CWG meeting 2012-12-10

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Meeting of the Communication working group on Monday 10th Dec 2012


Just a quick recap on last week's topics

  • campaign idea. also
  • pakistan law blog post
  • 1 million users

IRC log:

21:08 rweait: Hi harry-wood
21:08 harry-wood: Hello
21:08 harry-wood: Any CWG enthusiasm this evening?
21:09 rweait: Sure, how about you?
21:12 harry-wood: rweait: Yeah. I'm always enthusiastic
21:13 rweait: Looks like it's just us today?
21:13 harry-wood: RichardF here?
21:13 harry-wood: I don't have an agenda
21:13 harry-wood: You saw I fired off a quick blog post about International Volunteer Day
21:14 harry-wood: I emailed you guys before doing that, but for some reason the email didn't come through for a long time
21:15 rweait: I did see that.
21:15 rweait: Funny that the email was delayed. Ah well.
21:15 rweait: I have some things from a previous meeting that I haven't completed yet, so I could work on that.
21:15 harry-wood: What else is new?
21:15 harry-wood: Ah yeah
21:16 rweait: Any thoughts on the new campaign?
21:16 rweait: I didn't see any email on it this week,
21:16 rweait: "Add your knowledge to the map." or something similar.
21:17 harry-wood: Yeah. I like this idea
21:18 harry-wood: Although I suppose the neat thing about switch2osm campaign was its correspondance with news occurring
21:18 rweait: Me too, but I haven't applied much thought to it.
21:18 harry-wood: Also the neat thing was RichardF put together a funky looking website
21:19 rweait: That's no problem. We've always got news that can be addressed, at least in part, with "And here is how you add your knowledge to the map."
21:19 rweait: Yes, he did.
21:19 rweait: Did you see the recent mailing list post about documentation?
21:19 tmcw_: learnosm may fill this/these needs
21:20 harry-wood: hello tmcw_
21:20 harry-wood: Yeah there's some overlap with learnosm
21:20 tmcw_: relevant redesign ticket:
21:20 harry-wood: yeah the big redesign
21:21 harry-wood: how's that going?
21:21 tmcw_: slated to start this week or next
21:21 harry-wood: cool :-)
21:22 rweait: Ah, it was on talk-us, you wouldn't have seen it.
21:22 harry-wood: was alex barth who did some video tutorials for it?
21:22 harry-wood: good old Charlotte
21:22 tmcw_: if they had an austrian accent, yes - haven't seen any yet
21:23 harry-wood: Well has a video tutorials, but only for the first couple of chapters
21:27 harry-wood: last weeks minutes
21:27 harry-wood: couple of updates on some points
21:28 harry-wood: OSMF site fixes� turns out there's some stuff getting put into memcached . Weirdly if memcache breaks on that server then the menue disappears from (and the whole site slows down a lot)
21:28 harry-wood: but hopefully that won't be too much of a problem going forwards
21:28 harry-wood: the sysadmins are monitoring it now
21:28 rweait: Ah, good.
21:29 harry-wood: Pakistan law statement blog� I didn't really follow up, but discussion seemed to be tending towards not writing a blog post.
21:30 rweait: I spoke to the author.
21:30 harry-wood: due to concerns around partnering with humanitarian organisations, and keeping non-political
21:30 harry-wood: but yeah I saw you email
21:30 rweait: He thinks the best approach is diplomatic, via an open letter.
21:30 rweait: So he's working on that.
21:31 rweait: I don't see a problem with OSMers having a voice. Or OSMF, if it came to that. Why is HOT so shy? Surely HOT (or folks) have published some contentious things before that might upset sponsors?
21:32 harry-wood: Well there's a concern about people in pakistan who have been involved in OSM, being jailed
21:32 harry-wood: that would be bad
21:32 tmcw_: being a mapping non-profit is probably a tricky hurdle right now, with the immap recently
21:33 harry-wood: but also there's some interesting broad-ranging ideas about humanitarian orgs carefully maintaining a non-political stance
21:34 rweait: So HOT feels constrained to be quiet on the very topic on which they might claim some expertise? Seems odd. Ah well.
21:35 harry-wood: well there was no final decision. I'll mention to the HOT board about your contact in Toronto
21:35 rweait: I was imagining a nice post listing the different activities HOT has been involved in, with perhaps enough details to show that the proposed law would cool the opportunity for HOT to help in future.
21:36 harry-wood: yeah. could work
21:36 rweait: That's a bit different than "HOT says, 'Gov't law is Loopy!' "
21:36 harry-wood: OK i'll discuss some more with those guys
21:36 rweait: I'll let you know if I hear anything back from the author.
21:37 harry-wood: on the 1million users thing
21:37 harry-wood: pascal neis made a nice website about it
21:37 harry-wood: (predicting when it would happen)
21:37 harry-wood: which I now can't find
21:38 rweait: :-) Does he ever sleep?
21:38 harry-wood: He does like to crank out nifty tools
21:39 harry-wood: seems to kept this one a bit quiet though. I've lost the URL
21:40 harry-wood: Anyway it gives a prediction for when we'll hit 1 million
21:40 rweait: Do you recall his date?
21:40 harry-wood: think it was just after xmas
21:41 harry-wood: can try to guess looking at this too:
21:42 harry-wood: pretty soon I would say!
21:43 harry-wood: So anything else to discuss today?
21:44 rweait: I'm availablefor the 17th, shall we try again then?
21:44 rweait: anything from MT or other WGs to address?
21:44 harry-wood: yeah I may be otherwise engaged. My family will be all arrived here for xmas. much chaos
21:45 harry-wood: but I may be able to do a CWG
21:45 harry-wood: we'll have to see
21:45 rweait: Ah. Should you call for a break until the new year then?
21:45 harry-wood: Well� I can't promise I'll be there next week. So maybe yes
21:45 rweait: I'll certainly miss the 24th and 31st
21:46 harry-wood: ok. Lets call a break until the new year
21:46 rweait: Okay. Best of the season!
21:46 harry-wood: you too!
21:46 harry-wood: Have a good Toronto xmas party!
21:46 rweait: Thanks Happy London event.
21:47 harry-wood: yeah hopefully someone will organise something. I'm a bit too busy for that too
21:48 harry-wood: So anyway. let's keep an eye out for 1 million users, and other breaking news
21:48 rweait: send a note to the list so they know to get off the stick.
21:48 rweait: Shall do.
21:48 rweait: Cheers.
21:48 harry-wood: and we'll meet again in 2013
21:48 harry-wood: see ya