CWG meeting 2011-11-14

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communication Working Group meeting on 14th October 2011


  • Henk Hoff
  • Oliver Khun
  • Richard Weait
  • Richard Fairhurst
  • Harry Wood
  • Jonathan Bennett

Observers invited from #osm:


  • FB merge done & Google+ page created (done)
  • Communicating a fundraising drive
  • Communicating board face to face meeting
  • Blog translations
  • Merging and OSMF blogs
  • dev/EWG blogging


  • Oliver communicate end of year financials
  • Harry talk to Grant about repositioning -> and perhaps commence work on mods to the skin
  • Harry (ongoing) test options for an email subscription wordpress plugin and then talk to Grant about that too
  • Henk email the Management Team well in advance of wednesday's meeting to ensure it goes to plan.
  • Henk move himself and Oliver to the right mailing groups
  • Richard Weait to blog about license changeover

IRC log

(8:59:08 PM) rweait: Hello all. We'll be starting in a moment. For now, some administrivia, would members consider the previous minutes for adoption please?
(9:00:17 PM) rweait: Wecome, everybody. ping -b for attendance.
(9:00:32 PM) toffehoff: HI
(9:00:33 PM) JonathanB: Evening
(9:00:36 PM) Oliver_OSMF [] entered the room.
(9:00:37 PM) harry-wood: hello
(9:00:44 PM) Oliver_OSMF: hello
(9:00:44 PM) nutnut is now known as Anonymouse
(9:00:46 PM) Anonymouse: Hi.
(9:01:12 PM) harry-wood: Anonymouse. That's a suspicious name
(9:01:20 PM) rweait: Anybody have any topics to add to the agenda today?
(9:01:21 PM) Anonymouse: Indeed. *squeak*
(9:01:50 PM) RichardF: hello
(9:02:26 PM) rweait: Feel free to speak up with new topics for the agenda.
(9:02:29 PM) harry-wood: We can talk about announcing april 1st license cutover ...unless you're sick of that topic
(9:03:06 PM) rweait: harry-wood: sure, let's put that on the list.
(9:03:17 PM) JonathanB: SotM call?
(9:03:20 PM) Anonymouse: Where's the list? Is it in the channel topic?
(9:03:21 PM) RichardF: blog followup from last time
(9:03:29 PM) Oliver_OSMF: In the newsletter is was mentioned as "proposed date". It was a decision.
(9:03:38 PM) harry-wood: communicating Face2Face stuff is another topic
(9:03:41 PM) harry-wood: follow on from last time
(9:04:05 PM) rweait: Oliver_OSMF: let's discuss it when we discuss it.
(9:04:20 PM) rweait: harry-wood: communicating Face2Face stuff: also on the list.
(9:04:25 PM) harry-wood: There's a management meeting on Wednesday, so think of things you'd like me to feed to/from that group
(9:04:44 PM) rweait: Anything else?
(9:04:59 PM) RichardF: hack weekend comms
(9:05:12 PM) toffehoff: Maybe good to mention why I'm here?
(9:05:19 PM) rweait: We still need propose and second for the previous minutes.
(9:05:29 PM) rweait: Sure, toffehoff, fill us in.
(9:05:31 PM) harry-wood: hi toffehoff: why are you here? :-)
(9:05:49 PM) JonathanB: Not that you're not welcome any time, of course.
(9:05:55 PM) toffehoff: Not sure if you all have discussed the F2F outcome in detail…..
(9:06:17 PM) toffehoff: During F2F talked a bit about goals we wanted to achieve.
(9:06:37 PM) toffehoff: And found out that Oliver and I were more or less on the wrong WG.
(9:06:52 PM) toffehoff: So, we've decided to swap WG's
(9:07:10 PM) toffehoff: Oliver is taking over Local Chapters and I'm going to participate in Comms.
(9:07:22 PM) Oliver_OSMF: I can confirm this.
(9:07:24 PM) toffehoff: Oliver_OSMF: sounds about right?
