Board Meeting Minutes 2013-09-24

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Minutes of the

OpenStreetMap Foundation Board Meeting (Telephone Conference)

on 24 September 2013 at 21:00 BST / 22:00 CEST


Board members:

  • Matt Amos
  • Kate Chapman
  • Henk Hoff
  • Oliver Kühn
  • Dermot McNally
  • Simon Poole (chairing)
  • Frederik Ramm (minutes)


  • Michael Collinson (Management Team)


Previous Minutes

Approved with 4 in favour, 2 abstentions, 1 temporarily unavailable

Circular Resolutions

A. Disputed Territories Information

The OSMF board resolves to adopt and publish the document "Making Maps To Suite National Legal & Cultural Requirements - Information for officials and diplomats of countries and entities with disputed territories" as a policy of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.

Approved on 09 September by circular resolution.

B. Register of Associate Membership

Board decides that the "Register of Associate Membership" as per section 27 of the new Articles of Association will contain the following items:

  • Name (which can be the real name or an OSM username)
  • Country of residence

Approved on 13 September by circular resolution

C. Selection of Membership Class

Board decides to email all members and inform them that they now have a choice of being a normal member or an associate member. Members will be informed about the differences between the two membership classes, which is mainly:

  • Normal members have to submit their full name and residential address to the membership register, and while OSMF will not actively publish the register, it can be inspected by members of the public as per the UK companies act. Associate members only have to submit their name or user name, as well as their country of residence, to the associate membership register which will only be made available to other foundation members.
  • Normal members are liable for up to £1 if the Foundation is wound up; associate members are not liable.
  • Associate members may vote just as normal members, but subject to the limitations of section 76.

Approved on 13 September by circular resolution

1. Business Cards

Board decides to get business cards for board members at an estimated total cost of EUR 180 plus shipping. Frederik to create a design, get feedback via list, and handle ordering and distribution.

Approved by 6 votes (1 temporarily unavailable)

2. Requirements for Register of Associate Members for Organisations

Decision: We collect the email address, the company name, and country where incorporated; company name and country where incorporated are added to the register of associate members.

No vote (unanimous).

3. Election of Officers


Do we want to have a chairperson at all?

Vote: 5 in favour, 2 abstentions.

Henk and Simon are available for the chairperson position. Both briefly explain their vision.

Vote: Henk 2 votes, Simon 4 votes, 1 abstention. Simon Poole remains chairman for this board period.


Frederik is the only candidate. No election; Frederik Ramm remains secretary for this board period.


Oliver is the only candidate. No election; Oliver Kühn remains treasurer for this board period.

4. SOTM International and Regional SOTMs

Board agrees to discuss our options on the board email list.

Next Meeting

We will try to make next meeting a planning meeting (Budget - Guidelines - perhaps plans for larger meeting). To be agreed through a Doodle poll.

Meeting End

22:54 CEST