CWG meeting 2012-01-09

From OpenStreetMap Foundation


  • Henk Hoff
  • Jonathan Bennett
  • Richard Weait
  • Harry Wood (from T+34)


  • Richard Fairhurst

Old business

  • CWG rep on MT required (on going)
  • Server fund (complete)
  • translations (on going)
  • New post notification to be improved (on going)
  • CWG 2012 budget statement (on going)


  • 2012 plan needed from all working groups
  • CWG representation at Management Team


  • Firefishy to photo new server on arrival. (Pending)
  • RichardF looking into streamlined journey into accepting CTs.
  • All to draft CWG 2012 plan w.r.t. Board-assigned goals.
  • All (ongoing) finding translators
  • All (ongoing) list press contacts
  • Harry to find others interested in regular documentation activities.
  • Richard W to follow-up on notification issues wrt translations.

IRC log

03:59:35 PM rweait1: Hi all
03:59:49 PM toffehoff: Hi!
04:00:15 PM toffehoff: Not feeling very good today, try to keep it short today?
04:00:21 PM rweait1: previous minutes are here:
04:01:08 PM rweait1: About MT. We need a rep at MT, and anything to report from MT meeting of last week?
04:01:45 PM rweait1: Connectivity check. Everybody on line?
04:01:51 PM JonathanB: ping
04:02:05 PM rweait1: ack JonathanB
04:02:13 PM toffehoff: I'm here
04:02:26 PM rweait1: ack Toffehoff
04:02:42 PM rweait1: Nothing from RichardF?
04:03:50 PM rweait1: Okay. How about the minutes. propose and second?
04:04:06 PM rweait1: no harry-wood yet?
04:04:30 PM toffehoff: I was not really there. Most of the time I did not see anthing from you all...
04:04:54 PM JonathanB wasn't there
04:05:15 PM rweait1: and we're down two today.
04:05:48 PM rweait1: okay, move to adjourn then?
04:06:08 PM toffehoff: Adjourn the meeting or proposing the minutes?
04:06:16 PM rweait1: the meeting.
04:06:21 PM toffehoff: Ah.
04:06:33 PM toffehoff: Last week we're effectively with 2
04:06:34 PM rweait1: Nobody has responded on the matter of MT, was that going to be Harry last week?
04:06:44 PM toffehoff: MT.
04:06:48 PM toffehoff: I was there.
04:06:53 PM toffehoff: Little update....
04:06:57 PM rweait1: Anything from MT for us?
04:07:03 PM toffehoff: 2 things
04:07:49 PM toffehoff: I've put up a spreadsheet so every WG can list their member who is going to be present.
04:08:09 PM toffehoff: Meetings are every first wednesday of the month.
04:08:15 PM toffehoff: We can rotate if needed.
04:08:35 PM toffehoff: So:we have to come up with a schedule who is going to represent us in the MT
04:08:38 PM toffehoff: Second;
04:08:44 PM JonathanB: I think rotating is more likely to be workable.
04:09:05 PM toffehoff: Other WG have the same problem.
04:09:24 PM toffehoff: Anyway: second:
04:09:52 PM toffehoff: Every WG has to come up with a (short) plan of what their plans for this year is.
04:10:09 PM toffehoff: Doesn't have to be long
04:10:42 PM toffehoff: This week / next week, so it can be review by MT
04:10:50 PM toffehoff: And finalized during next MT meeting.
04:11:13 PM toffehoff: If funds are needed, we can mention them there as well.
04:11:36 PM toffehoff: A little thing for third:
04:11:55 PM toffehoff: Send an e-mail to management@ with the link of our minutes.
04:12:31 PM rweait1: For every minutes?
04:12:37 PM toffehoff: Next to an interesting discussion about
04:13:10 PM toffehoff: rweait1:just add management@ in the mail you send round when minutes are up.
04:13:50 PM rweait1: toffehoff:I think I understand the theory. They want that for each meeting, or just for the planning / budgeting meeting?
04:14:27 PM toffehoff: Ah. The minutes just for every meeting, so MT has a bit of feeling how active WG are and such.
