Annual General Meetings/11/Minutes

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Minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation


Steve Coast (Chair), Henk Hoff (Secretary), Oliver Kühn (Treasurer), Mikel Maron (board member), Simone Cortesi (outgoing board member), Ivan Sanchez Ortega (outgoing board member), Gregory Marler, Steven Singer, Ben Abelsham, Hiroshi Miura, Martijn van Exel, Harry Wood, Derrick Nehrenberg (independent voting scrutineer), Andrew Turner, Floris Looijestein, Luca Delucci, Sarah Hoffmann, Jaak Laineste, Hurricane Coast, Freimut Kahn, Sam Larsen, Emilie Laffray, Felix Lamouroux, Midas Simac (?), Kai Krueger, Kate Chapman, Nick Hocking, John Craig, Matt Amos, Jaakko, Ben Robel, Richard Weait, Phillip Kandal, Jorge Kunz (?)

The meeting commenced at 12.58 MDT

1. Apologies


2. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were presented. They were then proposed for adoption by Steve Coast and seconded by Henk Hoff. No objections were voiced and the minutes were adopted unanimously

3. Chairman's Report

Steve Coast thanked everyone for coming and supporting the Foundation during the year. He also noted that the AGM is taking place during the State of the Map conference. Steve proposed a huge thanks to the SotM organising team. Gregory Marler seconded this. Steve Coast also proposed a big thank you to the former board. This was seconded by Henk Hoff. A special word of thanks was proposed by Steve Coast to Henk Hoff for his work with the Foundation. This was seconded by Richard Weait. Steve Coast concluded with the remark that this was the best year for the Foundation yet.

4. Treasurer's Report

Oliver Kühn presented the preliminary figures of the past fiscal year. The books are not closed yet. He highlighted the following:

- The income as risen with 20%. Mainly by a donation of MapQuest. - Foundation has now a Directors and Officers insurance to cover the liability of it's appointed officers. These are new recurring costs. - The expenses for State of the Map are not quite clear, since the event is currently taking place. - Having State of the Map in the new fiscal year, it is not clear in which fiscal year this event will be booked. Either 2011 or 2012.


Q: Is there a budget for next year? A: No, the budgeting process has not been implemented yet.

Q: Is there a plan to increase revenue? A: This is only needed if we're going to have paid staff. This is currently not the case.

Q: How is the bandwidth of the budget modelled? A: This will become clear during a further discussion about the strategic direction of the Foundation

5. Any other business

Henk Hoff presented a proposal for the update of the Articles of Association. The following issues were discussed: - The need of corporate membership - Corporate membership is open for companies. What defines a company? - The need for members to declare their affiliation with other companies/organisation - Can a corporate member join a Working Group? - 20 to 5 % change of members

Freimut Kahrs noted that the license change should only go forward with consent of the community.

The meeting closed at 14.03 MDT

Minuted by Henk Hoff (secretary)