CWG meeting 2011-10-31

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Communication Working Group meeting on 31st October 2011


  • Richard Weait
  • Richard Fairhurst
  • Harry Wood
  • Jonathan Bennett
  • Oliver Khun


  • FB merge (proceeding soon)
  • Tile usage blog post
  • Management team reporting and WG blogging
  • Communicating a fundraising drive
  • Communicating board face to face meeting
  • Communicating financials

IRC log

(7:49:56 PM) rweait: hello harry-wood.
(7:50:05 PM) harry-wood: hello
(7:50:15 PM) harry-wood: at home now
(7:50:26 PM) rweait: safe bike ride, I presume.
(7:51:22 PM) JonathanB [] entered the room.
(7:51:40 PM) harry-wood: yeah.
(7:51:45 PM) harry-wood: Hello JonathanB
(7:51:56 PM) JonathanB: Hi harry-wood
(7:53:38 PM) rweait: last minutes -->
(7:53:57 PM) rweait: just waiting for the kettle to boil so I can pretend to be in England.
(7:54:10 PM) JonathanB: Oooh, tea. There's an idea.
(7:54:21 PM) ***rweait gets tweed coat with elbow patches.
(7:55:02 PM) JonathanB: Don't forget the Meerschaum
(7:55:29 PM) rweait: Is that Scotch or Irish whisk(e)y ?
(7:55:40 PM) JonathanB: Neither. Pipe.
(7:56:27 PM) rweait: :-)
(7:56:36 PM) rweait: not a smoker.  :-)
(7:56:51 PM) JonathanB: Oh, no-one says you need to have tobacco in it...
(7:57:28 PM) ***rweait thinks I'll get one and fill it with a little wind turbine and a red LED.
(7:57:41 PM) JonathanB: I like your thinking.
(7:57:42 PM) rweait: Perfect for the hackerspace.
(7:58:29 PM) rweait: I'll use solder with lead in it for the same long-term health effects but only half the coughing.
(8:03:31 PM) rweait: well, shall we?
(8:03:57 PM) rweait: Oh, no Oliver, give him another few minutes then?
(8:04:13 PM) rweait: shall we accept last minutes -->
(8:04:18 PM) rweait: while we wait?
(8:05:12 PM) harry-wood: I propose them
(8:05:12 PM) rweait: And next week, do we want stay with 2000 UTC, or something else?
(8:05:33 PM) rweait: Thank you harry-wood
(8:05:47 PM) JonathanB: 2000UTC suits me, but not any earlier -- kids still up before that point.
(8:05:48 PM) RichardF: hello, sorry, waylaid in Co-op
(8:06:11 PM) rweait: welcome, just waiting on Oliver, I think. Are we expecting any others?
(8:07:08 PM) harry-wood: It's 2000 UTC now right?
(8:07:15 PM) rweait: RichardF, jonathanB, would one of you second the previous minutes (or voice any objections?)
(8:07:25 PM) rweait: harry-wood, yes.
(8:07:32 PM) JonathanB: rweait: Sure. 2nded
(8:07:43 PM) harry-wood: yeah 2000 UTC is good for me
(8:08:03 PM) rweait: Thank you JonathanB, we'll leave it open for objection for a bit and otherwise consider them accepted.
(8:08:03 PM) Olliver_K [] entered the room.
(8:08:08 PM) rweait: hello Oliver.
(8:08:27 PM) rweait: We've just accepted the previous minutes. Let us know if you have any objections to
(8:08:42 PM) rweait: Does anybody have any new matters to add to the agenda?
(8:08:47 PM) rweait: I have one.
(8:08:58 PM) harry-wood: do we haev an agenda?
(8:09:15 PM) rweait: Not until we add things, I guess. :-)
(8:09:30 PM) rweait: I was looking at old / continuing issuese from previsou minutes.
(8:10:15 PM) harry-wood: I shall report on management meeting
(8:10:21 PM) rweait: The item I'd like to add for discussion is "publishing Foundation balance sheet"
(8:10:41 PM) rweait: any other new items?
