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OSMF Board Meeting

Location: Mumble, Sunday 25 October 2015


Board members

  • Kate Chapman (chair)
  • Paul Norman (minutes)
  • Frederik Ramm
  • Henk Hoff
  • Kathleen Danielson (joined during action item review)
  • Dermot McNally


Not Present

  • Oliver Kühn


Previous minutes


Circular Resolutions


Previous action items

2015-06-15: Henk to follow up on status of sending email to those who signed up at SOTM US
2015-08-22: Frederik to refine job wording for admin post and resend (Done)
2015-08-22: Frederik to draft selection process and process of working with hire later on
2015-08-22: Paul to write circular about travel
2015-09-30: Paul to set up Doodle for AGM dates
2015-09-30: Kate to draft text for special resolution on membership fees for companies (Done)
2015-09-30: Dermot to set up AGM voting
2015-09-30: Paul to send preliminary announcement of AGM (Done)
2015-09-30: Kate to contact Francis about proxy voting and adequate voting time requirements with virtual GM
2015-09-30: Henk to add second field to membership form for those who have financial need or are unable to pay (Done)
2015-09-30: Henk to send email about survey (Done)


Paul may have a picture of SOTM US signups. He needs to look.

Admin job

Aim to post job after New Years, after holidays and the new board has been elected.

Desire to continue with the process so the new board has the option of proceeding right away.

AGM 2015

Corporate membership resolution

Proposed text

Any change to the scale of fees for members and associate members shall not take effect until it is approved by a General Meeting, except that any scale of fees which applied on the adoption of these articles shall continue to apply until a new scale of fees is adopted by the Foundation. Corporate membership fees are set by the board and may be changed at anytime with 60 days written notice to the membership and existing corporate members.


Maybe this instead?

Fees payable by a corporation are set by the board and may be changed with 60 days notice to the membership and associate membership.

Agreement in principle to the proposed change, but the wording needs to be adjusted. Do this by email

Other agenda items

  • Report by the chair
  • Report by the treasurer

Paul to draft agenda, targeting Nov 1st formal announcement.

Have voting open for 1 week, close candidate nominations 2 weeks before meeting

AoA requires those paid up can vote, those in arrears can't. Problem is platform doesn't allow changes to voting list.

Dermot and Kate to discuss with Francis.

Next meeting

Meeting End