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MINUTES for the

OSMF Board Meeting

Location: Mumble, Tuesday 10 March 2015, 19:00 UTC


Board members

  • Kate Chapman (chair)
  • Dermot McNally
  • Paul Norman (minutes)
  • Frederik Ramm


Not Present

  • Oliver Kühn
  • Kathleen Danielson
  • Henk Hoff


Previous minutes (not final yet)

Circular Resolutions

None since last meeting.

Previous action items

This list includes action items from the January meeting as it was not covered in the F2F.

2014-11-20: Henk to draw up timeframe for devolving membership management to a working group
2014-12-08: Kate to get Simon to introduce her to Francis (lawyer).
2014-12-08: Henk to announce SOTM 2015 by end of 2014 calendar year (Done 2015-02-25)
2015-01-12: Paul to prepare PDF for Kate and Iceland chapter to sign (Done 2015-01-18)
2015-01-12: Paul to document local chapter process on OSMF wiki (Done 2015-01-19)
2015-01-12: Frederik to reply regarding donation (Done 2015-01-12)
2015-01-12: All to brainstorm by email for organizations to approach (Done 2015-01-14)
2015-01-12: Kate to approach organizations
2015-02-16: Kate to publish Day 1 F2F report (Done 2015-02-18)
2015-02-16: Kate to draft modified corporate membership program
2015-02-16: Oliver to write day 2 report
2015-02-16: Kathleen to let the SOTM-WG know we're defining the vision of SOTM for the OSMF
2015-02-16: Kathleen to report back our SOTM discussion in a way that captures the nuance of what was covered and allows for continued conversation
2015-02-16: Henk to document the 2015 goals
2015-02-16: Henk to find board members to peruse each 2015 goal
2015-02-16: Dermot to get board feedback on the provisional board manual
2015-02-16: Dermot to introduce our draft core values to the community in a way appropriate for comment and sharing
2015-02-16: Dermot to be an editor for the first cut of our core values document
2015-02-16: Frederik to write up a hired admin help job description and outline budget implications
2015-02-16: Paul to post F2F photos to drive (Done 2015-02-16)
2015-02-16: Paul to draft new corp. membership list display

Core values

  • split existing action item
  • board to review core values draft from dermot
  • Discussion on if we had grouped the core values ore reduced them to a smaller number of points at the F2F
  • Dermot to copy doc and more aggressively merge points

Board manual

What is the board manual? Defines what the board is for, what we're supposed to be doing. From board is/is not at F2F

  • Make sure the doc says manual
  • board to review and provide comments on provisional manual - two weeks target

job description

Doc needs more work

Frederik to email osmf list explaining that we’re looking at admin staff asking for input

We should try to be more engaged with osmf-talk and do more consultation there.

Corp membership program

feedback sought on other organizations

Kate will draft changes to the corporate membership plan 1 week prior to the next board meeting.

Day two report

Completed, but not sent out publicly.

too late to send at this point, instead send updates via the other upcoming action items


Go forward with kickoff for donation drive when OWG ready.

Kate to bring item to CWG for preparation of announcement


Paul to ask Kathleen for update on SOTM action items


put together questions regarding AGM for Francis kate to contact francis need to have options for online participation

how can we facilitate the meeting so quorum can be met with online participation without great difficulty? talk to Francis to make sure it’s legal

Kate to start thread on board list to gather questions

Next meeting

Paul to do Doodle in and around 31st