CWG meeting 2012-12-03

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Communication Working Group meeting on Monday 3rd December 2012


  • OSMF site fixes
  • Pakistan law statement blog
  • representing OSM in the eclipse LocationTech group
  • Theme for 2013 / rallying cry equivalent to switch2osm
  • End of year announcements
    • New year (instead of xmas)
    • 1Million users coming up
    • Ulf memorial. nominations

IRC log:

21:07 rweait: Ah, hello, harry-wood.
21:07 harry-wood: hi
21:08 RichardF: evening!
21:08 harry-wood: how's things? meeting happening?
21:08 harry-wood: sorry I wasn't watching the time
21:08 harry-wood: (and having dinner again)
21:08 rweait: Sure, shall we?
21:09 rweait: I'll pretend I didn't just catch up myself.  :-)
21:09 rweait: JonathanB, RichardF are we good to go?
21:09 JonathanB: Here!
21:09 harry-wood: ah just noticing the menu is back on here:
21:09 RichardF: yep!
21:09 harry-wood: probably fixed by Firefishy
21:09 RichardF: Grant fixed the OSMF site, yes
21:10 harry-wood: And we've got a 'Find out why you should join' link
21:10 harry-wood: jolly good
21:10 harry-wood: what's on the agenda for today?
21:11 rweait: I thought harry-wood was in charge of that?
21:11 harry-wood: I have an agenda item
21:12 rweait: okay, let's have a go at it.
21:12 harry-wood: on the HOT discussions some people feel that we need to put out a statement about the proposed pakistan anti-mapping laws
21:12 harry-wood: We discussed HOT blogging about it
21:13 harry-wood: but there were concerns it would make HOT look to politically active, which might compromise our ability to work with certain people
21:13 harry-wood: so it was thought a OSM channel might be better
21:13 rweait: 1) does this exist? 2) is this any different than similar laws in other jurisdictions?
21:14 JonathanB: If it's not OK for HOT to be politically active, why is it OK for OSMF?
21:14 harry-wood:
21:14 harry-wood: good question
21:15 harry-wood: I suppose its because we're trying to work with organisations on things like sending people to these places
21:15 RichardF: rweait: 2) it's new, is the difference, I guess. plus HOT isn't exactly going to help in China, but could do in Pakistan.
21:15 harry-wood: Well we might help in China. Actually is it any different... is also a good question
21:16 harry-wood: Personally I've been pointing out that it'll probably blow over
21:16 harry-wood: and never really be enforced that much
21:16 harry-wood: But Alex Barth got excited about this issue, and drafted a blog post
21:17 harry-wood: Now he's keen to see it posted somewhere I suppose
21:17 RichardF: I don't see any harm in posting it to OpenGeoData (assuming it's ok, but I'm sure it will be)
21:18 harry-wood: But before we could post anything, I or Alex will need to check about whether the Pakistani mappers are happy about it
21:18 harry-wood: so... not quite ready to go ahead anyway
21:19 rweait: Or we could go to a more direct source. This blogger works a few blocks from me.
21:19 harry-wood: oh yeah?
21:19 rweait: Yeah, his byline is Ryerson University. They hosted the Toronto Dev weekend in March. I know some of the folks there.
21:20 harry-wood: There one pakistani guy active on the HOT mailing list
21:20 harry-wood: and saying that he's stopping a mapping initiative
21:20 harry-wood: that he was hoping to work on
21:20 harry-wood: due to the law.
21:21 rweait: So, is it proposed, or current law?
21:21 harry-wood: proposed I think
21:21 harry-wood: I really haven't had much time to look into it
21:21 harry-wood: so let me look into it some more
21:21 harry-wood: and I'll email you all about it
21:21 rweait: Shall I contact the author?
21:21 harry-wood: Oh yeah you could
21:22 rweait: Okay. I'll do that, see if he wants to have a coffee.
21:22 harry-wood: Tell him we're thinking of putting out a statement from OSM. see what he thinks
21:22 harry-wood: (or maybe "putting out a statement" is putting it too strongly. But a blog post)
21:23 harry-wood: Other agenda items?