(9:08:01 PM) toffehoff: So …. unless you all heavily object .....
(9:08:26 PM) harry-wood: Nope. Swapping around a bit. Makes sense if that aligns with your interests more
(9:08:55 PM) toffehoff: That is basically where it comes down to.
(9:09:46 PM) rweait: Okay, so where are we on our tasks from previous meetings. Oliver_OSMF: do you have an update for us before you go :-)
(9:10:32 PM) Oliver_OSMF: Update on anything specific?
(9:10:54 PM) rweait: You have "Communicating financials " from two weeks ago, I think>
(9:10:57 PM) rweait: ?
(9:11:04 PM) chippy left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(9:11:38 PM) Oliver_OSMF: That is still on my to-do list but should be able to deal with it
(9:11:38 PM) Oliver_OSMF: this week.
(9:12:13 PM) rweait: Excellent. You can let us know when you've posted the details, or ask us to assist in poeting them if you prefer.
(9:12:22 PM) Oliver_OSMF: Sure.
(9:12:41 PM) Oliver_OSMF: Anything else?
(9:12:46 PM) rweait: FB merge, I think we can drop from the list as that completed last week.
(9:13:05 PM) rweait: JonathanB: anyhting interesting re: Fb and G+ ?
(9:13:24 PM) Oliver_OSMF: ok. if this it I will quit now and leave it over to Henk.
(9:13:31 PM) toffehoff left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(9:13:44 PM) rweait: Hello, "timing" :-)
(9:13:44 PM) toffehoff [] entered the room.
(9:13:56 PM) JonathanB: OK -- Google+ page was set up during last week's meeting. We have 360 followers, most of whom joined in the first 48 hours.
(9:14:04 PM) rweait: okay, take care Oliver_OSMF
(9:14:16 PM) Oliver_OSMF: Bye, bye.
(9:14:17 PM) Oliver_OSMF left the room (quit: Quit: Talkative IRC).
(9:14:34 PM) JonathanB: Google hasn't yet implemented multiple admins for its pages, so I'm flying solo on that for now. Will admin others as soon as.
(9:15:09 PM) JonathanB: There is however a mechanism for verifying that you're the "official" page using a meta tag in the header of your home page.
(9:15:22 PM) JonathanB: Tom Hughes was kind enough to implement this for us during the week.
(9:15:33 PM) harry-wood: cool
(9:15:36 PM) rweait: JonathanB: do we need to take any action on FB /G+ at the moment or are we pretty much set?
(9:15:57 PM) JonathanB: Just remember they're there and use them as an alternative communication channel
(9:16:06 PM) rweait: And a big thank you to TomH.
(9:16:15 PM) rweait: Thank you JonathanB
(9:16:16 PM) RichardF: +1.
(9:16:34 PM) toffehoff: +1
(9:16:36 PM) rweait: RichardF: you were looking at merging OGD and osmf blog.
(9:16:41 PM) JonathanB: We should ask OWG to give us notice of operational changes whenever they can so we can flag them up on social networking.
(9:16:54 PM) RichardF: rweait: yep. I contacted Steve about OGD (which he owns).
(9:17:06 PM) RichardF: He's happy for it to be merged into one blog with the OSMF blog.
(9:17:31 PM) RichardF: His only request was that we find some way of preserving the old content - both the current posterous archive, and the archive (from WordPress I think).
(9:17:54 PM) toffehoff: wordpress it is.
(9:17:58 PM) toffehoff: (the old).
(9:18:02 PM) RichardF: ok.
(9:18:23 PM) rweait: That sounds reasonable. Any suggestions on method to preserve, and platform for the future blog?
(9:18:30 PM) harry-wood: good that he's happy with the plan
(9:18:47 PM) harry-wood: The OSMF wordpress install is managed by firefishy
(9:18:50 PM) RichardF: I've no preferences. rweait, you probably have more experience with the blogging platform - what would you recommend?
(9:19:20 PM) RichardF: should we just ask Grant to move the OSMF WP install over to (say), and we can migrate stuff in there?
