CWG meeting 2012-02-20

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communication Working Group meeting which took place Monday 20th February 2012


  • Harry Wood
  • Jonathan Bennett
  • Richard Fairhurst



21:00 RichardF hellooooo CWG?
21:01 harry-wood Hello
21:01 JonathanB Evnin' all
21:01 harry-wood We have apologies from rweait
21:01 harry-wood and henk
21:01 JonathanB Just us three, then?
21:01 harry-wood I suppose so
21:01 RichardF I think a doctor is inflicting something painful on Henk
21:02 harry-wood yeah gall stones surgery
21:02 harry-wood ooh
21:02 RichardF ok. shall we try and keep it brief then?
21:02 harry-wood yes
21:02 harry-wood We always try and keep it brief
21:02 RichardF hokay. is there a link to last week's minutes?
21:02 harry-wood it only works nobody says anything interesting
21:03 RichardF promises
21:03 harry-wood
21:03 harry-wood me and rweait had a quick chat last time
21:04 JonathanB reads
21:04 harry-wood we agreed to try to rope in some new people for CWG
21:04 harry-wood but haven't done much about that
21:05 JonathanB We could do with some more members from non-Anglophone countries, sure
21:07 JonathanB OK -- that's going nowhere quick, then.
21:07 harry-wood If you have an ideas for specific people
21:07 harry-wood …go ahead and invite them I guess
21:07 RichardF certainly I wouldn't mind some assistance on the Twitter account. but I think it needs to be fairly hand-picked rather than just a general call for assistance.
21:08 RichardF things like that are our public face to thousands of people, they have to be done carefully.
21:09 RichardF ok. other things from last week: is there any followup needed on the Ulf memorial? I've not hugely been following that.
21:10 harry-wood Happy for Richard W to run with that one
21:10 RichardF cool.
21:10 harry-wood There was an update this week on the blog
21:10 harry-wood because his family wanted some attention to help identify photos of the killers
21:11 RichardF ah yes, saw that.
21:12 RichardF on the blog - I'm aware that there's been no movement on getting the two blogs merged and it's really my responsiblity to drive that forward. should I put together a plan and bring it to CWG next week?
21:12 harry-wood yeah I guess
21:12 harry-wood what will the plan be??
21:13 RichardF I'll tell you next week
21:13 RichardF but basically - bring blog.osmf and OGD together into and find some way of dealing with the archives
21:13 RichardF am tempted to suggest we retain WP because people are familiar with it and it works well enough
21:13 JonathanB I like it.
21:14 RichardF ok, I'll come up with something for next week. yay, I have an action and feel important.
21:14 harry-wood Tricky bit is… if we retain WP… do we retain the WP install we already have
21:14 harry-wood  ? in which case we're talking about re-doing the skin of that to make it look no like part again
21:15 RichardF no reason why not. basically just move the OSMF blog. OGD RSS is redirected to the new blog, OGD old postings are mod-rewrited somewhere.
21:15 RichardF skin - yeah, but shouldn't be complex.
21:15 harry-wood but there's also some 'about' page and other page contents
21:15 harry-wood do we need to move those back into mediawiki? WP handles translations on there
21:17 harry-wood so that's some questions
21:17 harry-wood not impossible to imagine some answers
21:17 RichardF most of the OSMF site is MW, so I'd guess that makes sense. but thanks for pointing that out, will ponder
21:17 JonathanB WordPress is fine for static stuff these days
21:17 JonathanB I've just built our allotment society site using it
21:17 RichardF like s2o!
21:18 JonathanB Plus the WPML(?) plugin appears to work well
21:19 harry-wood yes. although it's a paid for thing… which we get for free. There may be a FOSS alternative these days
21:20 harry-wood next topic?
21:20 JonathanB We hit 1000 Google+ followers in January
21:20 RichardF yay!
21:20 harry-wood cool
21:20 harry-wood we should tweet that
21:20 RichardF (insert obligatory donut image here)
21:21 harry-wood I should reply to that ESRI guy and figure out if they'd like us to do two blog posts. one about steve talking at the dev conference, and later one about the donation
21:21 harry-wood I imagine it could work well like that
21:21 RichardF sounds good
21:22 harry-wood I shall reply to him
21:22 RichardF thanks!
21:22 RichardF that sort of thing is good in helping us break out into the big scary GIS market.
21:23 RichardF hopefully you saw the coverage we got as part of the Observer/NESTA Britain's New Radicals thing.
21:24 RichardF I knew it was coming, but even then, there's something quite cool about opening up my usual Sunday paper and seeing OSM there
21:24 JonathanB Yes! Well done RichardF!
21:24 RichardF
21:24 harry-wood oh yeah. Awesome
21:24 RichardF again, I think it's good for positioning/brand-building by associating us with a part of civic society we're not usually associated with.
21:25 harry-wood Any follows we could do?
21:25 harry-wood we should blog about it
21:25 RichardF that's a good idea. should I write something?
21:25 harry-wood yes
21:26 harry-wood You have the paper still? take a photo of it
21:26 RichardF ok. will try and get to that tomorrow. nag me repeatedly if I don't
21:26 RichardF think it's at home sadly (and I'm on the boat), but will be able to find something hopefully.
21:27 RichardF (living in two places sucks. don't do it.)
21:28 RichardF any more for any more, or is that us done for this week?
21:29 RichardF ok. meeting over, I think!
21:29 RichardF thank you for coming