04:14:36 PM rweait1: NP.
04:14:58 PM toffehoff: The planning thing is a one time thing
04:15:05 PM toffehoff: For this year ;-)
04:15:31 PM toffehoff guessing that NP is short for no problem ....
04:15:47 PM rweait1: Correct.
04:15:50 PM toffehoff: :-)
04:15:59 PM toffehoff: Those were the highlights.
04:17:13 PM rweait1: okay, I wonder if we could get the MT minutes as they are published? That would allow us to take action on them before our meetings, rather than having to review during?
04:17:33 PM toffehoff: Good point.
04:18:00 PM toffehoff: Will try making them available asap after each meeting.
04:18:08 PM rweait1: Just seems like a logical extension of the MT idea.
04:18:38 PM toffehoff: You're right.
04:18:45 PM rweait1: Okay, so if we look at Audacious goals and plans. What are our plans?
04:19:24 PM JonathanB: We're already making far more use of Social Media than we were doing six months ago.
04:19:49 PM rweait1: from last week, I'm inclined to say "Carry on", for most of it.
04:20:30 PM rweait1: To JonathanB's point, we've been more active since September / SotM
04:20:40 PM JonathanB: Indeed. A large part of our task is to react to what happens elsewhere in the project.
04:20:42 PM rweait1: I like that we have more translations on-line.
04:21:16 PM toffehoff: CWG has done a great job the last year. absolutely.
04:21:45 PM toffehoff: Pad on the shoulder to all of you :-)
04:21:51 PM rweait1: He discussed doing "something artificial" fr NYT front page, and decided that was not the way to go.
04:22:01 PM rweait1: s/He/We/
04:22:33 PM toffehoff: We do have some articles in various publications.
04:22:39 PM toffehoff: Like Wired just now.
04:22:41 PM rweait1: We discussed 1000000 twitter followers. I think 15000-20k is a realistic goal, while still audacious.
04:23:01 PM rweait1: Sure. That's nothing we could have planned for or campaigned for.
04:23:26 PM toffehoff: True
04:23:27 PM JonathanB: Twitter/FB/G+ followers are something we can keep an eye on and make sure the trends are in the right direction.
04:23:50 PM JonathanB: The Wired piece was just a hack calling Steve though, wasn't it?
04:24:14 PM toffehoff: I would see the number of followers more a "we want to have a very significant higher number of followers".
04:24:23 PM rweait1: I think that writer tried several channels.
04:24:57 PM toffehoff: If that's the case:should we make it more clear where to go for info?
04:25:15 PM rweait1: toffehoff:I think the followers will happen over time. but they aren't a goal.
04:25:46 PM rweait1: In some ways we're dividing the social channels. We may lose Twitter followers to our FB page. That's okay.
04:26:01 PM JonathanB: ThinkUp tells me we currently gain around 8 Twitter followers a day
04:26:05 PM rweait1: They may move to OGD or, again, no problem.
04:26:14 PM rweait1: Cool.
04:29:07 PM rweait1: on the translation thing, I havn't got the answer on the notification yet.
04:29:14 PM toffehoff: rweait1:sure, followers will happen over time. But it's an indication how interesting tweets and FB-posts are for people to follow.... (or de-follow)
04:29:36 PM mackerski left the room
04:29:36 PM JonathanB: On that subject, Google has now implemented multiple page managers for Google+, so harry-wood is now able to post stuff on our G+ page as well.
04:29:49 PM toffehoff: :-)
04:30:15 PM rweait1: :-)
04:31:01 PM rweait1: How are we doing on press contacts?
04:31:36 PM rweait1: and what sort of things do we want to send out early to press contacts?
04:33:21 PM rweait1: ping -b ?
