CWG meeting 2015-01-09

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Communication Working Group meeting on Friday 2015-01-09


  • Harry Wood
  • Robert Barr
  • Martin Wass
  • Chris Fleming
  • Serge Wroclawski
  • Martijn van Exel
  • Willie Marcel
  • Hrvoje Bogner

On Hangout


  • We do a round of introductions.
  • Let's figure out who wants to be involved. Start with updating the list on the OSMF CWG page with folks on this meeting. Harry
  • Harry notes that CWG has been in a reactive mode, lack of active members, need to get back in pro-active mode. Third parties have been pro-active, for example OpenCageData, we should be taking up that role, write about human interest.
  • Channels we have:
  • Jonathan posted links to most of these in the chat section during the meeting, perhaps nice to create a wiki page on Github to capture.
  • Serge suggests there should be some direction for individual contributors. We have the Google Doc that lists topics needing writing about.
  • Bob: How about peer review? It would be good te reinstate that process. Translation is difficult simple because of resources available. We should then strive to attract folks who can translate to and from English.
  • Germans have podcast and weekly OSM blog. Reposting the English version on is an option. Harry will look into that. Martijn will work his contacts there also.
  • Bob suggests that we may do a little editing and cherry pick top stories for an international audience.
  • Stepping back. What is our scope? Part of it is working the channels mentioned above. Also, being the voice / channel for Foundation / other working groups. Other potential responsibilities: press releases, leaflets, merchandise.
  • Press inquiries. Emails are now responded to piecemeal. The Press Kit is now on the wiki and has recently been edited to include a long-winded description of the project. Martijn is going to look at updating it and get it on a non-editable page.
  • Organization - let's set up a Github tracker for blog post ideas etc. Can be open for now. Martijn to set up. We can link to any desired / preferred collaborative editing environment.

Next meeting

We'll have a meeting once a month. Martijn to set up a doodle so we can pick a recurring 1/2 hour slot.