CWG meeting 2011-12-05

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Communication Working Group meeting on 5th December 2011


  • Richard Weait
  • Richard Fairhurst
  • Harry Wood
  • Jonathan Bennett
  • Henk Hoff


  • budget and 1k petty cash
  • analytics. google and piwik
  • blog translations and recruiting translators
  • ongoing fund-raiser translations
  • harry stepping down from Management Team


  • Richard W to set up Eugene for russian translating of the wordpress blog
  • Henk to look at recruiting translators using wiki lists and OSMF membership
  • everyone to continue promoting fund-raiser
  • everyone to think about press contacts and help add to the list
  • Jonathan (ongoing) think-up dashboard hosting.

IRC log

20:48 toffehoff [~toffehoff@] entered the room.
20:51 JonathanB [] entered the room.
20:52 JonathanB Nearly that time? Better go get a drink.
20:58 rweait1 [] entered the room.
20:58 rweait1 cwg coming up?
20:59 toffehoff think it is....
21:00 RichardF puts kettle on
21:00 rweait1 Ah, yes. An email from harry-wood moments ago. :-)
21:01 harry-wood hello
21:01 rweait1 Hello
21:02 rweait1 Shall we approve the previous minutes?
21:02 harry-wood I just edited the read through previous minutes (IRC log) and added actions
21:02 harry-wood
21:04 toffehoff Happy to propose or second the minutes.
21:04 rweait1 I can't as I was away.
21:04 harry-wood I second them
21:04 rweait1 Okay, any updates on actions from last week?
21:05 rweait1 (No objections to the minutes, I presume. Let us know, otherwise)
21:05 toffehoff Still working on getting my thoughts on paper....
21:05 JonathanB I haven't spoken further to Tom Hughes yet...
21:05 harry-wood We launched the fund-raiser
21:05 rweait1 Bravo Harry-wood, up over 30% I think?
21:06 harry-wood I failed to attend to attend the management team on Wednesday because I got confused and thought it was at 21:00
21:06 toffehoff getting to 40%
21:06 RichardF excellent
21:06 rweait1 I was at MT for LWG. as far as CWG goes, they want a budget from us.
21:06 toffehoff RichardW and I were there....
21:06 rweait1 And I see that is already on the list of topics.
21:07 rweait1 And we've offered to be all communicat-y for other WGs looking to talk about their successes.
21:07 rweait1 Do we think we need anything more than our 1k petty cash?
21:08 RichardF I think we decided last week that we didn't
21:08 JonathanB I don't think we have any definite needs that we could express at this point.
21:08 rweait1 Shall we call that "our budget" and advise MT?
21:08 RichardF yes, I'm good with that
21:08 harry-wood do we get 1k petty cash anyway?
21:08 toffehoff ye
21:08 toffehoff s
21:09 harry-wood should be plenty to keep us going with any little things that come up
21:09 rweait1 Anybody against the 1k petty cash plan?
21:09 toffehoff (to harry-wood's question)
21:09 rweait1 Somebody to write that up for MT?
21:09 toffehoff What's the 1k petty cash plan?
21:10 toffehoff Like in: that should do it, or is there some plan?
21:10 rweait1 That should do.
21:10 toffehoff ok
21:10 rweait1 Not sure what we'll do with it.
21:10 rweait1 :-)
21:10 toffehoff Like I said last week, I'm writing some thoughts down.
21:10 toffehoff But until then.
21:10 toffehoff ok
21:11 toffehoff (so it's up to me to bring it up again ;-) )
21:11 rweait1 Shall we wait another week then for your thoughts? No reason to rush you.
21:11 harry-wood do you want to give us a little preview of your thoughts?
21:11 harry-wood :-)
21:11 toffehoff Just quick....
21:11 toffehoff Trying to identify our main channels we want to communicate with
21:12 toffehoff To who we want to communicate with
21:12 toffehoff There are different groups of people with different info-needs
21:12 toffehoff Explore other ways of communicating (video-items, etc)
21:13 toffehoff Trying to get some marking campaigns (guerilla marketing and such)
21:13 JonathanB Hell, if we think it'll fly we can find a video producer to work with us.
21:13 RichardF or a gorilla
21:13 toffehoff that sort of things.
21:14 JonathanB I thought they just played drums?
21:14 toffehoff Don't need to do it all, but try to explore different ideas and see if it works.