(8:10:43 PM) harry-wood: I'd like to add "communicating a fund raising drive@
(8:10:58 PM) RichardF: I'd like to add communicating the board F2F
(8:11:11 PM) harry-wood: loads of things to talk about!
(8:11:17 PM) RichardF: (bearing in mind I'll be the one member who won't be there, of course!)
(8:11:23 PM) rweait: Excellent. Why wait then. here we go.
(8:11:35 PM) harry-wood: where shall we start?
(8:11:40 PM) rweait: Old business: jonathanB any news on the FB page merge?
(8:12:06 PM) JonathanB: Yes.
(8:12:19 PM) JonathanB: It looks like we're not going to get the option of saving Steve's page's content
(8:12:33 PM) JonathanB: I suspect this is based on number of followers.
(8:13:02 PM) JonathanB: What I propose then is that I post a short note in Steve's page saying "this is going to change shortly", leave it for a few days then do the merge.
(8:13:34 PM) rweait: I think "merge anyway" is going to be the best we can do. Sounds good.
(8:13:37 PM) rweait: Objections?
(8:13:50 PM) harry-wood: sounds good
(8:13:55 PM) RichardF: sounds fine. better to get it over and done with quickly.
(8:13:57 PM) rweait: JonathanB can you continue with this or do you want to call in some more help?
(8:14:06 PM) harry-wood: we lose the old content which was just re-postings of opengeodata
(8:14:31 PM) JonathanB: I can do the work -- did people think the note wasn't worth it?
(8:14:38 PM) JonathanB: It's only 81 people being affected
(8:14:48 PM) rweait: I think the note is a good idea.
(8:14:54 PM) JonathanB: k
(8:14:54 PM) rweait: Transparencey is good.
(8:15:15 PM) rweait: have we scanned those photos to see if any are irrepplacable yet?
(8:15:36 PM) JonathanB: All seem to be features images from 2006.
(8:15:43 PM) ***RichardF giggles
(8:15:45 PM) RichardF: we'll survive then
(8:15:49 PM) rweait: (I have not) I'll do that this week unless somwbody else wants the job?
(8:15:56 PM) JonathanB: Hence all severely out of date, but maybe of historical interest.
(8:16:05 PM) rweait: 'zackly.
(8:16:24 PM) rweait: harry-wood spreadsheet of press contacts?
(8:16:39 PM) harry-wood: I just emailed everyone a link to a google doc
(8:16:52 PM) rweait: was that OSMers as contacts for press, or press to whom we should send stuff?
(8:17:02 PM) harry-wood: as discussed last time, we could use this to build up a list press of contacts
(8:17:18 PM) harry-wood: Press to whome we could/should send stuff
(8:17:44 PM) harry-wood: Mainly for "valued" press contacts, i.e. people we've had some luck with in the past
(8:18:03 PM) harry-wood: but there's a column for an OSMer contact person too. Guess sometimes it will happen that way
(8:18:05 PM) rweait: can we each have a look and give that a think this week? Perhaps readh out to local / country community channels for suggestions?
(8:18:21 PM) harry-wood: I didn't get as far as actually putting any data in
(8:18:47 PM) rweait: We shuold help with that. Or better, have the community help with it.
(8:19:28 PM) harry-wood: we maybe can also trawl the list of appearances in the press, and try to figure out how they came about
(8:19:28 PM) rweait: Any further action / guidance for that today?
(8:19:39 PM) rweait: Nice.
(8:19:40 PM) harry-wood: nope
(8:19:51 PM) rweait: How was the management meeting?
(8:19:57 PM) harry-wood: right yes management meeting
(8:20:07 PM) harry-wood: so I raised the idea of blogging more
(8:20:48 PM) harry-wood: they were in favour of doing this kind of via the management meeting minutes / reporting process
(8:21:36 PM) harry-wood: The suggestion was that we need to get in the habit of reporting from each of the working groups to the management email group (rather than spending ages in the meeting hearing reports from people)
(8:21:37 PM) rweait: have they taken any action yet? How can we tell them, "Start now!" ?