(9:19:21 PM) rweait: My first preference is to find someone who cares enough to do it, then support their decisions. :-)
(9:19:25 PM) toffehoff: I know Steve tried to import the old stuff in Posterous. Which did not work ….
(9:19:25 PM) RichardF: :)
(9:19:53 PM) rweait: Right, the preservation is probably a brute force job.
(9:20:02 PM) RichardF: yes, I suspect so. that's not a huge problem.
(9:20:02 PM) JonathanB: wget
(9:20:07 PM) RichardF: exactly :)
(9:20:08 PM) rweait: Then find an equivalent brute force to put it into $NewASystem.
(9:20:45 PM) rweait: Who can we trick into ^W^W^W^W wants to take lead on this?
(9:20:57 PM) harry-wood: should be branded as the OSMF blog?
(9:21:04 PM) toffehoff: If it's managed by our admins…. I would suggest to limit the amount of different systems.
(9:21:16 PM) RichardF: harry-wood: It's the OpenStreetMap blog. By definition that's run by OSMF
(9:21:23 PM) rweait: harry-wood: that's a good start.
(9:21:29 PM) rweait: toffehof: +1
(9:21:34 PM) harry-wood: Should it be integrated into the OSMF website
(9:21:35 PM) harry-wood: ?
(9:21:37 PM) RichardF: but it's outward-facing, and most people outside OSM don't care about the difference between Foundation and OSM and so on.
(9:21:55 PM) RichardF: nope - OSM-branded, not OSMF-branded
(9:22:06 PM) RichardF: it can (and should) tell people about the Foundation, sure
(9:22:15 PM) RichardF: but the "product" we are marketing is OSM
(9:22:50 PM) harry-wood: So the wordpress style should probably change to look a bit different again (at the same time as moving to
(9:23:18 PM) RichardF: yep. I'd anticipate there may be some presentation work going on at the hackday weekend, so that might be a time to do some stuff on it - Harry, are you going to be there?
(9:23:32 PM) toffehoff: Talking about systems: you probably have choice between WP and Drupal.
(9:23:43 PM) harry-wood: I'll be there on Saturday yes
(9:23:58 PM) toffehoff: This coming saturday already?
(9:24:17 PM) RichardF: a week on Saturday
(9:24:22 PM) harry-wood: toffehoff only if we're going for a new system rather than just moving domains and restyling the existing wp install
(9:25:05 PM) rweait: Okay, this needs a task and a lead, so we can move on to other old business. Who wants it?
(9:25:15 PM) harry-wood: firefishy may have an opinion on the matter... given that we'll have to ask *him* to do these things
(9:25:27 PM) harry-wood: I can work on this
(9:25:42 PM) rweait: Thank you harry-wood.
(9:25:53 PM) RichardF: yep, thank you. Let me know if there's anything I can do. :)
(9:25:54 PM) harry-wood: (It's usually my job to pester firefishy)
(9:25:57 PM) rweait: RichardF: can harry-wood draw on you if required?
(9:26:02 PM) RichardF: very much so.
(9:26:07 PM) RichardF: well, not in the marker pen sense.
(9:26:11 PM) rweait: excellent.
(9:26:12 PM) harry-wood: hehe
(9:26:20 PM) rweait: "Communicating F2F"
(9:26:39 PM) harry-wood: Mikel blogged
(9:26:41 PM) harry-wood: that was good
(9:26:50 PM) rweait: So we're still waiting on the board for minutes, etc from the F2F, so nothing to communicate yet.
(9:27:11 PM) toffehoff: Just so you all know :
(9:27:33 PM) toffehoff: The whole board will be present during the next Management meeting.
(9:27:45 PM) harry-wood: this wednesday?
(9:27:50 PM) toffehoff: yes.
(9:27:54 PM) harry-wood: That'll be crowded meeting :-O
(9:28:09 PM) ***RichardF wonders when he was told about that ;)
(9:28:22 PM) rweait: So for now, we stand ready to do whatever communicating needs to be done re: F22F.
