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Minutes for the

OSMF Board Meeting

Location: Mumble Conference, 8 December 2014 21:00 UTC


Board members

  • Kate Chapman (chair)
  • Kathleen Danielson
  • Henk Hoff
  • Dermot McNally
  • Paul Norman (minutes)
  • Frederik Ramm


  • Michael Collinson

Not Present

  • Oliver Kühn


Previous minutes


Discussion on accuracy of

Henk suggests committing to members that the board would present a resolution at the next GM which has had more time for thought and add would term limits, after consulting with associate members.

Passed 4 in favour, 2 abstentions

Circular Resolutions

Circular Resolution 2014/09: Reactivation of Simon's OSMF Google account

Accepted on 18 November with ultimately 5 votes in favour.

To facilitate the handover of ongoing business, the board permits Simon Poole to reactivate his OSMF Google account until the handover is complete.

Circular Resolution 2014/10: GM notice

Accepted on 22 November with ultimately 4 votes in favour

The attached notice be sent, subject to final confirmation on time from Andy Robinson.

Note: Attached notice was

Circular Resolution 2014/11: Trademark policy

Proposed 2014-11-28, accepted 2014-11-30 with ultimately 4 votes in favour

The OSMF board requests that the License Working Group and Communications Working Group draft a trademark policy for the board to consider, consulting with the community as necessary, and making use of previous work as they see fit.

Previous action items

2014-11-20: Henk to draw up timeframe for devolving membership management to a working group
2014-11-20: Kate to talk to lawyer about upcoming meeting. Done date?
2014-11-20: Frederik to talk to Andy Robinson about meeting Done 2014-11-21
2014-11-20: Paul to create meeting agenda Done 2014-11-21

Discussion about mechanics of circular resolutions.

Devolving membership management (5 min)

Action item: Henk to make public announcement calling for help devolving membership management by next board meeting.

Kate contacting lawyer (1 min)

Kate contacted, but no response and rendered moot by using Andy's house.

Action item: Kate to get Simon to introduce her to Francis (lawyer).

Planning arising out of special GM

Brief discussion

As nothing passed, no immediate action is required. We may wish to act on whatever messages were given by the membership.

Decision taken to discuss F2F planning first.

F2F planning

Facilitator planning (9 min)

Gunner (Facilitator) is available after Feb 15th/16th Berlin. Cost is on a sliding scale, travel costs would need to be covered.

Would help with building agenda, talking to members individually, and then ensuring a productive meeting.

Are there options for mediators that don't have a prior connection to some of the board?

Potential of asking a professional mediator for contacts, but would likely be much more expensive.

Gunner has experience with open source board facilitation.

Decision taken to wait a week to consider options, then decide by circular.

Date planning (10 min)

Lengthy consideration of dates and times.

Decision taken to examine 12th-17th Feb with at most one day on a weekend. No other options in Europe with Gunner.

Location planning (7 min)

F2F in Berlin. Exact location undecided.

Action item: Kate to check Gunner’s availability as a facilitator over Feb 12th-17th.

Non-board guests

Meeting decided for board members only. No dissent recorded. If there are specific topics where others are needed a teleconference can be set up.

Action item: See Chairman Emeritus role later in agenda.

Management Team and OSMF ops structure

Discussion (13 min)

Management team has faded out. Lack of participation was the big issue.

“do it” project - originated with SOTM GM and getting volunteers. Build up numbers.

Perception that one needs need to be an experienced mapper

Thanks given to Mike for his work on the MT. No dissent recorded.

Part of this is timing - Mike stepping down in advance of the F2F would stir up discussion and get us more feedback from the membership.

F2F Agenda (4 min)

Need to publicize F2F agenda in advance. Should get feedback from members.

Surveys would be a good idea. HOT has used surveys. May be difficult to get agreement on poll questions among the board.

MT discussion again (5 min)

Decision: Discussion of specifics of MT at F2F, Mike continue recruiting role informally and formal head of MT. Fact that MT is essentially inactive will not be made a big deal of at this time.

Chairman Emeritus role (4 min)

Just board at the upcoming F2F. Overall role to be discussed at F2F.

Action item: Kate to discuss with Steve how we’d prefer F2F meeting to be Board + Facilitator only.

Any Other Business

Kathleen now working for Mapzen. Bio on website needs updating. Congratulations offered.

Budget 2015 (6 min)

Management team will be unable to get budgets from working groups.

Budget must be done before F2F. Frederik welcomes input but will have to produce a budget with or without comments. Budget may be reconsidered at F2F.

Action item: Frederik to produce budget.


AGM had comments from the floor that we have been under-ambitious in tapping sources of money, partially driven by that we haven't made grand plans for spending.

Strategy should come before budget.

Others listening to board meeting (1 min)

Figuring out procedure deferred to F2F.

SOTM 2015 (3 min)

SOTM 2015 announcement this calendar year. SOTM WG to meet next week.

Action item: Henk to announce SOTM 2015 by end of 2014 calendar year.

Meeting End

22:25 UTC (85 minutes)

Next meeting

to be discussed on list/Doodle. tentative same time in jan.