(8:22:06 PM) RichardF: harry-wood: ha - classic management hierarchy pattern - "let's all read out our reports"
(8:22:42 PM) harry-wood: yeah. we wanted to avoid doing that *in* the meeting if possible
(8:22:50 PM) rweait: can they copy communication@ as well. Those who want communication to brush up their prose should be able to get that helop quickly.
(8:23:21 PM) rweait: When was the mgmt meeting and when is the next one?
(8:23:36 PM) harry-wood: I think the next on is this Wednesday
(8:23:49 PM) rweait: every two weeks?
(8:23:55 PM) harry-wood: yes. Nov 2nd
(8:24:03 PM) harry-wood: So I should email them today
(8:24:07 PM) rweait: Cool.
(8:24:19 PM) harry-wood: to remind them about the meeting and to remind them about reporting progress
(8:24:23 PM) rweait: remind me...?
(8:24:40 PM) rweait: is the plan that all WGs send their news to us and we post it?
(8:24:55 PM) rweait: Or can they optionally post directly?
(8:25:10 PM) harry-wood: Well I'm not sure how many people have access to post on the blog
(8:25:25 PM) harry-wood: possibly we should be setting up more accounts on there
(8:25:30 PM) rweait: I think it's 4-5 of us at present.
(8:25:47 PM) rweait: but that includes some on hiatus as well.
(8:26:10 PM) rweait: So they should be able to post at their discretion as well. Any objections to that?
(8:26:32 PM) wonderchook left the room (quit: Quit: wonderchook).
(8:26:41 PM) harry-wood: No I think that would be a good idea. We may uncover some people who more time on their hands than we thought :-)
(8:27:20 PM) rweait: I would request of mgmt group and WGs posting to the blog consider adding a photo or graph or drawing where appropriate. "Something nice"
(8:27:51 PM) RichardF: (Oliver is having trouble getting on IRC - see list)
(8:27:57 PM) harry-wood: always need a pretty a picture
(8:28:04 PM) rweait: harry-wood will you prod them to get started at their convenince at the meeting then? Anything else for this for harry?
(8:28:21 PM) rweait: Nope, he's right here, isn't he?
(8:28:37 PM) RichardF: rweait: "sorry, I am too stupid to get IRC running. I can read the web interface but not write anything. My Talktative IRC just gives me a socket error #11004."
(8:28:52 PM) harry-wood: now I dont know if the intention was to report back to the management team & then have sombody (me I suppose) from commsWG pick out headlines, or just copy in commsWG on reports
(8:29:00 PM) rweait: Olliver_K" We're talking about you! ha ha ha!  :-)
(8:29:13 PM) harry-wood: tee hee hee
(8:30:28 PM) rweait: harry-wood: i prefer that they tell us what is important. Either in a draft, or by posting. is that reasonable? i suppose those wanting more help than that will be welcome to ping communication@
(8:31:02 PM) rweait: shall we move on?
(8:31:18 PM) harry-wood: yes. To be honest in the short term I'll be happy if we manage to get any reporting going on, and manage to get people together meetings. It's been a little bit slow going so far
(8:31:27 PM) rweait: +1
(8:31:46 PM) rweait: anything you need to do to get things moving, souds good. :-)
(8:32:05 PM) rweait: Tighter tile policy.
(8:32:09 PM) harry-wood: but hopefully we can ingrain some habits of reporting but also thinking about nice communicable headlines fine day
(8:32:22 PM) rweait: I've sent a draft and had generally positive response from most of you.
(8:32:29 PM) rweait: :-)
(8:32:34 PM) harry-wood: yes. The tile blog post looks good
(8:32:47 PM) harry-wood: Fair enough it shouldn't mention the google news
(8:32:50 PM) rweait: I think RichardF was going to sort it out as well.. ;-)
(8:33:08 PM) RichardF: rweait: have e-mailed it back to you :)
(8:33:21 PM) rweait: Yeah, the google thing is "news" but it isn't related really.
(8:33:28 PM) rweait: thank you RichardF.