21:23 rweait: the ongoing issue with LocationTech ?
21:24 harry-wood: Did you tell we'd be happy to take part?
21:24 harry-wood: (or whatever we agreed)
21:25 rweait: Have you not seen the thread with the board on the communication list?
21:25 JonathanB: I agreed in CWG to represent OSM(F), but Steve then took interest
21:25 harry-wood: didn't see that
21:26 rweait: and Henk, though Henk has not responded since.
21:26 rweait: Are we frozen here, waiting on board replies?
21:26 RichardF: no, continue as you are
21:26 RichardF: Steve's role is purely advisory; the board itself has not made a recommendation one way or another
21:26 RichardF: if it's a communication-focused partnership, that's entirely within the remit of CWG
21:27 RichardF: just got an e-mail from Henk saying "I've decided make a small step in clearing my desk by excusing myself from the CWG"
21:27 rweait: in that case, my preference it to continue, and use the standard OSM logo.
21:27 RichardF: yep. it's worth trying these things.
21:27 rweait: oh, no more Henk?
21:27 rweait: He'll be missed. but he has been really busy lately.
21:28 RichardF: he has, indeed.
21:28 RichardF: shall I drop him a line on behalf of CWG saying thanks for the effort he's put in?
21:28 rweait: JonathanB, are you still okay to handle the LocationTech stuff.
21:28 rweait: yes, indeed.
21:28 RichardF: will do.
21:29 harry-wood: yup
21:29 JonathanB: rweait: Yes
21:29 rweait: We still have board guidance here. *waves* at RichardF.
21:29 RichardF: waves back
21:29 rweait: harry-wood is still chair.
21:29 RichardF: yep.
21:29 rweait: but we could sure use some more CWGers
21:29 rweait: :-)
21:29 RichardF: it would be good to start thinking about if we have a proactive "theme" for the start of 2013 - something to motivate people.
21:30 harry-wood: D'you mean a theme of CWG meetings?
21:30 RichardF: at the start of 2012, we did #switch2osm, which worked incredibly well and got us a whole bunch of media coverage (backed up with "execution" in the form of the website)
21:30 harry-wood: ah right theme of OSM
21:30 RichardF: we should consider whether there's another theme we could take - whether to drive take-up of OSM, or to drive more mappers, or whatever.
21:31 RichardF: so, for example, when iD comes online, we could have an "add your local knowledge to the map" campaign, for example.
21:31 harry-wood: yeah!
21:31 JonathanB: "Is your business in OSM"?
21:31 JonathanB: Get business owners to check whether they've been mapped?
21:31 rweait: I've got an inspiration for a locla mapping campaign, but I don't think it would translate well in the Old World.
21:31 RichardF: #mapyourbackyard
21:32 rweait: JonathanB: +1
21:32 rweait: RichardF: +1
21:32 RichardF: #switch2osm worked really well because it focused on what made us different - basically "cheaper than Google and your maps can look like whatever you like"
21:32 rweait: Anything there we can tackle with some blog posts?
21:33 RichardF: so honing in an a point of difference is a good avenue to take. local knowledge could be that.
21:33 JonathanB: Certainly a promotion to business owners is bloggable
21:34 rweait: oh /me has another agenda item for later.
21:34 rweait: "New Year" posting.
21:34 harry-wood: How d'you think the iD editor will be rolled out? We'll have plenty of time to see and play with it before a big bang deployment I guess
21:34 RichardF: yes, I think so.
21:34 harry-wood: Would be nice to make tutorial videos and ...tutorials
21:35 RichardF: target is for an alpha by year-end, but obviously that's not the same as becoming the default editor on the site.
21:35 JonathanB: Well, documentation as a theme would follow on from #s2o
21:35 rweait: if we go with, "Is your business in OSM"?, what tool do we start with, nominatim?
21:35 RichardF: let's think big. blog postings and tweets saying "is your business in OSM?" can be part of a wider "add your local knowledge" campaign.