(9:28:28 PM) toffehoff: To present the outcome and show support to the hard working bunch of people within OSM
(9:28:44 PM) toffehoff: RichardF: has Matt informed you on this?
(9:28:54 PM) RichardF: not sure. I'll check.
(9:29:16 PM) toffehoff: If not: you're kindly invited :-)
(9:29:21 PM) RichardF: :)
(9:29:34 PM) harry-wood: toffehoff can you send out a reminder about it today (nice and far in advance)
(9:29:41 PM) rweait: Next then? "Communicating a fundraising drive" Who followed up with OWG?
(9:29:54 PM) harry-wood: with a link to to avoid confusion!
(9:29:54 PM) ***JonathanB looks sheepish
(9:30:00 PM) toffehoff: Will to that within an hour after this meeting
(9:30:06 PM) harry-wood: awesome
(9:30:06 PM) toffehoff: :-)
(9:30:15 PM) rweait: Baaaaaad JonathanB?
(9:30:32 PM) rweait: For next meeting perhaps?
(9:30:39 PM) harry-wood: I said I would do it too, but was hoping to see Matt in the pub
(9:30:41 PM) JonathanB: I said I'd talk to them, but haven't -- next week for sure.
(9:31:01 PM) rweait: No problem, we're still on hold on that until MT meeting.
(9:31:05 PM) harry-wood: I also thought there was quite a lot of other stuff going on at the moment. No hurry on OWG bloggage
(9:31:19 PM) harry-wood: but we should aim for prior to hack weekend
(9:31:31 PM) RichardF: that ties in nicely with "hack weekend comms" :)
(9:31:41 PM) rweait: Right.
(9:31:47 PM) harry-wood: Well I was thinking it was the same thing
(9:31:53 PM) harry-wood: or part of the same blog post
(9:32:08 PM) harry-wood: Besides blogging should we aim to promote hack weekend elsewhere?
(9:32:20 PM) harry-wood: Matt's set it up on the usual channels
(9:32:29 PM) toffehoff: btw: when is hackweekend?
(9:32:29 PM) rweait: Perhaps, but for some channels we'll want to talk about the fund raiser even if we don't talk about the hack weekend.]
(9:32:37 PM) harry-wood: 26th & 27th
(9:32:48 PM) harry-wood: (2 weeks time)
(9:32:54 PM) toffehoff: Thanks
(9:33:54 PM) harry-wood: Event listing services are a big headache for me, as the OSMLondon organiser.... because there's too many of them
(9:34:02 PM) rweait: :-(
(9:34:33 PM) harry-wood: Seems like the best approach is carpet bomb them all
(9:34:35 PM) rweait: can we get the hack weekend post sooner, then the fundraising when we get the goahead?
(9:35:29 PM) harry-wood: (maybe we have the go-ahead... need to see the minutes :-) )
(9:35:50 PM) rweait: And we have "blog translations" from last week as well. Which is also on harry-wood's plate.
(9:35:54 PM) rweait: You are overworked.
(9:36:16 PM) harry-wood: yeah, but that's another pestering firefishy job
(9:36:50 PM) harry-wood: Well... I'll run some tests of plugins before pestering him. Will aim to do this some time soon
(9:36:59 PM) rweait: Awesome.
(9:37:24 PM) rweait: Shall we take a quickl break before new business to welcome our observers today?
(9:37:38 PM) harry-wood: yes
(9:37:40 PM) rweait: Folks? Any comments or topics for discussion?
(9:37:45 PM) harry-wood: welcome observers
(9:38:21 PM) harry-wood: mackerski, blackadder, twain47, zvenzzon--, and Anonymouse
(9:38:51 PM) rweait: And we still need a proposal and second on the minutes of last week.