(8:33:52 PM) rweait: pending RichardF's improvements, and adding nice photos, may I post the blog?
(8:33:57 PM) JonathanB: Sure.
(8:34:03 PM) harry-wood: do it!
(8:34:33 PM) harry-wood: next thing?
(8:34:36 PM) Oliver_OSMF [] entered the room.
(8:34:38 PM) rweait: okay, depending on the red ink, that will be tonight or tomorrow.
(8:34:47 PM) rweait: Hi Oliver_OSMF
(8:34:55 PM) Oliver_OSMF: Here now!
(8:34:58 PM) RichardF: yay!
(8:35:01 PM) rweait: That's better!
(8:35:09 PM) rweait: you've been reading along?
(8:35:15 PM) rweait: any objections?
(8:35:50 PM) Oliver_OSMF: partly as I was trying to find out what was wrong.
(8:36:56 PM) rweait: okay, we're wrapped up old business. new business is 1) fund raising 2) board F2F and 3) OSMF balance sheet.
(8:36:58 PM) Oliver_OSMF: I understood that we still have problems getting updates from the WGs
(8:37:14 PM) harry-wood: Well not problems as such
(8:37:21 PM) harry-wood: just slow getting started with the management team idea
(8:37:25 PM) rweait: Oliver_OSMF: Yes, harry will raise that again at the mgmt meeting (
(8:37:30 PM) Olliver_K left the room (quit: Quit: CGI:IRC).
(8:37:32 PM) rweait: (every day until he dies)
(8:37:41 PM) harry-wood: hehe
(8:37:45 PM) Oliver_OSMF: that was just the web window
(8:37:51 PM) rweait: Fuind raising: Go!
(8:38:24 PM) Oliver_OSMF: Dedicated to special projects or in general?
(8:38:29 PM) harry-wood: Oh yeah
(8:38:36 PM) harry-wood: this was another topic at management team
(8:38:36 PM) rweait: harry-wood, this is you, right?
(8:38:45 PM) harry-wood: there will be a fund raising drive some time soon
(8:39:03 PM) harry-wood: (actually we're waiting on the board for direction)
(8:39:21 PM) harry-wood: but when the green light is given... communicating the fun raising drive will be important
(8:39:29 PM) harry-wood: so we could start planning a little
(8:39:40 PM) rweait: That topic has floated up at Strategic in past. have they punted it to mgmt?
(8:39:59 PM) harry-wood: it came from OWG
(8:40:04 PM) harry-wood: it relates to buying a server
(8:40:16 PM) Oliver_OSMF: At least it is not an active topic in the board currently
(8:40:17 PM) rweait: excellent.
(8:40:21 PM) JonathanB: Right, so it's a specific issue that's being addressed
(8:40:29 PM) rweait: A specific server worked very well last time.
(8:40:35 PM) JonathanB: rather than "lets just get some cash in"
(8:40:47 PM) rweait: is there a time-line?
(8:41:07 PM) harry-wood: Oliver_OSMF: I think the plan was for you, or henk to *make* it an active topic in the coming board meeting
(8:41:16 PM) rweait: Can we make this into a one find drive for Six months of golas"
(8:41:33 PM) rweait: *goals.
(8:41:58 PM) rweait: parhaps the new server, plus SSDs for two other boxes, plus two servers and hosting at a third DC?
(8:42:36 PM) Oliver_OSMF: Normally there should be a roadmap for server investments
(8:42:50 PM) harry-wood: Well there is
(8:42:58 PM) harry-wood: OWG have sometihng veery specific in mind
(8:43:07 PM) harry-wood: We'll need some exciting technical specs to go in a blog post to kick off the funding drive I guess
(8:43:10 PM) Oliver_OSMF: on or off the roadmap?
(8:43:35 PM) rweait: OWg make the roadmap, therefore. "on"/
(8:43:38 PM) RichardF: more than tech specs - it really needs a narrative
(8:43:45 PM) JonathanB: "Benefits, not features"
(8:43:46 PM) RichardF: "we need this new server so that OSM can do <this>"
(8:43:51 PM) RichardF: or what JonathanB said :)
(8:44:00 PM) rweait: Should one of us sit in with OWG and draft some prose?