21:14 rweait1 So you'll have your thoughts for discussion fo next meeting Henk, or would you like more time than that?
21:14 toffehoff And if it works, we could try and beef it up (like with a video producer).
21:15 toffehoff Let me try and have something ready for next week.
21:15 toffehoff That gives me deadline.
21:15 toffehoff to work with.
21:15 rweait1 Cool. So we'll hold off about the budget oending that.
21:15 rweait1 pending.
21:15 toffehoff okidoki
21:15 rweait1 JonathanB - Thinkup is pending?
21:16 JonathanB rweait1: Yeah, just need to find when TomH has some time to chat
21:16 rweait1 No problem.
21:16 rweait1 Think you can get him this week?
21:17 JonathanB I'll try my best
21:17 rweait1 I see that analytics is on me. iirc we have piwik on the rest of the site. I'd prefer to unify with piwik, rather than split piwik / G-analytics.
21:18 rweait1 How about if I ask TomH about that and see if it fits his requirements?
21:18 toffehoff I have access to piwik as well now. Looks very promising.
21:18 toffehoff I'm happy with sticking with piwik for now.
21:19 harry-wood rweait1: I was wondering though how the g-analytics are looking
21:19 harry-wood (those that we already have)
21:19 harry-wood You remember how to log in?
21:19 rweait1 I had a quick look two weeks ago iirc. and nothing jumped out as frightening.
21:20 toffehoff talking about piwik: could we add other websites of us as well?
21:20 toffehoff Like the
21:20 RichardF yes, you can add any number of sites to piwik
21:20 rweait1 sadly the whole logging in to multiple g-services is a dogs breakfast, and I'm not anxious to do that again.
21:20 rweait1 toffehoff: that's what I'm suggesting.
21:20 RichardF you just create a new site within piwik, and paste the JS include onto each page of the new site, which includes a unique site code
21:20 rweait1 No need for piwik AND G-analytics.
21:20 RichardF did exactly that today for a work website so can remember :)
21:21 toffehoff rweait1: didn't know for sure what you meant with unifying.
21:21 rweait1 So as long as it is fine with TomH, and I'll ask that, then everybody can have a look at performance of osmfoundation and, etc.
21:22 toffehoff cool
21:22 rweait1 OpenGeoData too, once it is in...
21:22 rweait1 Okay, anything else on analytics?
21:22 toffehoff so, that's on you to handle it?
21:22 rweait1 unless we have another suggestion or guidance?
21:23 toffehoff No, just checking ;-)
21:23 rweait1 Okay. Fund raising!
21:23 rweait1 Yay, Team!
21:23 harry-wood Fund raising going OK, but no big corporate donations
21:23 toffehoff Great work Harry (and Grant) in making it all happen!
21:24 rweait1 have we hit all the social media? I did FB and osm-us FB
21:24 JonathanB I did G+
21:24 RichardF and I did Twitter
21:24 toffehoff osmf-announce went out today
21:24 rweait1 osmfoundation and opengeodata are done.
21:24 harry-wood german translation on the blog
21:24 JonathanB Oh yes, I did announce as well
21:25 harry-wood Daniel B didn't translate to french yet.
21:25 harry-wood rweait1: you mentioned Eugene could do a russian translation
21:25 rweait1 (We need an account for Eugene to do Russian translations.)
21:25 rweait1 Yes.
21:25 toffehoff which brings me to: who do we have as translators?
21:25 harry-wood We have one german translator and one french translator
21:26 toffehoff ok.
21:26 toffehoff Which languages are we really looking for?
21:26 toffehoff Japanees?
21:26 harry-wood they're not all that quick at doing it. Not sure if it's a very rewarding job
21:26 rweait1 Any for which we can get reliable trasnaltions?
21:26 rweait1 Our top six or sever would be fantastic.
21:27 rweait1 that we have three now is good.
21:27 harry-wood I think we could do with having more translators for germand & french as well as other languages
21:27 harry-wood not sure if we need to vet people or how we can
21:27 rweait1 Indeed. Share the load.
21:28 rweait1 If only we had some WG or board members with multiple languages ...
21:28 toffehoff besides the problem of getting people: which languages would we be interested in?
21:28 toffehoff :-)
21:28 rweait1 en, fr, de, es, nl, ru, pt, ...
21:29 toffehoff pt?