(9:38:57 PM) mackerski: harry-wood: Just logged into the channel constantly, I haven't been observing, sorry
(9:38:59 PM) JonathanB: Proposed
(9:39:06 PM) mackerski left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(9:39:16 PM) harry-wood: Seconded
(9:39:21 PM) RichardF: gah! beat me to it
(9:39:22 PM) rweait: Thank you JonathanB, harry-wood.
(9:39:25 PM) mackerski [] entered the room.
(9:39:54 PM) mackerski: harry-wood: My client died, but I haven't been observing, just logged in here constantly
(9:39:56 PM) rweait: also on administrivia. Do we need to do anything to add Henk to the communication@ list?
(9:40:19 PM) toffehoff: I can do that myself :-)
(9:40:20 PM) rweait: mackerski: no problem. You're welcome either way.
(9:40:40 PM) harry-wood: henk need to do it himself, but also move Oliver onto the local chapters group list
(9:40:41 PM) rweait: toffehoff: perhaps ask Oliver if he'd like to stay on the list?
(9:41:08 PM) toffehoff: Will check with him.
(9:42:49 PM) rweait: Shall we talk about the 01 April date?
(9:42:55 PM) JonathanB: Sure
(9:42:59 PM) toffehoff: added myself to the mailinglist.
(9:43:07 PM) rweait: harry-wood?
(9:43:24 PM) harry-wood: yes
(9:43:26 PM) harry-wood: so
(9:43:49 PM) harry-wood: I undid the wiki news item that simonpoole added
(9:44:27 PM) harry-wood: partly because it was perhaps not supposed to be announced, partly because a link into minutes was a pants way to announce it
(9:44:35 PM) RichardF: +1
(9:44:46 PM) harry-wood: subsequent email ping-pong was a bit confusing though
(9:44:55 PM) harry-wood: do we want to announce it?
(9:45:08 PM) RichardF: yes, we ought to.
(9:45:22 PM) harry-wood: I had the impress you thought we should hold off rweait ....until we had more plans drawn out?
(9:45:29 PM) JonathanB: We need to establish what "it" is though. A concrete deadline? A goal?
(9:45:57 PM) rweait: harry-wood: I don't want to "scoop" the board if they have plans for a comprehensive announcement.
(9:45:57 PM) RichardF: the board (so I'm told) has said it's a concrete deadline.
(9:46:32 PM) harry-wood: It was mentioned already in Mikel's blog post, but without mentioning the date
(9:46:43 PM) rweait: RichardF: right. Oliver said the same. That's nonsense. it's a target. It's a good one. We'll move it if we have to.
(9:47:12 PM) rweait: To say it is a concrete deadline (in a volunteer project) is silly.
(9:47:20 PM) toffehoff: You may want to check with LWG when and how to announce this….
(9:47:34 PM) rweait: What happens if the switch in on the 2nd? Doooooom!!!
(9:47:49 PM) harry-wood: hehe
(9:48:16 PM) harry-wood: nothing... except it would be a less confusing date because it wouldn't be confused for an April 1st joke
(9:48:20 PM) RichardF: rweait: without wanting to get into the pros and cons of either argument, the board resolved it was a "mandate to move to ODbL by April 1st"
(9:48:23 PM) rweait: Right, so my preference is to wait until we have everything that the board wants to announce from the f2f and do it together.
(9:48:34 PM) RichardF: rweait: I've seen some correspondence go by earlier this evening to that effect
(9:49:31 PM) toffehoff: rweait: we (the board) has put this as more than a "guideline".
(9:49:53 PM) rweait: Right, so what happens on the 2nd?
(9:50:13 PM) rweait: I mean really? It's a good goal. It looks reasonable.
(9:50:36 PM) rweait: Our last target date, we pushed back by a couple of days to complete a backup.
(9:50:48 PM) rweait: So what? What broke because of that?
(9:51:02 PM) toffehoff: We've tried to set something reasonable. But if it for some reason has to delay a couple of days....
(9:51:34 PM) toffehoff: no problem. But if we move it a month (or more)…. That's not the intention.
(9:53:09 PM) rweait: So we were talking about what to announce or not.
