] <hbogner> my opinion is that fresh blood can help, like you helped with reactivating us
[00:50] <wille> yes, we should
[00:51] <Zverik> there are drawbacks to that idea: too much people cannot be controlled, and we risk leaking stuff or giving access to blog/twitter to a wrong person
[00:53] <hbogner> cwg meeting are a start
[00:54] <hbogner> blog is more easy to control, everyone has his/hers own login
[00:54] <hbogner> twitter is one password, and i get harrys fear of giving everyone the pass
[00:55] <Zverik> I guess we should investigate that mediawiki plugin
[00:55] <Zverik> and if that doesn't work, hire somebody for a month to write us the grouptweet replacement :)
[00:55] <hbogner> but blog, facebook, google+, redit, linkedin, ... are better to give more people acces
[00:57] <hbogner> there is one guy active on google+ osm group, we could invite him here to se if he wants to help :D
[00:58] <Zverik> hbogner: is that an official group?
[00:58] <hbogner> Zverik, this one is official, and he posts there often
[00:58] <hbogner> Christian Ledermann
[00:59] <hbogner>
[01:00] <Zverik> then he definitely should be on CWG
[01:00] <Zverik> hbogner: are you on G+? Can you invite him here next Wednesday?
[01:00] <hbogner> last time we were talking about blog beeing more official and more formal, but we have so many social channels, not just twitter, and we should manage them all
[01:01] <hbogner> Zverik, yes i am, and if all here agree ai will invite him
[01:01] <Zverik> thanks
[01:02] <hbogner> i was reposting blog posts to g+, harry was reposting them to faceboook, and ii guess harry was tweeting them too
[01:02] <Zverik> so that's it for today, I guess. I'll post the log to later, and mail the cwg to count me in
[01:02] <hbogner> so couls we agree that any post on blog should be spread to all social networks
[01:03] <wille> ok. I have some sugestions of people to join the cwg. I'll post about them later by mail
[01:04] <hbogner> ok, until next week talk to you via mail and github
[01:04] <Zverik> hbogner: yes, cwg posts are very important and should be spread as wide as possible. But there are a lot of other interesting posts that should be advertised more :)
[01:05] <Zverik> see you next week, and thanks for coming!
[01:05] <hbogner> Zverik, yes, and that we can do on social media
[01:05] <wille> see you
[01:05] <hbogner> not everything can go on blog
[01:05] <hbogner> ok, bye