21:29 harry-wood well the blog functions as a promotion thing for OSM, but also a channel to inform the existing community.
21:29 toffehoff being?
21:29 rweait1 or pt-br
21:29 rweait1 Portuguese?
21:29 toffehoff ok
21:29 toffehoff I could ping Ivan for the es
21:29 harry-wood should follow existing trends in the community, which happily should be the easiest thing recruitment-wise
21:30 toffehoff I also know someone who is pretty good in Dutch.
21:30 rweait1 Excellent.
21:30 rweait1 Introduce us?
21:30 rweait1 :-)
21:30 harry-wood hehehe
21:30 rweait1 We moved away from fundraising to language.
21:30 rweait1 do we need to do anything with the fundraising right now?
21:31 rweait1 What should we prepare to do shortly?
21:31 harry-wood We're still within a window of opportunity where this is a news story
21:31 harry-wood could try to get it into the press
21:32 JonathanB It's been picked up by Heise today, so there may be some secondary coverage because of that.
21:32 rweait1 let's talk about our press list in a bit.
21:32 rweait1 NIce to get Heise.
21:32 RichardF yep.
21:32 toffehoff +1
21:33 rweait1 harry-wood, anything you want us to do?
21:33 toffehoff I've put some names on our press list.
21:33 harry-wood cool
21:33 harry-wood let's all try to add some more I guess
21:34 toffehoff Not sure if they are the right people for a fund-raiser press release.
21:35 rweait1 Okay are we done with the fund raising for today?
21:35 harry-wood I have no time to work on it still
21:35 harry-wood but I think it's a good thing to blast out on any channels we can think of
21:36 rweait1 I put it on reddit the other day as well.
21:36 harry-wood Good idea. Anything you can think of like that
21:36 rweait1 could probably use some upvotes from the visitors
21:36 toffehoff Put the links in the press list
21:37 rweait1 okay press list. have we an announce list for press only or somehting?
21:37 rweait1 Or are we just putting them on the wiki for everybody to mail when they please?
21:38 rweait1 I think a press mailing list (outgoing) is a good idea.
21:38 toffehoff Some of the names I've put on the list are not for public use.
21:38 harry-wood well the list we have is a google spreadsheet
21:38 harry-wood shared edit access by link
21:39 rweait1 okay, how do we USE it though. not copy paste from Google, surely?
21:39 RichardF that's how I'd do it!
21:39 harry-wood need to build the list a bit more first, but I would've thought we use it be going down the list firing emails at all of them
21:39 harry-wood (or following other contact links)
21:40 rweait1 okay. I've got two more for the list. I'll add them this week.
21:41 harry-wood but certainly publications will be a more natural target for certain news stories
21:41 harry-wood I mean 'certain publications'
21:42 harry-wood we can do more targeted releases
21:42 toffehoff I'll try to ping the reporter of the WSJ to see what they're interested in.
21:43 harry-wood we discussed the idea of giving some people a quarterly report of some kind
21:43 harry-wood that could be noted on the spreadsheet too I guess
21:44 rweait1 Are we going to take on that quarterly newsletter / report as a task for CWG as well?
21:44 toffehoff Some magazines also accept an article that is written by a "guest" autor.
21:44 RichardF yep, IIRC Directions Magazine were up for that
21:44 RichardF really it would be good to get more volunteers for that. So, for example, DIrections would need GIS-friendly stories
21:44 RichardF so we could do with someone who knows about GIS stuff to write that
21:45 rweait1 looks towards ToeBee.  :-)
21:45 RichardF good plan!
21:45 rweait1 I'll ask him
21:46 rweait1 So tasks for our press list: Find More members for the List!
21:46 rweait1 anything else?
21:47 rweait1 Then we'll move on to languages, since that keeps coming up.
21:47 rweait1 We want to do more languages on the blog, but we are falling short of volunteers and / or process,
21:48 rweait1 How to fix?
21:48 harry-wood You OK to set up Eugene to start the russian translations?
21:48 harry-wood get him to do the about page first
21:48 rweait1 He seems happy to do it. I'll try to add the account and scream ifI need help.
21:48 toffehoff cool
21:49 rweait1 What else? Do we want to commit to Dutch as well?
21:50 rweait1 Perhaps we should aim for three translators per language? (But frankly I had trouble finding one to agree for french and Russian.
