CWG meeting 2012-03-12

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communication Working Group meeting which took place Monday 12th March 2012


  • Harry Wood
  • Henk Hoff
  • Jonathan Bennett
  • Richard Fairhurst


  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • Downtime announcemnt

IRC logs

21:00 harry-wood hello
21:01 toffehoff Hello
21:01 harry-wood It's CWG time!
21:01 toffehoff Yay
21:01 harry-wood Hurray!
21:02 toffehoff I see JonathanB looking at the todo-list.
21:02 JonathanB I am?
21:02 toffehoff At least you have it opened....
21:02 harry-wood don't try to deny it
21:03 harry-wood google sees all
21:03 JonathanB looks desperately through the list of tabs he has open
21:03 JonathanB Found it!
21:04 toffehoff RichardF going to be here the first half hour?
21:04 harry-wood and rweait or rweait1?
21:04 RichardF helloooo
21:04 RichardF yes
21:05 toffehoff with the timeshift of winter/summertime rweait might just be able to make it ....
21:05 rweait1 sorry, not available for CWG for a bit.
21:06 harry-wood Was just seeing an email from RichardF
21:06 toffehoff ok. Just so you know. The Ulf Memorial Award has been on the agenda of MT. No comments from them (like expected).
21:08 harry-wood Ah yes. We had a fun MT discussion hey?
21:08 toffehoff Oh yes ...
21:08 RichardF is now known as RichardF_iPad
21:09 JonathanB Before we get stuck in, do we want to have a quick list of topics for tonight?
21:10 harry-wood ok
21:10 JonathanB 1) Ulf cont'd
21:10 JonathanB 2) ?
21:10 JonathanB Apple?
21:11 harry-wood Apple… mainly to keep you informed I guess
21:11 toffehoff and give feedback on mail of RichardF (if needed).
21:11 JonathanB I'd like to give a quick rundown of what's been happening in social media
21:12 JonathanB Anything else?
21:12 harry-wood RichardF's email there about the follow up q&A with journalist
21:12 RichardF_iPad moar followers :)
21:12 harry-wood downtime announcement
21:13 toffehoff Let's kick off and see how far we get.
21:13 JonathanB OK
21:13 harry-wood We can talk about all the things on the TODO list there, but I think a lot of them are ticking along without much progress
21:14 harry-wood So we we can talk more about the apple blog post
21:15 toffehoff Sticking to the list of Jonathan: anything on the UMA?
21:15 toffehoff Ulf Mem Aw.
21:16 JonathanB Did MT not discuss the issue at all?
21:16 toffehoff board has given a go, MT has made no comments, all lights are green (as far as i can see)
21:16 RichardF_iPad cool.
21:17 toffehoff Briefly discussed it, but no comments and happy to go forward with this by CWG
21:17 JonathanB So everything is as per rweait1's proposal?
21:17 toffehoff yup
21:17 harry-wood Not sure if Richard W was annoyed at having to work on this all himself, or just annoyed at the idea of more discussion
21:19 harry-wood I'm happy to help, or keep out of the way… whichever is most helpful. Guess we'll have to ask richard about that though
21:19 RichardF_iPad OSMF has some way to go in being confident in delegating things to WGs. I
21:19 RichardF_iPad I'm sure we'll get there in the end.
21:19 RichardF_iPad also, the apostrophe on this keyboard is in a stupid place.
21:20 harry-wood hehe. nightmare