(8:44:09 PM) rweait: or would they rather draft it themselves?
(8:44:24 PM) Oliver_OSMF: If there is a general agreement that the servers are needed...
(8:44:43 PM) JonathanB: I think we can do the wordy stuff if they tell us what difference it will make to mappers/users/everyone
(8:45:18 PM) rweait: JonathanB: right. how do we make that easy for them? can you join their next meeting?
(8:45:28 PM) JonathanB: Depending on timing, sure.
(8:45:39 PM) harry-wood: We could collaborate on a google doc to put something together between us
(8:45:46 PM) rweait: And pending board approval, right Oliver_OSMF?
(8:46:10 PM) harry-wood: not sure what the timing is for OWG meetings. They mostly discuss stuff out of meetings
(8:46:13 PM) Oliver_OSMF: Not necesseraly. If mgmt team thinks this ok...
(8:46:30 PM) rweait: JonathanB, if the timing doesn't work, call one of us for backup?
(8:46:36 PM) JonathanB: rweait: Sure.
(8:46:38 PM) Oliver_OSMF: I don't think that we need a board approval for a server.
(8:46:52 PM) Oliver_OSMF: Or are we talking a dozen servers?
(8:46:58 PM) harry-wood: management decided the fund raising drive and spending on a server should be discussed at board level
(8:47:20 PM) rweait: Oliver_OSMF: Cool. this isn;t just OWG "going rogue" everybody will be aligned.
(8:47:24 PM) harry-wood: but I said I'd mention all of this to you guys now becuase actually a fund raising drive is all about communication
(8:47:49 PM) rweait: harry-wood do we know of any deadlines for this?
(8:48:08 PM) harry-wood: Not deadline as such, but the board meeting is what we're waiting on
(8:48:40 PM) harry-wood: I'm assuming shortly after the board meeting there will be a green \light
(8:48:47 PM) harry-wood: So then...
(8:48:48 PM) Oliver_OSMF: then make this specific for me to take away for next week: what exactly do
(8:48:48 PM) Oliver_OSMF: you want the board to decide?
(8:49:04 PM) rweait: okay, JonathanB and harry-wood are on this from different angles and will let us know if they need anything more from us. Sound good?
(8:49:19 PM) rweait: Oliver_OSMF: I think mgmt said they wanted board approval.
(8:49:33 PM) harry-wood: minutes of the management team meeting are here:
(8:49:39 PM) rweait: Float it as an email from mgmt to board it shoudl go quickly.
(8:49:50 PM) Oliver_OSMF: for what? That the funding drive is server specific?
(8:50:07 PM) harry-wood: "Board will discuss spending limit for Management also the management team autonomy to declare a fund-raising drive. Board will meet 4th/5th of Nov"
(8:50:15 PM) rweait: Oliver_OSMF: that is my understanding. server-specific.
(8:50:55 PM) rweait: next topic?
(8:51:08 PM) Oliver_OSMF: ok. That's anyway on my list.
(8:51:11 PM) rweait: board F2F communication.
(8:51:27 PM) Oliver_OSMF: yes, this week.
(8:51:28 PM) rweait: I'd like to see the benefits of said F2F promoted.
(8:51:37 PM) RichardF: yep. we need to make sure this is communicated both before and afterwards
(8:51:43 PM) rweait: This was your topic RichardF?
(8:51:48 PM) RichardF: i.e. "this is happening" this week, "this is what happened" next week.
(8:51:56 PM) RichardF: especially given that it's one of OSMF's biggest items of expenditure.
(8:52:12 PM) rweait: 8-|
(8:52:35 PM) rweait: Is that something that the board has drafted?
(8:52:45 PM) RichardF: not afaik. But we can ask them to.
(8:53:00 PM) RichardF: I'd write something but for the fact I'm the only one not going!
(8:53:05 PM) rweait: yeah. Let's see if we can get that out quickly?
