CWG meeting 2013-01-14

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communication Working Group meeting on Monday 14th January 2013


  • Harry Wood
  • RichardF
  • RichardW


  • Twitter access
  • Campaign
  • human interest stories
  • blog post from board members

IRC log:

harry's wifi was dropping out so some IRC messages may be lost / wrong order

21:00 harry-wood: it's CWGo'clock
21:06 harry-wood: No jonathanB today. Do we have rweait? RichardF?
21:08 harry-wood: hmmm. Seems like advanced preparation for a CWG is inversely proportional to the number of people attending
21:09 : You have disconnected
21:10 : You have connected
21:17 harry-wood: and wifi signal's being feeble
21:24 rweait: AH, I see something from harry-wood.
21:24 rweait: Anybody else?
21:25 harry-wood: rweait: ah hello
21:25 rweait: hiya, I've been here, have we been on different channels?
21:26 harry-wood: oh errrm maybe
21:26 harry-wood: my wifi's been a bit funny
21:26 harry-wood: but I thought I had successful talked to myself just after 9pm :-)
21:26 harry-wood: so is pretty awesome!
21:28 rweait: thanks. Lots of room for improvement, but I liked the URL. :-)
21:29 rweait: And tristen brought awesome css to it for me. I just had raw html. :-)
21:29 rweait: Shall we start without the others?
21:29 rweait: We're half-done already.
21:30 rweait: Maybe we need to actually acomplish things by email, instead?
21:30 harry-wood: what about that's been offline for a while!
21:30 rweait: yup. Still down.
21:31 harry-wood: where we do go for our pizzaria tutorial without it? :-)
21:32 harry-wood: anyway yes.
21:32 rweait: :-)
21:32 rweait: internet archive, I guess.
21:32 harry-wood: RichardF was suggesting twitter passwords as an agenda item
21:33 harry-wood: but JonathanB isn't here
21:33 harry-wood: so leave that one for the emails
21:34 harry-wood: do you see fitting in with the "campaign" plan?
21:34 RichardF: hello!
21:34 rweait: hello RichardF
21:34 RichardF: sorry for being late. I volunteer for too many things.
21:34 harry-wood: hello!
21:38 rweait: Wow, long delay for harry-wood, then a pile of cached items.
21:38 rweait: twitter passwords: Must be one pw per user, with independent logins. Nothing else is sensible.
21:38 RichardF: rweait: well, that requires sorting out some sort of federated thingy like HootSuite or whatever, and personally I don't have the energy for that
21:38 rweait: We can not have a repeat of the coward who went rogue.
21:38 rweait: then we leave it at just one user.
21:38 RichardF: at present it's just Harry and I who have the Twitter password... if we want to keep control then option 2 ("please send requests to CWG and we'll action them if they're in keeping with our comms plans") is the manageable way of doing it
21:38 RichardF: would that work for people?
21:38 rweait: Good for me.
21:38 RichardF: cool. harry-wood?
21:38 RichardF: beats harry-wood's connection around the head with a fire-axe
21:38 harry-wood: I'm back! ...maybe
21:39 RichardF: heh. are you ok with the Twitter option 2 (people wanting tweets contact CWG)?
21:39 harry-wood: yes
21:39 RichardF: excellent.
21:39 RichardF: that's decided, then. I'll e-mail the person who asked for access to that effect, and cc: board.
21:39 rweait: perfect.
21:40 harry-wood: if anyone feels that others should be able to tweet more directly... then they can investigate the federated thingy
21:40 rweait: What's next harry-wood?
21:40 RichardF: yep. but for consistency of message, keeping tweets via CWG is a good thing in itself anyway.
21:41 harry-wood: I guess an ideal federated thingy would let people compose tweets but await authorisation before posting
21:41 harry-wood: must be software to do that
21:41 RichardF: probably. probably requires subscriptions too!
21:41 harry-wood: but... it's not like we've been snowed under by email requests for tweets
21:42 rweait: next item, maybe?
21:42 harry-wood: Next item
21:42 rweait: :-)
21:42 harry-wood: campaign
21:43 RichardF: \o/
21:43 rweait: Right. I've looked at a couple of domains we hinted at last weeek
21:43 rweait: none were available.
21:43 rweait: but I've asked the owners if they are for sale.
21:43 rweait: no response yet.
21:43 rweait: You'll understand why I'm not refering to those specific domains.
21:43 RichardF: (but we'd need to find a friendly Italian to register it for us, I believe.)
21:44 rweait: I like that.
21:44 rweait: And I liked beamapper enough to grab it.
21:44 RichardF: :)
21:44 rweait: we can move it to osmf if need be.
21:44 harry-wood: can we move it to be not just about toronto mapping?
21:44 rweait: let's see if it turns into anything first, I guess.
21:44 rweait: Sure.
21:45 harry-wood: so that could be the campaign website
21:45 rweait: I needed something as a target for the radio interview.
21:45 harry-wood: yeah. How did that go?
21:45 rweait: It was fast.
21:45 rweait: I wish it were 30 minutes rather than 5
21:45 rweait: It felt like 30 seconds.
21:45 harry-wood: heh. yeah I can imagine 5 minutes going by quickly
21:46 RichardF: radio interviews are terrifying. did one on Radio 2 drivetime about a year ago. just... how quickly did that go? what did I say?
21:46 rweait: They wouldn't tell me how long I would have, either.
21:46 rweait: RichardF: exactly my reaction.
21:47 harry-wood: I liked the vision RichardF was setting out for a campaign website
