CWG meeting 2012-03-19

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Meeting of the Communication Working Group on Monday 19th March 2012


  • Harry Wood
  • Henk Hoff


  • ESRI donation announcement
  • Very brief mention of other topics.
    • Licence change
    • Surveys on the mailing list

IRC log:

21:03 harry-wood: hello
21:03 toffehoff: Hello.
21:04 toffehoff: Still in Toronto. At the airport at the moment.
21:05 harry-wood: Aha. you made it to the hack weekend?
21:05 toffehoff: Yup.
21:05 toffehoff: Was good to be there.
21:05 harry-wood: had fun?
21:05 toffehoff: About 14-12 people present.
21:06 toffehoff: Yes, some new people where there (students for the university who hosted the event).
21:07 toffehoff: So, it's only you and me this time?
21:07 toffehoff: BTW: RichardW says hello (he is on the road right now).
21:07 harry-wood: ah ok
21:07 toffehoff: He just dropped me of at the airport.
21:07 harry-wood: So maybe just the two of us yes
21:08 harry-wood: ESRI donation announcement went out as you know…
21:08 toffehoff: Great!
21:08 harry-wood: you doing the nl translation?
21:08 toffehoff: Am working on the dutch translation right now.
21:08 harry-wood: awesome
21:08 harry-wood: I guess I'll go on facebook and g+ and see if I can do that bit too
21:09 harry-wood: maybe JonathanB did it already
21:09 harry-wood: or maybe he's not around today
21:10 harry-wood: And the press release is looking good:
21:10 harry-wood: they went with your text at the bottom *replacing* the 'About Esri' section, which I wasn't expecting
21:10 toffehoff: Looking at it now.
21:11 toffehoff: Also looking were the about esri went ;-)
21:11 toffehoff: Suits me ;-)
21:11 harry-wood: Well it makes more sense this way actually
21:12 toffehoff: I can imagine the don't put the \"about Esri\" on their personal website ….
21:12 toffehoff: People already should know who Esri is ;-)
21:13 harry-wood: Karen Richardson also wants to organise a podcast with steve at the conference next week.
21:13 : padded_mackerski left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
21:13 toffehoff: Great. We'll put a link on that as well in due time.
21:13 : padded_mackerski [~paddedmac@] entered the room.
21:13 harry-wood: I'll drop him a mail about that.
21:14 harry-wood: What else is happening?
21:14 toffehoff: I saw Simon Poole is drafting a message to the users of the data about the license change.
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21:15 harry-wood: oh really?
21:15 harry-wood: Should we ask him for a preview of that? or do we have access to a preview already?
21:16 toffehoff: I think it is circulating in LWG.
21:16 toffehoff: Will probably be in LWG call tomorrow.
21:16 toffehoff: Shall ping Simon with an offer for help.
21:17 toffehoff: I'll also drop a question about whether they have a need for more comms about the upcoming change.
21:18 toffehoff: It might be good to start with a draft for a press release when we go-live with the new license.
21:18 harry-wood: Yes maybe. Google doc?
21:18 toffehoff: So we can send that out right before or during the switch-over.
21:19 toffehoff: yeah.
21:19 toffehoff: Why we're doing this, a nice quote from SteveC, consequences for users of the data (what should they do), etc.
21:19 harry-wood: I'm imagining we'll need at least one blog post explaining that some process is starting, and it isn't finished yet
21:20 harry-wood: but at this stage we're still not sure of the plans
21:20 toffehoff: There are several moments we can send messages.
21:21 harry-wood: but yeah the final declaration of license change will be a big announcement.
21:21 toffehoff: yup
21:22 toffehoff: Have you seen the email from Richard about the survey's?
21:22 harry-wood: Ah yeah. I didn't see the original surveys though
21:23 harry-wood: Were they annoying?
21:23 toffehoff: I've had a brief talk with Richard about this.
21:23 toffehoff: Problem he had was that others are doing a survey and it's not sure whether we get the results back.
21:24 harry-wood: ah right yeah
21:25 toffehoff: An idea was to coordinate the survey requests and also require them to make the results open.
21:25 toffehoff: So also members of the community can work with them.
21:26 toffehoff: it's an idea worth thinking about.
21:26 harry-wood: It seems fair. but can we \"require\" anything really?
21:27 toffehoff: We could also set up an opt-in or opt-out list of people who want to participate in surveys.
21:27 toffehoff: So others would not be \" harassed\"
21:27 harry-wood: I mean it's just an email coming in on the mailing lists. We can admonish somebody for posting a survey which hasn't been approved, but that's the most we can do isn't it?
21:28 toffehoff: I had not have thought about it much.
21:29 toffehoff: There are pros and cons about this.
21:29 toffehoff: The problem with sending a request to talk@, you only reach a certain type of community member.
21:30 toffehoff: Not everybody is subscribed to talk@
21:30 harry-wood: not me!
21:30 harry-wood: :-)
21:30 toffehoff: For instance: you would hardly get Japanese speaking people there.
21:30 toffehoff: (i think)
21:30 harry-wood: Let's put this on the agenda for next week, because rweait can give his opinions on the matter then
21:31 toffehoff: Let's do that.
21:31 harry-wood: (or in emails between times)
21:31 harry-wood: Anything else upcoming urgently?
21:31 harry-wood: There's server downtime tomorrow
21:31 toffehoff: oooh. let's make some extra noise about it.
21:32 harry-wood: That's already been pre-announced plentifully.
21:32 toffehoff: Yeah, but a last reminder a couple of hours before we go offline.
21:32 toffehoff: For those who forgot about it.
21:33 harry-wood: I guess firefishy will do that. I'll remind him to remind everybody :-)
21:33 toffehoff: ok
21:34 toffehoff: Other that the license change, I see no other urgent matters at the moment.
21:34 harry-wood: ok
21:34 toffehoff: Anything on the merge of ODG and the blog.osmf?
21:35 harry-wood: is RichardF lurking?
21:35 harry-wood: He was going to come up with a plan
21:36 harry-wood: OK. That's all for now then hey?
21:36 harry-wood: Let's meet next week
21:36 toffehoff: Looks like it.
21:36 toffehoff: Will do.
21:36 harry-wood: ok.
21:36 harry-wood: see you then!
21:36 toffehoff: have a good week!
21:37 toffehoff: Back to nl-translating....
21:38 RichardF: damn. just off train and turned iPad on. will reread transcript...
21:39 toffehoff: Anything you wanted to discuss RichardF?
21:44 RichardF: don't think so. Will tweet about ESRI. that's largely it.
21:44 RichardF: haven't written blog plan yet.
21:44 toffehoff: ok