Board Meeting Minutes 2012-10-09

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OpenStreetMap Foundation Board Meeting

Telephone Conference

09 October 2012 21:00 BST / 22:00 MEST


Board members:

  • Matt Amos
  • Richard Fairhurst
  • Henk Hoff
  • Oliver Kühn
  • Dermot McNally
  • Simon Poole (chairing)
  • Frederik Ramm (minutes)

Guests: none


Previous Minutes


Proposed: Henk
Seconded: Dermot

Until further discussion, meeting minutes will be kept in Google Doc until accepted, and only wikified after, so that any changes between draft and final minutes are not discoverable in the history.

Carried over from previous meetings:

  • Richard & Henk: Communication Policy >>> Richard suggests to postpone until decision on general “rules of order” document.
  • Inquiry from MIO, a manufacturer of cycle GPS devices. Richard to meet with them in November.
  • Mikel’s organization development work >>> Postpone to during/after F2F for several reasons - complicated topic; also requires being sure of where we are/want to be in the community, what our duties are etc.; might not be able to fully handle at F2F.
  • Matt: boiler plate contract for future freelance hires >>> to review & discuss further.
  • Frederik: Report on FOSSGIS contact re. Day33 vandalism issue >>> FOSSGIS willing to back up/fund legal process in principle. Concrete issue seems to have gone away for the moment though. Action not currently required.
  • Chairman Emeritus issue >>> Handle as part of “rules of order” document discussion.


Apple uses our data in iOS6 in “several regions”, details unspecified; uses CC BY-SA data, does not name CC BY-SA or ODbL license (which would be required by the license). Since we have changed license in the mean time, simple link to our web site might not be enough anymore. Also, use in iOS6 is slightly different than in the iPhoto application before. Board does not intend to take issue away from LWG and asks LWG to investigate further. Henk is available to help LWG with existing contact at Apple.

Discussion “Rules of Order”

General mood is that we want to continue producing such a document. Some discussion about whether the document should be strictly representing what has been done until now, or also introduce new things. Some discussion about whether “Rules of Order” are generic or subject to the goals of the organisation. To be discussed at the F2F, with the aim of agreeing at a document then.

Major issues should be discussed, or at least mentioned, by email before the F2F in order to make the F2F more efficient.

Planning of F2F Meeting

Board thanks Oliver for arranging the venue.

F2F is already pretty loaded with items to discuss; we must make sure to use our time well.

Board members take turns in saying what they think needs to be discussed. Most mentions revolve around the question of the role/goals/mandate of OSMF. Boils down to a series of “strategic” questions plus a few smaller non-strategic items. Simon and Frederik to prepare agenda.

Any Other Business

  • Henk mentions that he is giving keynote at SOTM-US
  • Richard mentions that his airfare to SOTM-US is sponsored by Mapbox/Development Seed; this is due to his role as one of the major Potlatch 2 developers.

Next Meeting

Face-to-Face meeting on 3/4 November in Berlin.

Meeting End

22:20 BST / 23:20 CEST

Duration: 80 minutes.