(9:53:16 PM) harry-wood: yes. AFAICS the question at hand is... do we need to hold off for more plans to be detailed? or is the (possibly a bit vague) text I was proposing OK for a quick announcement some time around about now?
(9:53:55 PM) rweait: Do we want one announcement for this and another for the rest of F2F info?
(9:54:00 PM) toffehoff: Is the LWG happy with announcing this?
(9:54:16 PM) rweait: toffehoff: it's not LWGs to decide.
(9:54:32 PM) rweait: I mean, it's in the draft minutes....
(9:54:41 PM) harry-wood: luckily Richard and Richard can speak for both the LWG and CWG on the matter :-)
(9:55:02 PM) ***RichardF is mercifully not on LWG ;)
(9:55:11 PM) rweait: I'm sure LWG supports the decision of CWG in this matter. :-(
(9:55:13 PM) rweait: :-)
(9:55:22 PM) rweait: wrong smiley
(9:55:29 PM) toffehoff: But if we're announcing something that is on the turf of another WG, it's good for them to know what's coming....
(9:55:49 PM) rweait: toffehoff: the date didn't come from LWg, it came from board.
(9:56:12 PM) rweait: so, it's CWG or board? What do you want to do. I can be swayed.
(9:56:35 PM) harry-wood: By the way I edited the text to remove the "fed of hearing about..." sentence as we discuss rweait
(9:56:45 PM) rweait: Yeah. :-)
(9:56:55 PM) toffehoff: The board has put a request to the LWG. It's up to the LWG how they handle it.
(9:57:23 PM) toffehoff: If they think it best to hold of for announcement a couple of days, ……
(9:57:24 PM) rweait: now it's a request again?
(9:57:45 PM) toffehoff: you're talking to a non-native english speaker here.....
(9:57:55 PM) rweait: LWG supports the target set by the board. as shown in the draft LWG minutes.
(9:58:18 PM) rweait: There are details to be worked out. And code to be written.
(9:58:38 PM) rweait: But that will run all through the schedule.
(9:58:57 PM) rweait: JonathanB RichardF, thoughts? announce now or later?
(9:59:14 PM) toffehoff: OK. just checking that the LWG is not going wild
(9:59:21 PM) JonathanB: I'd wait until we can make as clear and unambiguous an announcement as possible.
(9:59:22 PM) RichardF: my personal thought is announce now. the longer we leave it, the more someone else will announce it in their own way
(9:59:32 PM) RichardF: ha, that's helped then ;)
(9:59:53 PM) rweait: are we 2-2 with harry to vote? ;-)
(9:59:55 PM) JonathanB: I could have it wrong
(9:59:55 PM) harry-wood: rweait: is there any wording you would change there still? Or perhaps you can word it yourself... but it actually makes most sense for *you* to post it to the blog (or I think maybe it can be edited to not be attributed to a particular author)
(10:00:07 PM) JonathanB: *Are* there any more details to be worked out, really?
(10:00:34 PM) rweait: JonathanB: well jsut all of the details, but the date looks good from here (with no details)
(10:00:37 PM) harry-wood: JonathanB: Well there's things which may effect the date... like coding work needed
(10:01:03 PM) harry-wood: but no reason to expect that this date wouldn't be met
(10:01:23 PM) rweait: okay. harry-wood, okay If I post it with my LWG / CWG hat on?
(10:01:46 PM) rweait: any objections?
(10:01:50 PM) harry-wood: Yeah. It would look a bit odd coming from me (even though I wrote it)
(10:02:09 PM) harry-wood: yeah post it! post it!
(10:02:13 PM) RichardF: go for it
(10:02:18 PM) JonathanB: +!
(10:02:18 PM) toffehoff: no objections from me.
(10:02:23 PM) rweait: So, I'll post this after LWG tomorrow, just in case they want to pretty it up a bit.
(10:02:32 PM) rweait: Next topic?
