CWG meeting 2013-02-18

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Communication Working Group meeting on Monday 18th Feb 2012


  • Working group action plan doc
  • Communication Policy doc


  • Harry Wood
  • rweait
  • JonathanB

IRC log:

20:58 harry-wood: CWG in 2 mins
21:00 rweait: Hallo, CWG!
21:01 harry-wood: Hallo!
21:01 harry-wood: hmm just the two of us
21:01 rweait: So far.
21:01 rweait: Shall we begin?
21:01 harry-wood: ok
21:02 harry-wood: so there was a couple of things in my email
21:02 harry-wood: saw your response
21:02 harry-wood: on the action plan
21:02 harry-wood: I guess it's another document we need to kick off
21:03 rweait: Yes, I've seen the LWG action plan, and I think we can take a fairly high-level view.
21:03 rweait: No need to describe everything to the last detail.
21:03 harry-wood: ok
21:03 rweait: Do we have some standing agenda items to cover?
21:04 rweait: Any comms to review?
21:04 harry-wood: comms to review
21:04 rweait: We had the SotM annoucnement.
21:04 harry-wood: Yeah
21:04 harry-wood: I put that out on twitter and on facebook
21:04 rweait: Thank you!
21:05 harry-wood: hope the SOTM folks can swap the blog style and twitter icon some time soon
21:05 harry-wood: it's a bit weird having it styled with the japanese SOTM stuff
21:05 rweait: Oh, are they out of date on their site?
21:05 rweait: I'll send a note to them.
21:06 harry-wood: yeah it took them a while last year too
21:06 harry-wood: even has a "register now" link for the old event
21:06 : JonathanB [] entered the room.
21:07 JonathanB: sorry I'm late folks...
21:07 harry-wood: Hello!
21:07 JonathanB: Did I miss much?
21:07 rweait: hallo! just reviewing comms from this week.
21:07 harry-wood: yeah and talking about SOTM website needing updating
21:08 rweait: Sotm annoucement was it I think?
21:08 harry-wood: I tweeted today
21:08 harry-wood:
21:09 harry-wood: slight error there actually. I put style by ...but it isn't
21:09 harry-wood:
21:10 JonathanB: Just G+'d it
21:10 harry-wood: G+!
21:10 JonathanB: Had my head down preparing for my first big cycle event this weekend
21:11 harry-wood: ooh. Big cycle event?
21:11 tmcw_: harry-wood: how could you eever mistake our map styles :)
21:11 JonathanB: A Cyclosportive -- the Kentish Killer. 70 miles up and down lots of hills in Kent
21:11 harry-wood: tmcw_ Sorry MapBox!
21:11 tmcw_: :) just kidding, grey maps is grey maps
21:12 harry-wood: I did poke around the attribution links, but still got it wrong
21:13 harry-wood: I was interpreting it as CartoDB using the some tilemill tricks for the marker rendering... layered on top of stamen who are mentioned in the 'credits'
21:14 harry-wood: A bit of other tweeting: ...all looks good.
21:14 harry-wood: but we need more
21:14 harry-wood: slightly higher frequency
21:15 rweait: okay, any other standing items on the agenda to address?
21:15 harry-wood: no standing items
21:16 harry-wood: we already discussed "action plan" briefly
21:16 harry-wood: I'll kick off a document
21:16 rweait: JonathanB: see my rough sketch on Action Plan? I miss anything?
21:17 rweait: I certaliny did miss something, but did I miss some big stuff?  :-)
21:17 JonathanB: I think that's fine. Do too much and we get accused of trying to run the whole project :)
21:18 harry-wood: our meeting so far if you want to see what we said earlier JonathanB:
21:18 rweait: Yeah. That's us. "Meddling kids.'
21:18 harry-wood: We'll need to recruit some more people if we're going to run the whole project
21:18 harry-wood: hehe
21:19 rweait: Ah, I'm going to be unavailable for the next three scheduled meetings.  :(
21:19 JonathanB: Well, that was going to be my only other comment was that we have meta stuff to add to teh action plan
21:20 rweait: So please accept my apologies, early.  :-)
21:20 harry-wood: OK. CWG going to be a bit quiet
21:21 harry-wood: maybe we'll take a little break from the meetings, or try to run one earlier to include Kate