(8:53:17 PM) RichardF: shall I e-mail the board?
(8:53:22 PM) rweait: Surely they've shared the vision with you? Oliver_OSMF ?
(8:53:27 PM) Oliver_OSMF: F2F normally happens twice a year - especially after the board election to bring the new
(8:53:27 PM) Oliver_OSMF: board together
(8:54:20 PM) rweait: okay, Oliver can you draft something that we can publish for the 3rd, before the meeting?
(8:54:33 PM) rweait: and then a results post for after as well?
(8:54:50 PM) Oliver_OSMF: The target is that the new board aligns on its joint targets.
(8:55:10 PM) Oliver_OSMF: We can communicate the targets afterwards
(8:55:20 PM) rweait: okay, draft it and call us in if you want help with it?
(8:55:44 PM) Oliver_OSMF: until when do you need this?
(8:56:00 PM) rweait: 3rd at the latest, I'd say?
(8:56:10 PM) Oliver_OSMF: ok
(8:56:30 PM) rweait: okay last topic. Can we go for another 10 minutes please?
(8:56:37 PM) Oliver_OSMF: sure
(8:56:38 PM) RichardF: fine with me!
(8:56:41 PM) JonathanB: Yep
(8:56:47 PM) rweait: Board balance sheet.
(8:57:02 PM) rweait: members have been asking for the 2010 balance sheet on osmf-talk.
(8:57:03 PM) Oliver_OSMF: what is board balance sheet?
(8:57:12 PM) Oliver_OSMF: you mean financials?
(8:57:21 PM) rweait: Where are we, and who can we help to get this information in a suitabl place?
(8:57:23 PM) Oliver_OSMF: yes, sent it to Simon
(8:57:35 PM) Oliver_OSMF: it normally goes in the wiki.
(8:57:49 PM) rweait: Ah, okay. Can I put that in the wiki for you?
(8:57:58 PM) rweait: When did you send it?
(8:58:17 PM) Oliver_OSMF: normally yes. the problem is that I need to get comparable periods.
(8:58:37 PM) Oliver_OSMF: The changed the published month every year.
(8:58:53 PM) Oliver_OSMF: So I need to organize two balance sheets with the same date.
(8:59:03 PM) Oliver_OSMF: That was the problem.
(8:59:24 PM) rweait: I'd be happy to put up "DRAFT" with wahtever dates or approximate dates we have.
(8:59:32 PM) rweait: But it's done now?
(8:59:35 PM) Oliver_OSMF: it goes here
(9:00:17 PM) Oliver_OSMF: the balance sheet exists. just not in the format for the web and with a counterpart
(9:00:19 PM) rweait: and what did you send Simon?
(9:00:22 PM) Oliver_OSMF: for the previous year
(9:00:43 PM) Oliver_OSMF: just the balance sheet as it went to company house
(9:01:00 PM) harry-wood: I think the pre-end-year finances were supposed to go out with the AGM minutes, but those minutes didn't materialise :-/
(9:01:10 PM) rweait: Do you need help with fixing the time periods? Is that something for the accountant?
(9:01:35 PM) Oliver_OSMF: no, it justs need time
(9:01:51 PM) Oliver_OSMF: It did it with the income statement which was the bigger effort
(9:01:57 PM) rweait: okay, when should we expect it?
(9:02:00 PM) Oliver_OSMF: sent you all the balance sheet
(9:02:56 PM) rweait: okay, so it is done.
(9:03:04 PM) Oliver_OSMF: Not before I return from the US. Still lot's to do to get SOTM financials clean and missing
(9:03:04 PM) Oliver_OSMF: paperwork from Emilie's period
(9:03:12 PM) rweait: do you want help formatting it for the web?
(9:03:55 PM) Oliver_OSMF: yes, that would be appreciated but still not do some conversions first
(9:04:10 PM) Oliver_OSMF: to keep it consistent with previous years
(9:04:32 PM) rweait: May I publish this as an "interim or draft" balance sheet? with anote about the consistency?
(9:05:20 PM) Oliver_OSMF: no, I would prefer to have the right one published immediately.
