CWG meeting 2012-02-13

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communication Working Group meeting which took place Monday 13th February 2012


  • Harry Wood
  • Richard Weait


Very quick run through these topics:

  • Ulf's memorial fund plan
  • ESRI talk by SteveC
  • Remapping translations
  • rebuild mailing list
  • upcoming blog posts


21:01 harry-wood : hello
21:01 rweait1 : ping
21:02 rweait1 : Jonathan and Henk are not available.
21:02 rweait1 : RichardF: you here?
21:02 harry-wood : Ah ok
21:02 rweait1 : idling so far. Perhaps just us.
21:02 rweait1 : Any thoughts on Ulf?
21:03 harry-wood : thoughts on ulf...
21:03 harry-wood : Not really
21:03 rweait1 : re my post to CWG yesterday?
21:03 harry-wood : Yeah. Oliver will need to set up a seperate fund (column in a spreadsheet somewhere)
21:04 harry-wood : which we also talked about him doing for the hardware only donations
21:04 rweait1 : So in the absence of direction to the contrary, should I continue with the plan? Write it up more formally? Pass it to board and the family for approval, then proceed?
21:05 harry-wood : yes I think so
21:05 rweait1 : So with our quorum today, that's CWG approving? :-)
21:05 harry-wood : hehe I suppose so!
21:06 rweait1 : okay. cool.
21:06 rweait1 : aynthing else we should cover today?
21:06 harry-wood : Well we had a request from Steve to work with someone from ESRI
21:06 harry-wood : around communication of ...
21:06 harry-wood : …steve giving a talk
21:07 rweait1 : Really?
21:07 rweait1 : Cool.
21:07 rweait1 : There was another discussion this weekend with Oliver involved. Did you see that one?
21:07 harry-wood : Ah yes.
21:08 harry-wood : ESRI donation discussion
21:08 rweait1 : Re the talk. They want a speaker about OSM? Did they say where the talk would be?
21:08 harry-wood : no it's Steve's giving the talk
21:08 harry-wood : lemme just look up the details
21:08 harry-wood : I can't remember why it involved UK people especially
21:09 rweait1 : if the speaker and the host are already in contact, we should stay out of the way.
21:09 rweait1 : broken telephone can only make things worse.
21:09 harry-wood : this one:
21:11 harry-wood : Actually I think RichardF just handed it onto me and jonathan for no particular reason
21:11 rweait1 : Palm Springs - nice.
21:11 rweait1 : okay, no action then.
21:11 harry-wood : you can help with this too, but maybe the reason was… it' shouldn't be a huge big deal. He probably noticed you were doing everything at the moment, so thought he'd give you a break :-)
21:12 rweait1 : help was requested? help of what sort?
21:12 harry-wood : So anyway somebody from ESRI wants a conf call to discuss promotion
21:12 rweait1 : of their conference.
21:12 harry-wood : But I'm thinking promotion a quick tweet about the event, might be the most we do through main OSMF channels
21:13 rweait1 : Is SteveC giving the keynote?
21:13 harry-wood : something like that
21:13 rweait1 : I can see tweeting that angle.
21:13 rweait1 : he'll be talking about OSM.
21:14 rweait1 : have fun with the conference call. :-)
21:14 harry-wood : So what else is happening?
21:15 harry-wood : couple of translations of the blog post about remapping
21:16 harry-wood : I'm watching this mailing list:
21:16 harry-wood : Glad to see Dermot trying to progress things
21:17 rweait1 : yeah. Mostly just the trolls trying subtle obstructionism.
21:18 harry-wood : well mostly I think it's going a bit quiet. As Dermot was saying… everyone's waiting on eachother
21:18 harry-wood : they need to start making decisions and draw up a plan
21:18 rweait1 : anything else directly for CWG? I have an email from Ivan for us...
21:19 harry-wood : oh yeah?
21:19 rweait1 : He's asked if we have any contacts at US universities. Seems GMM is running a uni-map-your-world campaign or something.
21:20 rweait1 :
21:20 harry-wood : oh yeah? hmmm so we should head them off with a counter-attack?
21:22 harry-wood : students are certainly a good angle which we've never quite captured. Often thought about it here in London
21:22 rweait1 : Sure, it was an idea that the CM bosses shot down. I've always wanted to do campuses.
21:23 rweait1 : but i don't see us doing anything for next month.
21:23 harry-wood : too busy to think about it right now myself, but it would be good one
21:24 rweait1 : Shall we put out a call for more "do-ers" for CWG?  :-)
21:25 rweait1 : I'm not much good with Toronto Hack Weekend ahead of me.
21:25 harry-wood : need to think about how to put out a call in a way which would attract some good do-ers I think
21:26 rweait1 : Think about one candidate from email or IRC, then approach them. I have one in mind. Let's try to get one each.
21:27 harry-wood : ok then :-)
21:28 harry-wood : Were you waiting on OWG folks before putting that hardware related blog?
21:28 rweait1 : Yup.
21:28 rweait1 : I should ping them again.
21:29 harry-wood : yeah. And nag them on IRC :-)
21:29 rweait1 : Any other groups asking for posts oranything?
21:29 harry-wood : errm… no. I thought there were some other things to blog about. But I've forgotten them now
21:30 rweait1 : okay. I guess we can wrap up early. I'm going to try to beat the snow.  :-)
21:30 harry-wood : Snow?
21:31 harry-wood : Beat the snow? You mean get home before it snows?
21:31 rweait1 : Yup.
21:31 harry-wood : We had a bit of snow here recently, but not much travel chaos this time
21:31 rweait1 : Before it snows WORSE. too late to beatit entirely.
21:31 harry-wood : ok well good luck with that one
21:31 rweait1 : okay, cheers.
21:32 harry-wood : I think I have a bit of a cold after the mapping party on Saturday
21:32 harry-wood : too cold for mapping
21:32 harry-wood : Should get to bed early I think
21:32 harry-wood : so...
rweait1 left the room.
21:32 harry-wood : says "bye" to himself