21:27 harry-wood well I've finally got posting access on opengeodata
21:27 RichardF_iPad me too, I think
21:27 JonathanB Me three
21:27 RichardF_iPad (posting access that is)
21:28 harry-wood since there will be no OSMF voice separate from the opengeodata … all posts will be somewhat of an official voice
21:28 toffehoff harry: yes, the blog.osmf is seen as the official voice of the foundation, where ogd is not....
21:28 RichardF_iPad that's fine. we all have personal blogs for personal postings.
21:29 RichardF_iPad has to leave though may pop in later if I get a chance.
21:29 harry-wood see you in bit maybe
21:29 toffehoff btw: everybody had a chance to comment on RichardF's mail-response?
21:30 harry-wood I didn't read it yet ….but happy to assume its fine :-)
21:30 JonathanB Nope, but I don't see a problem with either the mail or toffehoff's changes
21:31 harry-wood what's next topic?
21:31 JonathanB I can do social media next
21:32 toffehoff ok
21:32 JonathanB Not sure how many other people keep an eye on the thinkup pages
21:32 JonathanB Recent events have, as you might expect, gained us lots of followers.
21:32 harry-wood I haven't been keeping an eye on that no
21:33 JonathanB Well, it's Apple plus Foursquare plus everything else
21:33 harry-wood what was the URL again?
21:33 toffehoff Me neither :-(
21:33 JonathanB
21:34 JonathanB We're gaining Twitter followers at around 25 a day at the moment
21:34 JonathanB which means we could hit 10,000 by summer
21:34 JonathanB Facebook growth is at a slower pace, but has picked up since Apple
21:35 JonathanB Google+ is growing very rapidly.
21:35 JonathanB We passed 1000 followers a few weeks back and we're already at 1375
21:35 harry-wood Interesting
21:35 JonathanB (c.f. 2642 "like"s on FB)
21:36 toffehoff I don't see Google+ in thinkup. Is that just me?
21:36 JonathanB No -- ThinkUp can't do Google+ pages yet, only profiles
21:36 toffehoff ok
21:36 JonathanB The API's not there
21:37 JonathanB I'd need to dig into Piwik to see how these numbers compare to the OSMF blog etc
21:38 JonathanB but it may be that we end up initially reaching more people through social channels than standard webb
21:38 harry-wood probably a lot of geeks adopting google+
21:38 JonathanB yes, it does seem to be FLOSS type people
21:39 harry-wood facebook is obviously well into a more mainstream crowd.
21:39 harry-wood Maybe messages on facebook need to be less techy than those on twitter and g+
21:40 JonathanB The point of all this discussion being that we should make sure whatever goes out on one channel goes out on them all, even if we do change the tone.
21:41 JonathanB ...and if you do happen to mention OSM in any social channels, make sure you @ or + or whatever the official OSM accounts
21:41 harry-wood hmm yeah. I think I forget to do that
21:42 harry-wood get a lot of emails, i think from when other people do @openstreetmap on facebook
21:42 JonathanB I get ones for G+ -- I think you can too as an admin
21:43 JonathanB Ah, nearly forgot
21:43 JonathanB Facebook now allows you to manage your own post translations
21:44 JonathanB Haven't had time to look into precisely how it works, but will report back and perhaps coordinate with our existing translators
21:44 harry-wood ooh yeah. could be good
21:45 JonathanB for reference
21:45 toffehoff good thing to put on our todo list: translations (procedure and translators).
21:45 harry-wood we seem to have quite a lot of things which *could* be translated. Facebook is fairly important (given its potential to reach new less techy folks)
21:46 harry-wood but some of the OSMF blog posts are more important I would say
21:46 JonathanB Sure
21:47 JonathanB As I say, I'll report back when I've learned more
21:47 toffehoff thanks
21:47 JonathanB Any more questions on social stuff?
21:47 harry-wood Sometimes I'm surprised by lack of translations of some important wiki pages.
21:47 toffehoff All in all: looking good, and a nice increase of followers.
21:48 harry-wood next topic?
21:48 JonathanB Downtime
21:48 harry-wood did grant announce it yet anywhere?
21:48 toffehoff Should we create a top-x to-be-translated pages? Like the top-10 hacking suggestions?
21:49 harry-wood yes. I was thinking that
21:49 harry-wood If the top 10 list was chosen by CWG.. that could work well
21:49 harry-wood (otherwise it's open to all kinds of debate i suppose)
21:50 toffehoff To kick this off, it's good to start of with our list.
21:50 toffehoff Focus on the wiki first, b/c that does not need additional authorisations.
21:51 harry-wood so grant didn't announce downtime yet.
21:51 harry-wood as far as I see
21:52 harry-wood but he will do shortly I think
21:52 JonathanB No date set yet, apparently
21:52 toffehoff this is in preparation for the license change?
21:53 harry-wood kind of but not really
21:53 JonathanB No -- hardware shuffling as far as I knowe
21:54 toffehoff OK, good if we can bring a positive twist to the announcement (which can also be understood with non-techies)
21:56 harry-wood Hopefully rebuild plans will not involve much more downtime
21:57 JonathanB OK, so nothing to do on that for now.
21:57 JonathanB The hour is up, and it looks like we're done.
21:57 JonathanB Did last week ever get minuted?
21:57 harry-wood think I did yes
21:58 harry-wood Well can we just agree that first person to hear any announcement about downtime should forward whatever info onto communication@ then we can disseminate the news from there
21:58 JonathanB Yep
21:59 harry-wood grant will probably write a wiki page with some details of the downtime, which I will then fiddle with. That can be the basis for a blog post to OSMF blog… which maybe I could write too
21:59 toffehoff Yep, and can we ask the sysadmins that they also inform communication@ about any announcements going out?
21:59 JonathanB Grant's pretty good at sending a message to the announce list
22:00 JonathanB If nothing else we can pick the info up from there
22:00 harry-wood Anythng else on the agenda?
22:00 toffehoff I got a heads up from our friends in Japan.
22:01 harry-wood oh yeah?
22:01 toffehoff hang on... looking for the message....
22:02 toffehoff got it.
22:02 harry-wood ooh I see the website has been tweaked to take on a japanese background
22:02 toffehoff keep it low profile for now ....

22:03 harry-wood ^^^more things to strike from the record
22:03 toffehoff Will send us a draft, so we can work on it together.
22:03 JonathanB Cool -- happy to contribute
22:03 JonathanB RichardF_iPad will probably have some input too
22:04 toffehoff Sure, I've suggested them to send the draft to communication@.
22:05 toffehoff Next week, not sure if I can make it.
22:05 toffehoff seriously thinking of going to the hack weekend in Toronto. Might be on my way back next week.
22:07 harry-wood hehe. Do it!
22:08 JonathanB OK -- are we done? Have to shoot if there's no business left.
22:08 harry-wood I think we're done
22:08 toffehoff I think we're done.
22:08 harry-wood snap!
22:08 toffehoff ;-)
22:08 toffehoff See you all next time. have a good week!
22:09 harry-wood ok. see you