(10:02:33 PM) toffehoff: :-)
(10:02:43 PM) harry-wood: I even picked some illustrations, but I know you love doing that... so feel free to change them :-)
(10:03:12 PM) rweait: Awesome. I'll have a look.
(10:03:20 PM) rweait: Requests for MT!
(10:03:28 PM) harry-wood: MT?
(10:03:35 PM) blackadder left the room (quit: Quit: heading for the next unmapped place=).
(10:03:35 PM) rweait: Please, all groups think of more things to say to the community.
(10:03:42 PM) harry-wood: oh Management Team
(10:03:43 PM) rweait: managemetn Team
(10:04:02 PM) rweait: Send us your success stories, or post them yourself.
(10:04:10 PM) rweait: anything else?
(10:04:23 PM) RichardF: think about how announcements are made :)
(10:04:34 PM) RichardF: don't just let them creep out in minutes
(10:04:55 PM) toffehoff: RichardF: +1
(10:05:03 PM) rweait: And a general request for all groups to be super prompt with minutes, etc?
(10:05:15 PM) RichardF: yep
(10:05:39 PM) toffehoff: That could be a bit in contradiction with the "how announcements are made"
(10:05:59 PM) RichardF: you can redact things.
(10:06:03 PM) RichardF: that's generally what happens in minutes.
(10:06:14 PM) RichardF: just put "[information embargoed]" or something like that in the minutes.
(10:06:58 PM) toffehoff: Part of " think about how"….
(10:07:23 PM) rweait: SotM call. That's the call for venues?
(10:07:28 PM) JonathanB: Yes
(10:07:48 PM) toffehoff: There is a task with SteveC to get this started....
(10:07:55 PM) toffehoff: (set during F2F)
(10:08:37 PM) JonathanB: I just saw the Portugese get all excited at rweait's housekeeping and thought we should think about it
(10:08:37 PM) rweait: So I guess I jumped the gun on that. I added a blank page to the wiki last week.
(10:08:53 PM) JonathanB: rweait: No, they read a whole barrel load too much into that
(10:09:00 PM) RichardF: no harm done.
(10:09:12 PM) rweait: Nice to have excited applicants.
(10:09:14 PM) JonathanB: There's certainly no harm in them getting their shit together
(10:09:20 PM) toffehoff: Does the CWG want to have a role in this?
(10:09:25 PM) rweait: anything we need to do? Or should we wait for SteveC?
(10:09:44 PM) JonathanB: We should co-ordinate the real announcement across channels.
(10:09:57 PM) JonathanB: But the announcement has to come from elsewhere
(10:09:58 PM) rweait: Previously, I've reposted key items from SotM team
(10:10:28 PM) rweait: As long as they keep us cc;d we can bounce themessage to blogs and social.
(10:10:39 PM) toffehoff: Should the coming SotM team also have a regular CWG liaison ?
(10:10:48 PM) rweait: Do we have a Sotm12 team yet toffehoff?
(10:11:05 PM) rweait: we're running a little over this week. Sorry gang.
(10:11:20 PM) toffehoff: Apart from some of the previous team….. not really. Until the location is chosen.
(10:11:23 PM) RichardF: wouldn't hurt to have a liaison. But I think that the comms work for SotM should be done by the SotM team.
(10:11:35 PM) rweait: toffehoff, I think, so any/every one can help.
(10:12:19 PM) rweait: I think the previous method with SOTM controlling their own official channel / site, and us refelcting works well.
(10:12:20 PM) JonathanB: RichardF: I assume you mean the eventual event team -- this is more about the contest to host it
(10:12:32 PM) rweait: does sotm team need quicker response, or anything else?
(10:12:42 PM) RichardF: oh, sorry, I thought the "coming SotM team" referred to the team for the coming event :)
(10:12:57 PM) toffehoff: rweait: what do you mean?
(10:13:28 PM) rweait: toffehoff, will you be on sotm12 team?
(10:13:49 PM) toffehoff: I very likely will be. Very likely not in a leading role.
(10:14:12 PM) rweait: did sotm11 team get everything it needed from CWG?