(9:05:32 PM) Oliver_OSMF: The income statement is out and this is much more important
(9:06:27 PM) rweait: You'll update us next week?
(9:06:48 PM) Oliver_OSMF: no, as I won't be back by then. In two weeks
(9:07:05 PM) rweait: okay, two weeks. And call for help for formatting earlier, if needed?
(9:07:11 PM) Oliver_OSMF: ok
(9:07:22 PM) rweait: any other thoughts everybody?
(9:07:30 PM) RichardF: sounds good to me
(9:08:18 PM) JonathanB: Re Facebook -- just checked and all the images on Steve's page are in
(9:08:20 PM) rweait: So, next meeting, sounds like Oliver will be in-transit? everybody else okay for next Monday?>
(9:08:28 PM) JonathanB: So nothing lost there.
(9:08:31 PM) harry-wood: yep
(9:08:41 PM) JonathanB: One more thing?
(9:08:41 PM) rweait: JonathanB: excellent, thank you for reducing my list. ;-)
(9:08:44 PM) harry-wood: I mean yep I'm ok for next Monday
(9:08:50 PM) rweait: yup?
(9:09:05 PM) rweait: JonathanB: a thing?
(9:09:08 PM) JonathanB: I've just remembered that the launch of business/organisation pages on Google+ is meant to be soon.
(9:09:18 PM) JonathanB: Is everyone happy for me to take the lead on that?
(9:09:25 PM) rweait: +1
(9:09:29 PM) RichardF: yes
(9:09:54 PM) harry-wood: good plan. bag the name
(9:09:55 PM) Oliver_OSMF: yes, is there another user besides you on G+?
(9:10:17 PM) JonathanB: harry-wood is
(9:10:17 PM) harry-wood: hehe
(9:10:23 PM) rweait: I've seen several requests from OSMers.
(9:10:47 PM) rweait: good catch JonathanB. yes please.
(9:10:54 PM) harry-wood: I'm confused about G+ because I get request to my *real* email address, but my account is associated with my gmail. Nightmare.
(9:10:58 PM) Oliver_OSMF: was just kidding as growth does not seem to go as G expected
(9:10:58 PM) rweait: Let's avoid the multi-page things on FB.
(9:11:26 PM) harry-wood: Topics we've talked about today are here BTW:
(9:11:33 PM) rweait: joanthanB: need anything from us or are you set for now on G+?
(9:11:58 PM) rweait: harry-wood excellent, and thank you.
(9:12:03 PM) JonathanB: I think it's just a case of waiting until applications open then pouncing.
(9:12:29 PM) rweait: everybody okay for next meeting ? 2000UTC? or something else?
(9:13:00 PM) ***harry-wood pictures JonathanB poised ready to pounce
(9:13:10 PM) ***JonathanB growls
(9:13:15 PM) rweait: Like a Calvin & Hobbes comic.
(9:13:32 PM) rweait: So 2000UTC is good going forward? ...
(9:13:42 PM) JonathanB: WORKSFORME
(9:13:58 PM) RichardF: yes
(9:14:00 PM) Oliver_OSMF: in general yes
(9:14:04 PM) harry-wood: yes
(9:14:27 PM) rweait: and we know that Oliver_OSMF: will be "enjoying" the weather in Seattle.  :-)
(9:14:40 PM) rweait: any last minute topics anybody?
(9:14:48 PM) Oliver_OSMF: what is like?
(9:14:52 PM) rweait: or move to adjourn?
(9:15:11 PM) rweait: Oliver_OSMF: cool and damp from what I hear. take a slicker.
(9:15:27 PM) rweait: and hiking boots.
(9:15:37 PM) rweait: parhaps a guard-penguin
(9:15:44 PM) harry-wood: so... see you all (apart from Oliver) next time
(9:15:55 PM) Oliver_OSMF: sounds like I would better stay home
(9:16:05 PM) rweait: okay, ta ta all.
(9:16:06 PM) harry-wood: in 167 hours time
(9:16:17 PM) Oliver_OSMF: bye bye