04:33:23 PM toffehoff: About the latter:eg. Having the db published under new license, all kinds of SotM stuff, Set up of a new local chapter,
04:34:04 PM toffehoff: ... a bigger company moving to OSM
04:34:15 PM harry-wood entered the room.
04:34:28 PM rweait1: That's a good one for sure, but how are we going to know?
04:34:39 PM toffehoff: ... OSM being the most used mapprovider on mobile (not that I know if we currently are).
04:34:47 PM mackerski entered the room.
04:34:51 PM harry-wood: hello. sorry I'm late
04:34:52 PM rweait1: a company could swtich to OSM and we might never know. There is no requirement for registration, etc.  :-)
04:34:57 PM rweait1: Hi harry-wood.
04:35:02 PM toffehoff: Hi Harry.
04:35:19 PM toffehoff: If we don't know, we can't publish. If we know, we can ....
04:35:30 PM rweait1: Fair enough.
04:35:45 PM rweait1: We might even read about it in the press, then share it with our press list. :-)
04:35:54 PM toffehoff: Yup
04:36:12 PM toffehoff: And have a quote for SteveC added to it.
04:36:18 PM toffehoff: for = from
04:36:44 PM rweait1: harry-wood:have anything for us?
04:36:54 PM harry-wood: What did I miss?
04:36:55 PM rweait1: last week you talked about regular documentation stuff.
04:37:16 PM rweait1: ongoing documentors etc.
04:37:26 PM rweait1: Anything we need to do for you on that?
04:37:59 PM harry-wood: No. I've been pondering it, but not done anything yet
04:38:25 PM toffehoff: 2012 action:continue improving our presence on social media
04:38:34 PM rweait1: +1 action.
04:38:54 PM harry-wood: are we formulating a 2012 plan?
04:39:00 PM rweait1: yes.
04:40:01 PM rweait1: I think that we are doing better at communicating with OSM community (eg translations), should we focus on improving communication from community to CWG / OSMF for 2012?
04:40:20 PM toffehoff:2012 action:setting up a procedure for press-releases
04:41:03 PM toffehoff: rweait1:that would be an interesting idea.
04:41:15 PM JonathanB: I think the translations help with everything, not just community communications
04:41:23 PM rweait1: Sure.
04:41:32 PM rweait1: us to World as well.
04:42:32 PM rweait1: Still nothing we need money for?
04:42:35 PM toffehoff: btw: do we have a place where we showcase all (important) press-moments? (Like link to the wired-article and such)?
04:42:45 PM toffehoff: OSM in the news ...
04:42:46 PM harry-wood: yes
04:42:47 PM rweait1: press page on the wiki?
04:43:03 PM rweait1: Mostly "heise" entries, I think. :-)
04:43:22 PM harry-wood: had that for a long time:
04:43:30 PM toffehoff: Can we make that a bit more prominent?
04:43:58 PM toffehoff: link on the blog, link on and such?
04:44:00 PM harry-wood: Mr !i! has been re-arranging the press stuff recently
04:45:01 PM rweait1: add a "Press" tab to the osmfoundation site perhaps?
04:45:13 PM toffehoff: Something like that
04:45:17 PM rweait1: I thought we had one at some point?
04:45:36 PM toffehoff: Or maybe better "In the media".
04:45:51 PM toffehoff: Press would suggest that only people from the press might be interested.
04:46:44 PM rweait1: Okay, so what tasks are we assigning (volunteering) for next week?
04:46:59 PM rweait1: I still have to do the trasnalation notification thing
04:48:17 PM rweait1: anything else before we ring off?
04:48:22 PM rweait1: same/same next week ?
04:48:29 PM toffehoff: One other thing.
04:48:34 PM harry-wood: Prior discussion was around how press stuff relates to OpenStreetMap, not the OSM foundation (and repeatedly trying to get Charlotte to just edit the wiki Press info) We could make a more "official" (curated) press content on the, but at the moment there's no reason we'd be better at it than anyone else editing the wiki
