CWG meeting 2014-06-06

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communication Working Group meeting on Friday 6th June 2014


  • Harry Wood
  • Robert Barr
  • Martin Wass
  • Chris Fleming (listening)

On Skype (following is based on rough notes)


Harry gave a recap of what CWG has been and has done in the past. Can think of two aspects to this:

  • Doing blogging & tweeting on official openstreetmap channels. Probably the easiest and most fun bit. It's also a good priority to try to tackle first. We need revitalise this. Get more blogging and tweeting happening.
  • Taking decisions, laying down policies related to aspects of communication. We get queries and requests coming from other working groups and the board. One or two of these to do at the moment

Note: there's more scene-setting details in harry's kick off email


A few rough ideas we discussed:

Calender of blog posts planned out ahead.

Japanese FOSS4G community do this

Tweet topics:

New software versions. Tool upgrades.
Dates for events (closing dates for conference proposals)



  • get Henk to add Robert, Martin & Chris to communication@
  • dig out the various guideline docs and others we've worked on in the past, and share them
  • add Robert, Martin & Chris wordpress blog at least as post authors
  • add Robert, Martin & Chris to grouptweet


  • will have a first go at blogging on the state of the state of the map!


Next meeting

We suggested to meet again on skype Friday 20th midday UTC And do some emails discussions in the meantime