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OSMF Board Meeting

Location: Mumble, Friday 04 April 2015, 18:00 UTC


Board members

  • Kate Chapman
  • Dermot McNally (chair)
  • Paul Norman (minutes)
  • Frederik Ramm
  • Kathleen Danielson


  • Michael Collinson

Not Present

  • Oliver Kühn
  • Henk Hoff


Previous minutes


Circular Resolutions

None passed since last meeting.

Remember to read current circular resolution.

Previous action items

2014-11-20: Henk to draw up timeframe for devolving membership management to a working group
2015-02-16: Kate to draft modified corporate membership program
2015-02-16: Kathleen to let the SOTM-WG know we're defining the vision of SOTM for the OSMF
2015-02-16: Kathleen to report back our SOTM discussion in a way that captures the nuance of what was covered and allows for continued conversation
2015-02-16: Henk to document the 2015 goals
2015-02-16: Henk to find board members to peruse each 2015 goal
2015-02-16: Dermot to get board feedback on the provisional board manual
2015-02-16: Dermot to introduce our draft core values to the community in a way appropriate for comment and sharing
2015-02-16: Frederik to write up a hired admin help job description and outline budget implications (Done 2015-04-03)
2015-02-16: Paul to draft new corp. membership list display

Management Team

The management team has been inactive for over a year now. has information on what the MT was supposed to be, but a few points were

  • Composed of WG representatives and a chair
  • Representatives were supposed to not be board members to avoid duplicating the board, and the chair could not be a board member
  • Produced budgets for board approval
  • Handled WG creation and scope
  • Approved policies

When active, the MT had

  • CWG: Harry Wood
  • DWG: Paul Norman
  • EWG: Matt Amos (board member)
  • LCWG: No regular presence
  • LWG: Michael Collinson (chair)
  • OWG: Andy Allan
  • SotM: Henk Hoff (board member)
  • SWG: Dermot McNally (board member)

I see two options

  1. Disband the MT and transfer its duties to the board or WGs. This would have the board take on more operational work, which would necessitate us handling less strategic work
  2. Relaunch the MT. This would require finding enough people within the WGs to do the work required, and someone with the time and drive to push it forwards.

A few months ago I would have said option two was impossible, but more people have become involved in the OSMF this calendar year so there might be the people to do this.

Management team name not great. Poisoned by previous failures. MT was both management and "general administration"

Working groups sent people very experienced with WG business, OSMF and OSM, and hence very busy people.

8 people might be too many.

Continue to do things on an ad-hoc basis

Disband management team and look into other ways of doing the work, possibly with paid help?

Discuss by email and circular.

Chairman Emeritus role

Originates with

Minutes for this matter are not public.

Submitting agenda items

Currently no one has been submitting agenda items, so the secretary is composing them based on action items, previously deferred items, and topics from the board mailing list. Are we happy with them, or do we want more board members to submit items?

The secretary would like confirmation that the current method is working, and notes that there is enough of a backlog of items + matters arising to continue for another 6 months (estimated).

Board okay with current method.

Board members encouraged to send agenda items to the secretary if they have them.


Core Values

Document is good enough to send out for wider feedback.

We don’t need to have a doc that is perfect


Read budget sent out earlier today.


Current insurance does not cover suits in the US. Does not matter if we have a US board matter, matters if we can be sued there.

Costs are associated with defending a case in the US, not with increased risk or judgement.

Quotes from multiple sources are expensive.

Next meeting

First week of May

Meeting End

19:02 UTC