21:50 toffehoff We could, but as you all know, they do understand English very well.
21:50 harry-wood If I had time to take any actions… my idea to find translators would be to look through the active wiki translators, and try to cross-correlate with people with an OSMF banner
21:50 rweait1 Excellent.
21:50 rweait1 RichardF, want to take that as a task for next week?
21:50 harry-wood though not many people have the user page banner. A wider net would be to have the list of OSMF members
21:51 toffehoff Where's the list of active wiki translators?
21:51 toffehoff I can match them with the membership list.
21:51 harry-wood there isn't a list. It would a manual process to figure out who they are
21:52 toffehoff O joy.
21:52 rweait1 ;-) but thank you fo volunteering. :-)
21:52 toffehoff I can give it a start.
21:52 rweait1 With that settled, anything else before we break for the week?
21:53 harry-wood there are some listing mechanisms.. e.g. language userboxes (scroll to the bottom of my page: )
21:53 harry-wood but that's not a list of active wiki translators
21:53 toffehoff thanks harry.
21:53 toffehoff It's a start
21:54 toffehoff So, first looking at the six languages mentioned above?
21:54 rweait1 so far we have one translator each for French and german, and a new one to start on Russian
21:54 rweait1 so Spanish, Dutch, Italian
21:55 rweait1 are all in the top six as well
21:55 toffehoff ok
21:55 rweait1 and we have too many American-speakers plus plenty of real English.
21:56 toffehoff And don't forget our Australian friends
21:56 rweait1 it would be SUPER AWESOME to get Japanese, Hindi, or Chinese on the list.
21:56 JonathanB I'd suggest Chris Osborne for Japanese, but he's a bit busy right now.
21:56 harry-wood hehehe
21:57 harry-wood A key problem though is what's the motivation for blog translators
21:57 harry-wood it's hard work
21:57 toffehoff I can check with whats-his-name a German guy who lives in Japan.
21:57 toffehoff if he knows some people.
21:57 rweait1 Daniel ... ?
21:57 toffehoff Yes, that's the one.
21:57 harry-wood we need more translators so that its less hard work…. but maybe also thank them more publicly somehow
21:57 rweait1 Motivation? "reach out to the rest of your local community"
21:58 rweait1 It easier than writing the article yourself
21:58 rweait1 Absolutely thank them.
21:58 rweait1 Thank you, translators!
21:58 toffehoff I'll also check with the people who want to set up a local chapter.
21:58 rweait1 Perhaps they are "Foreign Correspondents"?
21:58 toffehoff Mucho Gracias
21:59 harry-wood yeah. I suppose maybe "hard work" is the wrong way to put it. It's hard and rather tedious work
21:59 toffehoff (or something like that)
21:59 rweait1 A, I have a budget idea. Henk I'll email you.
21:59 toffehoff :-)
21:59 rweait1 So are we all done for now.
21:59 rweait1 Next week same time?
21:59 rweait1 15 secdonds...
21:59 JonathanB Yep
21:59 rweait1 Excellent.
21:59 rweait1 Bye
22:00 toffehoff Bye
22:00 rweait1 With one second to spare. :-)
22:00 toffehoff btw: I might be a little late next week....
22:00 harry-wood there was one other thing I wanted to talk about
22:00 rweait1 Maybe email your budget thoughts in advance?
22:00 rweait1 Harry-wood go ahead.
22:00 harry-wood I need to step down as the nominated management team representative
22:01 harry-wood one too many meetings
22:01 rweait1 Okay, thanks for serving in that capacity.
22:01 rweait1 Volunteers?
22:01 harry-wood I support Management Team, and I think it's important, but… I need to re-claim some time somewhere
22:01 rweait1 next MT is in 9 days time, I think?
22:01 toffehoff Next wednesday, yes.
22:02 toffehoff next week i mean
22:02 rweait1 okay, will vote on who will volunteer next meeting. "Don't be late."  :-)
22:02 toffehoff dec 14th
22:02 harry-wood hehehe
22:02 harry-wood OK. Let's talk about it next time
22:02 rweait1 And really, thank you harry-wood.
22:02 RichardF +1.
22:02 toffehoff +1
22:03 rweait1 Good night all. Off to face rush-hour.  :-(
22:03 harry-wood see you next time
22:03 harry-wood (I'll paste in the IRC log)
22:03 toffehoff rush-hour? at 11pm?