CWG meeting 2012-07-30

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Communication Working Group meeting 30th July 2012


  • License change TODOs (and TODO list)
  • Contacting reseller companies

IRC log:

20:59 ': toffehoff [] entered the room.
21:00 toffehoff: H
21:00 toffehoff: Hi
21:00 harry-wood: hello
21:01 harry-wood: Do we have RichardF or JonathanB today?
21:01 toffehoff: How are the olympics for you?
21:01 RichardF: hello!
21:01 harry-wood: Hello!
21:01 toffehoff: Hello!
21:01 harry-wood: I'm watching a cheeky bit of basketball right now
21:02 RichardF: I went to see the cycling road race on Saturday. Amazing race, even if we didn't wiN!
21:02 toffehoff: Well, having won the Tour de France counts for something ....
21:02 RichardF: absolutely. much more important than the Olympics ;)
21:02 harry-wood: We nearly won the ladies race… if it wasn't for those pesky Netherlands
21:03 toffehoff: Yep, we're always there to ruin the party :-)
21:03 harry-wood: hehehe
21:03 harry-wood: So what's the on the agenda for CWG?
21:04 toffehoff: License change?
21:04 harry-wood: License change. Feels like were back in a situation where we need to pull together info to try to put out some updates
21:04 RichardF: yep: I guess we need to be ready to communicate the change when it actually happens
21:05 toffehoff: What are we going to communicate at that time?
21:06 toffehoff: Blog etc, but also press release?
21:06 harry-wood: actually I was hoping we could put together a TODO list in conjunction with other WGs
21:06 toffehoff: Good idea
21:06 RichardF: toffehoff: that makes sense. I think a large part of the work will be communicating to data consumers
21:07 RichardF: i.e. what attribution do they have to use now, how have their obligations changed, where can they find more info, etc. etc.
21:07 RichardF: harry-wood: good plan
21:07 toffehoff: Yes, I guessing that most of the OSM mappers community by now knows what going on.
21:08 harry-wood: did some rewriting on this page today:
21:09 harry-wood: That's quite an important page I think. Linked from various places as the official explanation, and I think LWG ran that past lawyers at one stage
21:09 harry-wood: (you know?_
21:09 harry-wood: but it needed updating now that redactions happened
21:10 toffehoff: Not sure whether this particular page has been ran past a lawyer....
21:10 toffehoff: ... but yes, it needed an update indeed.
21:11 RichardF: harry-wood: looks good.
21:12 toffehoff: We might need to ping the translators of this page as well.
21:12 RichardF: we also need to have a fairly thorough update of the wiki.
21:12 RichardF: harry-wood's idea of a TODO list is sounding better by the minute :)
21:12 toffehoff: :-0
21:13 harry-wood: hackpad link redacted. To be emailed to Management Team
21:13 RichardF: excellent.
21:14 harry-wood: it's a bit empty at the moment :-)
21:15 harry-wood: oopse. javascript crashing
21:16 RichardF: hokay, added a couple of things.
21:17 RichardF: anything else on the licence change?
21:18 toffehoff: Quick search on return 339 pages with CC-BY-SA in the text.
21:18 harry-wood: I'm going to circulate this more widely to Management Team etc
21:18 RichardF: toffehoff: yeeouch.
21:18 toffehoff:
21:18 toffehoff: Don't have to change them all tough...
21:18 harry-wood: We should list the main priorities for a rewrite, and maybe start prepping some of the text beforehand
21:19 harry-wood: Are there any other info pages which should be updated more urgently, to reflect the stage we're at?
21:19 harry-wood: Think that's mostly done now
21:20 RichardF: excellent.
21:21 toffehoff:
21:22 RichardF: toffehoff: well spotted - added.
21:22 RichardF: should we reach out personally to major "resellers" of OSM data (e.g. Geofabrik, Cloudmade, Mapbox)?
21:22 RichardF: I'm sure Frederik will be on top of things with Geofabrik, not sure CM will be though...
21:23 harry-wood: Well we could prepare a standard email to go out to lots of people
21:24 harry-wood: Can be just text lifted of the FAQ updates we need to do anyway
21:24 toffehoff: It might be a good idea to send a message to the major resellers we know about.
21:24 toffehoff: It could contain a link to a page with more info....
21:25 toffehoff: So, who are our major resellers?
21:25 RichardF: CM, Mapbox, Geofabrik - any more?
21:25 toffehoff: The ones mentioned.... Local chapters?
21:26 toffehoff: that is: local osm maps, like
