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Taking stock of past 6 months

Notes by board members.

Things accomplished, finished or other enacted since March 2020 OSMF Board retreat

  • A few new local chapters (CZ, US, AR, Oceania, XK - local chapters outside Europe!)
    • and several more in the pipeline
  • New local chapter agreement contract, incl legal review of that
  • Microgrants
  • decision to hire SRE and software developer
  • OSMF membership up by 370+
  • raised $300k for SRE/iD

Things improving/trending better since March

  • Good board cohesion and team spirit
  • Support from community broadly for decisions and actions
  • outreach to LCs via board meeting presentations
  • continued community growth
  • Spending the big pile of money we're collecting on our goals (Nominatim, OSM2pgsql, Potlatch, iD, SRE job, Microgrants)
  • Active contributor membership agreement (hundreds of new members)
  • Tile servers somewhat more stable
  • More self hosting with FLOSS (e.g. the BBB server)
  • Membership representing mappers (higher percentage of OSMF members are now regular mappers & from areas which was previously underrepresented)

Things unchanged since March

  • Trust and Safety work
  • Diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Attribution Guidelines not finished/adopted
  • Controversial attribution practices by users/corporate members remain in place
  • No significant new features implemented for API / Data model of OSM
  • Low WG participation by membership
  • State of the website
  • Growth rate of mappers :)
  • Takeover protections
  • Long term technical and growth plans
  • Articles of Association
  • Brexit actions (relocate OSMF?)
  • Active Contributor Members still can't run for board
  • Email hosting

Things degrading since March

  • How much time I can spend on OSMF work (Paul, Guillaume, Joost, Rory).
  • Frustrating that stuff gets dropped due to lack of time/bandwidth, not lack of interest or motivation. (Guillaume)