Board Meeting Minutes 2014-02-11

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Minutes of the

OpenStreetMap Foundation Board Meeting (Telephone Conference)

on 11 February 2014 at 9:00 GMT / 10:00 CET


Board members:

  • Kate Chapman
  • Henk Hoff (joins at marked point)
  • Dermot McNally
  • Simon Poole (chairing)
  • Frederik Ramm (minutes)


  • Matt Amos
  • Oliver Kühn


  • Michael Collinson (Chair of Management Team)


Previous Minutes


unanimously approved by 4 votes

Circular Resolutions


Activity Review

Short discussion of work done since the past meeting.

1. Reasons for joining OSMF

For the Management Team, Mike Collinson presents an outline of their current "Why would companies want to join the OSMF" reasoning in preparation for fleshing out our public message.

(Henk joins during discussion.)

2. Diversity

Board discusses ways in which diversity can be improved in the project and the organisation. Kate proposes (and takes the task of) convening a meeting of interested parties.

3. Open Invention Network

OSMF has been asked by the Open Invention Network to participate in a "patent non-aggression pledge". Board decides to let MT handle this.

Next Meeting

Potentially 11th of March.

Meeting End

10:40 CET.