04:49:14 PM rweait1: harry-wood:perhaps just a shorter "highlights" list?
04:49:20 PM harry-wood: The 'Press Kit' Re-arrangement by !i! could be a good thing. I see where he's going with it now
04:49:26 PM rweait1: and a link to everything else on the wiki.
04:49:34 PM toffehoff: I like it as well.
04:49:38 PM harry-wood: Yes could be good to scrape the list on to the osmfoundation site somehow
04:49:39 PM toffehoff: But it is a bit hidden.
04:49:43 PM harry-wood: could even filter by language
04:50:23 PM rweait1: Mostly, OSm is busy making News, we don't really spend much time reporting it.  :-)
04:50:24 PM harry-wood: Did anyone reply !i! about it actually?
04:50:26 PM toffehoff: It would be good to have a link to this page from OGD, blog. and main
04:50:39 PM toffehoff: I did not.
04:50:51 PM rweait1: I did not reply to !i!, wiki farming is not my thing.
04:50:58 PM toffehoff: rweait1: how true
04:51:02 PM harry-wood: My initial reaction was, I had no idea what he was doing, but it looked like "yet another introduction to OSM"
04:51:10 PM harry-wood: but now it's linked in, it makes more sense
04:51:13 PM harry-wood: so I shall reply to him
04:51:18 PM harry-wood: and work with him on that a little I htink
04:51:22 PM toffehoff: please do.
04:51:36 PM rweait1: thank you. That's not far off from your documentation project?
04:51:42 PM toffehoff: about (new item)
04:52:10 PM harry-wood: Well wiki is endless documentation struggle
04:52:15 PM toffehoff: This week I updated some pages on and then saw that the main-page was a wiki and the other main-menu items where WP.
04:52:25 PM rweait1: yes.
04:52:54 PM rweait1: We worked hard on that.
04:52:56 PM toffehoff: Could we we move the home of also to WP? Or: is there a reason to keep the wiki on osmf?
04:52:56 PM harry-wood: I emailed you about that didn't I?
04:53:04 PM toffehoff: Yes
04:53:08 PM harry-wood: the plan was to move the home to Wordpress yes
04:53:28 PM toffehoff: but throwing it in the group now :-)
04:53:33 PM JonathanB: I can help with that
04:53:41 PM JonathanB: (now I have access to both)
04:53:57 PM harry-wood: There's a sightly trick technical challenge with doing so
04:54:28 PM harry-wood: because the way we would want that to happen ideally would becomes powered by wordpress instead
04:54:43 PM harry-wood: but that involves some changing around and redirecting
04:55:19 PM harry-wood: It was on me to try to do some prep for that, and then tell firefishy what we wanted doing
04:55:27 PM JonathanB: I don't think it's an unsurmountable problem
04:55:32 PM harry-wood: but….
04:55:41 PM harry-wood: there's a new plan more recently discussed
04:55:50 PM harry-wood: to merge and the OSMF blog
04:56:09 PM harry-wood: I think we agreed that would be a good thing to do. It could live at
04:56:50 PM harry-wood: So then the question on the is …. do we still use wordpress there, without it actually having a blog?
04:57:40 PM rweait1: We';er going to have to reflect on that as we wrap up for the week.
04:57:59 PM rweait1: are we okay for same/same next week?
04:58:22 PM toffehoff: Think I am, checking my calendar now...
04:58:31 PM rweait1: Do we need to shift times for anybody?
04:58:33 PM JonathanB: I'm good.
04:58:40 PM toffehoff: I'm good as well.
04:59:08 PM harry-wood: not sure for me. I think the girlfriend has something planned, but you carry on without me
04:59:19 PM rweait1: Okay, we'll see each other then.
04:59:26 PM toffehoff: have a good week!
04:59:30 PM rweait1: ttfn
04:59:39 PM harry-wood: will read what was discussed earlier too if you paste it in
05:00:04 PM toffehoff: Bye!