21:26 toffehoff: MQ
21:26 RichardF: good point
21:26 harry-wood: just thought of another thing to do at this juncture
21:26 harry-wood: More publicity of simon poole's task manager?
21:27 harry-wood: Not how that's going
21:27 harry-wood: or if everyone's supportive of it in fact (evil armchair mapping)
21:27 RichardF: it's going well, I think
21:28 toffehoff: Here's also a list:
21:29 RichardF: should have thought of that really ;)
21:29 harry-wood: this is the bigger list —>
21:29 harry-wood: (probably needs updating)
21:29 toffehoff: thought that the list looked familiar
21:30 harry-wood: so we could email those companies as soon as we know a date for the changover
21:31 harry-wood: but then I suppose when know a date… it'll be TODAY!
21:31 toffehoff: At least "soon".
21:32 RichardF: we can always do a two-shot e-mail: 1. "get ready", 2. "we're changing"
21:32 toffehoff: Or should we already send them a heads-up message.
21:32 toffehoff: right.
21:33 harry-wood: well that's also the form some blog posts could take
21:33 harry-wood: I'm not really well versed on what the actual message needs to be for "get ready"
21:34 toffehoff: Bigger companies tend to need some time to get changes implemented.
21:34 RichardF: harry-wood: basically, "this is how you need to change your attribution" and "these are the changes you will need to make to how you share alike"
21:35 RichardF: let me quickly jot something down...
21:36 harry-wood: yeah that kind of thing. What will the details actually be?… I guess seeing a draft what the new 'copyrights' page will look like, will be useful for a lot of people (including me)
21:36 RichardF: have you seen Legal FAQ/ODbL on the wiki?
21:36 harry-wood: Yeah. I probably just need to read that :-)
21:37 harry-wood: What d'you think of the idea of a blog post or something on the topic of remapping work?
21:39 harry-wood: Fairly soon now we'll see people starting whine about more delays
21:39 RichardF: go for it.
21:40 harry-wood: I'm hoping somebody will step forward with a solid plan for tackling copy & paste problems or information about what is happening behind the scenes with DWG
21:43 RichardF: ok: hackpad link redacted. to be emailed to LWG
21:43 RichardF: that's the proposed email to resellers
21:44 toffehoff: You might want to add something on why they got the mail.
21:44 toffehoff: ... or where we got their e-mail address from.
21:45 RichardF: added an extra sentence.
21:46 toffehoff: great.
21:46 RichardF: reseller isn't quite the right word, but it's clear enough, if I put it in quotes :)
21:46 toffehoff: distributor?
21:47 RichardF: could work, yep
21:48 toffehoff: What about (2nd paragraph) "If you use OpenStreetMap data after ..."
21:49 RichardF: well, the licence doesn't kick in if you only "use" it internally
21:49 toffehoff: Some people might think. "We're not distributing it, we're only publishing a map based on it"
21:49 harry-wood: well these are the details which will no doubt crop up in endless questions for years afterwards :-)
21:49 toffehoff: :-)
21:50 harry-wood: So are we planning to send this out very soon then?
21:50 harry-wood: someone going to do it this week? or we wait a little while
21:51 RichardF: do we want to get LWG to review it?
21:51 toffehoff: Maybe check with LWG on timing.
21:51 RichardF: but yeah, we should do it asap.
21:51 toffehoff: guess the answer is yes :-)
21:51 RichardF: I'll e-mail LWG.
21:51 toffehoff: They are meeting tomorrow.
21:52 toffehoff: So, not a huge delay in that
21:53 toffehoff: It's getting late, and I still need to prepare a training for tomorrow....
21:53 toffehoff: (not OSM related).
21:53 harry-wood: ok. So as far as I can see the current CWG priority is to gently nudge things so we get some communicable progress re the c&p problems
21:53 RichardF: hokay, sent.
21:53 toffehoff: thanks.
21:53 harry-wood: and to communicate remapping work perhaps
21:53 RichardF: I doubt we have anything else urgent to discuss tonight so we should let toffehoff get on :)
21:53 harry-wood: yep
21:54 toffehoff: till next week then.
21:54 RichardF: see you then!
21:54 RichardF: harry-wood: you ok adding this to the OSMF site as usual?
21:54 toffehoff: Bye!
21:54 : toffehoff left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
21:54 harry-wood: I'll circulate our todo list
21:55 harry-wood: & post the logs yep
21:55 harry-wood: see you then
' RichardF: thanks!