Board Meeting Minutes 2012-11-27

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OpenStreetMap Foundation Board Meeting

Telephone Conference

27 November 2012 20:00 UK / 21:00 CET


Board members:

  • Matt Amos
  • Richard Fairhurst
  • Henk Hoff
  • Oliver Kühn
  • Dermot McNally
  • Simon Poole (chairing)
  • Frederik Ramm (minutes)


  • Steve Coast


Previous Minutes:

Board Meeting Minutes 2012-11-03 (Face-to-Face meeting)

Proposed: Matt
Seconded: Dermot

"Mission Statement"

After a short discussion it is decided (without opposition) to re-word the second paragraph of the “Mission Statement” and remove the “protect from hijacking” bit which sounded to negative when taken out of the context of the F2F meeting.

Old: “The OpenStreetMap Foundation is there to protect the OSM database from hijacking, and keep it free and open.”

New: “The OpenStreetMap Foundation is there to protect the OSM data to keep it Free and Open.”

We decide to communicate on the mailing list that we welcome feedback and comments and that the document is not set in stone.

AoA Issues

Henk reports from discussions with our legal counsel. Some technicalities are still open and need further investigation before board can determine the best course of action. Henk will stay in touch with legal counsel.

Any Other Business

Steve suggests that working groups should use a ticketing system for discussion with people from the outside so that issues don’t get lost. The general mood is that it would be nice to be able to offer working groups a good ticketing system that they can use if they want. We currently use OTRS for some tasks (like support@ email or in Data Working Group) but it is perhaps too complex. We’ll look out for something suitable.

Next Meeting

Tuesday 18th December, same time as today (21h CET, 20h UK).

Meeting End

22:12 CET