CWG meeting 2012-02-27

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communication Working Group meeting which took place Monday 27th February 2012


  • Harry Wood
  • Henk Hoff
  • Jonathan Bennett
  • Richard Fairhurst


Just a short discussion on license change comms.

IRC log

21:00 harry-wood Are we having a CWG today?
21:00 toffehoff I was wondering the same thing....
21:01 RichardF I'm here and happy to have one if needs be. Not much to report, though.
21:01 harry-wood I'm communicating less having decided to quit twitter and IRC
21:02 toffehoff Who does that feel?
21:03 harry-wood You mean how does that feel?
21:03 RichardF wasn't going to ask who harry-wood was feeling
21:03 harry-wood It feels OK so far
21:03 toffehoff Not using twitter and IRC .... i meant...
JonathanB [~jono@] entered the room.
21:03 harry-wood little bit disconnected
21:03 toffehoff Welcome back then... (for this hour)
21:04 harry-wood I might try to do more on facebook & g+
21:04 toffehoff :-)
21:04 toffehoff Which how many are we today?
21:05 harry-wood Just three of us unless JonathanB & rweait are about
21:05 JonathanB Here, Sir.
21:05 harry-wood aha!
21:06 toffehoff So, what's on today's agenda?
21:07 harry-wood not sure
21:08 JonathanB Not sure I have anything specific
21:08 RichardF nothing from me.
21:08 toffehoff Not that would should spend much time on it now, but we should start thinking about a PR-plan around when the license change will take effect.
21:10 harry-wood Just hoping the license change will happen at the moment
21:11 toffehoff In MT and board we talked about a hack-weekend at the end of March.
21:12 toffehoff there is one in Toronto soon.
21:12 toffehoff We may want to work on some communication plan during that weekend (if we plan one in London).
21:13 toffehoff Getting all the facts straight and such.
21:14 harry-wood The rebuild discussions were heading towards a gradual swap over of data I think
21:14 harry-wood this might mean that nothing special happens on the April 1st
21:14 harry-wood it may be that some bots are kicked off to do something earlier than that
21:14 harry-wood there may also be downtime earlier than that
21:14 toffehoff But at April 1st we would have our first ODbL published dataset
21:15 harry-wood I'm sure we'll do OK at communicating this stuff when the time comes, but currently it's still under discussion
21:15 toffehoff I not thinking about comms about the technical works.
21:16 toffehoff There might be some discussion popping up on why the map is now less good as before (b/c we deleted stuff).
21:16 JonathanB s/deleted/didn't include stuff people didn't want us to include/
21:17 toffehoff Organisations might want to know what this new license means for them.
21:17 JonathanB Remember, we aren't choosing to delete stuff. People are choosing not to have it included.
21:17 harry-wood I think there will be more noisey objections to the whole process when we come to delete things
21:18 harry-wood probably the best approach will be to studiously avoid feeding the trolls.
21:18 RichardF yep.
21:19 toffehoff Sure, but it might be good to have something ready for the media.
21:21 harry-wood we'll need to do some blog posts explaining why things are being deleted.
21:21 harry-wood that sort of thing
21:21 JonathanB not included in the ODbL database, not deleted.
21:22 harry-wood I'm hoping the rebuild process will involve a gradual deletion. Some discussion around that though. Could be gradual labelling for deletion but still sudden deletion
21:22 RichardF I think the 98%/99%/whatever figure is the one to keep hammering home.
21:23 RichardF it's remarkable how little data won't be carried through. We need to make sure people remember that.
21:23 JonathanB Please don't use the word "deleted" in any communications. We're respecting the wishes of a small minority of mappers not to relicence their work, but it's their decision, not ours.
21:23 RichardF yep.
21:24 JonathanB Their contributions are and will remain welcome should they change their mind.
21:24 toffehoff Is it just me, or do I detect some need for us to work on what comms we do regarding the license change ?
21:25 toffehoff :-)
21:25 harry-wood Another impending debate though, is that although we've said they'll be a cc-by-sa planet just before the cut-over… actually if the deletion is done gradually there'll be no definitive planet file prior to this process.
21:26 harry-wood Arguably there wont be anyway because the remapping underway already
21:26 harry-wood Somebody wanting to get a maxima ccbysa database has an interesting choice about when is best to take a snapshot
21:27 toffehoff isn't that snapshot fosm?
21:27 harry-wood well maybe yeah. some maybe it's only FOSM that has to make that choice and maybe they'll do that in some clever ways
21:27 harry-wood to help users wanting the best CCBYSA data
21:28 RichardF no comment ;)
21:28 harry-wood We're perhaps not making it as easy as those people might've hoped.
21:29 harry-wood It's a problem with a gradual cleansing of the data, but that's still the most elegant way in my opinion
21:30 RichardF FOSM have already stopped taking updates in several parts of the world.
21:30 toffehoff So, would it be nice to have moment where we could set up our message to the community and outside world about the license change? During a "license-weekend"?
21:31 toffehoff Also checking it with the technical strategy and such....
21:32 harry-wood Yes. It depends on the choice of approach though, whether we need a communication after a bing bang switchover
21:36 harry-wood Any other CWG things to discuss?
21:36 toffehoff Not for me, at the moment.....
21:39 harry-wood ok. Chat again next week?
21:39 toffehoff ok
21:40 JonathanB OK
21:40 toffehoff Bye then