(10:14:54 PM) toffehoff: There was not a real expectation there. So for that perspective: yes.
(10:15:17 PM) rweait: What can CWG do to be even better this year for Sotm12 team?
(10:15:18 PM) toffehoff: Since we now have a working CWG, thinks may work different this coming year.
(10:15:44 PM) rweait: and since youa re on both ...:-)
(10:15:52 PM) harry-wood: As I see it, CWG is on hand to help any other WG
(10:16:01 PM) toffehoff: I think (depends on the final team) to have some dedicated for comms would be a plus.
(10:16:04 PM) harry-wood: we're also here to nag WGs who aren't communicating
(10:16:22 PM) toffehoff: Like: do we have a press-list?
(10:16:37 PM) harry-wood: We do have a press list!
(10:16:44 PM) harry-wood: ...with zero entries so far :-(
(10:16:52 PM) toffehoff: Great!
(10:16:55 PM) toffehoff: oh….
(10:17:47 PM) harry-wood: I shall email the the link anyway
(10:17:52 PM) toffehoff: I might help that we have a list of all kinds of press we could contact with press-releases and such...
(10:17:58 PM) rweait: okay shall we do same time next week? 2100UTC?
(10:18:08 PM) harry-wood: yes.
(10:18:16 PM) toffehoff: ok
(10:18:23 PM) harry-wood: put press list fiddling on the agenda for next time
(10:18:30 PM) rweait: We're fairly late now. Any other topics we need to cover?
(10:18:31 PM) toffehoff: thanks.
(10:18:31 PM) RichardF: good with me :)
(10:18:58 PM) harry-wood: reminder of the priorities for the coming week?
(10:19:06 PM) harry-wood: F2F minutes!
(10:19:22 PM) rweait: MT : everybody talk to CWG!
(10:19:40 PM) harry-wood: yes
(10:19:59 PM) rweait: post date after checking with LWG
(10:20:17 PM) rweait: Hah1
(10:20:23 PM) rweait: see the weekly summary?
(10:20:23 PM) toffehoff: :-)
(10:20:26 PM) rweait: "The OSMF board suggested April 1st, 2012 for phase 5 of the OSM license change."
(10:20:49 PM) RichardF: that might have provoked the comments referenced earlier by the board ;)
(10:21:26 PM) toffehoff: I think I have to agree with RichardF :-)
(10:21:52 PM) rweait: Really, what did the board say?
(10:22:03 PM) rweait: (aren't you two the board)?
(10:22:17 PM) toffehoff: … that is wasn't a "suggestion".
(10:22:41 PM) RichardF: a prominent member of the board expressed some surprise at the notion that this might be a "fucking suggestion"
(10:23:06 PM) RichardF: I think the general fucking consensus was that no fucking way was it a fucking suggestion
(10:23:10 PM) RichardF: but I might have misunderstood.
(10:24:04 PM) rweait: okay, are we done for today?
(10:24:06 PM) harry-wood: Well it will transition from being a much discussed suggestion of suggestion ... into a shiney new blog post ...soon
(10:24:10 PM) toffehoff: …. and on that bombshell....
(10:24:13 PM) RichardF: yay!
(10:24:26 PM) harry-wood: marvelous!
(10:24:31 PM) rweait: have a good week all. Enjoy your suggestions.
(10:24:33 PM) harry-wood: See you next time then
(10:24:39 PM) RichardF: see you next time :)
(10:24:40 PM) toffehoff: Thanks all!
(10:24:50 PM) JonathanB: Byeeee!
(10:24:55 PM) RichardF: thank you rweait for ably guiding us through the meeting!
(10:25:02 PM) toffehoff: +1
(10:25:09 PM) rweait: I'm off my game, we went way overtime.  :-)
(10:25:25 PM) ***JonathanB is off to find food
(10:25:39 PM) toffehoff: An hour was a suggested time, wasn't it?
(10:25:47 PM) rweait: yup/
(10:26:30 PM) RichardF: very droll ;)