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MINUTES for the

OSMF Board Meeting

Location: Mumble, Wednesday 30 September 2015


Board members

  • Kate Chapman (chair)
  • Paul Norman (minutes)
  • Frederik Ramm
  • Henk Hoff
  • Kathleen Danielson (joined during action item review)
  • Dermot McNally


Not Present

  • Oliver Kühn


Previous minutes


Circular Resolutions

2015/04: Disband the Strategic Working Group

Accepted 2015-08-30 with ultimately 3 votes in favour.

To disband the Strategic Working Group and remove is from the list of working groups on the osmf website

2015/05: Become pro bono client of Anderson Law

Accepted 2015/09/01 with ultimately 4 votes in favour.

Francis Davey is no longer an independent barrister. He is still able to continue advising the OSMF on a pro bono basis, but his new employer would like to list us as a client on their website.

2015/06: Approve financial statement

Accepted 2015/09/18 with ultimately 5 votes in favour.

The OSMF board approves the Financial Statement for the 2014 business year as emailed to board members by the treasurer on 15 September, and asks the treasurer to sign it on behalf of the board.

Previous action items

2015-06-15: Henk to follow up on status of sending email to those who signed up at SOTM US
2015-06-15: Henk to talk to SOTM US organizers about sending a follow-up email to all attendees (Done)
2015-07-20: Paul to get trademark list from LWG (Done)
2015-07-20: Henk to convert membership to CiviCRM (Done)
2015-08-22: Frederik to refine job wording for admin post and resend
2015-08-22: Frederik to draft selection process and process of working with hire later on
2015-08-22: Paul to write circular about travel
2015-08-22: Paul to draw up timeline of companies act requirements for AGM
2015-08-22: Henk to contact Oliver to get him to send email announcing his intention to retire (Done)
2015-08-22: Frederik to send message to osmf@ announcing intention for online AGM with board election (Done)

SOTM US emails

Henk pinged Martijn again, no response.

Decided not to follow up on email to all attendees as it has been too long

AGM 2015

28 days is sufficient notice for a meeting (Companies Act 312). Depending on what is being voted on, less notice might be acceptable.

Saturday towards ends of Nov - 21st, 28th, or dec 5. Allows 2 weeks before notice is required.

Aim for earlier than board meeting times to allow Asia to attend

Corporate membership resolution doable within 2 weeks

Probably not doable to decide on resolution for term limits within 2 weeks.

Kathleen will be stepping down.

Total of four seats up for election.

Paul to set up doodle

Kate to draft text for special resolution for membership fees for companies

Dermot to set up voting

Preliminary announcement to be sent once date is set

Formal announcement with agenda to be sent at least 28 days

Kate to email francis to clarify requirements on proxy vote and requirements for allowing adequate voting time with virtual GM

Meeting to be on IRC


Henk to add second field to form for membership for those who have financial need or are unable to pay

Gifts is paying Henk to attend a meeting as a member of the OSMF

SOTM Taiwan paid for travel and accommodations for Kate to attend


Henk to send email

Next meeting

Before 28 days before AGM, schedule after AGM date set

Meeting End