21:36 harry-wood: trouble with "Is your business in OSM?"... is that many businesses aren't the best kind of data to add. e.g. an office on the 3rd floor somewhere
21:36 RichardF: harry-wood: you're so... literal ;)
21:36 rweait: RichardF: okay.
21:36 JonathanB: harry-wood: We'd only be talking about public-facing businesses
21:36 harry-wood: mmm but people will take it literally.
21:37 JonathanB: We can explain VERY SLOWLY AND IN SMALL WORDS.
21:37 RichardF: fine. they put an icon in the right lat=, lon=, and hang the z-index.
21:37 RichardF: seriously we shouldn't let "some businesses are on the third floor" stop us from doing a marketing campaign :)
21:37 harry-wood: There'll be like "oh OK I get the idea. So... there must be an easy way to add *my* business to the map"
21:37 harry-wood: ...and then they might be disappointed
21:38 RichardF: seriously we shouldn't let "some businesses are on the third floor" stop us from doing a marketing campaign :)
21:38 RichardF: anyway, we needn't decide on the Big Campaign tonight. let's take a week to think it over. maybe discuss on over the next week.
21:39 rweait: Sounds good.
21:39 harry-wood: ok
21:39 rweait: Quick one on new year posting?
21:39 RichardF: go for it.
21:39 JonathanB: is temp. afk...
21:40 rweait: Can, we have a New Year posting , instead of a Christmas posting this year? New Year would be more inclusive.
21:40 rweait: And I'm already sick of bad Christmas carols.
21:40 rweait: Or perhaps a Solstice posting.
21:40 RichardF: New Year posting sounds good to me.
21:41 harry-wood: Trying to remember what we did last year
21:41 harry-wood: yeah we had a christmas new server
21:41 rweait: Also, we have the Ulf Memorial Award coming up.
21:41 rweait: We should blog for nominations.
21:41 RichardF: good point.
21:41 harry-wood: Derick's working on a year of edits 2012 video (It might be ready *fairly* soon after new year, but not immediately)
21:41 rweait: nominations for 2012 until New year, then award in March, I think.
21:42 harry-wood: Did we get any nominations yet?
21:42 rweait: Shall I do a Memorial Award blog then?
21:42 rweait: Yes, two nominations so far, on the CWG list.
21:42 harry-wood: I remember one of them
21:43 harry-wood: Anyway yes. Do a blog!
21:43 rweait: shall do.
21:43 harry-wood: We need to keep an eye on
21:43 rweait: Number 1,000,000 ?
21:43 harry-wood: yeah
21:43 rweait: That will be this month, too.
21:44 rweait: oh, perhaps not.
21:44 harry-wood: could we sync some announcement with that?
21:44 rweait: We'd need a story that is "Evergreen".
21:44 RichardF: we could, but it's a strong enough story in itself.
21:44 rweait: +1
21:45 rweait: I heard back from the Professor. I'll talk to him tomorrow.
21:46 harry-wood: so there's a few things to be ready to announce
21:47 harry-wood: is still a stub
21:47 harry-wood: I hinted to some people that they should organise it, since I'm not really available
21:48 rweait: we've got our usual Toronto event on the 17th
21:48 harry-wood: Ah right. You should add it on there
21:49 harry-wood: I'm going to write a diary entry about our london hack weekend
21:49 harry-wood: I'm having a busy December. Lots to catch up on
21:50 RichardF: anything else for this evening?
21:50 harry-wood: Did rweait mention he had something else?
21:51 rweait: Yup, the New Year thing, All done.
21:51 harry-wood: oh ok
21:51 RichardF: ok, shall we adjourn then?
21:51 harry-wood: just looking at my calendar
21:52 rweait: All good here. See you on the 10th?
21:52 harry-wood: I may have something else on
21:52 harry-wood: But maybe not
21:52 RichardF: cool. see you next week then.
21:52 rweait: Take care, then.
21:52 RichardF: anyone able to post the minutes?
21:53 harry-wood: yup can do
21:53 harry-wood: see you next time
21:53 RichardF: thanks!
21:53 rweait: shall do
21:53 rweait: Oops, you beat me to it harry.  :-)
21:53 harry-wood: readies the magic script :