Annual General Meetings/12/Minutes

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Minutes of the 2012 Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation


(based on sign-in sheet) Matt Amos (Board member), Steve Coast (Chairman), Henk Hoff (Secretary), Dermot McNally (Board member), Andrew Ashton, Rafael Avila Coya, Hugh Barnes, Robert Barr, Alexander Barth, Knut Arne Bjorndal, Kathleen Chapman, Michael Collinson, Kay Drangmeister, Katie Filbert, Taichi Furuhashi, Marc Gehling, Jonathan Harley, Shusaku Higashi, Nicholas Hocking, Sarah Hoffmann, Kinya Inoue, Christine Karch, Emilie Laffray, Jaak Laineste, Mattias Lindblad, Lars, Lingner, Floris Looyesteyn, Gregory Marler, Gael Musquet, Christian Quest, Frederik Ramm, Andrew Salzberg, Michael Spreng, Wolfgang Zenker

The meeting commenced at 12.55 JST (Japan Standard Time)

1. Apologies

Henk noted apologies for absence from Oliver Kühn (Treasurer), Richard Fairhurst, Mikel Maron

2. Minutes of last meeting

Henk presented the minutes of the last meeting. They were then proposed for adoption by Emilie Laffray and seconded by Sarah Hoffmann. No objections were voiced and the minutes were adopted unanimously

3. Chairman's Report

Steve Coast thanked everyone for coming and supporting the Foundation during the year. He also noted that the AGM is taking place during the State of the Map conference. Steve noted the loss of former board member Ulf Moeller and extended our thoughts to all how knew him. Steve proposed a huge thanks to the SotM organising team. Dermot McNally seconded this. Steve proposed a special word of thanks to Mike Collinson and the LWG with the ODbL transition. Emilie Laffray seconded this. Steve Coast concluded with the remark that this was the best year for the Foundation yet.

4. Treasurer's Report

With the absence of the Treasurer, Henk Hoff presented the preliminary figures of the past fiscal year and summary of highlights of the finance sheet that was distributed.

Financial Highlights Year 2010/2011

  • Income down by 40% (as no SOTM falls into the BY) (GBP 58,869.44)
  • Expense down by 55% (as no SOTM falls into the BY) (GBP 34,918.29)
  • Net Income is up by 16% (GBP 23,951.15)
  • Membership fees is up 40% (GBP 4,260.10)
  • Donations & Sponsorship shows healthy growth (mainly AOL) (GBP 54,458.34)
  • Computer expenses were significant up (Servers & Hosting)

(Preliminary) Financial Highlights Year 2011/2012. 51 out of 52 weeks are in the books.

  • Income is up 110% (no SOTM in previous BY) (GBP 124,449.88)
  • Net Income is up by 70% (GBP 40,921.78)
  • Membership fees is down 35% (GBP 2,783.11)
  • Donations & Sponsorship shows slight growth (GBP 58,245.30)
  • Professional services for first time is in 5 digit numbers


  • Ledger will be shifted with next business year (starting 1st of September) from legacy system to SAGE professional
  • Bank Account's authority changes have been processed, required access is granted
  • Corporate Credit Card is in place
  • Bookkeeping has been shifted completely to (paid) accountant (also issuing invoices); Books are up to date.
  • A replacement of the treasurer position will be much easier than ever before; Operational tasks are outsourced; Stable and reliable finances


Q: Which line is the server donation drive under in the financial result? A: Corporate sponsorship

Q: What is the carry from last year? A: That is not clear at the moment, since this is only profit/loss and the books are not closed yet.

Henk asked for objections over preliminary draft financials. Nobody dissented.

5. Election to Board

Dermot McNally mentioned the candidates and the procedure. After that the voting ballots were collected by the independent scrutineers (Jaak Lanaiste and Jonathan Harley).

6. Any other business

  • Henk thanked Steve Coast for his years as Chairman of the OSMF board. Henk explained the Chairman Emeritus role which Steve has been granted by the Board. Steve was given a SotM12 banner.
  • Some important dates to note: October 13-14: SotM US in Portland (Oregon) and October 19-20: SotM Scotland in Edinburgh
  • Floris asked whether financial statement is in GBP? Answer: yes

The meeting closed at 13.21 JST

Minuted by Henk Hoff (secretary) and Steve Coast (while Henk was active participant of the meeting)