CWG meeting 2012-06-18

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Communications Working Group meeting on 18th June 2012


  • Harry Wood
  • Henk Hoff
  • Jonathan Bennett


  • License change progress
    • Recent board meeting to discuss. Decisions to communicate from this
  • Quick mention of other topics
    • HOT training group looking at documentation
    • Wherecamp Berlin

IRC log:

21:01 harry-wood: Hello
21:01 toffehoff: Hey Harry.
21:01 harry-wood: Shall we do a CWG?
21:02 toffehoff: JonathanB_ also joined a couple of minutes ago.
21:02 harry-wood: RichardF around? JonathanB_ ?
21:02 toffehoff: Not sure RichardF is present?
21:03 toffehoff: was there a meeting last week?
21:03 JonathanB_: Here, Sir!
21:04 harry-wood: Hello
21:04 toffehoff: Hi Jonathan!
21:04 harry-wood: No meeting last week in the minutes list
21:04 harry-wood: I forgot about it to be honest. Was busy with other stuff
21:04 JonathanB_: No meeting last week -- board overran, didn't it?
21:04 toffehoff: RichardF and I were in a board meeting
21:04 toffehoff: Yes
21:04 harry-wood: Ah right. How'd that go?
21:05 toffehoff: Pretty good I think.
21:05 harry-wood: Mikel still fretting about license change progress?
21:05 toffehoff: We all want it to be over asap.
21:06 toffehoff: Don't want it to drag on for several more months.
21:06 toffehoff: Talked about what needed to be done to make it work.
21:07 harry-wood: From CWG point of view we maybe need a change of tack. The weekly updates feel a bit too awkward when there's no progress
21:07 toffehoff: We are hiring Andy to work on it this week full time.
21:08 harry-wood: aha! right. Seems like a good idea
21:08 toffehoff: Dermot is Andy's point of contact. Discussed about the tasks Andy needed to do.
21:08 toffehoff: And by what date.
21:08 harry-wood: Are there minutes of the board meeting published?
21:09 toffehoff: Ah .... not yet. Need to work on it. Good of you to remind me.....
21:09 harry-wood: How should we communicate the hiring Andy development?
21:09 toffehoff: It might be good as part of the weekly update.
21:09 harry-wood: Yeah I think so
21:09 toffehoff: Check with Dermot about the details.
21:10 toffehoff: Nothing there to hide it.
21:10 harry-wood: It naturally prompts the question how come andy gets paid and non of the other developers do
21:11 toffehoff: It sure will :-)
21:11 harry-wood: I mean I have no problem with the idea. I like it. but… ideas for how to communicate this?
21:12 toffehoff: As board: we've looked at it how it worked when done by volunteers: It just drags on.
21:12 toffehoff: We wanted somebody to work on this full time.
21:13 toffehoff: Andy was available and has the knowledge to do so.
21:13 toffehoff: It's not that board has asked Andy.
21:14 harry-wood: the board didn't ask Andy?
21:14 toffehoff: Andy was suggested by other people on someone who would be available and having the knowledge to catch on quickly.
21:15 toffehoff: It's not that the board has said: "Andy needs to do it".
21:15 toffehoff: Board has said: "We need someone who can work on it full-time".
21:16 harry-wood: So you're in charge of publishing minutes of the board meeting? Can you also do a rebuild list post
21:16 harry-wood: ?
21:16 toffehoff: Within MT Andy was already asked to step in.
21:17 toffehoff: let me try. Will be very busy this week tough.
21:17 toffehoff: though.
21:17 harry-wood: Maybe you can rope someone else who was a the board meeting
21:17 toffehoff: Will ping RichardF or Dermot.
21:17 harry-wood: run in past Andy himself
21:18 harry-wood: it
21:19 toffehoff: I will also ping board on how is going to respond to all the flack about someone being paid.
21:19 toffehoff: how = who
21:20 harry-wood: I think it's OK. just a bit weird.
21:21 toffehoff: BTW Andy will be charging a significantly lower rate for us than he normally does.
21:21 JonathanB_: It's a pragmatic way of dealing with the issue -- the only sticking point is how Andy got the job over anyone else.
21:21 harry-wood: Bargain!
21:23 toffehoff: Valid question. But there was nobody else on the radar that could do the job (at that time).
21:23 harry-wood: The other point is that it really needed to be someone who would join in and work well with matt. They've worked together before. Andy is available. It makes a lot of sense.
21:23 harry-wood: No time to go through some convoluted open hiring process
21:23 toffehoff: And it's not that Andy is charging big money.
21:23 toffehoff: Exactly Harry.
21:23 harry-wood: very much a case of "sooner the better" as start date