21:47 harry-wood: So maybe it's best to leave as is, and work on a new site
21:47 rweait: indeed. Primacy to Mapper doing a survey. Go for the gold.
21:47 RichardF: I think the lesson of switch2osm is: one really strong, single focus; don't let anything else get in the way.
21:48 rweait: Yup.
21:48 RichardF: OSM is already good at saying many things with many words. we're not so good at saying one thing in few words ;)
21:48 harry-wood: indeed
21:48 rweait: Yup.
21:48 rweait: So that one thing will be ...
21:48 harry-wood: even discussing it in CWG is spoiling it. You should just do it Richard  :-)
21:48 rweait: ?
21:48 RichardF: laughs
21:48 rweait: +1!
21:48 RichardF: I guess the one thing I'd still like to nail down is: how do we make it an ongoing story?
21:49 RichardF: switch2osm worked really well because lots of people kept switching2osm. we need to aim for that momentum with this campaign.
21:49 rweait: mapper 1MM, mapper 1MM+1,
21:49 harry-wood: Mayb the #osmedit hashtag should be wired into the new contributors feed
21:50 harry-wood: did anyone make a twitter account for that already?
21:50 RichardF: maybe we should think of some sort of 'positive feedback' loop.
21:50 rweait: regional profiles? Get a local mapper to tell their story as a blog?
21:50 RichardF: as in, "with the latest #osmedit, Toronto becomes the place with the most coffee shops mapped per square mile" or something.
21:50 RichardF: rweait: absolutely. that would be brilliant.
21:50 RichardF: can we get Pascal Neis in on this? he's our "this is what mappers are doing" ninja.
21:50 rweait: Sure, but more-random is good too.
21:51 rweait: Not just the high-producers, but the unique / thoughtful ones...
21:51 RichardF: definitely.
21:51 RichardF: human interest stories, effectively.
21:51 harry-wood: You had in mind timing it for the iD launch. So we're talking a good few months away still right?
21:51 RichardF: after all, everyone loves Berlin Zoo.
21:51 rweait: be nice to see what Pascal has to say about it.
21:52 rweait: definitely human interest
21:52 rweait: CAn we link consumer to mapper?
21:52 rweait: Tell a story about "the good" someone gained from a map / object,
21:52 rweait: then talk to the mapper who surveyed it?
21:53 rweait: Seems a high bar to reach,
21:53 rweait: speaking of bar, I have to split right at the top of the hour.
21:53 RichardF: no problem.
21:53 RichardF: we're coming up with ideas, which is good.
21:54 rweait: I'm remembering the diveintoaccessibility stories. Can we get close to that?
21:54 harry-wood: I'm remembering a google map maker blog post about some student who started mapping
21:55 rweait:
21:55 harry-wood: it made me think we should try to do that kind of "human interest" blogging
21:55 rweait: harry-wood for sure.
21:55 harry-wood: whether we can get a whole sequence of these for a separate website, I'm not so sure
21:55 RichardF: yep. cute stories that will get picked up and reported.
21:56 RichardF: we don't really want the stories for the website, we just want to be able to tweet and blog about them.
21:56 harry-wood: Yeah. We should try to do it just on
21:56 harry-wood: or could cross-post
21:56 rweait: now we just need to find them. :-)
21:57 rweait: sure, OGD would work
21:57 harry-wood: I was supposed to do a blog post about the guy that mapped most baseball fields, but I didn't get round to it. Bit late now
21:58 harry-wood: but that kind of thing
21:58 rweait: Never too late. It's original content.
21:58 harry-wood: speaking of human interest. It recently came to my attention that our board members are humans
21:58 rweait: +1
21:58 harry-wood: It was good to see some Simone Poole quotes out there
21:59 rweait: We should push the board out front more often.
21:59 harry-wood: What d'you think of my idea for a blog post (mentioned in my email earlier)
21:59 rweait: fantastic
22:00 rweait: I'd even open it up a bit though. Let them write about something else if they like.
22:00 rweait: "How I got started"
22:00 rweait: "My favourite thing to map."
22:00 rweait: "That one funny thing that happened once."
22:00 rweait: Predictions are fun too, but really hard.
22:02 harry-wood: Well we could think up a list of obvious predictions
22:02 harry-wood: and they could pick one to say something quotable about
22:02 rweait: Shall we "task" the board with that for next week? Provide CWG with a couple of lines about their survey experience / best mapping memory / highlights and predictions?
22:03 rweait: Then we can each flesh out one or two into a blog post, and queue them up for a couple of weeks.
22:03 RichardF: nice plan.
22:03 RichardF: do one of you want to e-mail the board and suggest it?
22:03 harry-wood: ok I'll set up a hackpad
22:03 rweait: Do you think they'll fall for it? :-)
22:03 harry-wood: hehe
22:03 rweait: I'll write it. :-)
22:03 rweait: Are we agreed that it is a good thing to ask for?
22:04 RichardF: sounds fun to me. go for it.
22:04 rweait: on my calendar for tomorrow
22:05 rweait: also on my calendar for tomorrow: Ulf post.
22:05 rweait: Anything else for today before I run?
22:05 RichardF: nope, not from me
22:05 harry-wood: nope
22:05 harry-wood: wrap it up there I think
22:06 RichardF: excellent. thank you all as ever!
22:06 harry-wood: See you next week!
22:06 rweait: Cheers..