21:21 JonathanB: I'll be around, but if it's just us should we do stuff asynchronously via email for a while?
21:21 harry-wood: yeah
21:21 rweait: I can do that. But don't cancel the meetings just based on my attendance.
21:21 harry-wood: I see rweait already sent an email to the SOTM guys :-)
21:22 rweait: "Why wait?"
21:22 harry-wood: I'll set up an action plan doc
21:22 rweait: cool. Thank you.
21:22 rweait: The comms policy looks good.
21:23 rweait: Mostly a statement of our current SOP, I think.
21:24 harry-wood: Yeah. We want to capture some guiding principles e.g. so we can invite others to join in with tweeting
21:24 harry-wood: and point them at this doc
21:24 harry-wood: Comms review process during the meetings is probably a good habit too (though not that important at the moment)
21:25 harry-wood: The recourse if somebody strays off the mark on their communcations...
21:25 JonathanB: To expand on this point, there are lots of OSM pages & communities on G+, and they should probably be given some guidelines given they appear to be official OSM outlets for their localte
21:25 JonathanB: locale, even
21:25 harry-wood: that we tut tut at them during the comms review
21:26 harry-wood: Yeah... things which "appear to be official OSM outlets"
21:26 harry-wood: are an interesting one
21:26 harry-wood: So I scoped the policy to possibly include such things
21:27 harry-wood: i.e. we expect members of the community who are communicating on any of these channels to follow similar principles
21:27 harry-wood: But the danger is it makes the policy a bit wishy-washy. It's maybe not clear what's the jurisdiction
21:27 harry-wood: or you think it's OK?
21:28 rweait: I think it's good.
21:28 JonathanB: I think it's fine. We can fine tune stuff as we go along
21:29 rweait: getting non-official channels (that look like they might be official channels) to buy into our guidelines sounds like a potential challenge.
21:29 harry-wood: yes
21:30 harry-wood: somebody *will* read this and say "What?? You're banning me from saying anything 'harassing or harmful' but how can you define such things??"
21:30 harry-wood: ...because I know how these things go
21:31 rweait: I think we can predict a dozen people who will complain in that manner.
21:31 harry-wood: To be honest I don't really want to put this document out there in any big bang pronouncement" Maybe just gradually starting linking people to it
21:32 rweait: Sure. It's our guidance to ourselves.
21:33 harry-wood: Then again I did have in mind to say to the board members that we expect them to follow this
21:33 JonathanB: Well, quite.
21:33 rweait: I can't see any of the WG arguing with this.
21:33 rweait: it's all pretty simple / obvious stuff.
21:34 harry-wood: Yeah it is.... but not very concrete. I like writing unconcrete rules :-)
21:34 rweait: anything else for us today then?
21:35 harry-wood: Oh just remembering I think Kate suggested it say something more concrete about the "period of consulation"
21:35 harry-wood: but not sure what that should be really
21:35 JonathanB: I don't have anything -- I'll look into semi-official groups on G+ to see how things are.
21:36 rweait: The 48 hours is a good start.
21:36 rweait: See how she likes that part, I guess?
21:36 harry-wood: oh yeah. she writing in the doc
21:36 harry-wood: she wrote it in the doc I mean
21:37 rweait: Perhaps change "questionable" to "contentious" ?
21:37 harry-wood: hmm yeah good word
21:38 harry-wood: OK I'll take another look at this I think
21:38 harry-wood: So anything else?
21:38 harry-wood: other agenda items?
21:38 rweait: All right. Nice to chat with you both, see you here in a few weeks and email in between.
21:39 harry-wood: All right then!
21:39 harry-wood: which monday are you back then rweait?
21:40 rweait: March 18th I think.
21:40 rweait: I'll remind you by email.
21:41 harry-wood: ok. deadline March 10th for getting the plan together, so we'll do that by email anyway
21:41 harry-wood: tarra then!