21:24 toffehoff: If this triggers a discussion on what kind of things we hire out (pay people to do it), that would be good.
21:25 toffehoff: This instance, I think we can say that this was the most sane thing to do.
21:25 harry-wood: So if you can take care of a post to rebuild (or get others to help) then… we're good with a weekly update too.
21:25 harry-wood: What else is on the CWG radar?
21:25 toffehoff: Have asked RichardF to look at the comms policy.
21:26 toffehoff: But since he's not here ....
21:26 harry-wood: I have a feeling there may be a lot of movement very quickly on redaction stuff once we get past this stage. Maybe we could prepare some communications.
21:26 harry-wood: but usual problem of not being entirely sure what's going to happen technically
21:27 toffehoff: Something else: I got a response from somebody to "spice up" the thank you page after you've paid the membership fee.
21:27 harry-wood: hehe. Spice it up?
21:27 toffehoff: That was the wording he used ;-)
21:27 harry-wood: Is it a message written by micheal collinson?
21:27 toffehoff: No, just a short page.... Lemme look it up....
21:28 toffehoff:
21:28 toffehoff: this is page you will see after you've paid the membership fee via PayPal.
21:28 JonathanB_: What actually needs to happen there is that the message is no longer on the Wiki, but that will take more work
21:29 toffehoff: Good thinking. It should be a page on the
21:30 JonathanB_: I'll contact the admins to see what can be done
21:30 harry-wood: discussed here I see
21:30 harry-wood: Well we can put it on the wiki
21:30 toffehoff: Any suggestions on what we can put here (text wise)?
21:31 toffehoff: we can easily move it to and then ask Grant to change the redirect from PayPal.
21:31 harry-wood: oh yeah. that'll need grant
21:31 harry-wood: I think it's quite spicey
21:31 harry-wood: :-)
21:32 harry-wood: …I mean it's quite short
21:32 harry-wood: It will look better as an page
21:32 harry-wood: maybe that's enough
21:32 toffehoff: Let's first transfer it to then.
21:32 toffehoff: Will put this on my list.
21:32 toffehoff: Since I'm handling the membership registration already.
21:33 harry-wood: jolly good
21:33 toffehoff: Anything else?
21:34 harry-wood: There's a HOT working group called "training" working group
21:34 toffehoff: Who is going to be at WhereCampDE?
21:34 toffehoff: What does that WG do?
21:34 harry-wood: This training team has some moment at the moment, they're doing some documentation stuff. Actually the kind of thing I had in mind for CWG at one point
21:35 harry-wood: So that's good. Someone else is doing it :-) …but I think I'll suggest a sort of collaboration there
21:36 harry-wood: They've started cataloging existing documentation. A useful step
21:36 toffehoff: Looks like a good start for a more general OSM training section.
21:37 harry-wood: Yes. I think there's not much which Humanitarian specific in the documentation needs of HOT. They mainly need the general OSM docs to be better
21:37 harry-wood: But if there's a team of folks there willing to put time into it...
21:37 harry-wood: …I certainly don't want to do anything discourage that
21:38 harry-wood: I'll have to try and sit in on that group
21:38 toffehoff: Might be a good start :-)
21:38 harry-wood: yes. One more group. not really what I need :-)
21:39 toffehoff: I know the feeling :-)
21:39 harry-wood: so… you were asking about WhereCampDE
21:39 toffehoff: Just wondering if you or Jonathan would also be there?
21:40 harry-wood: Seems like quite a big event. Maybe I should've gone
21:40 harry-wood: but can't really
21:40 harry-wood: have a good one though!
21:41 JonathanB_: I can't travel far at the moment
21:41 toffehoff: Luckily I had it already planned before I took on my new job. Otherwise I would probably not have been able to take the days off.
21:41 harry-wood: ooh yeah. new job.
21:41 harry-wood: How's that going?
21:41 toffehoff: Very busy, but fun
21:42 toffehoff: ....well, depend how you define "fun" ;-)
21:42 toffehoff: it's a facinating business.
21:42 harry-wood: I'm going to have to head off.
21:43 harry-wood: I think we're done though hey?
21:43 toffehoff: A small company, but we're competing with the big guys like Cisco.
21:43 harry-wood: small company? awesome
21:43 harry-wood: that's the way to go :-)
21:43 toffehoff: Think we are.
21:43 toffehoff: Absolutely!
21:43 harry-wood: ok
21:43 JonathanB_: Cool
21:43 harry-wood: We'll look out for your rebuild post!
21:43 toffehoff: I'm employer # 15
21:43 toffehoff: employee
21:44 harry-wood: see you
21:44 toffehoff: See ya!
21:45 JonathanB_: Byesie-bye